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CHANGE your Food, Fuel your LIFE

This Holistic Nutrition DVD is PACKED with Life Transforming Resources and includes:

Three Full Seminars

  1. Quality Carbohydrates: Your body does need carbohydrates. Do you choose refined, processed, or whole grains? Find out which carbs clog your gut and which ones are easiest to digest.
  2. Quality Proteins: Soy secrets exposed.
  3. Quality Fats: Nourish your nervous system. Is saturated fat really that bad? You’ll be shocked at the myths that many experts still promote!

Bonus Home Program

  1. Make one change or 100.
  2. Prioritize your Goals with the Find Your Balance worksheet.
  3. Food Diary: Record your mental, emotional, and physical symptoms as you track the food you are eating.
  4. Your choice of 3 programs: Step by step guidance for your food journey.

I really like the home program. There are a lot of options. It’s informative with good ideas and advice. ~Jennifer Morgan

Food Terms Glossary

Keys to Success

Online Resources Guide

Now in the comfort of your own home, you can attend ALL THREE SEMINARS for less than half the cost of traveling to each seminar! Vibrant Health is yours as you learn at your own pace and make the changes you desire in your own time!

I am dedicated to your health and giving you quality information from sources and health scholars that truly care about your health. I created this DVD because I want real information to be accessible and convenient to everyone. An incredible amount of information is condensed in just one DVD in an effort to be eco-friendly.

You are what you eat and how you eat. My nutrition DVD exposes common food myths and secrets that may be fooling you right now.

Many seasoned students of nutrition are surprised at what I reveal!

  • Increase your energy and maintain it throughout the day.
  • Gently cleanse your body of toxins as you learn ancient yet foundational nutrition knowledge.
  • BONUS Home Program included to help you make simple and lasting changes.


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