Susie is an accomplished presenter with many professional speaking engagements in her repertoire.

Are you looking for a dynamic and qualified speaker to present health & nutrition seminars to your audience?

Susie’s presentations are palatable and easy to assimilate. Her specialty is breaking down conflicting nutrition theories and concepts and forming them into easy- to- digest bites of information. While she challenges her audience, she also encourages them to “be gentle with themselves” and use the information that makes sense for them at a pace that works for them.

Curriculum Vitae:

  • Corporate presentations for upper level management at Wells Fargo, Societe Generale
  • Lunch & Learns for small branches of companies such as American Financial Realty Trust
  • Continuing Education Instructor at Bucks County Community College
  • Featured speaker at Network Now’s Thrive Conference
  • Class instructor at Horsham Township’s Recreation Dept. programs
  • Call leader on the Collective Energy Circle calls for Messengers
  • Women’s Business Forum speaker
  • Class instructor at the Health & Wellness Center for Doylestown Hospital
  • Class instructor at Whole Foods Markets
  • Presentation for the Southeast Chapter PA PSFSA SNAPA
  • Frequent presenter for eWomenNetwork chapter meetings

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Presentation Topics:

Eat your Way to Better Business: 3 Secret Business Building Strategies the Gurus Never Share

Join Susie Beiler, Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Occupational Therapist in this exciting interactive presentation to accelerate your business and feed your body & soul! Did you know that what you eat affects how successful your business is? Everything has a vibration- your thoughts, your body, your emotions, AND YOUR FOOD. Your vibration affects whether you get new clients and whether the old ones stay with you, or refer to you.  Eating the right foods for your body will raise your vibration. You will become a better business person by eating well and hydrating your cells.

  • Enhance your business development by eating the foods that are right for your body and allow you to think clearly
  • Use your gut (your intuition) to make clear efficient business and health decisions
  • How you eat is just as important as what you eat- Learn easy to implement strategies for eating well

“I have definitely made it a point to have real food alternatives available so I am not as tempted to go for the chips when I am hungry for a snack!” -Stephanie S.

Eat your Way to Better Business: 4 Keys to Discovering your Bio-Individual Nutritional Needs
As an entrepreneur, you move quickly and make fast decisions. When it comes to food and health, however, you might not know how to make efficient decisions because you’ve never been taught how to listen to your body’s needs. This workshop will eliminate the overwhelm and confusion about conflicting nutrition information as you discover the techniques to listen to your body’s needs.

“This isn’t a diet class- this is an informative class about how to get to know your own body.” -Connie Whalen

What was most helpful to me about this presentation was…

“the concept of listening to my body” -Cari Sultanik

“listening to my gut- how I FEEL” -Chanin Milnazik


Health Habits for Busy Entrepreneurs: 7 Ways to Ease into a Healthy Lifestyle

Think eating healthy takes too much time or is too expensive? Susie will show you ways to seamlessly integrate health food into your busy lifestyle without breaking the bank or becoming a gourmet chef.


As an instructor, Susie is…

“warm, energetic, and fun” -Cari Sultanik

“friendly, happy, informative, knowledgeable” -Robin Forney

“fluid with her presentation” -Russ Bragg

“She made me excited about my health” -Sabrina Liddell


“Spirit spoke amazingly well through you this morning. Wow, thank you, Susie!” -Hannelore Goodwin

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