About Susie

What qualifies me to facilitate your awakening journey?

I hold the Light for you.
In the darkest of days,
In the
I’m one step ahead preparing the way
Holding the Light
Steady and strong
Steadfast and enduring
I hold the Light for me, for you, for all.

Before I was given the diagnosis of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, I thought I was healthy. I thought I was eating right and my exercise routine was keeping me in good shape. I had aspirations of becoming an internationally known Pediatric Occupational Therapist. I was on the fast track to success!

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I had to reach a breaking point before I was willing to look under the surface. CFS combined with a severe herniated disc plummeted me into exhaustion. It was only then that I took personal responsibility for my health and sought out “alternative healing modalities”.

But, I was overwhelmed with conflicting health information and I didn’t know where to start. Even though my schooling in Occupational Therapy taught me to see my patients as a whole person (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), I did not treat myself that way.

I needed perspective, help, and mentors. Step by step I began to find my way. I found teachers and healers to help me. I furthered my schooling with nutrition training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I invested deeply in high level mentorship.

I found my soul. I connected with my heart. I learned how to LISTEN to my heart’s desires and follow them. I recreated my life from the inside out, growing new roots, expanding to the heavens. I focused on raising my frequency for my ascension.

Today, I am vastly different from the over-achieving, confused, overwhelmed, exhausted twenty-something woman I was years ago. I have peeled away the layers of confusion, indoctrination, and oppression to reveal the Shining Star that I know myself to be today.

I am a MASTER at rebirthing myself, constantly releasing what no longer serves and receiving my new self. I am fulfilling my mission on this planet. Are you fulfilling your mission? Do you know what it is?

I can help you peel away your layers of pain and hurt to reveal your true essence and find freedom and happiness in your life. Your dream life of living your soul purpose is waiting for you and it is possible to live the way you’ve always wanted. Are you ready?


I am your guide when you choose to follow your heart and create the life you’ve always desired.

My specialties include:

  • Mentoring you, the sensitive Empath, on your journey of awakening
  • Channeling information specific to you from Source
  • Practical strategies to give you more Energy, Clarity, and Inner Peace

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Susie, You have wisdom way beyond your years. I wish you continued good health, happiness and success.

Regards, Steven Tambone
“Susie is a competent facilitator and has a natural understanding of energy and how to guide responsibly.” -Brian Lapp


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Healing Protocols from Prime Creator

As your Practitioner I pledge to uphold the following safety practices:

  1. Confidentiality: Everything discussed in your session will be held in the strictest confidence. If you are working with another practitioner and you would like me to communicate with them, I will gladly do so at no charge to you after you sign a permission form. The only exception to this is if you communicate to me that you are suicidal or thinking about suicide. After referring you to the proper channels, I will contact the appropriate parties.
  2. Emotional Safety: I set up each session to be a sacred container in which you are free to share openly and receive full and total support from me without judgment.
  3. Integrity: I practice what I preach. Anything I suggest to you is something that I practice or that has worked for my other clients. I constantly do my own inner work and mentoring so that I can continue to grow and hold a deep space for you. I have healed many issues in my life and have developed strategies and tools to help others do the same. That said, I will not try to help you in any way that I am not qualified to help. If I don’t know the answer, I will tell you. If I fall out of integrity as a practitioner, I will make it right with you.
  4. Uphold Healthy Boundaries: As my client, we are engaged in a therapeutic relationship, which means that I am not relating to you as a friend, but rather as a practitioner. I will maintain clear and professional (non-sexual) boundaries with you at all times. You are also invited to create your own boundaries with me. I will never misuse my power as a practitioner for personal gain. There I times that I choose not to hug my clients. In this case, I will bow to you in respect.
  5. Communication: My communication with you will be clear, open, and honest at all times. If something is unclear, please bring it to my attention so that I may rectify the situation.
  6. Transparency: I strive to be open and transparent in all business transactions and communications. This does not mean confidentiality is broken, rather everything coming from my end is clear and up front.
  7. Choice: Everything offered to you is your choice as to whether or not you would like to receive it. From facilitated healing, to product offerings, to purchasing additional services, all is completely up to you. To help you make the decision that is best for you, we tap into your heart together to find the answer. I will NEVER engage in pressurized sales tactics. I will ALWAYS recognize you and engage with you as the intelligent being that you are.
  8. Personal Responsibility: I am not your healer. You are. I facilitate healing for you Highest Good, but it is up to you to make the changes in your life, to do your inner work, and to implement my suggestions in between sessions.
  9. Physical Safety: If you are engaging in a session of a physical nature (hike, body work, application of essential oils, etc…), the risks will always be clearly defined and proper precautions will be taken to ensure your safety. You will never be forced to physically exert more effort than your body allows.

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