Would you like more Ease for your Spiritual Journey?


How would it feel to release self-judgment?


What if you had clarity about where you are in your journey so that you knew where to focus your energy?


And what if you felt SAFE? Imagine feeling safe with your spiritual gifts so that you can freely share your authentic expression!

If you would like to

  • Open your Manifesting Flow
  • Gain clarity to move forward
  • Connect with your Spiritual Gifts
  • Feel Safe in your vulnerability
  • Function as a Whole person and feel complete within yourself
  • Experience tangible shifts in your growth…

We loving invite you to join us in this Initiation and Healing experience to

  • Transmute cellular trauma
  • Release patterns of abandonment
  • Integrate your soul aspects for ascension
  • Connect and Align yourself to your Source
  • Clear old patterns and programs that no longer serve you
  • Raise your frequency
  • Celebrate your wins!


In-person session

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Max and Susie are seasoned facilitators of transformation. Your session may include coaching, sacred touch, DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™, Inner Child Healing, Shadow work, breath work, channeled messages, essential oils, meditation, spiritual guidance, and more. Your session will last up to 2 hours depending upon your needs. These sessions are deep and comprehensive. All clients are required to sign a release form before their session.

*If you are unable to come to Sedona for a session, consider a Skype coaching session: www.susiebeiler.com/spirit-talks

“Susie and Max are amazing! I highly recommend them as facilitators.” ~James Lee Wohlford

“Susie and Max, thank you for being the conduit for transformation” ~Rose


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