Online Nutrition Classes

After many years of being in the “health” and “nutrition” field and working with many clients, I discovered that even people that thought they knew about nutrition and healthy eating were missing some important foundational pieces. So I designed my teaching videos to be user friendly for beginners as well as add new knowledge to those who already have years of formal training.

Rather than attend an in-person class, you can attend the class on your computer, smart phone, or iPad!

The videos below are part of my online nutrition program. {Coming Soon} If you want to sink your teeth into the information now, check out the classes on the topics that most interest you!

When you purchase a class, you will also have the opportunity to email me ONE question per class. Choose wisely 🙂



 Sugar Class

This 15 minute video class includes information about

  • Types of sugar: concentrated vs. naturally occurring
  • The blood sugar roller coaster
  • Harmful sugar alcohols (sorbitol, malitol, xylitol, etc…)
  • Chemical sugars (Equal, Splenda, Aspartame, etc…)
  • White sugar and how the body digests it
  • Hidden sugars lurking in your everyday foods
  • Sugar addictions and cravings
  • The reasons we eat sugar
  • Mineral depletion
  • Natural sweeteners
  • Susie’s favorite natural sweetener


Not ready to buy this class? Download the PDF for free (although, you’ll want all the information, so you might as well splurge)!


Download the Sugar PDF to discover Hidden Names for sugar!

Chai Tea Class

This 5 minute video class reveals my unique super simple method of brewing a beautiful chai tea that will last you for days.

  • Which spices and herbs to use
  • How to sweeten your tea without extra calories or mineral depleting sugars
  • How to maintain an ongoing brew
  • The tools and equipment you will need
  • Which spice Susie’s body can’t handle


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