Step Seven Exercise

Continue the 7th Inspired Action Step from the “Create your Miracle: Be Who you Didn’t Know you Could Be” mini book:

You Did it Already!

Once you have completed the Inspired Action Step and you have some confidence in sharing, take it a step further. Connect with someone who you do not know well, but you can tell they would appreciate what you are up to in terms of creating miracles.

If you are hesitant to take this step, stop, breathe, and ask yourself, “Why?” Chances are that resistance to taking this step has to do with any doubts you might have about yourself and the miracle you wish to create. Remember, it takes courage to open yourself up and be vulnerable. Feign confidence if you need to, but let the universe know that you are serious and take action to back it up. The miracle maker acts as if it has already happened and their actions reflect their faith in themselves to be the type of person that can create miracles.

Listen to this audio for a meditation exercise to Embody Your Miracle

It took me into a deep trance and the accelerated energy that I felt running through my body was just divine as I envisioned the creation and manifestation of miracles in my life!!!
Thank you Susie for sharing your beautiful soul energy with us!!!     ~Marcelle Charrois

Your session was perfect.  You have a unique ability to help people stay focused on their visualization long enough to broadcast it effectively into the universal light substance that awaits our images and love to shape into form. Your message is made even more powerful with your own miracle manifestation stories. During your phone session, it was as though the sweetest angel was whispering divine messages into my ear through your soft voice. I felt so blessed by this experience.  Your messages of hope and inspiration are so important for spiritual authors.       ~Elizabeth Reighnah

I became aware of the parallel in our human physical forms and the representation and message from Mother Earth’s form.  Our ‘bodies’ in their own same process – The true light we all are is emanating ever more present, bright and brilliant through the form/frequency shifts and changes. Beautiful. Namaste.    ~Susan Buckley


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