EmPath to Integration:

Empowerment Guidance to Liberate yourself from Sensitivity Overwhelm


“Finally someone is speaking to me, all related topics discussed in one place. I have suffered in all the areas that you discuss in this course. THIS IS THE BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER PURCHASED or BEEN PART OF. Thank you for ‘keeping it simple’ and ‘to the point’. ~Sivakumar Nurani

“I highly recommend this course to any Empath, Susie is a natural teacher. Even as someone who has Mastered many aspects of being an Empath I found new ideas on how to integrate tools such as The Violet Flame in ways I had never considered. Very thorough and well put together course. Covers many topics simply and effectively, giving us practical tools to use. I LOVED this course and will be re watching these videos. Thank you Susie for putting this together” ~Lisa Darney

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  • Set healthy boundaries with energy, people, environments, stressful situations, and more

  • Stop carrying the energies of other people

  • Utilize simple tools for entering challenging environments, conversations, and situations

  • Differentiate your own energy and emotions from someone else’s

  • Transmute energy and emotion so that you feel lighter

  • Identify your energy leaks and what or who is leaching your life force

  • Develop your mastery and enjoy your sensitivities and empathic abilities


Can the course help me? If you have watched the video and you are still on this page, there is a high likelihood that you will benefit from this course.
Can I take the course at any time or is there a special day and hour? The course is available to you 24/7 wherever you are in the world, on the online platform.
How long is this course? There are about 2 hours worth of video (2-15 minutes each) plus PDFs with suggestions for implementation of the course material. This course is a journey and the content could take you years to work with as it’s based on the past 11 years of my own accelerated journey.
During the course, may I ask you personal questions? There is a student discussion forum built within the course. This is the place to ask all questions.
During the course, do I connect with other people? Do we exchange ideas, etc…? That is the purpose of the student discussion forum. Please do ask your questions and answer other’s questions if you have an answer.

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