Why is it so important to be Aligned to Your Source and what does Alignment do for you?


Alignment creates greater ease of flow (imagine easier manifesting) in your life.


Being Aligned means you can trust what comes to you is for your Highest Good.


Want more synchronicity? More fulfilling creations? Alignment allows a smoother connection with your heart and soul, which allows you to live from your truth rather than programs that aren’t really you.


*Caution: These sessions are powerful and are designed to bring up to the surface any “karmic debris”. Before engaging with the audio or scheduling a session, please make sure you have the proper ongoing support to deal with whatever may come into your awareness from your shadow aspects. The Creation Temple™ is a wonderful place to receive proper support if you don’t already have it. [If you are a Royal Creator or Master Creator in The Creation Temple™, please do not purchase the audio. It is available to you as part of your membership.]


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