Sedona Sacred Land Journeys

This is more than a vortex tour!

A Sacred Land Journey is your opportunity to heal while you hike.

I’ve been practicing meditative hiking as a Sacred Land Guardian for over 15 years, 8 of them being in Sedona. As a hiking guide, I am passionate about people experiencing the special frequencies of Sedona. What makes my guiding skills unique is my special connection with the energies of Sedona as well as my ability to connect you to these energies. What you will experience is not just a hike. It will be a meditation, a prayer, a time for you to introspect and heal. As the founder and lead facilitator of The Creation TempleĀ®, I’m an expert at connecting you with your soul, so you will have the opportunity to activate your life purpose while we hike together. *This is an ideal experience for 1 person, but I can accommodate up to 6 participants.

The Sacred Land Journey:
As a participant you’ll learn how to breathe properly and work with the land to enhance your experience. You’ll be introduced to the concept of vortices and learn how to be present with the energy that is unique to Sedona. You may receive special messages from the land and/or your guides as I am a channel and frequently bring through personalized guidance for my clients. Your experience with me in Sedona will be unique as I’ll meet you at the vortices and offer healing. You may even experience the vibration of the didgeridoo on your body and the celestial tones I bring through my voice. This promises to be an experience like no other as the intention is to receive healing. We also give back to the land, being responsible navigators of the land, staying on trail, and picking up any trash we encounter along the way.

Technical details

  • You must provide your own transportation for yourself and for me.
  • Bring your own water, snacks, and gear to protect yourself from the sun and elements (hats, long pants, organic sunscreen, etc.)
  • Please communicate your hiking ability to me so that I can choose the appropriate vortex to fit your skill set. *Limited to 4 people

You’ll experience the potent energy of the Sedona vortices with fabulous views of the red rocks. If you’re an empath or sensitive to energy, you’ll feel the land and her whispers. You may see faces in the rocks- I call them Rock Guardians. You may even learn a few medicinal desert plants as they are prolific along the trail. We’ll be on the alert for wildlife. Lizards are almost a guarantee. *Each journey is up to 3 hours, including travel time to and from vortex.

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