Gather with your soul family September 1st -3rd in beautiful Lethbridge, Canada for a stellar experience!


THIS is the inaugural Creation Temple™ Retreat!


Rejuvenate, Journey Inward, and Rebirth yourself into a

Glorious new Creation!

***Space is limited to 13 participants. Register today!

What Is included:


+1 evening and 2 Full days of Facilitation by Susie Beiler, including an opening and closing ceremony and personalized guidance within the sacred container of the group

+Intimate Channeled messages from Prime Creator

+Receive your Ascension Templates™ to create your version of Heaven on Earth

  • Release & Transmute

  • Learn how to Navigate Change

  • Integrate Self-Care Techniques

  • Partake in Holistic Nutrition

  • Engage in Heart-centered Creation

  • Transcend Polarity™

  • Work with Gaia’s Ascension

  • Activate your Bridgeworker™ Codes

+Organic Meals- vegetarian, meat, & gluten free options

+Housing for first 2 registrants (Sleeping bag accommodations are also available for 5-6 people)

+Airport transportation to and from if flying in and out of Lethbridge.

+DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™

+Soul Family/Lightworker Reunion!

What is NOT included:


-Airfare and flights

-Private accommodations (except for first 2 registrants)

-Car rental (for traveling to and from airports other than Lethbridge)

-Discover your Purpose Channeling/Coaching session with Susie (These are available at an additional cost.)

-Refunds: Refunds are not available, but the cost of your purchase is transferable. If for some reason, you decide this isn’t right for you after you purchase, you may gift your ticket to a friend or they can purchase it from you.

-Accommodations: If you are not one of the first two registrants and you don’t wish to sleep in a sleeping bag, please contact Lisa Darney at [email protected] for local places to stay.


Please download and email the form below to [email protected]

The Creation Temple™ Retreat Release & Intake Form


First two attendees get free accommodations!

Join your Soul Family- One Ticket


Save $89 Today!

Come with a Friend- Two Tickets

Thursday, Sept. 1st

4pm Check-In 5pm Welcome Dinner 6:30 Opening Ceremony 9pm-7am Quiet Hours

Friday, Sept. 2nd

7am Hydration Time 8:30 Breakfast 9:30 Gather to leave for Watertown 11:00 Outdoor visioning time Noon Lunch 1:00 Sacred Journey hike Vision Sharing 4:00 Return to Lethbridge 5:30 Dinner Free Time or Group Gathering 9:00pm-7:00am Quiet Time

Saturday, Sept. 3rd

7:00 Hydration 8:30 Breakfast 9:30 Group Gathering Noon Lunch 1:00 Group Gathering Integration Strategies to implement your Vision at home 5:00 Dinner 6:30 Closing Ceremony 9:00pm-7:00am Quiet Time

Sunday, Sept. 4th

Hydration 8:00 Breakfast for those who have not yet checked out Check out by 10am Private sessions with Susie Private sessions are also available Tuesday & Wednesday, August 30 & 31. Please arrange ahead of time if possible.

Empowering Creators of Heaven on Earth

The Creation Temple™ is a sacred online space for deeply committed souls to receive grounded guidance and coaching. In our community we take practical steps forward towards our ascension while honoring and developing our spiritual gifts and the holistic body. As we profoundly nourish our beings, we navigate our rebirthing into our Higher Selves with ease, grace, and wisdom. Focused on similar timelines, we amplify our creations to manifest Heaven on Earth. We are sovereign and in love we travel together.

Those who join The Creation Temple™ receive

  • Deep support for their ascension journey and creation process
  • Soul family and spiritual community connection
  • Personal interaction, guidance, & coaching with Susie
  • A safe non-judgmental space for expression and the development of emotional stability
  • Practical, grounded suggestions for everyday living on the spiritual journey.
  • Deep healing & renewal

Temple doors are opening September/October 2016! Stay tuned…

Vision Statement

Working with Aleyawah (Gaia’s purest and truest self or her I Am Presence), we bring form and substance to our Light Creations of the 5th dimensional reality. This allows something of form to penetrate the 3-D matrix of planet earth. In this way, our creations emerge into Heaven on Earth. Knowing that everything already exists, we combine our energies to manifest easy and graceful creations in an amplified field.

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