Step Two Exercise

Continue the 2nd Inspired Action Step from the “Create your Miracle: Be Who you Didn’t Know you Could Be” mini book:

Commit to your path:

This is a big commitment, but since you are here for a reason, you might as well embrace your reason for being here and work with it rather than engage in constant struggle. If you have never made this type of commitment or have feelings of hesitancy, start with a simple intention such as, “I intend to discover my path” or “I intend to do my best to live my purpose”. Try this exercise.

Get some old magazines, grab a scissors, and start cutting. Cut out pictures that call to you. Cut pictures and words that bring a smile to your face or that feel good. Try not to think about it, but just feel as you page through the magazines and wait for a picture that catches your eye. Next, get a big poster board or your Create your Miracle journal and paste the pictures onto your medium.

Notice what you have created and know that these are reflections of your soul. The less thinking that was involved in the cutting the pictures, the closer the reflection of your path.

A note about serving the Highest Good. You are not attempting to please some Higher Power that is external to you. You are making a commitment to be true to your Essence. When you are true to yourself, you are serving others, and animals, and life everywhere. The closer you get to living from your Essence, the more you serve the Highest Good.


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