Knowing your soul purpose is your birthright.

It’s time to remember the powerful being that is YOU.

Channeling Session with Prime Creator

Receive guidance and clarity about your path

Violet Flame Initiation

Use this Sacred Tool to gain Emotional Freedom and Purify your Being. Perfect for healing practitioners and anyone focused on raising their vibration.

The Creation TempleĀ®

Join as a Master Creator or Royal Creator and receive deep support for your Ascension Journey.

Ultimate Healing Package

Receive the benefit of a seasoned facilitator to address what’s needed now.

Release Ceremony

Release and Transmute anything that does not serve your Highest Alignments

Online Course: EmPath to Integration

Empowerment Guidance to Liberate yourself from Sensitivity Overwhelm

Sedona Rebirthing Retreat

Intensive personalized retreat to recreate your life from the inside out


Sedona Sacred Land Journey

Heal while you hike. Connect with your Soul Essence.

DNA Activation

Turn on parts of your DNA that you haven’t been using and activate your spiritual gifts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you do?

I facilitate healing so that your true soul desires can be revealed. I am not your healer, rather I help you find those parts of yourself which can heal yourself. I use a variety of modalities such as channeling, meditation, coaching/guidance, and essential oils to assist you in remembering your wholeness.

How much do you charge?

My services are $299/hour.

Why are you so expensive?

You are worth it.

Can I pay with credit card?


Do I have to come to Sedona for a session?

No. We will meet via Zoom.

What makes you different from other practitioners?

I combine my medical training as an Occupational Therapist with my real life experience using Eastern traditions. The important piece is that my work is client-centered. I am adept at quickly zeroing in on core issues that need to be addressed in order for you to heal. Symptoms can be helpful clues, but are sometimes distractions from what is really going on for you. I see through the haze to get to the true issues.

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