General Health Tips

These tips will quicken your frequency, allowing you to achieve Exuberant Health with more ease.

  • Hydrate: Since our bodies are mostly water, you need to stay hydrated to maintain the highest possible frequency.
  • Eat Pure Food: Eat organic, fresh, whole foods.
  • Breathe: Begin practicing the habit of conscious breathing from your core.
  • Play in Nature: Nature provides us with negative ions, which help us to naturally balance our bodies. Walk barefoot outside, hug a tree, or simply take a deep breath.
  • Move your Body: Our bodies are designed to move. Find a physical activity that you enjoy and add it into your lifestyle.
  • Turn off the TV: The electromagnetic frequencies and negative messaging that comes from mass media via your television create interference in your nervous system and lower your vibration.
  • Ask for Support: Tell a trusted friend about what you are up to in your life. The more support you have the easier your life can change for the better. Remember the science of amplification.


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