Step Three Exercise

Continue the 3rd Inspired Action Step from the “Create your Miracle: Be Who you Didn’t Know you Could Be” mini book:

What will find in your core?

Place a hand on your gut. Take a deep breath. Your core is where you digest your food. It is where you breathe. It is your center (literally the center of your body). It is sometimes called your second brain because you have just as many neurons here as you do in your brain. Your core is where your intuition lies. When you start to really pay attention to everything that happens in your core, you can truly get to know yourself.

When you look in the mirror in the Inspired Action Step, make the intention to lovingly accept whatever you see. Whatever you see! Make the intention to access your intuition, your depth, your internal intelligence. Take several deep breaths, feeling your intuition, your center, your core, and stare deeply into your eyes. What are you scared of seeing? What would make you cry if you saw it in your eyes? What would bring joy into your heart if you saw it in your eyes? Stare into your eyes and allow your mind to float away so that you begin to see your soul. Lovingly acknowledge and accept any emotions that you feel as you go deeper.


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