If you would like more Energy, Clarity, Purpose, Health, Prosperity, and Peace, these sessions are for you! The best part is, all you have to do is receive. While I may give you some “homework” to integrate the activation, it will be easy and fun.


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FAQ: What exactly is this DNA Activation thing?

Answer: These activations turn on parts of your DNA that you have not been using. We actually don’t use most of our DNA, so these sessions allow you to access more of who you are- more Intelligence, more Health, more of your Essence, etc…. When I meet with an individual client or a group, an energy and messages come through me that meets with the energy of the person or the group. I am given words and phrases to say that are encoded with a frequency targeted to the person or group. Some people report feeling physical sensations in their body as their DNA changes. Some do not feel anything at all. Most clients report feeling very peaceful and relaxed after their session. The key to have it work for you is to be ready to receive. If you feel called, drawn in, and optimistically curious, you are in the right place!

These sessions are available by phone, skype, or in person and include at least one follow up contact from me via email or phone.

To get the most out of your session, I suggest you follow these steps:
1. Clear some time in your schedule for after the session to integrate the new energy. participate in a quiet space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
2. If we are not meeting in person, participate in a quiet space where you won’t be distracted or interrupted.
3. Get hydrated first. Your cells will flow with the energy more efficiently.
4. If you are in a part of the world where you can put your bare feet on the ground before, during, or after your session, it will help you stay grounded and the energy will be enhanced.
5. Participate with as much of your being as you choose.
6. Suspend your doubting mind whenever possible. Listen with your body instead of the skeptic’s mind.
7. After the activation, please please please be gentle with yourself. If you need to take a nap, a walk, eat something, drink more water, DO IT! This activation is for the physical body especially (although it is working on all levels) so please honor and respect what your body asks of you.

Yes! I would like to experience an Activation with Susie!



From Elizabeth Pfeiffer: Sometimes there are just those moments when you need another healer to look at the pieces you can’t uncover for yourself. I have had this piece for a while now and have tried, chiropractic work, acupuncture, working on it with energy etc… but it never shifted as much as it did today when you used the didgeridoo. I could actually feel the blocked energy dissolving in my fields and feel so much lighter.

From Kent Sayler:  As a certified Passion Test facilitator, I was very clear on what I wanted in my life, yet I seemed to be stuck in neutral with regards to actually manifesting those passions.  That all changed literally overnight after my DNA Activation session with Susie, in that I started seeing great improvements in my weight/health even as I was entering into a wonderful new relationship!  Susie’s process really works!

From Ken Kaplan: Just wanted to reinforcce my admiration for you. I always have seen you as one of the most honest, caring, committed, focused and mature people I have known with great beauty, both inner and outer. Tremendous encoded energy flowing through your talk. Gave me much to chew on.  Once again thanks.

From Barbara: Yesterday’s “event” was amazing! I think I will continue to uncover effects as the days go by, but the most interesting has been this feeling that my history was erased!?!? I still have the facts of “my story” but it doesn’t seem to have the emotional charge it had. The only odd thing is that I feel a void where there were negative feelings.

From Dorothy Ernst: Thanks for the DNA activation. This is really important work.

From Charlie:I had gone into the activation with Susie feeling some stagnation in my forward progress.   Her words during the activation touched my core and opened a fresh line to the depth of Joy within me.   Since the activation, I have gained clarity in new steps forward for me. Thank you, Susie.   -CharlieFrom Kathy Tooley: Thank you so much for offering the DNA activation. As we moved through the activation, I felt my body moving in a side to side rocking, with awareness that it was important that I stay rooted to the earth. The movement shifted into a circular pattern for a few moments, then gently subsided. Soon after, I sensed a tall, powerful and very loving being on my left side communicating to me that he/she was there to support me-all I needed to do was ask. At that same moment, you spoke aloud the words something like this “Some may be aware of Beings from other Realms who are here to assist you.” And, I was...amazing!!

DNA Activation Replays

1/2/15 Prosperity Activation


__________________________1/18/13 Cleansing Fire Activation




2/14/13 Heart Expansion Activation



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