Melissa Harding – Inner Child Healing Workshop

Thank you again for facilitating the class with your beautiful pristine energy. You hold an incredibly sacred safe place for vulnerability. I’ve never shared like that (+ on camera) w/anyone except one family member. I felt the love & support from you, PC, & the group. It was beautiful. I began noticing random memories during meditation after signing up & after the workshop the next day I heard “I love you, I love you, I love you.!” It was a soft voice I’ve never heard before & it wasn’t my thoughts ????. Amazing! Can’t wait to see what else arises over time. Thanks for showing me how to be more gentle with myself I appreciate it. ????

Tryn Rose – Channeling Session

Susie’s channeling ability is a gift that has guided my path, reassured my heart, and led me to discover my own inner strength and wisdom. These sessions have changed my life for the better, and I’m grateful for her restorative and peaceful presence in my life. Thank you Susie. ~Tryn Rose Seley, Author, “15 Minutes of Fame/Empowering Caregivers of Those with Alzheimer’s” caregiverheart.com

Kay Moonstar – Inner Child Healing Session

Susie Beiler is a powerful space holder. She guided me through a life review process to heal my deep traumas from my childhood. The appropriate frequencies, codes, and rays of light were able to stream in to facilitate and activate core healing. She is a multidimensional facilitator grounded in love and service for humanity.

Stella Edmonson – Inner Guidance Class Attendee

Susie is very easy to listen to and watch, has a clear voice is in charge and has a positive vibrant energy that comes out of the screen. Thank you very much.

Jan King – Inner Child Healing Session

After my beautiful.. healing session with you & Prime Source Creator ..
i have been diving deep deep and deeper into my Inner Child Trauma… by
Acknowledging her …
Apologizing to her …
Talking with her …
Feeling her pain deeply..
hugging her..
holding her..
touching her face & hair.
Integrating … i love you
i appreciate you…
i see you….
i hear you…
i will protect you…
you are safe now..
Living with the damage and trauma of our Inner Child..is detrimental to our Sacred Journey of Expansion & Growth…
…i am so very humbled and forever grateful to you and Prime Creator in bringing forth my Inner Child state to my Awareness to be healed
and transmuted…??????????❤??
Thank you Beloved for your Gifts … i will continue this healing process until it is complete…
Healing that within me will heal that within others..
Beloved thank you.. and thank you Prime Creator
….. Forever Grateful?


Two months ago, I had a session with Susie, and I’m happy to say that it’s changed my life.  For the past two years,  I had been noticing major issues within my digestive system.  It had gotten to the point where I was actually able to feel it shut down. I knew that going to a traditional doctor wouldn’t be beneficial, as the issue was on a deeper, emotional level.  During the meditation, Susie was guided to instruct access into each chakra and remove and anxiety programs.  I could actually feel something leaving my body. I was lighter, more blissful and carefree. The removal of a fear based program had completely resolved any digestive issues. I’m able to heal a little more, everyday.  I am astounded at these results but not shocked. As Susie brings so much wisdom, compassion and divinity into everything she does. Much gratitude and Love.

Valerie I. Spiritual Guidance/Healing session

I had been interested in Susie’s work for quite a while, but it took a special offer for me to finally book a session with her. The first session was quite powerful and I could feel the energy running through my body and my head as she did some work around my crown.  Her channeled messages were spot on and Prime Creator tuned in to specific issues that i was going through.  It was the second session that really struck home with me, however.   The messages from Prime Creator felt exciting leading me towards my next steps.  I highly recommend susie’s work.  She is fully in integrity and is a very clear channel.

Lindsay (Canada) Spiritual Guidance/Healing session

Susie was the practitioner I was waiting for. She does phenomenal healing work. The most important part of the healing was that she helped me merge my higher self into my body. Susie is strong enough to carry you into your transition in to the higher levels. Her practice is gentle yet strong and effective. She has been one of the pieces of the puzzle I was looking for! I definitely recommend to work with her. ~Lindsay Allison, Founder, Editor In Chief of The Awakened Press: www.theawakenedpress.com

John (U.S.) Spiritual Guidance/Healing session

I have known Susie for many years now and have had great respect for her wisdom and kind Heart. The time was ripe for me to reach out and book a session, and she was kind enough to make a house call! I was deeply affected by the time we shared. Her professionalism mixed with her wise lightheartedness pervaded the Healing. I was also impressed with her ability to energetically hone into my issue and succinctly root it out thru sound, visualization, guided words and essential oils! The result was an ongoing tangible shift and re-patterning that I am still feeling. Deeply Grateful and would highly recommend Susie to anyone ready for a transformative shift. Thank you so much Susie!
John Farris Visionary Artist, Sedona AZ.

Erik (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Love is expressed in various ways – all the time. But there are those rare moments when our conscious awareness is able to unify ALL experiences into this infinite expression of LOVE. 
This was one of those rare moments. Thank you so much Susie for your amazing gifts and presence to co-create what needs no further explanation.  ~Erik Braun

Mia Millonzi (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

“Susie is the incarnation of Gods forever present love, healing, wisdom and acceptance. The healing, love and clarity I received after and continue to receive from my session with Susie and Prime Creator is incredible. Every time I listen my recording of our session I take away something new. Being in Susie’s presence alone you are healed. It is a absolute blessing to receive Susie’s divine gifts and love. I am infinitely grateful to work with Susie and Prime Creator to get more clarity about my truth, depths of my soul, my life purpose and my true souls calling. I have worked with many healers and Susie has made the biggest impact in my Life in just two sessions. I have received her sound healing and her divine channeling with Prime Creator. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for that next step of clarity, truth, acceptance and deeper meaning into their life.” Love you so much Susie! Bows and Blessings ~Mia Faerie Millonzi ?

Andrew Palmer Sacred Creator in The Creation Temple®

“My favorite content is the Prime Creator channelings. As an individual with a life mission and entity purpose centered entirely on Prime Creator/First Source, I am pleased and greatly served in being able to partake in the frequencies of Prime Creator through your service as a channel. I sincerely appreciate the work that you do and the beauty that you share with us all.” ~Andrew Palmer

J.A. Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

“Feeling the love of the group is just awesome.  Susie has a depth of experience guiding us in finding our true path and  eliminating blocks to success.  Her intuition has been key to helping me discover critical aspects of myself. In the past, I’ve been stuck in relationships not in alignment with myself and through Susie’s guidance and the support of the group, I’ve learned tools & practices to help me get unstuck and reach a new level in my personal mastery.  Support and validation from the group has helped me feel safe & supported and not alone. I’ve also learned new healing practices from other members of the group and am grateful for their helpful loving insights. What a gift. Thank you Susie!”  ~J. A.

Jan King (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

“Dear Susie,
  There are no words in the English language to describe my experiences with the three sessions I had with you and Prime Creator…  From my heart language ..  the sessions were completely life changing on every level of my existence…still receiving light codes of knowing ..changing  ..releasing ..renewal..expansion and remembering my soul’s Divine purpose.  In my experiences in finding my truth .. my purpose and who i am completely,  is now unfolding within me to be of service to All That Is…     Our beloved Susie and Prime Creator… I thank you for your services to help us all to reconnect to our Divine selves and remembering the Love and Light that we truly are… I invite anyone who is searching for guidance and needs Divine intervention to help you, find your happiness.. your purpose…  and who you truly are ..you will find it here ….For I am truly grateful for my sessions. Much Love, Forever Grateful in tears  ~Jan King

Larene Frei (U.S.) DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ Event

“Super cool, Susie, thank you! I am still feeling amazing. The pain is still nearly gone. I’ve listened to the cd once to boost things along. I did a huge amount of clearing, releasing, and coming to an understanding of myself last weekend, and your music was probably the biggest part of it all for me. Definitely with helping the pain! Thank you again!”  ~Larene Frei

Amanda Moxley (U.S.) DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ Event

“I had Susie come to my Rise Up event to share her DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™ and I was blown away by the transformation and relaxation I received. Susie has a divine gift and her Didgerideep Sound Healing™ allowed my body to balance and receive much needed deep restoration and peace. I slept like a baby. My mindset was reset to a higher vibration of love and my digestion improved completely by the effects of her singing and didgeridoo. Thank you Susie for sharing your divine gifts with all of us at Rise Up!”   ~Amanda Moxley International Speakers Coach and Mentor   www.AmandaMoxley.com

Kari Decker (U.S.) Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

“My life has changed so much since I have been getting the knowledge, skills and tools from the support of the Creation Temple® and its Master Creators to love my self unconditionally which helps me respond to others in a way that I am not reflecting my opinion or judgement onto them as they are just expressing themselves.  I have moved forward into feeding my body only foods it needs and not just what it wants. So excited and blessed to be able to feel good, happy and full of Trust in the Flow of Love and Abundance.” ~Kari Decker

Christin (Norway) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

“The session changed me. It was really deep. I feel I have a much greater understanding of myself on so many levels. THANK YOU. I can’t describe how much the messages from Prime Creator, what you said and wrote, means to me. All the information I  received, gives me an explanation and understanding of myself on so many levels. It actually makes me feel very relieved and more whole. And I find it more easy to feel love and kindness towards myself. I’m so grateful, Susie! Thank you so much. I have never felt so together, so alive, so belonging here on earth. So ready to live MY life!”  ~Lots of love, Christin

Julia Weiss (U.S.) Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

“Since joining The Creation Temple®, I have activated some spiritual gifts (Light Language and psychic abilities), lost weight, experienced improved finances, improved my relationships, released fear, and so much more! My family remarks how much happier and calm I am and I feel renewed purpose in my life. I’m so grateful to have this level of support for my transformation!”

Grzegorz Gunia (Poland/U.S.) Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

“Before I met Susie I was in deep anxiety and depression. I couldn’t find a way out on my own. I had a tremendous lack of self-confidence, I was constantly scared and afraid of life itself and I didn’t know my true purpose on this planet. The Master Creator gathering gives me an opportunity to find out how to navigate in this world and creates a closer connection with an amazing galactic community. Subscribing to the Master Creator group was the best thing that happened in my life so far! Susie is a person with a pure crystal heart. Her pure energy, magnificent high vibrations, and clear unique guidance showed me how to heal my inner issues and put my separate pieces together. Susie is an amazing spiritual teacher, who will show you how to connect with your own energy, be whole again and will teach you how to find joy, love, and happiness in your life. She will help you restore your spiritual powers, so you can shine bright like never before!”

Mark Patton (U.S.) Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

“I enjoy the camaraderie and being able to come together to talk about spiritual issues and life issues that we’re all facing. Coming together and sharing is a very powerful experience. Where I live it’s hard to find this type of group. It’s very therapeutic on a deep spiritual level. The ability to come together weekly is of great benefit to me and it’s priceless.”

Nancy Tredway (U.S.) Member of The Creation Temple® Facebook group

“I am so Grateful to be in this group, so many new things are coming my way. I am now aware of different triggers that zap my sparkle, but when I do see it I bring myself back to a space of pure love. Thank you so much. Namaste.”

Damian Oneto (France) Master Creator in The Creation Temple®

I really appreciate the work that we have done in The Creation Temple®. You’re a beautiful being and I feel that under your guidance I had the opportunity to expose some obscure issues into the light. I experienced healing and clarity and I’m very grateful for that. ? Much Love Damian! www.creationtemple.com

Gianna Ozgur Channeling session (International)

I was referred to Susie by a friend and I am very glad that I had this channeling session experience with her. Through that I gained much more clarity around all the question marks in my head. I got more clear over my life path. Most of them I already knew intuitively and it was great to have a confirmation and learning to trust my inner guidance more, so it was very inspiring! Susie is a clear channel and I am so grateful for this beautiful experience!! Thank you from my heart!

Kathryn MacKinnon (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

I am SO appreciative of the information I received from my session with Susie and Prime Creator. Much of what was given was confirmation of things that I already knew, but in my journey to learn to trust myself, this was invaluable. Also, the process I was given for expressing and transmuting anger has been very helpful in that it is a concrete tool that I can use daily. Though I am working towards trusting myself and looking inward for my own answers, I wouldn’t hesitate in reaching out again to Susie and Prime Creator for expanded perspective & guidance. Thank you Susie, for doing the inner work that is necessary to be the clear Channel that you are for Prime Creator to come through and assist us in these times. Peace & blessings!

Vanessa Wyatt YouTube Subscriber

Thank you ever so much for posting tones from prime creator on U Tube, Susie Smiling face with smiling eyes. Those sounds do so much for tension. It’s like liquid pouring through the bloodstream slowly, lovingly and tenderly releasing tension from me whilst taking me on a journey of harmonic peace and love. Sparkling heart

J.A. (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Thanks again for our beautiful session this evening. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have found and connected with you.  Your gift of sharing and bringing the voice of Prime Creator to us is truly a gift I will cherish. I believe that your coaching helped me find clarity in my direction and uncovered some of my real issues to work on especially with the heart exercise.  In fact, when appropriate, I will use it in my own coaching as another arrow in my quiver .  And in other moments during the channeling, there was a reaffirming what I have only tentatively believed some of my strengths to be – teaching and helping people understand complex ideas in simple easy to understand language.  Hearing this affirmation seems to help clarify my direction.  Your ideas of “not compromising” definitely resonates with me as a means of stepping into my power.  It is actually pretty easy to understand when you put it in those terms.  That could be the catalyst that gets me unstuck in how to find my power.

Rebekah (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Thank you Susie! Your messages from Prime Creator came through in a deeply profound way that I had never experienced before. I was able to understand the messages on a fundamental level. Learning who I am as an energy and my purpose for being here is very exciting and resonates as a deeply innate knowing. I am very grateful I had this channeling session. And would also like to express my thanks to Prime Creator.

Donna Brenner (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

The benefit I received in my session from Susie is renewed trust in myself, knowing that I have all that I need and to trust the parts of myself that I deny. Susie has an amazing gift she shares with all of us! She has evolved herself and truly understands the struggle of human beings need to evolve, and offers practical and spiritual solutions to ones life’s purpose and growth. I am blessed and honored to work with an amazing lightworker.
Many blessings of love and gratitude. Donna B.

Lizzie P. (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Thank you Susie/Prime Creator for a once in lifetime opportunity to discover things about my soul’s journey.  I found the experience so meaningful that I treated a girlfriend to her own channeling session. Since speaking with you and PC I have noticed that I have become more creative which has been an area of my life where I have been stuck.  I can’t imagine anyone who would not enjoy learning about why their soul incarnated at this time and what their soul experienced before coming. I was even able to get a message from my grandmother.  Thanks so much!

David Tomic

Such a phenomenal Q & A with channeled Prime Creator this morning!
Thank you Susie ❤️The peak energy blasts I received were so overwhelming, that many times brought me to the verge of crying with joy, as I received unconditional love of the purest and highest order. ?? It can’t be explained well in words. I got a LOT of activations which need to be integrated during sleep time. SO much to integrate. I’m vibrating super high right now, feeling very ‘sped up’ I can barely contain all the god light/energy/love. It’s a lot of hold and embody here in the physical plane.

Osher Sameyah (Isreal) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Your gift to communicate with Prime Creator is the best treasure ever. Billion thanks to Prime Creator for solving my problems, For he really knows all the solutions to all the problems. Much Love, Osher

Amy Gilland (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

I am so full of gratitude for my channeling session with Susie. It was so enlightening to have such a pure message of clarity for my path and my day to day living. It was as if the “knowing” that already existed in my being was awakened and remembered. The coaching session afterward was most helpful as well, as Susie was able to ask me questions to inspire me to be able to apply this knowledge in my day to day life.

Klara Anna Whitmann (Brazil) Channeling session

I had this big question about my past about the origin off all this crazy things that had happened to me for many years. I got a straight answer about my past lives of all the conditioning I went through and how it affected me up to now.
What I could do about it and what might be my future. All this I received with all this love and comprehension that I equally was looking for for a long time. I m so grateful to Prime Creator and Susie. The will live in my heart for ever. Thank you so much and don’t forget to look after me once in a while I still need a lot off help. Bless you and the whole planet.

Claudia Aros (U.S.) Channeling session

I have been incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to experience a session with Susie!
Susie’s sensitivity allowed me to connect, I am so grateful for your presence Susie, you are a wonderful channeler you have brought clarity and great insight to my journey. My experience was so profound. Susie was able to inspire me to connect to a very deep part of myself, and for that I am forever grateful. Best wishes to you Susie in your work. You are a truly amazing person. I look forward to our next one.
With love and gratitude,
Claudia http://www.baguacenter.com

Yundi Chi (U.S.) Spiritual and Life Coaching

I had a great session with both Susie and Max, who really touched my soul! Talking to them was just like being with family members, their words are full of love and caring, and brought me to a higher dimension of consciousness. I could see their pure love around me during our session, which made me feel so happy and comfortable. I highly recommend you to have a session with them!

Ryan Griffin (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

My session with Susie was so amazing. We had never met before and she still was able to pinpoint a lot of issues for me in her channeling state. As far as channels go I think Susie has mastered not letting her human filters effect the information coming through. And her intuitive coaching afterward was just as important to me. She showed me techniques and gave me very good advice on how to handle things. On top of that all she was able to give me a personal prayer to help me get started.thank you Susie I will recommend you to anybody that asks and I will be coming back.

Krista Keller (Canada) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

My channel and coaching lesson with Susie was outstanding and a miracle. I have never met her before and she didn’t know anything about me.  The answers to my questions were so precisely fitting in. I am a believer in spirituality but that made me even more getting in my trust and guidance. Thank you.
Also I had the coaching afterwards and that was very helpful and grandiose, too. I am glad I booked it together. So I got lots of practical advice how I can work with that and manifest it into my daily life. Thank you thank you thank you . It’s so much worth and more. Wow!

Thanks for being there for us. Light and love Krista Sparkling heart

Martin (U.S.) Channeling session

I have been listening to and reading channeled messages for over 30 years but never really felt the urge to do a personal reading with one of the channels. I usually trust that the right answers come to me without me having to directly probe by contacting all kinds of sources, and honestly speaking I am often annoyed by the questions people ask during public channelings. Nevertheless, when I stumbled across Susie I felt I should give it a try. I thought to myself, well I am spending $250/hour on my divorce lawyer, so why not spend a couple hundred bucks on a channel? So I went for it and had a wonderful experience. I kept questions somewhat general without asking for any timelines, and got some great answers from Prime Creator. I now know who some of the entities are that directly work with me, I better understand where I come from and what my soul purpose is in this incarnation, and I know what is next for me in life. I gleaned some very tangible, practical advice on things I can do to improve the connection to my higher self. I felt Susie was able to step aside, drop her ego and personality, and let Prime Creator take center stage. If you want more clarity, I recommend Prime Creator through Susie!

Diane (Canada) Channeling session

As many these days, I’ve been dealing with a lot of contrast, issues and sorrow. My journey of awakening as lead me to watch many YouTube videos, seek the services of a variety of Channels and yet I’ve been left with questions still unanswered as to what is my overall theme as this human on Earth at this time and why am I dealing with the same patterns over and over again. I found Susie’s Channeled videos with Prime Creator and I felt the truth in the messages. I decided it was time to go to the source and get my questions answered. I made sure to prepare clear questions that were not Ego based to respect the essence of my personal time with Prime Creator.

The Channeling experience I had with Prime Creator was one of the best experiences I have had. Other Channels I have seen did not answer all my questions, they told me lovely messages and I always felt wanting more. Prime Creator answered all my questions, even the tough ones I needed to hear in order to claim my right as a being on this planet at this time. After my session I felt the energy of clarity and knowingness throughout my emotional and physical body. It felt as though Prime Creator helped me feel the energy signature I need in order to create my heaven on earth. The coaching session I had with Susie was also valuable. We debriefed about the Channeled message and discussed transmutation tools I can use to help implement change and transmute energies that no longer serve my being.

Rebecca Losange (Denmark) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

Thanks to modern technology I have been given the opportunity to get a session with Susie Beiler’s channeled information and coaching. The information that was revealed has given me insights that otherwise would have been hidden for me; I would not have able to get this information on my own at this point in time. In the following coaching session Susie helped me to see where I can take realistic action so that I can share the gifts and talents that I discovered through the channeling. I thank her with all of my heart and I encourage everyone who fells led to share with her this precious moment that her session really is; Susie Beiler’s work is a gift to humanity!

Jim Wohlford (Pennsylvania) Channeling session

I had a WONDERFUL session with Susie today! What a special magical gal you are my sister!!!!! I would and do encourage any and all who wish to connect to and reaffirm heart felt feelings with source to contact Susie for a session of your own. Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Black heart (cards) Thank yooouuu my sister.

Jussi Ahde (Finland) Channeling session

Thank you so much for the amazing session last week. I’ve had an beautiful, amazing and crazy week after that.

After the session, the state of meditation just went soooo much deeper, and the feeling of connection with home went just off the roof. Now after a week, I’ve listened the recording of our session few times, and each time i just get a new burst of understanding and it brings me to tears every time. I feel like just the energy i received through you was something that really helped open my heart space. I have so much clearer connection now with my higher self and i can actually ask stuff and get amazing answers. We just had a long conversation yesterday. I know this is something that will come more and more clearer and stronger with time, as i was told so in one our conversations. So many ”miracles” are also currently happening with a rapid pace, and the peace and love inside me is growing in such a ways that i know something very huge is happening.

Everything just started getting very intense after our session and i realized that part of it is because it was so liberating and wonderful just to talk to someone who understands what you are going through, and also to get some verifications for your inner voice. And for me, that really helped to trust so much more to the inner voice which helped me to release and surrender even more. And that is the key to the connection.

Once again, i wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for your beautiful work that helps people on this huge integration.

Franscoise Gregoir (Mexico) Channeling session

Dear Susie and PRIME  Creator, I will Never thank you enough for the gift i received the day you gave me a personal channeling…..There are no words to translate ….any way i Will try…i Was overwhelmed in such a SWEET WARMNESS….it  feels like  after a long journey of crossing a no ending desert , i finally  reach HOME , a HOME  where every inner part of me feels deeply known recognized , and hold in INFINITE LOVE .it IS (i speak in the present time because it IS still inside me and i know now it will never  leave me ) so…it IS ONE of the most beautiful day of my life .the frequency of light i received, increases deeply my own light power , my Faith ,and the absolute knowing ,of the infinite possibility to create and recreate inside and outside me by HOLDING AND SUSTAIN WITH ALL MY HEART THE LIGHT OF PRIME CREATOR .i want to share this experience with YOU my brothers and  sisters, i invite you to open your heart ,LET GO of YOUR LIMITLESS FEAR THOUGHTS and jump with US in the INFINITE LOVE OF WHO YOU ARE……….

UPDATE: Let me tell you that this last channeling has been a révélation to me, because after that, I found my self as light and free as a bird on the HIGHEST branches of the tree of Life. All my Doubts and questions about the meaning of my Life havé been résolved and released, and I Will Never thank you enough for clearing my mind and heart ,and connect me to my soul ….please receive all my LOVE and gratitude
Please If you havé Any uncomfortable situation, like emotional or spiritual, Any Doubts, GO TO HER, she is amazing, well balanced, clear Voice, clear messages, she is a gift to us  ….so enjoy it.

Brandon (Australia) Channeling session

After several years of reading, listening to and receiving channeled messages, I found Prime Creator! The experience of meeting with Prime Creator has touched, moved and inspired me in way that can only come from communicating directly with the source. During my session with Susie the intimate love and understanding that Prime Creator has for me was revealed. The information I received in my session has illuminated my life path and created a permanent connection to the radiant love and understanding that resonates within. I felt like no question was too big or too small for Prime Creator and the answers I received have shifted my self awareness to a whole new level. Thank you Susie for being such a clear channel and for allowing the consciousness and love of Prime Creator to come through. A Truly transformative experience.

Rebekah DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™

The day I met Susie in nature was so amazing and by divine timing. She offered me a healing and I gladly accepted. Probably the most amazing experience I have ever had with the didgeridoo. Thank you Susie. What a powerful healing gift you have. Oh and her CD is worth listening to over and over again. Expect miracles, Rebekah

Evelyn Brown & Heather Brown (Canada) DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™

Definitely the #1 Highlight of our 3 Week Stay in Sedona

I’ve watched all of Susie Beiler’s YouTube videos over the years and thought I knew what to expect from a Sound Healing session with her, but, oh my!!! The actual experience was way beyond fantastic!

We hiked up to the Boynton Canyon Vortex, and with the majesty of the red rock scenery, and Susie’s connection to the vortex energies, we experienced a heavenly inspired gift of sound healing that truly changed our world.

Susie’s didgeridoo playing elicited ripples of goosebumps and a feeling of deep release and renewal. Her voice healing was even more stunning – if possible. Every single time she switched from the didgeridoo, to using her voice, the wind picked up. As her voice rose in volume, so did the wind! Wow! At one point I thought we’d be blown off the rocks, the wind was so fierce. Each time it picked up though, it felt like the wind was blasting out of our bodies and auras, all the old beliefs and issues the didgeridoo had loosened up for release.

The whole experience was wild and crazy, and truly mind-boggling. The messages Susie passed on to us from her Guides were also extremely helpful – and totally unexpected.

It was a perfect day, with a truly special healer – and we will never forget it.

Thanks Susie, from the bottom of our much expanded hearts.

Blessings and love from Evelyn and Heather Brown, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

P.S. We had never had a healing session before where strangers could observe, and in this case a number of curious hikers sat on a rock about 100 feet away. They said afterwards they had only intended to stay a few minutes, but were so mesmerized, they simply could not move. One man said he cried it was such a powerful and wonderful experience. (Sharing that healing session was made even more wonderful when we heard that.)

Theresa Garcia-Castia

Ana Herrera





Daniel Posney

Joe Modica

Ed Portley

Lindsey Bray

“I met you at the top of cathedral rock on sunday and had the most amazing experience when you offered your healing! Wow that was amazing and one of – if not the most – spiritual points in my life! I came to Sedona to find some spirituality – either on the land or within me and it was the most wonderful gift meeting you Sunday – it was exactly what I asked for and it happened out of chance – it felt like it was meant to be – words cannot describe! It was so so amazing meeting you and thank you again for the beautiful experience!” -Lindsey Bray

Marlene Rodenbaugh

I was utterly lost when diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I didn’t know what to do with the little western medicine had to offer. I believed that I could live better with complimentary, alternative, integrative medicine. A very wise acupuncturist suggested I see someone to assist me with designing a program more conducive to healthy living, particularly necessary with cancer. I had done that many years ago.  My thought was “been there, done that.” Obviously I had not done that!  But I was willing to try again and Susie Beiler was recommended. I was sure she had the magic. And I was right! I cannot say enough about Susie and her offerings. Working with her is one of the most precious gifts I have given myself. She designs programs on an individual basis depending on your needs. Working with the program, her loving and compassion so inspires me that many days I forget my diagnosis. The program is nourishing in every way from food, to spiritual and she in particular nourishes my soul. When I leave her office, I feel full of knowledge, love and the will to make the changes to help me stay in the moment—no looking back and no leaning forward. I am able to concentrate on those things that bring me passion and life. Whether you are sick or just want to find a new direction, a different way of being, work with Susie. You will come away grateful, enthusiastic for a full and richer life, and the energy to keep your commitments in motion. And she does have the magic.

Cindy Corabi

I met Susie at a Holistic Expo and she was just what I have been looking for. I thought that I knew plenty about healthy habits, and she says that I did too, but I didn’t know half of what I know now after 8 sessions with her. I needed to pull all of my ideas together and make myself a plan, and she helps me with that. I incorporate a lot of my daily habits with my baby and even with the rest of my family. We also deal with my neck pain, essential oils, relaxation and breathing, spiritual issues, emotional issues, daily physical routines and basically everything to treat the body as a “whole”. I’ve extremely enjoyed each and every session with Susie.

Amanda Moxley

Working with Susie has dramatically changed my life.  She is a very intuitive and spiritual counselor and has an ability to help you go deeper into yourself.  She is an amazing listener and is so very present and in the moment.  She has helped me go beyond what I thought would be possible to complete in the short time we have worked together.  I am feeling beautiful, confident and energized in my body like never before, I am so happy to say all of my food issues are gone!!  I am no longer binging on sugar and am instead really loving myself and working as a magnificent co-creator with the universe.  Susie has been my guide and my support and I am eternally grateful for her light, wisdom, love and knowledge. Much love, Amanda Moxley

Renee Bures

Thanks to Susie, I have discovered that I am well nourished when I am being true to myself. I was encouraged to explore all areas of my life, while reminded of their interconnection and impact on my health and well-being. The challenge to make healthy nutritional and lifestyle changes was well supported with concrete information. I am thriving in my new healthier life… body and soul!

Our one meeting was more helpful to me than months of working with a psychologist has been. ~S.Z.

Heidi Bencsik

I was immediately drawn to Susie’s radiant energy.  She has such calm, genuine spirit that gains immediate trust.  I was excited to experience her raindrop session, as I know the many benefits of essential oils and I know her knowledge is backed by personal research and a true passion for helping others to achieve better health.  Susie began the session by explaining in detail what to expect and created a very calm, serene atmosphere allowing me to relax and let all guards down.  The raindrop treatment was so different from any other modality I have ever experienced.  It was relaxing, grounding, and at times I felt as if I was almost floating.  She used her fingers to spread the oils up and down my spine, although, I could have sworn she was using a sponge or some feather like object; the energy just radiated from her fingertips!  I left feeling a greater sense of peace and balance.  Susie left me with some great advice…”get your bare feet connected with the ground.”  I listened to her.  This was at a time when I was starting my own business and feeling pulled in many directions.  I really think her treatment and advice helped to ground me and give me the forward push that I needed.  Thank you Susie! ~Best, Dr.Heidi Bencsik

Thomas E. Regan

With the assistance of a facilitator like Susie and the Raindrop Technique, you can rest assured that you are putting yourself in the very best hands. In just one Raindrop session with Susie, I felt months of tension from travel just melt away. She is very intuitive and seemed to know just what areas I was personally working on improving. Her manner and words were both comforting and informative, giving me clear guidance and understanding. Since my session with Susie, I’ve found my energy, focus, inspiration and clarity increase. I’ve found myself almost automatically taking business actions that I”ve put off for months. I’ve found myself taking personal time to just enjoy things that feed my soul. I have also found myself more attentive and present with my daughter. My daughter is also calmer as a result of my decreased tension after the session!!! Being in the Energy Medicine and Manifesting Field, I have consistently been blessed to find and work with some of the best people in this profession. Without a doubt, if you haven’t had a session with Susie yet, you really should, really!

Debi Lawson

Susie was very “in tuned” to how my body was reacting to the technique. I already knew a few things going on in my body and Susie was able to “sense” my difficulties and verbally relay them back to me. A few days after the session, I mentally and physically started to feel better. Thanks Susie!

Nita Keesler

Susie not only instills a sense of peace and relaxation, she had me walk away with more clarity, focus, and energy, and to make sure I am in alignment with my values and purpose. Thanks, Susie!!

Andy Andrews

Susie is a gifted healer who cares deeply for her clients.

Carol Johnston

Just wanted to let you know that my Dad passed away on Sunday, December 5, 2010. He passed away peacefully with entire family present. I had such a great experience with my Dad at the end that I just wanted to share with you. You know I had my issues with my Dad… but after I became unemployed in August I was going to the house at least 2 times a week if not more to take him to doctor appointments or just sit with him while he was on his breathing machine and talk about anything and everything. I tried to bring as much great energy as I could with me at those times and just take his mind off of his breathing issues just for a little while anyway. So, we got pretty close. I always presented as calm and in control of the situation even though that is not always the case but as far as he knew, I had everything handled.
The Saturday night before my Dad died, my sister and I visited him and he was kidding around with us and having a pretty good time.  When we left, I started to walk out, turned around and said “I love you Dad” and he said “I love you too.” Those were the last words he said to me, and the way I see it, it doesn’t get any better than that. The generation my Dad is from does not say that very often. You knew it but it just wasn’t said that often so that was huge. Here is where my great experience comes in, we are bedside with my Dad, ventilator unplugged and he is basically dying and I held his hand the entire time and I tried to send him as much positive and good energy that I could and I was breathing really deep (now, he is not awake) and at one point his heart rate jumped from 69 back up to 75 and I swear I felt him squeeze my hand. The nurse ran in and said “I guess Mr. Thompson is not ready to go yet” and that is when I felt just the slightest squeeze of my hand.  My Dad’s passing was peaceful and I felt his spirit in the room after he died. It was surreal. I just wanted to share this kind of long winded story with you because without you it would not have happened, and I would have missed a very special moment with my father.
Thank you for everything.

Cheryl Rossi

Susie, I want to Thank You for being a part of the puzzle, the connection, the bridge in my arriving to where I am now. You have been so very gentle and loving, supporting me. Even though I haven’t seen you in some time, I still have a sense of what you’ve shared, and when I need to I can return to that space in my heart, in my being that you so deeply touched.

Bobbie Segal

I really appreciate the work, & the safe space you have provided for me. You picked me up, when I could hardly walk… You have maintained integrity, & that is rare to find these days.

Dr. Jerry Shapiro

You are beautiful inside and out…..not to mention your beautiful presence on the world wide web! ~thanks, dr j

Mike Dare

Two years after working together, Mike shares the most helpful things he learned: The idea of keeping things simple and clean. I eat mostly organic food now. Almost all of my fruit and vegetables, organic chicken, hormone and antibiotic free beef and pork, and of course fish. When Olivia was born I weighed about 22o. Now I’m about 192 and feel much better. No crazy diets, not spending 3-4 hours a day at the gym (definitely in the gym thought). Just eating what I think I should, things that don’t come out of a processing plant (other than grains, etc…) Almost forgot… no more booze or cigarettes.

Liz Berger

Since working with Susie, I have figured out how to find balance with my food choices. When I have a craving, I now have tools to satisfy it, whether it be through maintaining healthy boundaries in my relationships or eating a healthier version of something I’m craving. I figured out that I don’t need to give up my most loved foods, I just need to find a better version. I’m in my third pregnancy and I now feel confident that what I’m eating is healthy for me and my baby. I feel better than ever and I’m grateful for everything Susie taught me.

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