You’re craving sugar again (or a salty snack, or coffee, or a cigarette). You know that it’s only a temporary fix. There MUST be MORE!

There is! I’m your intuitive guide to help you discover what that MORE is for YOU. I see the hidden cravings that you don’t see. I see the big picture and the missing pieces. If you want a WHOLE life full of vibrant health, let’s start with your Personalized Health Assessment.

This is a 1 – hour time period where we will review your medical and food history, discuss your concerns, and create goals to achieve what you always imagined for your life.

We will analyze your activities of daily living (career, physical activity, spiritual practice, relationships, and more) and how your health concerns impact your ability to run your business and live a productive, healthy, and happy life.

We will talk about your priorities in life and set goals for self nourishment according to the changes you would like to make for yourself.

You will walk away with some initial suggestions to get you started right away.

If we a great fit to work together, you can choose a program that works for your budget, schedule, and lifestyle.

Your Personalized New Paradigm NutritionTM Program includes:

  • Real nutrition education (it’s not about grams and calories),
  • Intuitive coaching (I get straight to the core of what’s REALLY going on for you.)
  • Body Awareness Training (I’ll teach you how to read your body’s signals so you know how to nourish it.)
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Practical ways to improve your health, and much much more!

Today is the perfect day to start your Health Journey!

Secure your time with Susie here:

If we have not already scheduled our time together, I will contact you to set up your time when I receive your payment.
Do you have questions first? Call me today at (267)-307-4224.
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