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Channeling Prime Creator Part 1
Uploaded on 07/04/2015

Question 1: How is total freewill different than partial freewill?

Answer 1: Dear ones, total freewill occurs in those dimensions and time spaces where the soul is completely expanded and free of form, free of any limitations, free of any density. Partial freewill occurs when a soul embodies or incarnates into a physical form and enters lower densities and dimensions. There is more to this understanding however, this is the best way to explain it using your language so that you may understand. The limitation of partial freewill occurs in those densities or dimensions where the soul experiences more limitations of a physical body or an environment of lower vibration, of lower density.

Question 2: How is total freewill different than the will of the soul?

Answer 2: The will of the soul, the words of that understanding do not go together, dear ones. The soul – is. The soul – is. Total freewill occurs when the soul takes on some form or enters some form, but to talk about the will of the soul is a concept that does not really occur because the soul just is.

Question 3: How is it that a soul decides what role it will take?

Answer 3: There are many layers and levels of understanding that go into when a soul decides to take certain form or enter certain realms, all of it is for evolution or expansion as you call it. It is, yes, you use the word decision but it is some more a soul knowing, even the soul desire to assist in certain ways and so it agrees to certain experiences and that is how it decides where will it go next, what experience it will choose as it expands and evolves.

Question 4: It was said that the earth was an experiment with total freewill, I was wondering if there was other planets that this experiment had been on?

Answer 4: Earth is unique in this experiment of total freewill, however there are places where souls experience total freewill in densities less than where the soul is in total expansion without form. Earth is very unique in the experiment that occurred here. It is the only experiment of its kind and in actuality, the total free will idea got convoluted with agendas that were placed upon Humanity and therefore the souls that came to Earth experienced a sense of being bound and because of the forgetting that souls experienced who came to Earth, yes there was still freewill but it did not feel like that to the soul, it did not feel like that to the hearts of the humans on planet Earth. It is a rather complex subject as you may begin to see, dear one. I would like to share with you that in September as the transition occurs, that each soul will once again experience freewill as it was truly meant to be from the beginning – freewill without the convolution, freewill without the binding, without so much limitation. Any limitation that is now experienced by a soul is because of their own understanding, the mental consciousness surrounding the soul. Truly however, after the event in September, souls will once again be restored to total freewill.

Question 5: Will polarity be experienced on the new DNA Earth?

Answer 5: This is similar to what I just shared about the soul. Those who experience polarity will only experience it because of their mental construct and their mental consciousness around polarity but duality is dissolving into unity and so any polarity experienced is only because that being has not remembered themselves in their wholeness and who they are. So yes, in some sense it will continue to exist but in truth Unity consciousness will be part of the new DNA of the new Earth.

Question 6: Will the veil or forgetting still be experienced on the new DNA Earth?

Answer 6: Yes, for some. As I just shared with you, the only forgetting that will be experienced is because of those souls that have not fully remembered who they are. There will be more assistance for their remembering. There will be less limitation, less binding of the soul so that remembering and awakening can occur but initially some will remain in their forgetting until they awaken and remember.

Question 7: Is Earth ascending to become a star?

Answer 7: In some ways dear one Earth has already ascended into her starship. I use the word ship not as a literal ship. Earth is already in some ways a star as the merge of the new DNA Earth with the current Earth is already in transition. That’s why some of you feel very different in your bodies. That is why some of you notice your environments feel different to you. The full merge and transition will occur in September but you may already be feeling some Earth’s star qualities. Some of you have been seeing flashing lights out of the corners of the corners of your eye. This is some of the stardust that is becoming part of Earth as her star.

Question 8: What kind of Sedona is, are the Avatars arriving?

Answer 8: Dear ones, as each of you has different experiences of Sedona or the town in which you live, different perceptions, different understandings, so too it will be for the Avatars. Each Avatar will have his or her own experience as they arrive here and so, some will see heaven, some will connected with the rocks, some will connect with the trees, some will connect with the waters, some with other parts of the land. It will be a physical experience as well as that experience of connecting to the other realms and dimensions which they are activating for your transition. They are like a bridge to assist you in your transition so, depending on the dimension that they are activating and holding space for will translate into their experience of Sedona.

Question 9: Is Jesus one of the Avatars that are embodied?

Answer 9: Jesus will appear as an Avatar in Sedona in September but not in physical embodiment. He will be in what you might call “spirit form”. This does not mean that some people may not see him in physical form, as that is what they have chosen to experience. You’ve been speaking lately about the hologram in which you live and so some may see him in physical form and that holographic state but in truth he will be in that spirit or etheric form.

Question 10: What is the purpose of the etheric golden disk that moved from Lake Titicaca to Sedona?

Answer 10: This disk, dear one, holds much power and holds much information. You might call this information codes or scripts, and you can access these codes or scripts through your meditations or simply by asking your DNA to open to the information contained within this golden disk. The purpose of this disk containing this information is to assist you in your transition, awakening parts of your DNA that have been dormant, assisting in the rewiring of your brains and nervous system so that you may transition with ease. There is much contained within this golden disk that will assist your physical beings, your mental, emotional, spiritual beings. It is like, it is like a DNA activator and so much more. It is giving you the information needed for the transition, information for some of you, you will need the information about teleporting and telepathy and all those higher level skills. All of this is contained this golden disk and much more information which you do not even have mental consciousness about yet but you will understand after your transition how much you’ve received from this golden disc.

Question 11: Is there any way light workers can work with this golden disk to assist others?

Answer 11: Absolutely. As I have mentioned, you can access the information simply by asking and through your meditations and as you integrate the codes and activations from this disk, as you embody this information that vibration then ripples out onto all life and so all life benefits whenever you embody sacred information such as contained in this golden disk.

Question 12: Is Prime Creator the highest being in existence?

Answer 12: In an earlier conversation, dear one, we discussed who and what Prime Creator is, and so, I do not call myself a being. I am more of an energy and a vibration. In truth, I am love. Love is the highest vibration, the highest frequency, and so, in this way you could say yes, I am the highest frequency. And I am you and you are me. Remember this, dear ones.

Question 13: Is there anything preceding [as in coming before] Prime Creator?

Answer 13: In an earlier conversation also, we discussed how I always was. Everything has come before me and nothing has come before me, as I always have been, for I am timeless. This concept does not fit into your mental consciousness about timelines and what has come before and what is now and what comes after. This is not how I exist, dear one.

Question 14: There’s the Christian understanding of the Holy Trinity. Is Prime Creator considered the collective of that energy?

Answer 14: Yes and the understand goes beyond that, for I am all and all is me. The trinity is helpful in understanding different aspects of the love energy that is Prime Creator but this concept is somewhat limiting to understand the fullness of who I am.

Question 15: There was information that Sanat Kumara ascended to become Prime Creator. Is there clarity to this information or this experience that was shared?

Answer 15: The loved Sanat Kumara. There is some truth to this as all who ascend to become pure love become the same vibration as Prime Creator. That leaves the door open for many to ascend into Prime Creatorship. Sanat Kumara is not the only one and he is still on his journey. As each of you, dear ones, are on your journey and you each have the same opportunity to become Prime Creator as you release all fear, as you release all limitation, as you vibrate into such a frequency where you no longer are in physical embodiment. As you evolve into the hierarchy of dimensions past this physical plane on planet earth there are many opportunities for growth that you will see with your new eyes as you transition into higher and higher dimensions and you will understand the possibility for yourself to merge with Prime Creator.

Question 16: Does Prime Creator have cycles of being or experience? Are there there completions of cycles of creation in which all come back to Prime Creator?

Answer 16: There are many cycles, many cycles in many universes, many cycles within the multiverse; remembering that Prime Creator always has existed and always will. Truly I am the energy of love and creation and so that always is. There’s not an end or beginning to that energy.

Question 17: Does the experience of the collective of all evolve future experiences as a part of a cycle?

Answer 17: As the collective evolves, it does affect the future as you understand with linear time and as you understand time to occur simultaneously in all dimensions in parallel universes, the collective evolving effects what is occurring in other timelines and other universes. In short the answer is yes, the collective does affect other realities future, past, or present, however you may wish to see it.

Question 18: Are there any messages you wish to share with those that will be watching this video?

Answer 18: Dear ones, know that I love you, know that my affection for you is beyond your comprehension, beyond your understanding. Each of you is precious in my sight, each of you is beautiful being. I see the love and light within you. I know that for some of you there is great struggle, there is difficulty in seeing beyond your illusions. Ask, ask for the sight of love, that you may see through eyes of love, that you may see with your heart’s vision, you may see with the vision of your souls instead of the limited vision that you have in human form. You are much greater than your human form, and so I ask you, open eyes of your soul and see me and see yourself and remember who you are and know that I love you, know that I cherish you. You are my beloved.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 2
Uploaded on 07/22/2015

Question 1: If a soul is perfect and whole and complete, eternal… Why does it grow?

Answer 1: Dear ones, you have an understanding about growth and so it is difficult to understand this concept because a souls growth is not like the growth that you think about when you think about growing. Yes, a soul is eternal and complete and perfect and whole and there is this concept of expansion and evolution and more and so as a soul progresses it does in a sense expand and get bigger as you might say.

Question 2: How is it that experiences in life cause that for the soul?

Answer 2: Yes. As we talked a little bit before as a soul comes into density or into a human form there is that opportunity for the soul to gain more experience in other realms, in other dimensions and because of these experiences the soul can then expand or evolve. I wish I could give this channel better words to describe how this actually happens for a soul but these are the best words that you have in your vocabulary, dear one.

Question 3: Is Gaia affected by what people are doing on Earth right now or is it affecting the hologram?

Answer 3: What is actually happening, dear one, is that the choices that humans are currently making are not affecting Gaia as she was and yes, because she is becoming a star it is not affecting her starship. What is of being affected is the new DNA earth because it is a merge, so to speak, of the old earth or the old Gaia with the new DNA earth, the choices that are being made now are in some ways affecting.

Question 4: So, will only certain effects be carried over to the new DNA earth?

Answer 4: In a sense, yes. If you recall the conversation about polarity and duality, you remember that polarity will only be experienced by those who hold it in her mental consciousness but in truth there will not be polarity on the new DNA earth as you know it now and so the actions that humans are currently taking affect the new DNA Earth in their own mental consciousness. So, in a sense, the new DNA earth is a clean slate. It is a fresh energy. There are new energies that will be there that will not that are not currently on the earth that you experience and so what is carried over or merged into the new DNA earth is what each one holds and carries. So each soul that is going to the new DNA earth and not into a different dimension, each soul carries certain codes and their human form, certain codes in their human DNA and as they go on to the new DNA earth it will still be up to them to work these things out and so in the transition some will completely rearrange these codes and some will still have that inner work to do with their inner growth.

Question 5: Will the energies and interactions people share on the new DNA earth affect Gaia after the shift or is it totally separate?

Answer 5: As you recall, Gaia is becoming a star and so all the energies of your current experience of this planet will be burned. It is like a karmic release and so what happens on the new DNA earth will be a very different experience than what your current Gaia is experiencing.

Question 6: Some experience that white light permeates all things. Is simply a perception from human experience or is it fundamental nature of being?

Answer 6: I will do my best to describe this through our channel as these are concepts that she is not intellectually familiar with. White light is. As we describe the soul in an earlier conversation, white light is and so in truth it does permeate everything. It is partially your perception and it is partially what happens. White light… white light in a sense is the substance of creation so it is more than what you see or sense. It is that initial spark and it is the energy it carries forth creation. It is like a beginning energy that, that spark that ignites is also what carries forth creation because creation is constantly occurring the white light is always at work in its ignition, in its initial sparks.

Question 7: Does this mean white light is outside of time?

Answer 7: Yes, dear one.

Question 8: And does this mean that the speed of light changes in experience with physicality of time and space?

Answer 8: Yes and no. Yes because it is your perception and no because white light just is and it is always constant. However, you may experience it as not been constant because of your relationship to time and space.

Question 9: There was some different origin stories and one of them referred the Hebrews first coming to earth in the days of Atlantis. Is there truth in this or clarity to this?

Answer 9: Moses had a close relationship with the Atlantean energy, in a sense being a descendent Atlantis. The Hebrews were a separate starseed than the Atlanteans and they did work together in many ways to create, to work with technologies, to work with sacred information, information that you are now opening up to, information that has been secretive in many ways before now, Kabbalic information, information about codes of your DNA. They work together and all of these aspects, dear one.

Question 10: How did they [the Hebrews] arrive here? Was it by teleporting?

Answer 10: The Hebrews came in from another galaxy on ships using high-technology that in a sense may be perceived as teleporting to your current understanding but it was more than.

Question 11: When you mention starseed, does that mean that they are of the same species [as humans, here on earth] from a different place?

Answer 11: Hmm, again this is your current understanding of species and how things have been perceived here on earth makes this conversation a bit tricky. So, the Hebrews are or were in that time a little different than the human species however, close enough that there could be that the relationship between humans and the starseed Hebrews. You would probably not call them the same species in your current understanding however, they were humanoid enough to create a merge with the species that they encountered upon their arrival.

Question 12: What star system did they arrive from?

Answer 12: It is one that the channel does not know. Give me a bit of time let me see if I can clear her mind so that I can give her the information. It is to the left of the Andromeda and the name of the star system is Araka or Arkana, something of this nature. It is the best I can give you with this channel at this time, dear one.

Question 13: What is the truth about the story of the fall from the Garden of Eden?

Answer 13: You have called the beings involved in this experience Adam and Eve and so I will use these names to cater to your understanding. The story is when polarity was first introduced into your reality, dear ones. Before this time, all was one unity consciousness. There was not an understanding of duality or polarity and the free will that you experienced was your heaven, it was beautiful, there was peace within and in your external environment. What happened to this experience with Adam and Eve was the chance for the soul to expand and grow as we discussed earlier and so polarity was introduced as an option to experience and Adam and Eve chose to experience this option and when I say Adam and Eve I’m referring to all beings that chose to embrace polarity and experiment with that concept and that experience. Adam and Eve refers to a collective that was present on the planet at the time and most beings at the time chose to experience polarity the ones who did not choose that experience evolved into a different dimension eventually and also chose to experience polarity then created this great experiment that is about to come to an end in September 2015.

Question 14: In the story it was mentioned that Lucifer was a great deceiver in this. Is Lucifer one who helped create polarity?

Answer 14: Lucifer did not create polarity but he was the light bearer could broaden that option and so Lucifer has been consider the devil or Satan by many because he was the one who volunteered I was chosen to offer this to humanity and so he has been a scapegoat, in a sense. However, Lucifer is a great being of light. He is my child and he opted to carry out this role, this great experiment that has been going on for eons of time. The deceiver is not Lucifer, the deceiver has been yourselves in your perception polarity and stepping away from one unity consciousness.

Question 15: So, would the veil be considered that, part of that deception energy?

Answer 15: In a way, yes, as humanity embraced polarity the veil to one unity consciousness came into existence, separating you from the truth of your light the truth of the unity of who you are in your humanity.

Question 16: It was mentioned that the total freewill idea on earth was convoluted. Was this done by other beings?

Answer 16: Yes, many were involved in this experiment. Part of what we just talked about with Lucifer and polarity, you created your own convolution. There are also agendas by many beings in other galaxies and in your own galaxy. You see, Earth has been a great experiment and so many beings wanted to come here, wanted to be a part of the experiment. For some it was playing around just to see what would happen not understanding the consequences and how it would impact souls, for some there was a dark agenda if you will, the shadow as you call it, keeping in mind, dear ones, that all is of the light because even the shadow shows where there is opportunity for souls to expand beyond that and so many got confused and many got trapped or stuck in a false reality of this darkness but it has always been surrounded and immersed and contained a great light.

Question 17: What will the event in September look like? Visually, feelings, any sort of outward sensations?

Answer 17: Dear ones, it will be different according to each one’s perception. For some it will be a sigh of relief as great amounts of light come in to assist you in your transition. For those who hold much fear in their being it will be a little more jarring. They may experience more density and more traumatic experiences, experiences such as fire, such as thickness and darkness. For those who have released the fear from their beings great amount of peace will be felt, great amounts of light will be integrated. In the days leading up to the big event, as you might call it, things will increase in your perception of polarity, meaning there will be much chaos on one hand and deep abiding peace on the other and it is each one’s choice as to what they experience. Those who choose to release all fear shall experience the deep abiding peace. Those who choose to hold onto their fear will experience chaos and more fear. As this polarity is amplified and each one makes their choice there will then be a short time where all comes back into oneness and in this moment in time a great amount of love and light shall into your atmosphere and into your beings, even those who have chosen chaos will experience this great light and they may misunderstand it and experience fear from that light but all shall receive the light. It will come in very quickly. It will be what you might call dramatic because of the speed and the intensity however, it will be this light that assists you in your transitions into your chosen dimensions. After this light comes in, you will each go into your chosen dimensions and the current Gaia will ignite in the fires of her starship. Thus she will then be coming her star and the new DNA earth will be in full capacity ready to receive all souls who choose to stay in that dimension.

Question 18: Are most people going to be aware before the event or just during?

Answer 18: All beings will be aware on some level that something is occurring, that a great shift is happening. Some will not experience conscious awareness. Those of you such as the beings watching this video and beings who have been communicating with me in the hierarchy will understand exactly what is happening. So again, there will be much variation in perception however, all will know that life is changing. It will be obvious, dear one.

Question 19: As the event approaches are people integrating more and more of their parallel selves?

Answer 19: Yes, dear one.

Question 20: And does this assist in their awareness [of the coming event]?

Answer 20: For some.

Question 21: Does one have to consciously be aware of the event to experience it?

Answer 21: No, dear one. All will experience the event.

Question 22: And will they consciously know whether they have transitioned out of this dimension – this third dimensional-type experience?

Answer 22: Most will understand that a great shift has occurred. Some will not yet have that mental consciousness developed around these concepts and will not understand what kind of change has occurred. They will just notice that there has been a great disruption in their lives and they will continue on on the new DNA earth where there will be much more opportunity for them to assimilate the light and the love and energies of these concepts.

Question 23: If they are consciously aware they have transitioned will they know where they are in time, space, and dimension, or are they simply in a new experience?

Answer 23: They will be in the new experience with an awareness that they are in a different experience but they will not immediately understand what has occurred.

Question 24: If their conscious awareness remains in this dimension does that mean they have not ascended?

Answer 24: Again, the word ascension has perceptions in your understanding, not all of which are true and so depending on your definition of Ascension, this will not be a conscious ascension for these beings that we’re talking about. Although in some ways it will be and ascension because they are ascending into a higher frequency contained on the new DNA earth.

Question 25: What percentage of humans will transition out physical experience on earth in September?

Answer 25: This is not yet been determined, dear one, as not all have made their choice at this time.

Question 26: Is there a current percentage who have made their choice?

Answer 26: About 35% have made their choice.

Question 27: And of those, how many are choosing to transition out of physical experience on earth?

Answer 27: About 10%. 10% of the whole to clarify, dear one.

Question 28: For those staying in physical experience here on earth, how similar will the experience be for them?

Answer 28: This will depend upon their mental consciousness and how quickly they allow themselves to upgrade to the new frequencies of the new DNA earth.

Question 29: Is the new DNA earth larger with more land and ocean?

Answer 29: The new DNA Earth will be, yes, larger than your current experience of Gaia. The proportion of land to ocean this about the same. This is to allow for a smooth transition from Gaia to the new DNA earth

Question 30: Since quite a few souls are transitioning out of physical experience on earth, will people notice that there are less people on the planet?

Answer 30: Most people will not notice much of a difference, dear one.  As you may have noticed in your current reality, most people are in their own experience and do not hold an expanded awareness of life around them and so as time goes on in the new DNA earth they may begin to experience and see more of what is occurring around them and understand that there are fewer people but for most, in the beginning of their new experience on the new DNA earth, they will not notice that fewer people are on the planet.

Question 31: Will the view of the stars at night be different?

Answer 31: Yes, dear one. On the new DNA earth, those who choose to go to that dimension will see brighter stars, more stars and the stars will appear closer in their reality.

Question 32: The distance between planets be different?

Answer 32: Yes, dear one. There will be some shifting with the planets and the distances. It will not be anything dramatic or anything that you sense, so to speak.  Scientists and people oriented to measuring distances and understanding these experiences will be much more tuned into this and will be offering the new measurements for humanity to receive.

Question 33: Will certain species of life that we see on earth now be remembered as mythical beings on the new DNA earth or will there just be a continuous memory as though they’d simply gone extinct?

Answer 33: In a sense, dear one, yes. Your dear friend Kacia has mentioned this – that animals such as dolphins and whales perhaps will be remembered as mythical creatures. This is difficult to explain in the channel’s language. I will do my best through her. Animals such as dolphin, whales and some other sea creatures especially will still be present on the new DNA earth however they will be in a form that is not perceptible to the eyes of most of the humans on the new DNA earth and so some will still see these creatures, some will see them more in solid form, some will see them more as visions, some will recall them as memories, and some will not see them at all and not even have the memory of these creatures. It is an interesting perception of things, dear one. It is an interesting unfolding of how things will shift with these creatures but many have chosen in their souls to go home back to the dimension from which they came and so some are willing to still come into physical form for the perception of those who still wish to see them but most of these souls shall return to their homes.

Question 34: Would remains such as skeletons [of dolphins, whales and such] still be variable based on each perception?

Answer 34: There shall be no remains, dear one.

Question 35: Will people who experience the new DNA earth still experience close ones, like close relatives that they had here before the transition, would they experience them as projections or just as energy?

Answer 35: You are referring to those who are de-materializing?

Question 36: Will the people who remain on the new DNA earth, would they have a continued experience with siblings or parents that transitioned out?

Answer 36: Yes, dear one. This will be variable again according to the, the state of mental consciousness of each one, according to the path chosen by the one who has dematerialized, you see there are many variables because some who are dematerialized and are going back to source and are not meant to come back into physical form. Some who are de-materializing are traveling throughout time and space and will have the choice and option to come back into physical form from time to time and those who stay in physical form, some will have the advanced mental consciousness and second consciousness to see their departed loved ones and some will not yet be at that level of evolution and will experience their departed loved one as simply gone from their experience and yes, they will have the memory of their loved one and over time they will gain the understanding of what happened to the loved one.

Question 37: So would this remaining connection affect the person that departed?

Answer 37: It will not affect them in a way that limits or inhibits them. The one who is departing is completely free and unlimited in their experience because they have gotten to that soul level to dematerialize and thus because they are at this frequency and this evolutionary state, they are free and their experience and have no limitations for inhibitions such as what might be experienced by someone who passes away through what you call death and needs to continue their spiritual journey on the other side this is a completely different experience, dear one.

Question 38: It was mentioned that there are three mass transitions and that the one in September is the first. Is this simply going to be a single transition or will there be future transitions on the new DNA earth?

Answer 38: This transition occurring in September is the main event, as you might say. There will be other opportunities for transition and ascension, and evolution on the DNA earth. However, it will not be at all like this event in September. It will not be of such great magnitude or such great intensity. These opportunities on the new date DNA Earth will be gentler, easier and of a smaller capacity.

Question 39: And will this eventually include all life on earth to fully transition?

Answer 39: Yes, of course, dear one. As all souls are constantly evolving and expanding as we spoke of earlier.  That is an ever-continuing process and journey, dear one.

Question 40: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 40: Dear ones, I cannot express it with enough magnitude how much I love you, how much I cherish each and every one of you and I ask you as you begin to assimilate the energies of the September event, I invite you to lay down your fears, allow yourselves to merge into your soul path, allow yourselves to feel the light and be rejuvenated, to feel the love and be restored into your wholeness, and into the remembering who you are. It is from this remembering of who you are that you shall transition with ease and peace. This is what you have been longing for dear ones embrace this experience with all of your heart, with every aspect of your being. It is time. It has been long awaited by each of your souls and I’m here to guide you through it. Thank you, dear ones. I love you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 3
Uploaded on 07/22/2015

Question 1: There are different origin stories of the moon, being that it was either created from the earth or that it arrived at the earth. What is the truth or clarity on these stories?

Answer 1: Dear ones, your earth-moon as you experience it now was actually like a sister to the earth. Some might even call the earth and the moon twins, for they are actually a very similar substance and they came into being together. At the same time that the earth was created into form, the moon also created into form but the earth chose, (correcting) the moon rather, chose to play a different role and so split from the earth and now functions in the capacity to regulate tides and all the other roles it plays that this channel does not even understand all of them and so it was formed at the same time as the earth, of the same substance, and has evolved in its way as the Earth has evolved in her way.

Question 2: Does the energy of the moon play a role in September such as the blood moon towards the end of September?

Answer 2: Ah yes, dear one, the moon plays a very strong role in the September event, for the moon in some ways holds the alignment for the event in relation to the Earth and other planets within the galaxy. It is a galactic role that the moon plays and so as September approaches the moon’s energy becomes more amplified and stronger and that is why you have experienced many alignments with the moon such as solar and lunar eclipses and blood moons and all of the spectacular alignments that the moon has participated in in the past several years. You have noticed in the past several years more and more alignments with the moon, and more and more eclipses closer and closer together.

Question 3: What is the name of the new DNA earth?

Answer 3: Dear ones, there have actually been many names given to the new DNA earth depending on the perceptions of the individuals naming the new DNA earth. What is important rather than the name is to understand the energy of the new DNA earth and what it will bring to the souls who choose to continue on an Earth plane.

Question 4: Will this moon shift to the new DNA earth or is there going to be a new moon with that new DNA earth?

Answer 4: There will be a new moon for the new DNA earth. It will be very similar to the properties of your current moon and in some ways like Gaia is merging, or parts of Gaia is merging with the new DNA earth, so too shall parts of the moon merge with the new moon in order for that smooth transition to occur.

Question 5: Will there be physical differences that are observed with a telescope looking at the new moon?

Answer 5: To the trained eye and with the new technologies that will be coming forth on the new DNA earth, some will be able to see a few differences. Yes, dear one.

Question 6: How will the new DNA earth look or feel different from the earth as we know it today?

Answer 6: Dear one, the new DNA Earth will have a higher frequency and will hold new codes and activations for the evolution of the souls who choose to stay on the earth plane. As mentioned in a previous conversation, it will be larger and more spacious. The proportions of water to land will be quite similar. The new DNA Earth will have a cleaner atmosphere, cleaner waters, cleaner land. It is in some ways a fresh start. While it will still be some things to clean up from those who are still choosing, in this reality, to contaminate Gaia, they will still have some of their mess to clean up however, there will be new technologies for this and a heightened desire within each heart and soul to preserve their new planet, to keep it clean, to keep the frequency high.

Question 7: It was mentioned that some things will not be merged on the new DNA earth, such as certain sea creatures, nor their remains. Does this also affect landfills or graveyards in a similar manner?

Answer 7: These things will be somewhat different than the experience of the sea creatures. What will occur with the new DNA Earth in terms of landfills and cemeteries and the like is that some of this substance will remain because there is still that need for what you so sow shall you reap. Those who have been contaminating the earth will need to follow through and clean up their messes so to speak, and yet as I mentioned there will be that new desire to do so and new technologies for very efficient cleanup.

Question 8: Will people that transition out of physical experience in the September event have left behind personal items that are merged onto the new DNA earth?

Answer 8: Some physical items will dematerialize and some will remain. This is perhaps a difficult thing to explain as some who dematerialize have possessions that will be used by those who choose to stay behind and some possessions will be irrelevant and will vest you materialize at the time of the event in September.

Question 9: Will certain corporations not be merged onto the new DNA earth?

Answer 9: Dear ones, there will be an opportunity given for all to merge to the new DNA earth those who choose to remain in their current frequency will quickly fall away and unravel because the new DNA Earth holds a higher frequency, those corporations and individuals who choose to remain in density will not be allowed to continue to exist. It is not so much as they will not be allowed but they will not be able to function because of the new frequency and thus they will dissolve and fall away.

Question 10: Will there be inner-earth beings merged onto the new DNA earth?

Answer 10: The inner-earth beings are much like the souls that live on the surface of the earth and the sea creatures – each has their own path based on their souls evolution and based on the inner work they have done and so it will be very much like any other soul. Many dimensions are available to those souls of the inner earth and each will choose based on their soul path.

Question 11: Where are beings of Tellos transitioning to in September?

Answer 11: The answer to this is the same answer as we just discussed. Each being will have the opportunity to transition into the appropriate dimension for their soul.

Question 12: Will consciously spending time on making the choice to ascend assist an individual’s ascension?

Answer 12: Yes, in some ways, dear one. Remember that it is a choice of where the soul is currently at in their evolution and the inner work that has been done so far and so the part that is conscious for you now this time is how you choose to focus on your inner growth and expansion.

Question 13: Can a person consciously request their soul to transition to a particular dimension?

Answer 13: No, dear one. The dimension into which each each soul will go is based on the soul’s evolution and that soul level choice. Does this make sense, dear one?

Question 14: If a being is at a certain level of development – there’s only one particular place they’ll go? There’s not a choice between places?

Answer 14: It is much like what you would call destiny, dear one. Over eons of time souls have been on their path to end up, if you will, at a certain place at this time with full understanding that after the September event the soul does not stop growing and expanding. That soul development shall continue and therefore opportunity will be given many years from now, if we need to be in a linear timeline, that soul will have opportunity to go to different dimensions and expand as it continues its development.

Question 15: Are there those that are in soul development, prepared to ascend, but choosing to transition to the new DNA earth to assist others in their process?

Answer 15: No, dear one. All souls who are ready for ascension, shall ascend into their respective dimensions. Those who choose to stay on the new DNA earth to assist have made that choice a long time ago. This is not something that shall be determined in September – this is based on their history in their soul’s journey and so, in some ways, they are ascending as they are going into that higher frequency of the new DNA earth and in truth they shall only be on the new DNA earth very short amount of time as you understand linear time.

Question 16: What is causing the ground to shake beneath Sedona daily?

Answer 16: Dear one, the government or the military, working together, are creating underground tunnels for the transport of supplies for they are anticipating a great cataclysm however, they are coming from the mindset of fear and so they are preparing for their fear-based reality. Remember, dear ones, as we converse before, that all is contained in the light. So, despite these activities by the government and military, there is nothing to fear about this. It is simply they are playing out their roles in their fear-based reality. It really does have no effect on the light workers unless the light workers choose to engage in that fear-based reality alongside the government and military. In some ways it is simply their exercise or inspired action to have them feel more safe as they also sense the changes arriving in September. I invite you, dear ones, to send them love and light from your hearts for they still have the chance to awaken and come into the light.

Question 17: With the increase in polarity before the event, will be breakdown in social and economic structure before the event?

Answer 17: Yes, dear one. There will be some breakdown. It will be not so severe as to disrupt most souls. However, those souls that need that jarring and that last-minute chance to wake up and come into the light shall experience some disruption with breakdowns in technology and communication, with earth shifts and changes before she becomes a star.

Question 18: Will this event of the breaking down, slightly, allow for tribal and small-community based structure of living that assist in that transition?

Answer 18: As with all disruptions in life, dear one, these breakdowns of course will give the opportunity for communities to come together. People and souls who have not been in community before may choose to band together with other like-minded souls. Keeping in mind however that this will be a very short period of time and so there will not be so much opportunity for new communities to be created at this time but it may plant that desire in their hearts and so as they transition to the new DNA earth. They will then be inspired and desire of community living situation.

Question 19: Will be continued to function on the new DNA earth?

Answer 19: Yes, dear one. There will be disruption at the time of the event however, as I mentioned new technologies will be available on the new DNA earth and so after the transition, very quickly the structures will be put back together for use of these technologies including the Internet.

Question 20: Will certain information on the Internet not be transferred to the new DNA earth?

Answer 20: Yes, dear ones. Because of the higher frequency of the new DNA earth, the websites and information of lower density simply will not be able to function.

Question 21: Will these channelling videos still be available to watch after the transition?

Answer 21: Yes, dear ones. For those who choose to continue to engage in technology much will still be available to view online.

Question 22: What day of September is the wave of light arriving for the event?

Answer 22: Dear ones, the specific day and time has not yet been finalized. However I can share that the energies will be vastly intensified around the equinox and continuing until that wave of light is ready to pierce the veil.

Question 23: What is the best way for people to release fears before September?

Answer 23: The best way for souls to release fear is to focus on the light, dear ones. This will mean a variety of things to various souls, for some it may mean spending more time in nature, for some it may mean engaging in joyful activities, for some it may mean meditating and making that conscious intention to stay connected with the light, to embody more love and light, to consciously integrate the new energies that are currently flooding Gaia in your atmosphere. You may have felt more intensity in your beings. Your physical bodies, your emotional bodies, spiritual bodies, your mental consciousness. You may have felt this intensified energy in the past several months. Dear ones, that shall continue to intensify and so you can release your fear by consciously engaging with these light and love energies and allowing yourself to embody and integrate the higher frequencies that are available for you at this time.

Question 24: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share for those watching this video?

Answer 24: Dear ones, as I observe your energies and I as I engage with the light and love of who you are, please know and understand that I am always with you and I am personally watching over each one of you. I invite you to come to me, ask to feel my love and light for you. Each one of you his precious and I offer you this transmission to activate your hearts and allow more love and light to come into your being.  Toning Breathe in the energies of love and light, dear ones. Allow your hearts and your minds to be at ease. This is the time you have been waiting for.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 4
Uploaded on 07/25/2015

Question 1: Bear asks, My journey with White Buffalo Woman is moving forward. I’m excited about this direction. I want to know if together we will be able to excel my third eye vision and being to see with my conscious mind, as well as my unconscious?

Answer 1: Yes, dear one, white buffalo woman is actually very instrumental in you developing your vision. At first this is more unconscious, as the energy will be working with you and as you develop and open more of yourself to receive information, you will have the potential to work with this on a more conscious level. This is dependent upon your focus, your willingness, and your ability to release anything that is holding you back from increasing your frequency.

Question 2: Bear also asks, will I begin to travel the universe?

Answer 2: Dear one, you are already traveling the universe. Yes, I understand your question however, as you transition, you will be entering a dimension where you will be traveling. As you enjoy the freedom in traveling, this will be a new way to travel, without the use of cars and bicycles and the human form that you are used to now. You will enjoy your travel in a whole new way, in whole new level.

Question 3: Larry asks, what is the future of the Larry Show?

Answer 3: Dear one, what would you like it to be? In part, this question is answered by your desire and your intent, and in part, there is a finite duration of the show, shall we say. Because of the dimension in which you are transitioning, dear one, there one it will no longer be use for this, at some point, and so, I invite you to tune into the desires of your heart because you will experience a time where you decide and you feel “I no longer have passion for this”, and at that time please feel free to move in another direction.

Question 4: Larry asks, what awaits for him in Scotland?

Answer 4: Dear one, I know this has been much-anticipated for you. However, this journey may not be in your highest good and so it is your choice, you may decide to continue to pursue this, as all is always your choice. However, there may be something else that lies within your heart that will fulfill your desires to an even greater extent.

Question 5: Larry asks, what major natural shifts await the earth?

Answer 5: As I have conveyed in previous conversations, the shifts that will occur on earth will be seen in the new DNA earth, as your current Earth is becoming a star and will light up in a ball of flames as you understand that perception of fire and flames. Therefore the new DNA Earth, will be slightly larger than your current Gaia and as I have conveyed before, it will be mostly the same in proportion of land to water. There may be some natural disasters, as you call them, in areas that need adjustment, in areas that need more opportunity to awaken souls in those areas. However, this is not set in stone, dear one, because there is always the opportunity for souls to awaken and thus avoid some of these natural disasters. Of course, that is my wish along with the hierarchy – that souls will awaken to allow for a smooth transition in the events of September.

Question 6: Larry also asks, when will we openly meet extraterrestrials on the earth?

Answer 6: Dear one, they already amongst you. Some can now see them, some have already come in contact and met with them, and so this depends on your soul’s path combined with your frequency. Dear one, the higher frequency, the easier it is for you to be in the presence of these extraterrestrials. as you turn them.

Question 7: Mary asks, what should I personally be doing or be attuning to, to the incoming energies, in order to make the most of them?

Answer 7: Beautiful question, dear one. My sweetheart, you benefit much from being in nature. As much time as you can take in each day, find a tree, a plant, a body of water, a piece of land, and connect with the purity of these energies. For these assist you in keeping your vibration high. These assist you in bringing even more love and light into your life and into your being. This will be most helpful for you, dear one.

Question 8: Mary also asks, what will my average day’s activity look like after September and any transformations/ transitions I may make?

Answer 8: Dear one, your days will be filled with your highest joys, for you, dear one, along with all of the other light workers, will be entering your heaven and so begin now to tune into the desires of your heart. If you wish to begin to engage with these energies of your chosen dimension, access the desires of your heart, for therein lies all the knowledge of where you will be going. Beautiful experiences in nature, beautiful experiences with the beings with whom you will interact in your chosen dimensions, all of those things that you dreamed of when you were a child, those things present in your daydreams, dear one. The unicorns, the fairies, the elves, all of the beings that you imagined and that you knew at that time to be real, reconnect with these beings dear one. You will be spending much time with them.

Question 9: Mary also asked, what new superpowers will I have following September’s energy <inaudible>?

Answer 9: Dear one, you have dreamt of wings, yes? You will be flying.

Question 10: Mary also asks, are either of my sisters’ physical lives in danger in the upcoming months?

Answer 10: No, dear one.

Question 11: Is Nibiru energy going to transform some of humanity to the fifth dimension during the month of September in 2015?

Answer 11: Nibiru has a very important role to play in this transition. As it comes towards this planet and meets with this planet, much will occur. It will be what you might call a disruption of energies. However remember that all is contained within the light, dear one, and it is serving the purpose that it is meant to serve. It will assist in transformation because of the role it plays to disrupt, as you might say, however, the largest role assisting in transformation is that light and love energy coming in September. This love and light, as I have described in another conversation, will be swift and powerful all will feel it, whether they understand are not what is occurring. It will be profound within your being, dear one.

Question 12: Will I be transformed to a fifth dimensional being at that time?

Answer 12: Dear one, much of you is already fifth dimensional. You will be going into a seventh dimensional reality. I say a seventh dimensional reality because there are many, dear one.

Question 13: What are the different variations in the different seventh dimensional realities?

Answer 13: This is a very vast subject, dear one. I shall consolidate for your understanding. Each seventh dimension has its own universe. Each seventh dimension is very similar to the other one. However, there will be different beings in each one. There will be different angels and archangels assigned to each one. There are different themes, you might say, assigned to each seventh dimension. A theme might be, what you call, joy or peace or love and so you, dear one, will be entering the seventh dimension of peace. For your soul has longed for this. I thank your soul for choosing this dimension.

Question 14: Will the monetary reevaluation happen within the next 30 days and if not, when?

Answer 14: The reevaluation has been occurring for much time, dear one. What you have been told in media and through so-called gurus, as you call them, is a bit misleading to your mental consciousness. It has been stated that certain things will happen along certain timelines. While in truth this revaluation has been occurring for much time and will continue to occur after the event in September, it is not, what the gurus are terming, a rollout but it is a revaluation of the energy of money itself. And so, what is occurring is the transformation of the energy of what you call money. As money has many heavy and dense energies currently associated with it, we have been diligently working behind the scenes, we meaning myself and the hierarchy, we have been diligently working behind the scenes to lighten the energy of currency so that as the transition in September occurs, and you will be entering a new dimension, if your dimension uses currency, it will be of a much higher frequency. Many of you in this room in fact will no longer need currency because of the dimension your soul is choosing to go. Those souls entering the new DNA earth will continue to use currency for a time. And they will experience the revaluation much more tangibly. What I invite you to do, dear one and all who are listening to this message, is to bless the energies of your currency, send your currency love and light to raise the frequency of money to assist in the transmutation of the frequencies of money. See your current as sacred. Use your currency as a sacred exchange. Honor your money as if it carries a very high frequency. In this way you will assist in the revaluation. I understand that this may not answer your initial question in the way that you wanted the answer as there are many others who want the answer to this question. However, I must speak to the energy of currency because the specifics of what the gurus are calling the RV or the global currency reset contains much misinformation and much clouded information, and I wish for you to focus instead on the energy of currency, for that is was what is most important at this time. And rest assured the ones that your dreams and all that you dreamt to do with the money will unfold after the event in September in a much greater way, for the dimension in which you are choosing to go will contain all the codes and activations for your hearts desires to come into full manifestation. As I have said in previous conversations, all light workers are going into their heaven and so you will experience all the your heart has desired and all that your ego has desired will no longer be important after the transition in September. So I invite you now to tune into your heart’s desires, for this is what will carry you with ease and grace through the transition in September.

Question 15: Tim asks, what is the most important spiritual discipline to increase vibration?

Answer 15: This is different for each one, dear one. For you, my beloved, I invite you to drink lots of water, to eat pure food, and to connect with the waters of the earth, either in physicality or in your meditations. For the element of water assists you greatly in continuing your flow, in allowing the release process of anything that does not serve you, and allowing you to receive higher frequencies into your life. I would like to also answer this question for others. To raise your frequency, dear ones, pay attention to your thought, observe without judgment your thought forms, and commit to allowing only those thought forms that serve the highest good. Observed without judgment, dear ones, your emotions. It is essential, dear ones, at this time, to feel what you feel even if these emotions are heavy and dense for you, even if they are difficult for you to feel, I invite you to feel deeply and completely for it is only when you feel all the way, it is only when you feel to the core what you need to feel that you are able to transmute these emotions into higher frequencies. For others it will be helpful in raising their frequency to spend time in nature, to spend time with loved ones with whom you share joy, with whom you share love. Now is not the time for separation, now is the time for unity. Dear ones, please I invite you, lay aside your differences, set aside all conflict and arguments, focus on this precious time that you have together before September and reignite the love that you share with each other. Forgive yourself, forgive each other, come together, share in your vulnerabilities, expose your shadow – meaning those deep dark secrets that you wish for no one to see. Allow yourself first to see them and then allow others to see them for when the light shines upon your shadow, you are then able to transmute these frequencies into love and light. Dear ones, do what brings you joy, what feels good to the physical body, truly good not instant gratification but what is truly nurturing and edifying to your physical being. Do what brings you joy what makes you laugh. dear ones, what brings fulfillment into your hearts. Many of you go through the motions in your daily life. Now is not the time to go through the motions. Now is the time to focus on what brings you joy.

Question 16: Tim also asks, should I associate with people of lower vibration and be of the world, or be more mankish and stay in sanctuary?

Answer 16: What brings you joy, dear one? Does it fulfill you to be in service? Does it fulfill you to be with those of lower vibration? Pay attention to your frequency and being around those of low vibration is your frequency lowered or raised? The goal here, dear one, is for you to keep your frequency as high as possible.

Question 17: Tim asks, when associating with people of lower vibration, what mediation or mantra can he repeat to protect himself from people that wish to steal or disrupt his energies?

Answer 17: “I am love”, that is all you need to say, that is all you need to know. And I would like to clarify for you, dear one, that you need no protection against lower vibrating energies for you are protected. What you must remember and what I invite you to fully know within your being, dear one, is that you are love. When you remember this fully, when you awaken to this knowledge deep within your DNA – that you are love, then you will radiate with such bright light and that is your true protection.

Question 18: Laurie asks why we’re not staying on this earth and creating a new reality together?

Answer 18: Yes, dear one. Many souls will be transitioning to the new DNA earth, as this planet you now know is becoming a star, and so you would not want to stay on this current planet, dear one. However, I understand your question. Yes, eons ago each soul chose a path. It is what you might call destiny. Each soul chose a path for their growth or expansion, as you would call it, for all continues to evolve always, and so this path and each souls path has led up to this time in September and so it is time each soul will transition into its chosen dimension and those who continue to stay on earth or transition to the new DNA earth, they will build new communities. This new Dan DNA Earth will be of higher frequency and so many new communities shall be formed. All of the things that have been dreamt for a beautiful planet will be merged onto that new DNA earth, dear ones.

Question 19: Will he be in contact with the blue avians?

Answer 19: Dear one, in some ways you are already in contact and this conscious awareness will grow for you. You will be able to see them, to communicate with them, to form that deep connection that you long for.

Question 20: Would this also include the Yahel civilization?

Answer 20: No, dear one.

Question 21: Mary asks, has her soul chosen a dimension yet for when the shift arrives?

Answer 21: Yes. Dear one, you will be entering the angelic realm with the ability to remain in your body on the new DNA earth and the ability to travel to other dimensions as well. What this means for you is that you will be fed by the angelic realm, meaning this will be your home, this is where you will receive your energies. And as we spoke before, all the places you desire to travel and the beings with whom you desire to connect, you will have the ability to do this, dear one. At first, you will be in material form in physical form on the new DNA earth, connected very deeply and closely with the angelic realm and as your abilities develop and your frequency increases, you will fly, you will be able to travel to different realms as you desire and as you dreamed of as a child.

Question 22: Tim asks, what martial art or energy practice would best garner his energies as a practitioner of energy healing?

Answer 22: This channel does not know the name however, I will describe what this looks like to you. It is a slow, deliberate movement, with deep deep breathing through the belly. Similar to what you call tai chi, it is very deliberate and focused, not so much with the mind but with slowing down your body, slowing down your breath, breathing very deeply, dear one. It is something very specific to this dear one, Tim. Similar to Qigong, yes, but something specific.

Question 23: Tatyana asks, was there information to help her understand who she is?

Answer 23: Dear one, you are an angel of love and light. You came to this planet, on the other side knowing fully who you were as an angel, as a being of immense love and light. Coming into this dense reality however much of your memory was lost but you know, dear one, when you look into the mirror and gaze into your own eyes, you can see, you can remember who you are.

Question 24: Tatyana asked, what more can she do to connect with knowing more her truth of who she is?

Answer 24: Yes, dear one. Look into the mirror, into your own eyes, and ask to remember who you are. When you meet other people with whom you feel a residence, look deep into their eyes and ask them to remember who you are. This may be with unspoken word or you may ask them directly, dear one. As you gaze into each other’s eyes, you will both remember and in this way dear one you are assisting them to remember who they. And so I invite each of you to do this, to further your own awakening and remembering of who you are. For, dear ones, the more you remember who you are, the more beautiful and easy this transition will be for you. As I have asked you before in previous conversations, lay down your fears, remember who you are, ask your hearts to awaken to the truth of who you are. Each of you will benefit from this, dear one, including this channel. All who receive this message, I invite you – call upon the knowledge and wisdom of your hearts to remember the love and light that is you. If this channel is willing, I wish to offer you a transmission of love and light.

Answer 25: (Toning)

Answer 26: Breathe in the energies of love. Breathe in the energies of light. Breathe in the energies of peace. Please understand, dear ones, one each of you has chosen to be where you are at this time. I am grateful for the love and the light you have embodied while being on this precious planet. I am grateful for the paths your souls have chosen. I am grateful for a deeper connection with each of you. Please know that I’m here for each of you. Call upon me call upon the energies of love and light to fill you, to bring you more ease, to assist you in maintaining high frequencies. You are my child, you are my children. I love each and every one of you. I cherish each and every one of you. The desires of your heart are my desires for you. We are in alignment, dear ones. For all who filled themselves with love and light impact all life everywhere and so I invite all of you, each of you, to fill yourself with as much love and light, embody these high frequencies so that other souls can awaken to the love and light that is available to all. Thank you again, dear ones. Thank you for hearing the call to attend this event tonight. It may seem like you have just come to this physical location and attended an event and in truth, it is much more than that, for each in attendance tonight and each one taking in the energies of this video is receiving a deep activation to your hearts. You are receiving transmissions of love and light that will greatly assist you in the next month or two. Dear ones, I invite you to continue to breathe deeply through your hearts, each day, with intention, breathe in love, breathe in light. Thank you for your service, dear ones. I love you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 5
Uploaded on 07/27/2015

Question 1: Are new souls ever created?

Answer 1: Dear ones, we have talked about the subject of souls in previous conversations and as you may recall, the subject is a bit complex. The answer to this question is yes and no. Yes, new souls are created in the sense that creation is always occurring and new energy combinations are always coming into being. The answer is no in the sense that the energy is always present. The energy of the soul has always been and always will be. You may remember me saying a soul is. A soul is – it does not exist according to timeline such as previous, present, and future. And so, new souls are created in the sense that new energetic combinations are always coming into being and always coming into existence but the fundamental soul energy has always existed.

Question 2: Are there an infinite number of souls or is it finite?

Answer 2: Yes, there is an infinite number if you count with linear numbers such as I believe you are asking. The energy, however, is finite in the sense that all energy has always existed and always will. It is a rather complex subject put into words, dear one. Yes, numerically there are certain number of souls and in a sense, numerically they increase. However, it is in the understanding of the energy of souls coming together in different combinations to create what you might term “new souls”.

Question 3: Does soul growth cause new realities to be created?

Answer 3: Yes, dear one. As a soul evolves and expands and gains new skills or understanding, if you will, the capacity to develop more advanced and more expansive understanding develops and this in turn creates new understanding of how to create reality.

Question 4: Does that mean that there’s an infinite number of realities and universes and dimensions?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one.

Question 5: So, are new things such as polarity created or is it just like a different perspective of experience?

Answer 5: Polarity is one of those concepts that, as we have discussed, was brought into existence with the Adam and Eve story. In a way, it has always existed and in a way, it was something brand-new that was brought to your particular planet Earth. You recall our conversation that polarity was introduced into the planet and created that experimental environment.

Question 6: Is anything new ever created or is it all just existing from the beginning?

Answer 6: Everything has always existed, dear one. What you understand is new is that evolution and expansion and that growth of your own mental consciousness to understand more. And so things appear or seem new when in fact all of the codes, all of the information has always existed.

Question 7: Is the acoustic vibration of “om” the ambient sound emitted from Prime Creator?

Answer 7: I have infinite sounds, dear one.

Question 8: Is there a particular reason why Buddhists believe that that is the sound of creation?

Answer 8: Yes, dear one. It is in alignment with their consciousness and understanding of creation and they have found this sound to enhance what they are putting forth into the world. They have found this sound to bring that much peace, and thus they are able to create from that peaceful state.

Question 9: How is Prime Creator unique to everything else that exists?

Answer 9: I am unique in that I am the highest vibration of love and light.

Question 10: How is this different than a soul?

Answer 10: It is not so much different from a soul, dear one. However, what you have experienced with your soul is that potential for growth and expansion because you have placed yourself within bodies, within lifeforms and in doing so, your vibration is changed as you experience being in life forms.

Question 11: Does Prime Creator ever have experience and growth as souls do, being in bodies?

Answer 11: This is another yes/ no answer. Dear one, because I am the highest vibration of love and light, there is really nothing higher than that and again, I use these words to qualify because of our understanding of words and language this is the best we can do to translate, and yet I also have the ability for growth and expansion as all is always expanding and evolving. I too experience this potential for becoming even more love and light. In some ways, dear ones, I experience through you, as we are all one and we are all deeply connected. My experiences are more what you would call living vicariously through and yet in my experience of experiencing you, it is different than your experience because I am always that container of love and light. I always see you with love. I always experience you is love and light.

Question 12: Is this ‘living vicariously through souls experience’ part of the soul’s purpose in existing?

Answer 12: No, dear one. This has nothing to do with the soul’s purpose.

Question 13: Why does Prime Creator refer to itself as though it is a being using words as I and personally?

Answer 13: Yes, dear one. While this is a function of the language, and in order to translate the energy, this channel uses I and me and mine and pronouns such as these simply to translate the energy. There is no other way to do this, dear one.

Question 14: Who are the hierarchy?

Answer 14: Dear one, this is a very vast subject indeed. The hierarchy are many beings of light – angels, archangels, and many beings that are not yet in your understanding. It is called a hierarchy because there are what you would call levels. Again remembering all his love and light, and some souls are in different places in their expansion process. The hierarchy contains many many such levels of light beings, of course ascended Masters and many with which this channel is not familiar.

Question 15: Do all in the hierarchy assist Prime Creator in making decisions?

Answer 15: It was conveyed that the decision for September was in conjunction with the Prime Creator and the hierarchy. Not all in the hierarchy are involved in decision-making. Many are playing various other roles. However, I use this term to explain that it was not me alone working with the events of September. There are many many light beings. Thus I termed this the hierarchy.

Question 16: Which beings were involved with this decision?

Answer 16: Yes, many many beings on all levels, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and many many more, on all levels.

Question 17: What role are the human lightworkers playing in September’s event?

Answer 17: Again, a very vast subject, dear one. My beloved light workers, I hold such affection for these beings. They are indeed playing one of the most difficult roles, as they are holding the love and light in this human form that they have embodied and so being much density each is doing his or her role in holding the love and light and in so doing, allowing the events of September to unfold with more ease and grace for all beings. Some lightworkers do not even mentally understand how they are assisting. Some lightworkers do not even know on a conscious level about the events of September and yet they are playing a very deep and vast role as they continue to embody more light and love, as they continue to work with other souls – each in their own way. It is less about the practical things they are doing day-to-day and more about the deep love and light that they hold in their bodies. This is a very critical role because love and light must be anchored in some way onto this planet in order for this great shift to occur. And so the light workers are playing their part in anchoring and not only anchoring, dear ones, but you are also part of light grids and matrices across the planet, and not just across the planet, dear ones, but these matrices and grids extend out into the universe and into other universes, so that all may be held in alignment for the events of September, so that all may occur with as much ease and grace as possible. Thank you for your service, dear ones. I love you.

Question 18: What role are the ascended masters playing in the September events?

Answer 18: Yes, dear one, many ascended Masters are also holding the light and life for this event to occur with ease and grace. Specifically they are funneling light to the lightworkers. They are channeling light to specific spots on the planet. They are working with the light grids and matrices to maintain the correct amount of light and frequency at each spot geographically. As you can see, these ascended masters are doing much. They’re also nurturing, emotionally, the beings that are in human form, as you as humans experience much emotion and especially as many lightworkers are very sensitive and experience very deep feeling. These ascended masters are assisting in allowing you to feel and come back quickly into balance, so that you may play a role in holding the love and light.

Question 19: Max had a dream about the ascended masters transitioning in May. Is there clarity to this dream, as to what it means?

Answer 19: Yes, the ascended Masters went through their own type of upgrade, as you might call it, so that they could play a larger role in aligning the events for September. This was part of a conversation between myself, the hierarchy, and the ascended Masters. And the Masters agreed to play this role so that the alignment for September and that timeline could be held and so that all would be unfolding with more ease and grace for those in human form as well as other beings.

Question 20: How many times has this mass ascension had the appropriate celestial alignments to occur in the linear experience of this universe?

Answer 20: None such as this, dear one. There have been other possible timelines where there were celestial alignments that could have supported this event. However, other things were not in alignment and so the celestial alignment alone was not enough to support this great event that you will experience in September.

Question 21: How long has this particular event been building for, in linear time?

Answer 21: Forever, dear one. Forever.

Question 22: Will souls that transition out of earth experience in September experience a life review?

Answer 22: Yes, dear one.

Question 23: How much linear time will pass before the majority on the new DNA earth live in peace?

Answer 23: This is dependent on a variety of factors, dear one. How quickly will souls be willing to awaken to the truth of the love and the light that they are? How will the other beings of the new DNA earth adapt to the new frequency and be willing to hold that enhanced frequency for humans and for the land itself? It is really not fair for me to give such a projection, as to give a number of years because this is not up to my decision, if you well. This is a collective decision by the souls who will be on the new DNA earth, and the soul of the new DNA earth itself. All is working in collaboration. I can share with you that things will move much quicker. You may have even been sensing this recently – things seem to be manifesting faster, unfolding with more ease. This will be the norm on the new DNA earth and so it gives that supportive energy to creating peace and harmony, as many have dreamt for eons of time.

Question 24: What are some lifeforms will be discovered on the new DNA earth?

Answer 24: <chuckle> Well, dear one, as they have not yet been discovered, they have not yet been named, and so this channel cannot give names of the new beings. I can share with you that there will be new winged creatures, new creatures of the waters, new creatures that are both of land water and air.

Question 25: It was mentioned that new technologies would be assisting cleaning the new DNA earth after the transition. What other new technologies would be on the new DNA earth?

Answer 25: There will be new technologies for space exploration, new technologies for your Internet system, and technology with computers and the like. There will be new technologies for babies and technologies for creating health and well-being for all. There will be new technologies for travel – space travel as well as travel across your new planet. There will be many more technologies developed, dear one, much outside the realm of mental understanding of this channel. Again it shall be a fun discovery for those on the new DNA earth.

Question 26: Will higher-level skills such as telepathy and levitation be more commonly used by humans on the new DNA earth?

Answer 26: Yes, dear one. This may take some time for humans to remember that they have this capacity but yes, it will become more and more common.

Question 27: As the veil thins, what are some experiences people may have in relation to this?

Answer 27: Some are already seeing more, sensing more, feeling more, hearing more. Senses are heightened. Things that have been previously unseen are now being seen with the eyes. Knowledge that had been previously hidden or suppressed is now being more easily accessed through the heart and through the mental consciousness.

Question 28: What are some symptoms that people will experience due to the amplified waves of energy?

Answer 28: Ah yes, dear one. Many are experiencing discomfort in the physical body, discomfort of things that they have not yet transmuted such as lower vibrating energies and emotions. Many are also experiencing discomfort in the physical body in the form of lightheadedness, heart palpitations, nausea, digestion issues. You can think of it as anything that may have been designated to a medical diagnosis might also be being experience in the physical body right now because of these amplified energies shining light upon the shadow and because of the readjustment and DNA realignment and how this affects the function of the body and how this affects how organs and muscles and tissues operate within the body. And so I invite you, dear ones, if you are experiencing physical symptoms, you may have a knowing ‘this is not a medical emergency, I can breathe through this and transmute the sins of love and light’, or you may have a knowing ‘it would be a good idea for me to go to the doctor or visit a hospital and gain deeper understanding about what is going on my physical being’. Use your own discernment, dear ones. You have this ability within you.

Question 29: Is there any advice on how to handle the emotions during these symptoms?

Answer 29: Yes, dear one. Many are experiencing emotional turmoil. As you unravel belief systems, as you uncover those suppressed emotions of many years and in some cases many lifetimes in eons of time – it can be quite overwhelming. So, I invite you to hold that larger perspective of what is going on. Hold that understanding that at this time what is occurring is that you are now experiencing the motion that you have felt all along and now is the time where you must feel in order to reach the next level of frequency. I invite you to feel what you need to feel, dear ones. I have said this in other conversations and I will say it again as it is very critical, and it will enable you to experience a smoother transition if you become accepting and compassionate of your emotional states, and these states may fluctuate quite drastically from time to time. No, dear ones,you are not crazy, as you would call it. You are not insane. You are simply feeling the vast range of emotions that you have always been meant to feel in human form. I see that this is difficult for you at times. However, please understand that this is a process that you are going through, a very short duration. Do your best to allow these feelings and emotions, dear ones. It is very important at this time for you to feel all that you feel. Dear ones, there is more information about this that I would like to share with you. To assist in balancing emotions please drink lots of water, please eat clean, pure food whenever possible to assist in feeling and balancing your emotional state. Please connect with others and reach out for support. Find beings that you trust and share what is going on with you for it is very likely that they are experiencing very similar things, dear one. Also, many benefit from being in nature. Nature contains purer, cleaner energies in general and the more time you can step away from your daily routine or what you call the daily grind, the more you can put yourself in nature, in these higher frequencies, the more peace you will be able to establish within you’re being and thus you will be able to process these emotions with more efficiency and with more peace. Something else that can help you greatly, dear ones, is to begin using your voice, for many of you have suppressed your truth and your voice for long periods of time and thus much emotion has been stuck or backed up within your system. And so, if you need to scream – scream. If you need to tone or sing – please use your voice in that way. I invite you to use it in edifying or uplifting ways – not to scream at someone but simply to scream to release pent-up tension, pent-up emotions within your being. It will also be helpful for some, dear ones, if you receive some healing work from a practitioner or bodywork from practitioner, as your body also holds onto emotion, as your body processes your emotions in ways that you do not even understand. It is helpful to get the support of massage or acupuncture or other modalities that assist in moving the energy of the emotion. It is also helpful for many to move your body. Move your body through dance or some kind of exercise or movement that you enjoy.

Question 30: Are there any particular breathing techniques to provide relief when breathing through some of these physical symptoms?

Answer 30: Yes, dear one, and this will be different for each one, so if you are attracted to breath work or breathing techniques, simply engage with the ones that resonate with you and these will be of great assistance.

Question 31: What is the true purpose of the sacred fire of the unified heart flames?

Answer 31: Dear ones, these sacred fires contain ancient wisdom and ancient knowledge of transmutation, of magic, of alchemy. When these fires are invoked as many light workers are now doing, a great wave of alchemy sweeps through the planet and the beings on the planet and each time this occurs, even if for a brief moment, it assists in allowing higher frequencies to be embodied in this planet and on the beings thereof. These sacred fires are very precious, very powerful. And they are also assisting in allowing the events of September to occur with ease and grace, and allowing the beings who use these fires with intention for the highest good, to transition smoothly and easily. And so for those unfamiliar the sacred fires of the unified heart flames, I invite you to feel within your own hearts how they might assist you. You have seen this channel use them to raise the frequency of her food. You have seen this channel use them in transmuting dense emotions as she assist others and herself. They are of great benefit, dear ones. There is many ways to use them and I offer this channel as a guide. If you wish to be in contact with her, she can help you understand, in a deeper way, how to use them in your own life.

Question 32: Are there any addition energies people can invoke to assist in emotional inner work beyond the scared fires and Prime Creator?

Answer 32: Dear ones, the easiest and simplest way to do this is simply with an intention to raise your vibrational state to the highest frequency that your lifestream can allow and to ask that all light beings of the highest love and light support and assist you in this. This is doable for all. Yes, dear ones?

Question 33: Some sensitive empaths feel others’ emotions as their own. How or what method can they use to help discern what are their personal feelings, for them to navigate in their inner work, and what are others?

Answer 33: Simply ask, dear ones. Of course, in the asking you must know how to receive the answer and this is sometimes where things get more complicated, yes? It is very crucial for each to know him or herself. When you know who you are, it is then much easier to discern what you are not.

Question 34: Does Prime Creator have anything else you’d like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 34: I love these moments, dear ones, as I have the opportunity to share with you, from my heart, how deeply I feel love for each one of you. Please continue – continue with your inner work, continue to access deep inner peace, continue to release and transmute all that does not serve your highest light. I am with you always and you are always with me. I love you. Thank you for taking time with me today. Thank you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 6
Uploaded on 07/28/2015

Question 1: In physical, linear experience there’s the theory of the big bang theory. Did this event occur and is there clarity to this theory?

Answer 1: What occurs, dear ones, throughout creation are sparks of creation and so as cycles come and go, there are moments in time where the sparks come together and ignite as a unified force. And so, as scientists have analyzed what has occurred, they pickup on this notion and call it a big bang for many sparks ignite at once in a unified manner to create a propulsion or an impulse of great magnitude with the sparks of creation.

Question 2: How many times has this occurred in linear time?

Answer 2: Many, many times, dear one. And each time it occurs there is greater and greater magnitude as evolution is continually expansive.

Question 3: How long ago was the event of the big bang, in linear time?

Answer 3: It is what you have termed eons of time – millions and billions of years ago, dear one.

Question 4: What is the truth or clarity about the story of the seven days of creation?

Answer 4: The truth is, dear one, that the seven days were created in your linear timeline to provide a breakdown, if you will, of the various aspects of creation. It did not occur in seven days – it occurred in an instant, and it occurred over many years as life continues to expand and evolve. The number seven was simply used to provide an understanding of the various aspects of creation and various beings that were created – all of creation as you experience it now and all of creation that is beyond your experience. So, what you experience on earth in terms of life forms and various beings, plant forms, animals, etc.. On what you have not yet experienced in your mental consciousness, through galactic understanding and universal experiences, dear one.

Question 5: Periodically there is a notion that there are floods that wipe out life on earth or global events, such as this, and one of these stories is referring to Noah’s Ark. Is there truth or clarity about this story?

Answer 5: Yes, dear one. As these stories are not always reflective entirely of the truth, however they do illustrate events that occurred in the past as you refer to linear timelines. There have been many times in the past where various life forms were saved, if you will. Various species were kept alive through figures such as Noah and other leaders that played those roles.

Question 6: What was the cause of the most recent large flood that wiped out life?

Answer 6: The cause was simply an earth process, dear one. A self cleansing, if you will.

Question 7: Are there laws of God?

Answer 7: There are laws of life, dear one. This is a very fast subject as some beings must follow these laws in order to survive and other beings higher frequency do not need to navigate with these laws in the same way. And so, depending upon the life form a being might be in or the frequency of the form in which the soul takes, these laws are used differently.

Question 8: It was said that the Annunaki were written out of the Book of Life. Is there truth or clarity to this story?

Answer 8: None are ever written out the book of life, dear one. However, I will use the word karma, because this is what might be most easily understood. Certain beings are placed in a karmic hold or given karma so that they might experience the consequences of their actions and this is what has occurred with the Annunaki. I must emphasize, dear one, that life is always available to all. Life is never taken away from any. This is one of the laws of life that I referred to.

Question 9: Is there truth or clarity about the story of The 10 Commandments?

Answer 9: Yes, dear one. As a being in human form interpreted the laws of life, they were written down and passed along to his people.

Question 10: Is there more specific information you could give about these laws of life?

Answer 10: What you so you sow, you shall reap. You experience certain laws on your planet, such as gravity. The essence of all of this, dear one, is that whatever action or thought form or energy you put forth, it does have an effect. It affects all life everywhere and this is why, dear ones, I continue to invite you to tune into the desires of your heart’s and the wisdom of your souls because in this way you shall put forth the energy that you truly desire to put fourth, that will affect all life in a positive way and the free will experiment that occurred on your planet, dear ones, gave you the opportunity to experiment with these laws of life, and as you can see what is occurring now as the result of the energies and actions put forth by humans.

Question 11: Do certain planets not have the same laws that are here on earth?

Answer 11: All function under the same law but as I mentioned before, because of the frequency of some, they are able to navigate the laws differently. For example, the law of gravity that you experience in human form – in human form most are not able to transcend this law but as your frequencies are raised and as you transition onto the new DNA earth and your respective dimensions you will be able to navigate the law of gravity in a different way, dear ones. Not being restricted to staying in material form in human body, you will be able to transcend this law. I use the word transcend because this is the best way to describe in human language what will occur.

Question 12: What is the highest type of being in form?

Answer 12: The highest type of vibrational being in form are humans, dear one. And then you can consider other forms – forms that are of less density such as angels and archangels, and these tend to have a much higher vibration than the human form. They do have a form. It is much different than humans, however, and using English language it is difficult to explain. Their form is sometimes more humanlike and sometimes more like a ball of light and yet there is some type of form to these beings that you call Angels.

Question 13: There’s the idea that angels have different types within a hierarchy and that there are nine different types. Is there truth or clarity to this idea?

Answer 13: There are many different levels in the hierarchy, as we explained in a previous conversation. Much of what has been interpreted in your reality as angelic beings are in fact many of these beings along different levels of the hierarchy and so, until you are able to perceive all of these different beings and all of these different levels, it is quite complex to describe using a language for there are no words to describe some of these beings and their vibrations. It is in fact much easier to understand these beings as angels, archangels, ascended masters.

Question 14: Are Seraphim considered the highest type of angels?

Answer 14: Seraphim are not angels, dear one. Seraphim are great beings of light, dear one. They assist the hierarchy in many ways, as well as beings on your planet, beings in your galaxy. and beings in your universe. They are what you might call higher in the levels, simply as a way to explain their evolution.

Question 15: Hindus refer to Krishna as the highest embodied being in existence. Is there truth or clarity to these ideas?

Answer 15: Krishna was an avatar that came into human form. He maintained a very high frequency, indeed. However, he is not the only one – Buddha, Jesus to name a few and some that have not been named and were not known by the public.

Question 16: In the ideas of Kirtan, chanting hare krishna allows a soul to return directly to source when they transition. Is there truth or clarity to this idea?

Answer 16: This is a mantra that they use to raise their vibration and frequency. many other religions, or understandings of God, use something similar. So, those particular words are unique to them and in a way, the frequency of those words does connect them with source, however there is much more involved in returning to source, dear one.

Question 17: Does Kirtan assist in inner-work that is done for soul growth?

Answer 17: Depends upon how it is used by each one. For being going through the motions and simply saying the words, it does very little. For being saying the words with great intention and purifying all aspects of their being and of their life, then it can serve in a very deep and great way, for that being.

Question 18: Do humans on earth receive more dispensations related to conscious choices and soul growth than other embodied souls, due to the extent of convolution, limitation, and density in this perception?

Answer 18: Yes, dear one, in a way. You might call it a dispensation but it is, in fact, the soul and that being creating this for themselves. Remember the laws of life, the energies that you put forth are what you receive back onto yourself and so, if a being lives their life with intent to evolve and purify and ascend, then that being will receive the appropriate support to do so, and this may look like grace or a dispensation, when in fact, it is what has been put forth by that being.

Question 19: It was mentioned that the global currency reset is more about the energy of money – is there also a physical reevaluation of the money that will occur, resulting in material wealth?

Answer 19: Some will experience material wealth from a monetary revaluation, and this is dependent upon the laws of life and what each being has put forth. Those who are meant to receive material wealth, will receive, dear one, and those who are meant to complete their karmic cycle, if you will, shall experience that. And so, each one has the answer about themselves within their own heart. It is very easy for ego to become attached to the idea of wealth. And so, much distortion occurs when ego enters the picture, alongside money. I can share with you that those pure of heart and of pure intent will be deeply provided for, not only in material wealth and physical sustenance, but in spiritual wealth, which you will find along your journey, is much more fulfilling than anything material could provide for you.

Question 20: It was mentioned that new souls that were created were, in effect, just different combinations of souls coming together. How is this process done?

Answer 20: You have experienced babies in your world. These souls that come in through two people joining together in sex – this is not a new soul, as the souls that come in through these forms have always been. The new souls that I was referring to are the combination of energies that come together in family units, whether it be humans or animals or other beings that you are not yet aware of. These new souls are a collection of energies that are formed when two souls come together and decide to create a family. These new souls are also formed when two beings come together, or more beings, such as in friendships and even business relationships where two or more gathered together to create something. And so, they are not necessarily souls in a physical being, as you may have thought, but these souls are a collection of energy that take some kind of physical form. And so, in the example of friendships, where two or more souls come together and spend time and develop thoughts together and develop feelings together, as their thoughtforms and emotions go out into existence, it takes form in some way, and therein lies that new soul.

Question 21: How can we be aware of people in different densities of vibration before the shift?

Answer 21: What is most important, dear one, is to focus on your own vibration. It is not so relevant to understand where other people are, where other people are vibrating. What is key at this time is to continue to raise your own vibration to the best of your ability and in this way create a smooth transition for yourself in September. Others will vibrate where they will vibrate and if you begin to focus your attention on others, it will take away from your ability to maintain your own high vibrational state.

Question 22: Will the new DNA earth be multi-dimensional in which humans in different dimensions can cohabitate?

Answer 22: Yes, dear one. In some ways that is already occurring and has occurred for a long time on this planet. On the new DNA earth, it will be easier for beings of different vibration to coexist together because each being will be more firmly integrated with their new DNA and thus have the ability to navigate through different dimensions on the new DNA earth and to cohabitate with those who have different abilities of navigation, either lesser or greater.

Question 23: How can there be a timeframe, or any time at all, on any event when time is multiversal?

Answer 23: Yes, dear one. It is less about time and more about the alignments. We have spoken before about the celestial alignments for the events of September and because you, in your dimension, operate with a calendar, I am simply expressing that this is when the alignments will be at their fullest.

Question 24: How is the wave of light in September experienced in sensation or in manifestation?

Answer 24: Different beings will experience this wave of light in different ways, according to their vibration and according to what dimension they are entering. For some it will be very jolting and there will most likely be fear because their mental consciousness is not expecting this. For those who are living in their hearts and doing their inner work and intentionally raising their frequency, this wave of light will come in quickly and profoundly with great amounts of peace felt by these beings who are ready. Some beings may not have a conscious awareness of this and yet they will feel a great peace because they will have deep access to their souls wisdom about this event. It will be felt in the physical body, it will be felt in the emotional field, and for some it will be felt with the mental consciousness as well.

Question 25: Will the light be able to be seen optically with the eye, or with the third eye, or is it simply a feeling?

Answer 25: The light will be felt and seen on many levels and in many ways. Again, each one will have his or her own experience based on their vibrational state and so indeed some will see a great light, some will feel a great light, some will experience both, and some will experience a great darkness as the light will shine upon the shadow and this is all they will be able to see.

Question 26: Why does this mass transition require certain cosmic alignments if we are in a hologram?

Answer 26: Yes, dear one. Not all is in the hologram. You and your experience on your current planet, are having a holographic experience but not all is in this hologram. In fact, most is not.

Question 27: How did this hologram come to be around this planet?

Answer 27: Yes, this was part of the hidden agendas we spoke about much earlier, dear one. When polarity came into your awareness, when those hidden agendas were placed upon the beings of your planet, and when the truth of who you are is love and light was forgotten, you entered this hologram and so if you wish to not to be in this hologram any longer, simply ask your hearts and your souls to remember who you are as love and light, and you will begin to shift out of the matrix, or the hologram as you call it, and you will begin to experience your freedom as you never have before.

Question 28: Does this event in September have anything to do with the prophecies of the Book of Revelations?

Answer 28: Yes, dear one. Although much has been misinterpreted in that book. There are nuggets of truth and for those who read that book, I encourage you to read through the knowing of your heart, read through the wisdom of your souls, forget about what has been taught, forget about doctrine and dogma and read through your own knowing of who you are as love and light, and you will feel what is truth and what is not.

Question 29: People who have been aware of other times this mass transition could have occurred, or ideas of when it could have occurred, are having doubts. What makes this time different?

Answer 29: Yes, dear one. I understand. I wish to convey to you, again inviting you to access the knowing of your hearts, allowing your minds to be at rest so that you may hear the voice of your hearts and of your souls, also understanding, dear ones, that as I have shared before, much more is now in alignment. All the universes have gathered together within this multi-verse to join in the energy and to align with the energy to support the occurrence of this event. Beyond this however, the most important knowledge that you find lay within your hearts and within your souls for that is where you will find the purest truth and knowing.

Question 30: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 30: Dear ones, please understand that at this time there may be much confusion. As I mentioned in another conversation, that the chaos would increase before the unified peace and so I invite you to continue to go back into your hearts, back into the wisdom of your souls, so that you may stay steadfast in the knowing of what is now occurring and avoid distraction of this confusion and chaos. While this confusion and chaos runs very deep in many ways, it is also only on the surface as what is true and deep and abiding is the knowledge and knowing of your hearts and of your souls. I love each and every one of you and I hold you in my heart and I thank you for all you are doing to evolve your souls. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 7
Uploaded on 08/07/2015

Question 1: Will the food supply and diet of humans be different on the new DNA earth?

Answer 1: Yes, dear one. This will be part of a gradual change. As we conversed before, what is of lower density and lower frequency will not be able to sustain itself on the new DNA earth, as the new DNA Earth is a higher frequency and so, some of the food that is in your supply now especially the GMO food and food containing contamination via pesticides and fertilizers will not be able to be sustained on the new DNA earth and so as that fades away your food supply will change to include more vibrant high vibrational food and so as you have seen these farms that contain many animals in small spaces and how it harms this life and these animals you can understand that this type of vibration will not be sustained on the new DNA earth.

Question 2: If other beings brought about the hologram around Earth with their agendas, why have benevolent beings not been able to remove it yet?

Answer 2: Yes, dear one. Because of the intense illusion of all of this many beings that have worked with the light to raise vibration and consciousness, even these beings have been, to some degree, trapped in this illusion and so to the degree that they are trapped in the illusion, they are also participating in creating the illusion. Even though they are not aware of this, they are participating and thus creating more the illusion and that is what has been so difficult for the awakening and the immersion of the full light and love.

Question 3: Will the binding of souls be avoided in the future?

Answer 3: Yes and no, dear one. As all is always at choice, a soul can choose to remain in illusion. However, because of the new frequencies that will be on the new DNA earth and the dimensions into which souls will travel in September, all eventually awakens.

Question 4: If convolution is experienced again, much later, will it be easier to navigate if this occurs?

Answer 4: For some, dear one. Because of the experience their soul now has in navigating the convolution, they will remember the pathway out of it but for those souls who are not in that advanced state, shall we say, they will continue to be on their journey of awakening.

Question 5: What are some ways we can remove programs, patterns, implants, and imprints of the hologram in order to transcend old paradigms?

Answer 5: Yes, dear one. This is a very, very important question and I thank you for asking it. With very strong intention and commitment for your growth you may simply state “I now choose to release all programs, paradigms, imprints, implants that do not serve me and do not serve the highest good.” And you may state this out loud over and over, dear ones. The more you state this with intention and commitment, the more you state this with resolve, dear ones, the clearer you shall become and you shall break free from the matrix and the illusion.

Question 6: Some beings have spiritual experiences battling demons and evil. These experiences reinforce duality. Is there information to assist those that have experienced this to progress towards unity experiences?

Answer 6: Yes, dear one. First you must realize that if you are battling demons on the external, they are simply a reflection of what is internal within you. This is difficult for many to own, or many to realize because it means they must look within themselves and many do not wish to do this, especially when it comes to lower vibrations such as these. Again, you can free yourself from this illusion by stating that you wish to release all old paradigms, programs, imprints, and implants.

Question 7: Some have visions or experiences of some of the hierarchy battling the shadow. Is clarity to these experiences?

Answer 7: Yes, dear one. Because many still carry the shadow within themselves and wish to be free, they have requested assistance from the hierarchy and so the hierarchy facilitates the light coming in, blasting light and love to these shadows, as you refer to them, so that these beings that have requested help may be free from the matrix. These are not shadows that are within the light beings of the hierarchy, rather they are giving assistance to those who have requested their help.

Question 8: And their observation of this, seeing it as a conflict between light and dark, is there any information to assist them in understanding what’s going on?

Answer 8: It goes back to the conversations about polarity and duality, dear ones. Because those who have not fully accepted the love and light of who they are, those who have not fully awaken and remembered this about themselves continue to see those shadow aspects, they continue to see darkness in their external world and again, this darkness is a reflection of what is within themselves. It is a very tricky illusion, as you might say, dear ones, because in truth all souls are light and love but in density, with the illusion and the matrix and the hologram, you see much darkness.

Question 9: Which laws of life would most assist to be known in relation to soul growth?

Answer 9: Yes, dear ones. The law that carries forth soul growth is the one I mentioned before about the energy that you put forth is what you receive back onto yourself. And so, if you can remember, in every moment, with every thought, with every emotion, with every action that you take, the energy of those thoughts, emotions, and actions go out into the world, go out into the galaxy, the universe and universes beyond, and affect all life everywhere. And so, if you can remember this in each moment, you may make different choices to allow for soul expansion. You might remember what is truly important, and when I say truly important, I refer to your heart’s desires, your soul’s desires, rather than those desires and wishes of the ego mind and from this place you might make different decisions that allow your soul to expand. I will highlight this channel as she has made many choices and decisions that have gone against what was the normal in her external world but she always followed her heart and her soul’s desires rather than those desires of ego mind. Of course, she is not perfect but this is what enables me to speak through her because her soul is what leads her.

Question 10: You often invite us to remember who we are as light and love. How are some additional ways we can do this?

Answer 10: Yes, we talked previously about being in nature because in general the energies of nature are pure and closer to source than anything else you will find on your planet. Being in nature, dear ones, allows your mind to quiet as you allow the energies and vibrations to assimilate and integrate into your beings. This is sometimes easier for those sensitive ones, as they are able to feel this a bit easier than others. However, all benefit from being in nature. As you observe nature you will see how nature is constantly creating itself. There is no striving. There is no ego mind manipulating. Nature remembers who and what it is and it’s love and light and creation. And so you may assimilate these energies and codes and information and activations that nature has to offer you. Observe the sacred geometry and the patterns in leaves, in flowers, in tree bark. In all of these experiences of nature, dear ones, there are codes and information for you to assimilate. You may not understand it with your intellectual mind, nor do you need to do so. What is important is that subconscious assimilation of the knowledge and this will bring you closer to remembering your source, remembering who you are is love and light. You can also ask for assistance. You can ask for assistance from the hierarchy, from your galactic brothers and sisters as many are more advanced in their remembrance of who they are. And you need to do is simply ask “Could you please help me remember who I am as love and ligh?” It it is such a simple question, dear ones, and yet so powerful as you become receptive to your remembering and awakening.

Question 11: You’ve often use the words ‘codes’ and ‘activations’, can you give more information on what this means?

Answer 11: Yes, dear ones. Codes and activations are information for your DNA. I will see if I can give this channel some other words to assist you in your understanding. This information comes to your DNA and is integrated into your DNA as waves of light and love, as spirals and vortices of energy. These codes come to you through sacred geometry and through numbers. These codes are sometimes transmitted through language, although unless the language is pure, it is easy for these to be diluted and so we, myself and the hierarchy, prefer to give these codes through sound, light, numbers, spirals of energy. The activations that I refer to are simply these sparks of light – this creation energy that we spoke of in a conversation. These sparks of light enter your being if you are receptive and are integrated into your DNA and into your beings in such a way that new neurons are formed within your nervous system in your brain, that allow for communication directly with source, for that information of love and light to come through into your remembering of who you are and to become an actual part of your DNA.

Question 12: Is genetic manipulation via gene splicing disruptive to soul growth?

Answer 12: Unfortunately, dear one, this practice or experiment has greatly contributed to the illusion, and so in this way, it has kept many souls constricted. However, it does not have true power over soul growth, for once these souls remember who they are, they are set free and this gene splicing can no longer affect them. It is however, what you might call a dangerous practice as it brings in much illusion.

Question 13: Is this allowed amongst Galactics to do gene splicing or is this considered too dangerous to be practiced?

Answer 13: Some Galactic’s have practiced this, with this experiment. Yes, dear one.

Question 14: How is death different than ascension?

Answer 14: Dear ones, what you referred to as death is that leaving of the physical body, often through illness and disease, especially in these past years on your planet. Sometimes it is just that time for the soul to transition and it is a lot more peaceful exiting of the body. Ascension is that choice, usually very conscious on the part of the individual who’s soul is ready to transcend or raise in frequency. Your physical death on the planet does not always go along with an increase in frequency. That soul continues on the journey, wherever it goes. In ascension, however, there is a very marked increase in frequency that allows the soul to go to its next level, which does not always occur in death.

Question 15: Does the physical body transition in ascension entirely?

Answer 15: It depends upon the ascension, dear one. Specifically, what we have talked about with the event in September. Many will ascend and dematerialize their physical bodies. Some will ascend and maintain the ability to remain in their physical body, so it is different depending on the soul’s path.

Question 16: Different channelers talk about September. Why is information about the event different amongst different channelers as to what and how it is occurring?

Answer 16: Dear one, each channel has his or her own perception. That often filters through the messages. Even this channel sometimes filters through her own perceptions because she is still in human form. And so, we always do our best to be as clear through each channel but it is also dependent on the channel itself as some channels have more density or are of lower vibration, they perceive the information that is coming through them and interpreted in a way that resonates most closely with their souls path. Thus, different information comes through each channel and to some degree all is truth, as it is true for that soul and the people who resonate with that.

Question 17: What is an Avatar?

Answer 17: Dear one, avatars are very high beings, maintaining great love and light within their beings and within their spheres or there auras, as you call them. An avatar is a very advanced soul – a very advanced soul that embodies much love and light, and I use the word embody as not all avatars are in physical human form, in fact most are not. I use the word embody because they have integrated much love and light into their beings and into their energetic field.

Question 18: How is this distinguished different from an Ascended Master?

Answer 18: Yes, as we understand in this English language, and in your paradigm of levels and higher frequencies and lower frequencies, I would simply say that an avatar is more advanced in their souls path than an Ascended Master. Avatars carry and embody a great deal more of love and light than Ascended Master, and this is not to, in any way, belittle or judge my beloved Ascended Masters, for they are very powerful and filled with love and light.

Question 19: Is the Kabbalahic Tree of Life sacred information related to ascension?

Answer 19: Of course, dear one. We spoke of codes and activations earlier in this conversation. The Kabbalahic Tree of Life offers such codes and activations for your being. Simply being in the energy a photo or a picture will offer you activations and information for you being to assimilate and those who study this Kabbalah Tree of Life gain even more opportunity to assimilate the information that comes through.

Question 20: Is the Flower of Life the most fundamental understanding of creation as far as sacred information?

Answer 20: The Flower of Life, dear one, is a way that this love and light information and creation information was put into a physical form, as you might call it. However, it is not the end-all and be-all. It is simply a way for you to assimilate more information.

Question 21: Is understanding Metatron’s cube assistive in integrating sacred information?

Answer 21: Yes, dear one.

Question 22: Will meditating on flowing love and light through chakras assist in raising one’s vibrational frequency?

Answer 22: Absolutely, dear one.

Question 23: Will this also assist with psychic perceptions?

Answer 23: For some it may, dear one, for not all souls are destined in the human form to receive great amounts of psychic information. For those souls who are, however, this can be of great assistance and expanding their psychic awareness.

Question 24: Is learning how to breathe and raise kundalini energy another way of helping raising one’s vibrational frequency?

Answer 24: It can be, dear one. For those who are somewhat clear and understand how to allow the flow and to let go, kundalini energy can be very assistive. For those who maintain their awareness in the illusion however, many blockages are set up within there being and so working with kundalini can be uncomfortable for them as the energy can build and get stuck in various places within their being.

Question 25: Is breath work with auras assistive in raising one’s vibrational frequency?

Answer 25: Yes, dear one, for some. Again, as each being is different, they will resonate with different methods of raising their frequency and as each being has different places where energy flows and different places within their being where energy might get blocked or stuck or stagnant, again breath work is one of those modalities that can greatly enhance and be assistive of the flow of energy but it can also be uncomfortable for those who have areas of stagnation that they have not yet released.

Question 26: Is breath work with the central prana channel assistive in raising one’s vibrational frequency or does this simply expand as one’s frequency changes?

Answer 26: Both occurs simultaneously, dear one. So, yes you may use this central channel as a way to channel your breath and in so doing, you also expand that channel and so they work together in this way.

Question 27: For those who are to consciously transition and travel different dimensions, is conscious knowledge about merkabas and other energy structures necessary for changing dimensions or is intention to change frequency enough?

Answer 27: All the knowledge that you need, dear one, is written within your DNA and your soul and so, you do not need to have conscious knowledge of any of these things in order to fully fulfill your soul’s path and your destiny.

Question 28: Does centering one’s consciousness in their scared heart space allow a more clear connection with akashic information, higher self connection, and connection to other higher beings?

Answer 28: Yes, dear one. This is of great assistance and it is not only centering your intention there but it is also that intention to connect with source, to clear yourself of imprints and implants as we have discussed earlier. One can center in their heart space and receive much information. However, if they have not cleared themselves, the information that comes through may be deluded or contaminated. And so, it is also important when bringing in this type of information that you also clear any the beliefs of the illusion, any old programs as we have discussed earlier.

Question 29: Does the taurus shaped energy field generated by the heart help generate existence or is it simply a way of pulling forth manifestations from the desires of the heart?

Answer  29: It is a way of amplifying source energy, of amplifying creative energy, thus assisting in your manifestations and also assisting all life everywhere as you amplify love and light within your being.

Question 30: How are meridians related to these other energy flows?

Answer 30: There are many pathways in your being to receive source love and light and creation energy. Meridians are simply one of these channels. They are no greater or lesser than other channels such as chakras. They are simply another way to receive the information. Depending on your wiring, dear ones, you may receive more information through your meridians or more information through your heart or more information through another of your chakras. None is greater or lesser than the other. Each is resident to different pathways of receiving information and all is beautiful, dear ones.

Question 31: Is centering your heart still the most important though, for clarity in information?

Answer 31: For some this is the most important way to center. It is not for all, dear ones, as all are resonant to different channels and different places within your being where you must center. Each of you has a knowing of where this place is for you. For some it is in the heart, for some it is in what you call the second chakra, for some it is in your root chakra and many other various places of your being. For many it is the heart chakra as this is where much love and light flows in but if this is not your resident place, dear ones, please do not judge yourself as it is different for all.

Question 32: Is the halo around the pineal gland in the head important for manifesting?

Answer 32: Yes and no, dear one. It can be of assistance in manifesting. However, your manifesting energy comes from your heart and, for some, from your heart and that resonant place in which they center.

Question 33: Are there any additional ways to raise and maintain frequency that we have not discussed?

Answer 33: We have covered much in our conversations. Yes, dear ones, we have covered much. For some who resonate with this, they can raise their frequencies through astral travel – meaning that while they are meditating or sleeping or simply in that space where they have the ability to split their consciousness and go somewhere else. They may wish to visit some of their star brothers or sisters or wish to come to me personally for infusions of love and light and when they return to their bodies, as we would say it, it is very important that they commitment and intend to integrate the love and light that they received from this travel. If this love and light information is not integrated, it can scatter their energies in a way that makes it more difficult for them to function in the human body on this planet Earth. Just by the intention and commitment to integrate the energies, they will be much more solid and much more able to function with their higher frequency and if they feel that they are not able to integrate the energies they can always ask for assistance and it will come.

Question 34: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share those watching this video?

Answer 34: Dear ones, I will tell you over and over, as much as I am given the opportunity, of my love for you. I will tell you over and over how cherished you are. I thank you for your service. I thank you for the inner work you have done on yourselves. I thank you for your commitment to raise your awareness and consciousness about how to be more love and light. I thank you, each of you, for your soul’s path and your soul’s journey, for it is these many diversified paths and journeys that make this universe so much fun. And so I thank you for each of your choices on that soul level and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your awareness and be part of your everyday lives. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 8
Uploaded on 08/13/2015

Question1: Stephanie asks, I was told I had lived to 126 and be a great intelligence for my grandchildren. I have none at this time but I have a lovely daughter. That said, what do you have for me?

Answer 1: Dear one, there have been many possible timelines as you have traversed your journey and so the information given to you at that time was a resonant to the timeline you were in then. Dear one, you are at choice as to what you would like to create after the event in September. Your path has always been one of love. It is important to remember that your daughter is also a choice. Despite good intention with predictions such as children coming into the picture or an age unto which you might live, these kinds of predictions are not always in service for the highest good because they do not allow you to be completely at choice, which you are. As you transition in September, dear one, you will experience a dimension of much light. When I say light, I mean that the vibration will be lighter. There is much heaviness in your experience now and as you transition you will experience a release of that heaviness and your dimension will be much lighter. What you have worked for for so long will finally come into fruition. The important detail for you, dear one, is not about your daughter or grandchild or your age, it is about the desires of your heart coming forth and your ability to express with ease and delight in your new dimension after September. And so now, dear one, I invite you – tune into your heart, remember what you really want, tune into your soul, remember what you truly desire and create from that place, for you can begin your creation now, dear one. In fact, you have been creating for a long time and it is completely okay to release any creations that no longer serve. What you thought might have been the desire of your heart may shift at this time, dear one. Be open, be adaptable, be willing to see deeper into your heart so that the creation you bring forth now and after September will be a true expression of your heart and your soul.

Question 2: Desiree asks, what is the most important for me at this time?

Answer 2: There are two things to focus on right now, dear one. First there are some issues with your family that you would like to clear up. When you become clear within yourself of the relationship you would like to have with these family members, your heart will experience greater ease. So I invite you, dear one, to become clear within yourself, ask for what you want, to forgive yourself, to forgive them, to allow yourself to be at peace. All you can do, dear one, is your part. Their reaction and response to what you present is not your responsibility. It is very important feature remember this, dear one, as you tend to take on the energies of your family members, turning things into your responsibility that are not yours. This is why I use the word clear, dear one, it is very important that you become clear about who you are, about the expression you would like to offer and let the rest be. Again, the responses and reactions of your family members are not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to your own heart and to your own soul’s path. This is true for all of you, dear ones. The second thing for you to focus on, dear one, is your mission. You as well have worked long and hard to create very a specific expression in this world. You as well will experience much more ease in sharing your expression. Many people think their mission is to accomplish or to achieve but in truth your mission is your presence. This is true for all but especially for you, dear one, this is something that you need to hear, for I see and sense and know your presence from my perspective and you are beautiful, my dear child. I want you to take this into your heart and remember this. Frequently I use the word invite but this time, dear child, I am saying ‘I want’, because for you my sweet child, I want you to know how important this is to me.

Question 3: Jeanie asks, will we still be in the physical after September or is there more work to be done?

Answer 3: Dear one, there’s always more work, as you call it, to be done but for you it will be more play than work, as you already know how to play. This will be amplified for you, dear one. Some will be staying in the physical. Some will be dematerializing. Dear one, you will have the ability to materialize and dematerialize. This will not happen immediately after the transition. This will occur in a short amount of time as you practice your skills. As you have been working with the dolphins and the energy of other sea creatures, you have received many codes and activations from them. Much information, more than you realize, dear one, has been passed from them to you, so that as this transition occurs this wave of love and light coming in gives you a boost in your DNA and in your physical being that will allow you to gain the skills of dematerializing and re-materializing. I will work with you very closely on this, dear one, as this is new territory for you. Please have no worries as this will be much fun for you and any time you seek assistance, please call me directly as well as your friends from the sea for they will continue to work with you in etheric form and you will have much to gain from your interactions with them, dear one.

Question 4: Jeanie asks, will she be shape-shifting?

Answer 4: By shape-shifting, if you mean materializing, dematerializing – yes. If you mean changing forms as in changing form into another creature, the answer is no.

Question 5: Kesha asks, what is the multiverse?

Answer 5: Dear one, this is a very grand question indeed, for the multiverse is a difficult concept to put into language. You are deep feeler, dear one, so I invite you to feel this with me and with the channel. The multiverse is comprised of all the universes. This is the simplest way to put it. It is ever-expanding, ever-growing, as you would understand it I would say it becomes ever bigger and larger. It contains all life, dear ones. It contains all souls. it is the largest and grandest expression of myself. Imagine material form extending to the very edges and then go further and imagine that extending to the very edges and go further. It is infinite as is always growing and expanding and yet there is somewhat of a container as it contains all life and all souls.

Question 6: Wanda asks, when the wave of light comes in, will the light be seen by all on the planet?

Answer 6: Yes, we have discussed this in another conversation. The light will not be seen by all. Some will sense, some will feel, some will see in a physical way, all will experience, dear one.

Question 7: Wanda asks, will she see the wave of light?

Answer 7: Would you like to, dear one? [Wanda: yes, of course.] Then place that into your creation. I do appreciate your willingness to see. I would like to share with you that you have always been willing to see and this is a beautiful quality that I appreciate about you, dear one, and so certainly, if you would like to see this light as it comes in, being very understanding of what you’re asking for, then place it into create your creation and it shall be as you create it.

Question 8: Neve asks, in a general way I’m asking for guidance, direction?

Answer 8: Yes, dear one. It has been somewhat of a challenge for you to follow your heart and from my perspective, dear one, I see your heart so bright, so glowing. I see it so clearly. Dear one, I invite you to ask, to see your heart from creator’s perspective, for this will assist you in understanding your desires. Right now is a time for you and for all to closely follow your hearts. And so, I invite you, dear one, ask to see, to experience your hearts knowledge and understanding from creator’s perspective. This will give you the direction that you are seeking. You also, dear one, would benefit from cleaning a few things up with your family. This is not for your family to change but this is for you to be absolutely clear about your boundaries. Yes, I know you desire unity consciousness. You desire to be in unity with all and I love you for this quality, dear one, but there are times dear one, when it is for your highest and best to draw a clear line so you can maintain your energies, so that you can maintain your clarity and then when you come to a place of clarity, when the clouds have lifted, you can then test those boundaries to see where you might want to create a different one.

Question 9: Neve asks, when you say create a boundary, does that mean to cease contact?

Answer 9: It means whatever feels good for you, dear one, because right now the focus is to be on raising your vibration. Right now the focus is to live at the highest frequency possible. And so if it feels good and enables you to maintain a higher frequency, then yes, you might wish to discontinue contact for a time. If the thought and feeling of this, however, brings a lower vibration into your being then you may might then you may choose to make a different choice. This is where you have the opportunity to practice being in the moment as some days you may feel ‘I just need time for me, I just need to be in my own space’, and other days you may feel more clear unlike you are overflowing with love and light and you may choose to share with your family or others.

Question 10: Kesha asks, what will I experiencing during the wave of light in September?

Answer 10: It will be like you are floating, dear you. You will feel not only a physical sensation but emotionally, mentally, all aspects of your being will experience this beautiful sensation. There is an expression in your language ‘floating on the clouds’, if you can imagine this, dear one, it is like you still have a sense of your body but there is no longer anything weighing you down or pulling on your vibration.

Question 11: Stephanie asks, I would like a direct experience during this wave. Is it possible for me at this time?

Answer 11: Dear one, you have already had many direct experiences of source, of myself. Sometimes these experiences have not been fully recognized and acknowledged because of the density of the this current paradigm. But I ask you, dear one, when you tune into your heart and you remember through your heart, do you not know how we have communicated? [Stephanie: Yes.] Yes, dear one, of course you have. And so, this longing that you have, dear one, this deep soul desire to experience me, to experience source, this is in fact your destiny, dear one, to feel me more deeply, to be in deep communion, and the dimension into which soul is transitioning – it will be much easier for our communion. I very much look forward to this, dear one, as I can see when you feel my energies how your heart lights up, how your soul glows and shines and I say more of this for you, dear one, for this is your destiny. Breathe this in, dear one, because as I’m speaking with you now, there is a transmission of energy for you and as you breathe this in, you will integrate more into your DNA, into your cellular matrix so that from now until September you may feel a deeper communion with me and then in September you and I will be like two peas in a pod. Yes, dear one, it brings me joy also. I would like to use this channel at this time to bring in a transmission for you will you.


Remember who you are in love and light, dear one. This is for all of you, remember you are as love and light.

Question 12: Jeanie asks, how will the concept of money change after September?

Answer 12: We had a previous discussion about money and how the energy is being transitioned at this time. The frequency and energy of money is being raised at this time so that much of the heaviness and negative association will be transitioned in September. You will continue to use money for a period of time dependent on how many awaken and shift their frequencies and eventually you will find new means of exchange and what you currently use as money will no longer be necessary. Again the time in which this happens is dependent on many factors and so I cannot give a timeline for this but you all can participate in accelerating the timelines by blessing your money, by being grateful for each exchange every time you give, every time you receive, every transaction at the store. Bless your money, infuse it with gratitude and love. Some of you like to hold it to your hearts and give a blessing and love. Yes, dear ones, this is a beautiful idea and I encourage all to do this for the more you raise the frequency of your money, the more you will no longer need it and this is what many have been asking for and waiting for, this is what many have been creating.

Question 13: Jeanie asks, is it worth my energy to write a book about dolphin energetics?

Answer 13: Yes, dear one, for in your writing you infuse the energies of these beloved creatures and even though there will be a very different experience of these creatures after the events of September, the energetics of the dolphins and others will still greatly assist those who remain in denser dimensions and so, dear one, if you wish to be of service in this way, you will serve many. Again, I would like to reiterate that the important thing here for each of you is not what you accomplish or achieve in the material or the physical but your essence, your presence, your embodiment of love and light in your respective dimensions – this is what serves the most. You will not even know or understand how greatly you have served with your essence until you transition. I understand that this is a difficult concept to fully grasp until you are in etheric form and can see beyond the veil but I do invite you to take ownership of your energies and your essence so that you may understand how fully you serve and what you bring into your respective dimensions.

Question 14: Kesha asks, what is my new direction after September? What dimension will I be in?

Answer 14: Dear one, you will serve more etherically than in the physical form. You will be in seventh and eighth dimensions as you traverse between these dimensions. You resonate with the Angels, yes, dear one? So you will be playing with the Angels. You will be a great service to those on the new DNA earth and there may be times where you wish to appear to certain beings in a more material form and you shall have the ability to do this but you will no longer need your physical body in the same way that you experience it now. I thank you, dear one, for your assistance for many on the new DNA earth will continue to learn from you, they will continue to learn from the expression that you have brought into your creation in a physical material way in this current paradigm and make no mistake dear one all of these things they brought into the physical are not lost as you transition. They will continue to serve many but as you transition you will be serving in much greater capacity, having the ability to serve in a more expanded way because you will not be tied to a physical body. I invite you, dear one, to breathe in the energy of this information. I understand if this is new information to you or if this is affirming what you have already known – that it can feel quite intense and you can ask this channel about this experience. There is now an opportunity for you to integrate these energies from now until September, to surrender all that you still hold on to, to let go of anything that no longer serves you. You may or may not choose to release physical possessions. We do invite you do want to lighten your load, whatever that might mean for you. You know in your heart you have been longing for this – this lighter experience. So now is the time to put that into practice, either in your heart or in physicality or both, dear one. It is always your choice and I love you. Thank you for your service.

Question 15: Stephanie asks, I love to write our joint conversations down. It helps me a lot. Will I write a book that helps others with what I write?

Answer 15: This depends on how fast you would like to work, dear one. What you might choose to do, rather than writing a book, is to put your words into some form such as a blog or even a video so that it can be available for all after the transition.

Question 16: Wanda asks, what is my new direction after September? What dimension will I be in?

Answer 16: Dear one, you will be transitioning to the new DNA earth and this will be your heaven as you will have the freedom of creation and self-expression. Where you currently feel limited in this paradigm, all doors will be open for you on the new DNA earth. You will be assisting many beings, dear one, with your knowledge, with the presence of your essence, with your vibration. You will be a living example of what it is to be healthy, of what it is to enjoy life and many will look to you as they are on their journey seeking to raise their vibration. Many will come to you for the information and the knowledge that you carry. As we have spoken in previous conversations, I mentioned there will be new technologies on the new DNA earth that will assist in beings awakening and increasing their vibration. Dear one, you will become a master of these new technologies and you will then be sharing them with those who come to you. Even now, you have been noticing subtle changes within your being. You have been noticing your ability to put together new information. This will be amplified and much much clearer for you after the transition. I thank you for your service, dear one.

Question 17: Neve asks, do I have a role or gift I’m not currently expressing or sharing that would be in service to others?

Answer 17: Yes, dear one. We have spoken of your heart. There is much within your heart that you have not seen about yourself. Dear one, you have a beautiful singing voice and yet you are a bit shy about it. You have held back. I invite you, dear one, go into nature. Sing to the beings there – the trees, the flowers, the fairies, the beings that you see and the beings you do not see. Gain your confidence, dear one, and then share with other humans, for what comes through you his sweet and precious and will nurture those with whom you share. I can hear your voice now, dear one. Thank you.

Question 18: Jeanie asks, what role will the dolphins play after September?

Answer 18: Yes, dear one. The dolphins will be going into their own dimension and they will be playing a much grander role within the multiverse. They carry and embody many codes and activations for ascension. Much information is embodied within these beings and so while they will be transitioning to etheric form, they will be assisting those on the new DNA earth, those within your new galaxy, those within the universes, all souls and beings who wish to ascend and raise their vibrations and frequencies. The dolphins offer this these energies, not only the energies for ascension, dear ones, but also codes for light, for they infuse the light matrix with great amounts of love and light. They work with sacred geometry, as you call it, to create new matrices of light, to assist with raising the frequency of all, these are my beloved, beloved creatures and I am so grateful for their service and dear one, Jeanie, I speak to you, I thank you for your service with these creatures for you have brought many of these codes, much of this information into material form for others to experience in this dimension. Thank you, dear one.

Question 19: Stephanie asks, will lack leave the planet?

Answer 19: Eventually, dear one. You see, as lack is a part of polarity, so only those who continue to carry lack within their mental consciousness will experience it. Those who are able to experience the greater perspective of unity consciousness will no longer have that experience of lack. And so, as each awakens they will release that mental construct of lack and it will no longer be experienced. Dear ones, I love to express my gratitude to each of you – each of you who have heard the calling to attend tonight, each of you who are viewing this video. I love you deeply, dear ones. I cherish your essence. I wish for you to be able to understand how important your contribution is in this current paradigm and into the dimensions into which you are transitioning, for dear ones, each of you plays a grand role none of this would be possible this even just one of you denied your role. And so, I am deeply grateful. I cherish you deeply. Please know that I see each of your hearts, each of your souls. I see your self-expression and your creation and I invite each of you to embody deeper clarity, so let your expression and creation will be filled with love and light. Many of you still carry great pain. Many of you live in constant challenge. This does not need to be, dear ones. I do understand that in your paradigm, with the illusion and density, it can be very challenging to extract yourselves. It can be very challenging to remember who you are as love and light, and yet each time you make that conscious decision and commitment to remember who you truly are, at the soul level, through the knowledge of your heart, you release some of that illusion, you release some of that density from your energy sphere. So I invite you dear ones, make a commitment, make intention to come more fully into your remembering. I will love you deeply. You are my children. I watch over you. I guide you. I love you. Thank you, to each of you for your service. Thank you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 9
Uploaded on 08/15/2015

Question 1: How is channelling different from mediumship?

Answer 1: Dear ones, you have many words to describe different things in your experience, and so depending upon the person that you ask you will receive a different answer of course. From my perspective, dear one, a channel is a vessel through which energy can move. A medium is a way for the energy to be expressed where the energy becomes part of the person and the person may or may not remember what was spoken, may or may not integrate the energy that came through. Specifically with this channel speaking now, as the energy moves through she integrates at a very deep level and so, not only is she a vessel for the energy but she is also serving to integrate the energy into your physical experience. I know this may not fully answer the question that you have about this. However, these concepts are concepts that are somewhat made up by your perception and are in some ways not very important in the scheme of things.

Question 2: How does karma work?

Answer 2: Dear ones, in some ways this is another concept that you developed based on trying to understand the experience of a soul. Essentially, what you must understand is the universal law that we spoke about before that what you put out is what comes back to you, and so in your experience as you put forth love you receive love back on to you, as you put forth fear you receive fear back into your experience and so this occurs not only in your current lifetime but across the journey of your soul for you may have put forth a certain experience in one lifetime and now in this lifetime receive that experience, not understanding where that experience came from because it came from a different lifetime that you may or may not remember.

Question 3: Does suicide incur negative energy into a soul’s path?

Answer 3: This is a difficult concept, dear one. Remembering the law that we just discussed, if a being chooses to take his or her life and end that experience, some compensation must then occur, some way of balancing must then occur. And so, while it does not necessarily bring a negative experience, there must be a way for the soul to make up for what he or she has chosen. It goes back to this law – what you put forth this way you receive back on to you. If you put forth the ending of your life, then you receive back on to you the experiences is needed to advance and evolve your soul and this is different for everyone, dear ones, depending on where the soul is in the journey.

Question 4: Where do souls travel after they die or the physical body is released?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one. Again, this is different for each soul, as each soul is in a specific place on the journey. Some souls will go into a time where they rest and rejuvenate for the next incarnation. Some souls go into a schooling, if you will, where they learn new skills an advance in ways that serves them in their next incarnation. There are many possibilities that this channel is not aware of and so it is difficult to speak through her on the subject. Simply understand that there are many possibilities of where the soul might travel after the physical body passes away and all is for the advancement of the light, all is part of the overall soul journey.

Question 5: What are soul groups?

Answer 5: As you understand this, dear ones, soul groups are a collection of souls that come together for a specific purpose. You also use the words ‘soul family’. It is this concept of souls coming together for a purpose, maybe it is to experience joy together, maybe it is to create something together, maybe these souls come together to accomplish a mission. They are simply souls that are in a similar place on the journey. I would use the words ‘like minded’ but as you understand souls do not have mental consciousness.

Question 6: What is an oversoul?

Answer 6: There are many names for this that people have given to this understanding throughout time. Some refer to this as the I Am presence or the higher self. The oversoul is simply that expanded understanding of the soul’s journey, for you see as you have experienced when the soul enters the physical experience, such as in human form, you forget all of the other aspects of yourself – your previous lifetimes, your previous experiences as a soul. The oversoul does not forget, dear ones. The oversoul knows all and holds that memory and the vibration of all the wisdom and knowledge that you as a soul have acquired. The oversoul is somewhat of a container to collect and integrate and remember all of the information.

Question 7: What is a spirit guide?

Answer 7: Again, this name has been given to various experiences that people have. A spirit guide, you could say, is simply extra knowledge and wisdom that comes in to assist from time to time. It is in some ways part of your oversoul and part of who you are and in some ways an integration of some external knowledge that is not yet been integrated into your being fully and so this guidance sometimes feels and appears as external guidance because you have not fully integrated it yet and in other ways it is also truly a part of who you are already.

Question 8: Is different from other higher beings as guides?

Answer 8: it is quite the same, it is just that you have named this.

Question 9: Why have souls been unable to release the patterns between lifetimes of the hologram?

Answer 9: Dear one, it is not the soul that has not been able to release the pattern, rather it is what you call cellular memory. For when a soul reincarnates into a human body, there is a memory that is activated within that body, a memory at the cellular level the experiences of other human bodies and other experiences. And so, it is not the soul that can’t release the patterns, it is the pattern that is remembered once it is back into human form and back into a physical material experience, for all the matter is remembered and recorded in the physical experience and the soul must then deal with this pattern, these programs that comes back in to, into each incarnation.

Question 10: What is the difference between the idea of polarity and the hologram?

Answer 10: You could understand the hologram as a false container, as an illusion of a container of something that seems quite real but really is very empty. Polarity, on the other hand, is the experience of two extremes – the shadow and the light. And so, within the hologram you have experienced polarity. You do not need a hologram to experience polarity and you do not need polarity to experience a hologram but this is what you have experienced, dear ones.

Question 11: What is the ascension grid?

Answer 11: Yes, this is a matrix of light that has been constructed, bit by bit, over eons of time. This matrix of light holds the energy for soul advancement and expansion, for the increasing of your frequencies. It is in existence on your planet as well as now in all the universes and this is what is in part aligned for the September events. The events of September could not unfold without this grid holding the alignments and holding the matrices of light for all to raise their frequency. You could see it as sacred geometry for those who have this sight and for those who feel, they may experience it in different geographical locations where the vortices of energy are stronger and more enhanced on this grid. You have heard of special places in the planet such as Machu Picchu, the Grand Tetons, Mount Shasta, Sedona, etc. These are places where the ascension grid is especially amped up, as you might say, where the power of light is especially increased and integrated into the land.

Question 12: There’s stories of resurrection in relation to ascension in particular the story of Jesus. Is there clarity to this experience?

Answer 12: Dear ones, what you must understand is that in order to ascend you must die to your old self. By ‘old self’, I am referring to what you know about yourself within old paradigms within the hologram, for the old self is not truly you. As you ascend, you remember who you are in your truth as love and light and so there must be what you would call a death – a metaphorical death, not literal, dear ones. There must be a death of this knowing of who you thought you were. And so, the story of Jesus is an example of dying to the old self. In some ways he set a template for you as he left behind his physical experience, as he left behind old programs and patterns of the material world. His ascension enabled you to see the possibilities for your own self, dear ones.

Question 13: What qualities distinguish a fourth dimensional realm from a fifth, and a fifth dimensional realm from a sixth, etc.?

Answer 13: Yes, dear ones. In some ways you have developed perceptions of dimensions based on your limited ability to understand these concepts and in fact we use the word dimension to assist in understanding different frequencies. So each dimension, as you call it, is a different frequency, a different vibration. In some ways they are all equal as there is no greater or lesser and in some ways, the frequencies are higher or lower and yes, I know this sounds like I am contradicting myself however these concepts are very advanced and you will understand much when you reach the other side that you are not able to understand now. For now, simply understand, dear ones, that each dimension carries a different frequency and that is what distinguishes it from another.

Question 14: Do those who experience a fourth dimensional realm mostly have a unity consciousness-type experience?

Answer 14: No, dear one.

Question 15: Is there form and physicality in the fifth dimensional levels of realms?

Answer 15: For some, dear ones. Some beings in the fifth dimension are not in your physical experience and for some souls who have chosen to master the physical experience, as they enter the fifth dimension, you will see them in your material physical world.

Question 16: Is there physicality in sixth dimensional and higher levels?

Answer 16: For some, dear ones. Again, some souls have chosen to develop mastery in a human body, in physical form, and so as they aligned their frequencies to what you would call the sixth dimension or the seventh dimension, they are able to navigate and material form. This is very advanced however and most souls that are in the sixth, seventh and dimensions above that or dimensions beyond that I should say, are not in physical bodies.

Question 17: Is Earth the densest experience in creation?

Answer 17: No, dear ones. There are denser experiences. It is what some call ‘hell’, as these realms and dimensions very uncomfortable indeed.

Question 18: Is Earth the experience with the most illusion in creation?

Answer 18: Yes and no, dear ones. For Earth through the human experience contains much illusion. However, there are realms with greater illusion where the soul may or may not be in a human experience.

Question 19: What are practices that are to be avoided or to be aware of that carry much illusion, such was spoke of as gene splicing? Are there other practices that would be fairly warned about?

Answer 19: Ah, dear ones. There are many such practices in this paradigm that is quickly falling away. You mention gene splicing, genetic modification of food, the cloning of animals and humans – these experiments that have no heart in them, that have no soul in them, these experiments lead one away from the experience of the heart and the path of the soul. There are many experiments being done in the military and the government, many experiments with weather. Some of these are not necessarily harmful but because they lack the heart, because they are not executed with consciousness of the soul, they lead away from truth. The technologies that I spoke of on the new DNA earth that will be available for you are in some ways closely related to these experiments that are being done now. However, the difference will be that there is a higher frequency on the new DNA earth and so as these technologies are used they will be more connected with the heart, more grounded in the soul consciousness and thus they will be used for good and they will only go in the direction that serves the highest and best.

Question 20: Would this also include certain computer technologies?

Answer 20: Yes, dear one.

Question 21: You frequently encourage us to do what feels good. Can you qualify what you mean by ‘feels good’?

Answer 21: Yes, dear ones. When I encourage you to follow it feels good, I am referring to what is in your highest alignment for you. Sometimes what feels good is on the surface and sometimes what feels good is a deep soul nourishment. I am speaking of that which is deepest soul nourishment, dear ones. It may take some practice to develop this sense of knowing ‘what is it that feels good and nourishes my soul?’, because frequently in your experience doing what feels good as a surface experience and so this is something you must cultivate, dear ones.

Question 22: What are the Akashic records?

Answer 22: Dear ones, the Akashic records are a catalog or a library, you might say, of every experience that has occurred for the soul in human incarnation or not in current incarnation but every soul experience.

Question 23: What are the Etheric records?

Answer 23: The Etheric records are actually much the same, dear ones. A recording or a library of all soul experience and beyond that, all experience in the multiverse which may or may not be a recording of the soul but also a recording of all the experience of all life within the multiverse.

Question 24: Similar to the great central sun, is there to great central soul?

Answer 24: This is a beautiful question, dear one. In some ways this great central soul is the spark of creation that we have spoken of before. There are actually many great central suns and the great central soul is a collection of these sparks of creation. It is one of those concepts that is beyond the understanding of your current mental consciousness but what you can begin to understand, for now, is this energy of creation, these sparks of creation come together to form this concept that you would call a great central soul.

Question 25: Is this great central soul a source of creation or is it a source of experience? What is its particular quality?

Answer 25: It is in some way the source of creation as each spark of creation is a source in and of itself. When you gather together the sparks and form a collection, so to speak, it serves the purpose to amplify creation.

Question 26: Is there any way connecting with this great central soul that may assist in our soul path?

Answer 26: Yes, dear one. Thank you for this question. Simply with your intention, through your meditation or going into your heart or your power spot within your being, you can intend to connect with the great central soul so that you may amplify your own creations and amplify and understand in a deeper way the knowledge that lies within you.

Question 27: Does Prime Creator have self-awareness?

Answer 27: Yes, dear one. This depends on your definition of self-awareness. As the energy of love and light, I am aware of all.

Question 28: Does Prime Creator have autonomy?

Answer 28: Dear one, I invite you to think about love and light, and the quality and feeling of love and light. Love and light always serves the highest and best. That is its only goal or mission, if you will. So in some sense it has autonomy because this is what it is choosing and in another sense it does not have autonomy because this is its only reason for existence. There is nothing else for love and like to do but to be love and light.

Question 29: Will we transition with the ones we love to the same dimension?

Answer 29: Dear ones, some of you will transition with your loved ones into the same dimension and some of you will not. It is different for each soul.

Question 30: What particular abilities will humans gain after the transition?

Answer 30: Yes, dear ones. This is different according to each soul path, according to the dimension into which you will transition. As we have spoken before, some will be flying, some will teleport and engage in magic, some will dematerialize and some will gain mastery of the technologies available on the new DNA earth. Each soul will experience what they are meant to experience and so will be different for each soul.

Question 31: Did some souls ascend to other dimensions upon their own soul path, in different timelines of December 21, 2012?

Answer 31: Yes, dear one. For some this ascension was at a soul level and they remained in their physical bodies and for a few, they dematerialized.

Question 32: Will some humans be physically asleep through transition in September since some parts of the world will be in the early hours of the day during this event?

Answer 32: Yes, dear one, some will be in their physical sleep and yet their souls will be very much awake.

Question 33: Will they still consciously experience this transition?

Answer 33: For those who are sleep will be somewhat of a semi conscious awareness of what is occurring.

Question 34: Will individuals who dematerialize during this transition serve to awaken those who remain on the new DNA earth?

Answer 34: Yes, dear one. Those souls who are now ready to dematerialize have been placed in blood families and soul families and friendships, not so much placed, as it is what they chose, but they have been in these relationships not only to exchange information with these beings but also serve as a conduit or a bridge, for as they go into their chosen dimensions, those who are in different dimensions will observe and parts of thier awareness will awaken to the love and light that they are so that they may see what is possible for them, so that they may remember the path they are on and where they are eventually going as well.

Question 35: Will children born on the new DNA earth be noticeably different?

Answer 35: In some ways yes, dear ones, and in some ways no. They will have a similar physical appearance. The difference will mostly be energetic and in their DNA for their energy will be stronger, purer, cleaner and their DNA will be more expanded and wired for awakening, not only of themselves but also for the families into which they are born.

Question 36: Will these children born on the new DNA earth bring in new information to assist the mental consciousness of those who are transitioning from this experience of earth?

Answer 36: They will, dear one.

Question 37: How can lightworkers best assist those with diagnosis of bipolar, narcissism, etc., that are deeply immeshed in illusion?

Answer 37: Dear one, the best thing that each one can do to serve others is to grow their own light, to embody more love and light, to commit to their own soul path. This gives the chance for others to see and follow if they choose. Words are not necessary to serve in assisting the awakening of others. What is necessary is your essence, your energetics, your commitment to embody more love and light, your commitment to remember more of who you are. And so, it does not matter what you would call the diagnosis of another person or what that other person is struggling with or which illusion they are in, what matters, dear ones, is your essence and the energy that you send out from yourself because of the love and light you embody.

Question 38: Why do people who ardently ask for advice from God often experience silence?

Answer 38: Many people often ask for answers or direction or advice and they ask seeking external endpoint input, when in truth the answers lie within their hearts and within their souls. Frequently those asking for answers are seeking external, when what they will benefit from is seeking from internal. All contain much wisdom and much knowledge. It is only necessary to look within the heart to access the knowledge of the soul instead of asking others for assistance or calling out to God for help. It is now time to look within and remember the answers that you have within yourself. I would like to share that I understand that this may seem a difficult concept to some, as many have tried to access their inner wisdom and have not felt successful in doing so. Please understand that much is being given at this time so that it is easier for those truly seeking the wisdom to be able to access it within themselves. This is a process, dear ones. Please be patient with yourselves for now that mental knowledge that you know you can access your inner wisdom can serve to trip you up if you begin self judgment if you are not able to access it. And so, I ask of you to be gentle with yourselves, to be as quiet in your mind as possible, to take the time each day to set that intention to access the wisdom that you have within yourself.

Question 39: Does Prime Creator have anything he would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 39: Dear ones, it is my greatest joy to be able to communicate with you through these videos. As you watch these videos, I invite you to set the intention to receive the transmission that is coming through for it is not just words that you are hearing through the video, there is also my energy that comes through for you to receive and to integrate and thus assist you in your soul path. I am delighted to be able to come to you in this medium to share with you the love that I have for you, to share how I delight in each and every one of you. You are precious. You are precious, dear ones. I thank you for your service. I thank you for your desire and willingness to understand this information and to receive and as this channel has said, she knows she is not perfect. She knows she has her filters and biases and so I ask of you, each one, to take in this information through your own heart, through the wisdom of your soul, so that you may discern what is meant for you and I do thank this channel for making herself available for this information, for this energy is not always easy for a human being to be with and so I thank her and I thank each of you for receiving the energy because as you watch, you are receiving much more than you realize. Open your minds, open your hearts, open all the gateways to your soul to receive the love and the light that I am. Thank you, dear ones. Thank you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 10
Uploaded on 08/29/2015

Question 1: What is unity consciousness?

Answer 1: Dear ones, unity consciousness is that energy of all being together, all being one, all in residence to the highest form of love and light. A word about consciousness – often times you think about consciousness using the mental aspect, consciousness is much more, dear ones. It is that feeling, that understanding, that energy that makes up all of you. Each being has a consciousness. Each being has an energy – a blueprint. When all consciousness of all beings come together in oneness, in the highest form of love and light, this is unity consciousness, dear ones.

Question 2: Is unity consciousness simply another program?

Answer 2: Dear ones, unity consciousness is not another program in the way that we have previously referred to as programs and patterns and imprints and implants. In a way it is a program because it is a template, if you will, for evolution, for higher vibration in togetherness but it is not a program that is forced on anyone, it is not a program that is implanted or offered in a way that creates illusion. Unity consciousness, much like myself, is high form of love and light, and this cannot be programmed in the sense that we have referred to programs previously. There is a template however for unity consciousness, meaning this energy is available to all and it is encoded so that all may receive it with ease and grace.

Question 3: How can beings in unity consciousness and beings in polarity consciousness share the same space on the new DNA earth?

Answer 3: Yes, dear one. Because of the advanced technologies that will be available, some will choose to merge into unity consciousness and some will maintain their mental consciousness around polarity. They can cohabitate, if you will, on the new DNA earth because there is opportunity for all. There is not anything exclusive, meaning that all have the opportunity to follow their soul path in the way that they choose to do it. So, some will maintain their polarity consciousness, some will move into unity consciousness, and all will be able to exist together. Although there will be many dimensions in one dimension, so to speak, it is perhaps difficult to explain this but you shall see how this will all unfold beautifully and in fact some of you are already experiencing being in one state of being while the rest of the world is in another state of being and while it is uncomfortable at times to witness lower vibrational states than yourself you can see how you still exist in your own state of being while others choose a different state of being. What will be different about the new DNA earth, however, is that those programs and systems and structures of illusion that are currently in place will be dissolved and it will be easier for those who are choosing unity consciousness to function with joy in their paradigm on the new DNA earth.

Question 4: Is the purpose of this event to help the universe reach unity again?

Answer 4: Dear ones, the universe has already reached unity. The purpose of this event is to continue the evolution of each soul, of each being, of each vibrational state, not just to continue the evolution but give it a boost, if you will, for far too long has the earth been in an illusory state – much illusion abounds, many beings caught in illusion, so this event will assist in dissolving that illusion.

Question 5: It was mentioned that polarity was not needed to experience a hologram and the hologram was not needed to experience polarity. How can one experience a false-reality hologram without polarity?

Answer 5: Dear ones, a hologram is a kind of illusion and so polarity is not needed to experience illusion. What is needed to experience illusion is a constricted site or a forgetting. Polarity is a separate issue with a different definition. Remember in previous conversations we spoke of agendas that were placed upon humanity and placed upon your planet and yes, some of these agendas were the illusion of polarity and so the conversation can get a bit confusing. However, some of these agendas were holographic in nature, meaning that the holograms were placed upon humanity and polarity was not needed in order for humanity to to experience the hologram.

Question 6: Is it that polarity is of the mental consciousness of the humans and that the hologram is of a projection of creation?

Answer 6: That is a very good way to describe it, although polarity includes more than just the mental consciousness – it also includes the emotional consciousness and the consciousness of the entire being.

Question 7: Will people that dematerialize to being a soul still have individual experience even though they would no longer have a mental consciousness?

Answer 7: Yes, dear one. In some ways the experience is still individual, as their soul is continuing their particular journey. However, they will be in unity consciousness and so they will not be so concerned with their individual experience as they currently are in their human form. They will be much more wired if you can understand that that meaning, they will be much more wired and apt to be in the unity consciousness and so will not be is attached to ego and individuality.

Question 8: It was mentioned that the whole universe is not in the hologram. Where is the edge of this hologram?

Answer 8: In some ways, dear ones, your galaxy is a hologram and so if we had to define an edge it would be galactic in nature. However, this is a complex subject as there are holograms within the hologram, within the hologram. Your hologram is multilayered and so to define an edge there are many edges – one is your planetary hologram, one is your Galactic hologram, and then there are many holograms on different planets in between your planet and the edge of your galaxy.

Question 9: Which cosmology currently available to humans is most accurate – the Virginia Essene Anne Valentine twelve universe within the universes model with an omniverse model, the Urtana model, the Keylontic model by Ashayana Deane, or the mainstream sciences infinite universes multiverse model?

Answer 9: Each of these understandings has something to offer. Each of these understandings has pieces of truth. To put these understandings into a mental consciousness or mental understanding becomes very challenging as your mental consciousness is currently quite limited in the vastness of these understandings. Dear ones, if you could simply understand that life is infinite and so as we speak of the multiverse and the omniverse life extends to the very edges and beyond. And so, you can attempt to put your understandings into a construct and give it a name but it will still not encompass all that truly exists. When you reach higher levels of understanding where you are not limited so much by your mental consciousness, you will begin to see glimpses of to what I am referring – this infinity of life, the infinity of form or even lack of form as we extend to the edges the multiverse or the omniverse. I invite you to take a deep breath into your hearts at this time to allow in the energies of this expansiveness for it is not through your intellect that you shall understand, rather it is through your heart’s knowledge, your soul’s wisdom and you can access this through your breath, dear ones, and as you breathe you may attempt to decipher with your intellect the information that you are receiving and at this time I simply ask that you breathe and allow the intellect to rest, for when it is time you shall have the full understanding that is needed in your current state and your current form. This level of understanding is not yet needed, so allow yourself to just be with the knowledge that you currently have.

Question 10: There have been photos recently of rays of light from around the world, usually associated with lightening, and these illuminate straight line barriers. What barrier is this illuminating?

Answer 10: Many of you have referred to the veil that is becoming thinner, meaning that you are beginning to see past illusion, you are beginning to see outside of your hologram and this is what these pictures are revealing to you, dear ones. They are allowing you to see with your human eyes past the hologram, through the illusion so that you may begin to see more light, as much love and light is now flooding your planet in preparation for September and beyond. These images are a beautiful gift to you, dear ones, so that you may begin to see that light that is blasting your planet at this moment.

Question 11: Is there any way to integrate with these photos to assist the process coming towards September?

Answer 11: Yes, beautiful question, dear one. As you gaze upon these images, you can simply make the intention to allow that light to penetrate your heart, to allow that light to clear out anything of lower vibration or density that holds you back from your truest light. These are not intentions to be made lightly, dear ones, only if you truly wish to move forward and to deal with anything that is still within your being of lower density or vibration.

Question 12: How was the ascension grid built?

Answer 12: Dear ones, over many eons of time this ascension grid was put into place by many in the hierarchy, your angels, ascended masters, archangels, light beings that came into human form to ground that energy into the planet, bit by bit. Sparks of light replaced in strategic spots on your planet to create what we now have – a very beautiful grid for ascension that is very near complete, dear ones. In September the final pieces will be put into place by those in the hierarchy and now by very many in physical human form on the planet who are going to specific geographical spots, sometimes without their knowledge of what they are doing but because they embody the light they are grounding that energy in. In a way they are locking it into place – these final sparks of light to complete the ascension grid.

Question 13: What is the difference between a fourth density being and a fourth dimensional being?

Answer 13: Density and dimension are names that you have given to describe different experiences. It is one of those concepts that is not so important in understanding ascension or the evolution of souls. Dimensions refer to those containers of certain frequencies and densities simply describes the vibration where one is, or the vibrational state of a being. In a way, it is a word that is not truly well served because the very word density makes you think of something as heavy and dense. For most of you, dear ones, this word in your language immediately brings into your mental awareness something of heaviness and so it is sometimes easier just to understand various vibrational states or frequencies that are in that container, so to speak, of a dimension.

Question 14: So is it that some can be on the same dimension but in different densities and of those different vibrational frequencies not experience each other?

Answer 14: Some can coexist in the same dimension be of different density. However, to move forward in vibrational frequency and enter a faster vibrating dimension, one of lower density must first increase their frequency and vibration before moving on to the next dimension.

Question 15: Can beings of different density in the same dimension not experience each other as though one has dematerialized while still sharing the same dimension or being in a quasi-physical state?

Answer 15: This is fairly rare in your current experience, dear one, although on the new DNA earth with the new technologies where many will be experimenting with teleporting and dematerializing and such, there will be times when beings flicker out of of existence, so to speak, and then can come back into existence and so a being may be in the same dimension as another and not be experienced by that other and then in the very next second be able to experience that being again. A being in density can describe their vibrational state as a being with higher density has a higher frequency and higher vibrational state and you will see how some beings will be able to move in and out of density or change their level of density so that they can materialize and dematerialize.

Question 16: Are there beings in other universes observing what is occurring in this universe on Earth?

Answer 16: Yes, dear ones. Many are observing what is occurring on your planet and indeed this is what has assisted them to agree to align themselves for this great event in September as they have seen that it is time for humanity to receive a boost of love and light because the illusion has just been too great and is gone for too long. These beings in other universes have observed and this is in part why they have agreed to assist with this event.

Question 17: Are galactics allowed to change density and physically interact with humans in experience on Earth?

Answer 17: At times, dear one, yes and this is a dependent upon their intention, any mission that may be involved, the human as some humans can receive this experience and some humans cannot.

Question 18: Did grey aliens evolve from humans in a different future timeline of Earth?

Answer 18: No, dear one. The gray aliens, as you refer to them, have some human aspects but it was not anything to do with a future timeline. The gray aliens came into your galaxy from another galaxy wishing to observe what was happening in your galaxy and so they were able to obtain some human DNA to merge with their DNA so that they could travel within your galaxy, so that they could maneuver on your Earth plane.

Question 19: Were the grey aliens involved with the illusion and hologram that was placed around Earth?

Answer 19: In order to maneuver on your Earth plane they did have to step into the hologram, however they maintain some of their knowledge of being outside of the hologram and so they have been able to travel in and out of the hologram.

Question 20: Prime Creator, why do you ask sometimes for clarifying questions and other times give more information? Is there an importance of the energy of asking?

Answer 20: Yes, dear one. Sometimes it is for the benefit of the channel, as she can receive clearer information with the right question and sometimes it is in the asking of the question where you as the one asking can receive deeper clarity within yourself of what it is you truly wish to understand. So it is not so much about me, as I am hundred percent clear but because I am working through you and through this channel, it is easier to bring forth the information with clear questions.

Question 21: Is the purpose of incarnating in very uncomfortable hell-type realms denser than Earth, for the purpose of energetically balancing karma for energy set forth?

Answer 21: No, dear one. It is simply the soul’s path and if the being and into which the soul has incarnated does not choose to do the work associated with that soul path, they end up in lower density realms.

Question 22: Why do some people receive answers audibly when praying while others do not?

Answer 22: Dear one, some have cultivated this channel of receiving information over much time and so it is simply a way for them to receive their answers.

Question 23: Do some humans retain their memory of who they are as a soul and love and light through the whole lifetime in this illusion and hologram on Earth or do all forget at some point in their life?

Answer 23: It is extremely rare for being to maintain full remembering and in fact, it would be difficult for this being to have a human experience with full remembering. So, yes all to go through some level of forgetting. Even your beloved Jesus, your beloved Buddha, and these avatars had to go through some level of forgetting so that they could set the template for you, for your remembering of who you.

Question 24: Will Prime Creator communicate directly with each soul, similar to how this how this channel directly connects and communicates with Prime Creator?

Answer 24: Yes, dear one. I already communicate directly with each soul however, some beings are so deep in the illusion and forgetting that they do not receive my communication or if they receive it, they do not understand it to be me. They do not discern what they are receiving and what they are hearing and so they do not know that I’m communicating with them. For, dear ones, I communicate with each of you. I communicated with each soul constantly and continually. I’m whispering in your ear. I’m placing my hand upon your heart. I am by your side. Many of you understand this experience to be me and many more of you do not.

Question 25: Are ghosts souls in limbo, left on the earth plane in illusion, or are they simply energetic traces left behind after a being has transitioned?

Answer 25: There are many forms of what you experience as ghosts. Some are souls that have not yet been able to transition and so remain in a state of limbo and some are as you describe – traces of that being. As their sole path part of their purpose is to leave traces behind, if you will, of their light so that those receiving that ghost experience can receive more light. The depiction of ghosts in your movies and your books, as something scary and something to be feared, as part of your illusion, dear ones. Remembering that all is contained within the light, the fear that is experienced by receiving a ghost, receiving that level of light is because it is outside of your paradigm and understanding and so often what you do not understand you fear and this is part of the illusion that will be coming to completion in September, for because something is outside of your understanding does not mean it is something that you need to fear.

Question 26: Some have shared that in between incarnations, after death, a soul enters a crystal light chamber. What is the purpose of this?

Answer 26: The crystal light chamber allows a smoother transition, for a being in dense human form and moving suddenly into complete light body is a very big leap, dear ones, and so the crystal light chamber allows for the transition out of human form into light body form.

Question 27: Can this chamber be accessed in meditation to assist with healing of an individual?

Answer 27: It can be, dear ones, although it is not often advised as you may begin to prematurely enter into light body form without all being integrated at the human level. There are steps, if you will, to be taken in your ascension and there is not a way to jump from one dimension to the other without completing each piece. This has been attempted and has led to much harm. I will give you insight in to some of your psychological diagnoses. Many in what you call mental hospitals have attempted to accelerate or skip steps, if you will, and so they have seen outside of the hologram, they have seen outside of the current dimension, but because they did not integrate fully each piece they incarnated back into an experience of being scattered.

Question 28: Numerically, how many laws of life are there?

Answer 28: You may have noticed, dear one, that my experience is not of linear, we speak of time and numbers and this is not part of my experience and so to give a number would be in a way a giving of false information, as the laws of life are experienced in a more esoteric way. There is one that I continue to refer to: what you give forth is what you receive back on to you. There are subtle refinements to this law. This is the main understanding that I wish for you to have at this time but to assign a number to these refinements or to these nuances does not serve your understanding.

Question 29: Secondary to the importance of this law, are there some laws that we’ve not discussed that would be almost as important?

Answer 29: There is a refinement that I will discuss with you. This is what you feel, sense, and see with your higher-self vision is more important than what you understand with your intellect, for your intellect assists you in navigating your realm of illusion and assists you in navigating what you needed to accomplish on the earth plane. However, there is much more that you cannot understand with the intellect and must cultivate your senses your, psychic vision, if you will, your emotion, your feelings through your heart, your intuition and your soul understanding. The information that you gain through these channels is what will assist you in moving forward to higher dimensions or dimensions of higher frequency. So it is not a law per se, however it is something to understand in the law of what you put forth this what you receive back on to you, for as you put forth the intention to receive information of higher frequency, as you allow yourself to feel your emotions and to feel what you need to feel, you then open the gateway of your heart for this higher-level information to come. In indeed, this is what this channel has done, for those who know her well know that she experiences very deep emotion and she allows this instead of pushing it away and in this allowing a feeling, she then receives information of higher frequency. This is something she has practiced for many years, dear ones. Do not be discouraged if if it is difficult for you to feel what you need to feel. However, do understand that the more you allow yourself to feel, the more you allow yourself to navigate with your intuition rather than on your intellect alone, you will begin to receive this higher-level information. I know that many of you desire this and have experienced much frustration and I wish to offer you hope but especially after September, it will be easier for you to open these gateways to receive information of a higher nature and you will begin to integrate these channels with your intellect so that you can use your intellect to interpret this information of higher frequency.

Question 30: Is the September event a unique event in time or are there past, future, or alternate timeline events of similar range and effect?

Answer 30: This event that will occur in September is indeed very unique and while similar events have occurred in other timelines, past and future timelines, they are not of this large scale. We have discussed that this is the event that you have incarnated for. Your channel has shared this is what you have been waiting for. In truth, dear ones, nothing like this of the scale and magnitude has occurred in your knowing, in your remembering. Events similar to this have been outside of your remembering or experience. I know this may sound confusing and may bring up more questions however, I simply wish for you to know that this event is very unique in your experience.

Question 31: Is this main event that all the universe is waiting, preparing for, or is it a series of important events that help the universe evolve and expand gradually, step by step?

Answer 31: This is the big boost, if you will, for there will be events following this event. However, this is the one of large-scale a magnitude that you have been waiting for. Any events following this large event will be an accompaniment, if you will, to assist the energies to continue of this main event.

Question 32: Is preparing ourselves and the inner work, with intention really needed?

Answer 32: Yes, dear one, for all souls must take responsibility. Because of the density that you are currently in, it does feel like work to you. However, on a soul level there is much joy associated with this inner work, as you call it, because in doing this in our work you are advancing your soul and this is a very glorious and joyful experience, dear one, at a soul level. So, yes, it is necessary for all to take responsibility for their soul’s path and to do the work that goes with that path that has been chosen by the soul.

Question 33: Are there any souls able to learn and grow without focusing on inner work, just by being themselves, feeling love and light, without having to still the mind, feel dense emotions, hold positive intentions, or breathe love intentionally, et cetera?

Answer 33: Yes, dear ones, in some ways those advanced souls that have understood that they are in illusion and in the hologram and in polarity and have chosen to make that intention to rise above, so to speak. There is an easier way to do the inner work. By being themselves they are accessing and harnessing their soul knowledge and wisdom and thus their journey feels much easier than those who remain in deep illusion and density. I would like to clarify, dear one, that those who choose this easier way to evolve still must take personal responsibility at the soul level. It is simply easier for them to navigate their path as they step out of illusion and density.

Question 34: How can we prepare ourselves for this event through sacred geometry?

Answer 34: Beautiful question, dear ones. There are many codes and activations in sacred geometry and so by drawing or gazing upon an image or spending time in nature with sacred geometry, you are receiving codes and activations into your being for the events of September and beyond.

Question 35: Are there particular examples of these geometries that would assist?

Answer 35: Dear ones, you have seen many mandalas, you have gazed upon a pinecone. There are not particular ones that are better or worse or higher vibrational state or lower for all are assistive and you will be drawn to the ones that will assist you for the next step in your journey.

Question 36: Is there understanding to the energy of communion and connection with one’s soul that would assist in that connection?

Answer 36: Dear ones, I invite you to call upon the energies of your soul. Call upon the wisdom of your soul. Ask that it be brought forth to your intellectual understanding. Ask that it be brought forth through the feeling and emotion of your heart so that you may access it easier. For communion with your soul is very important in moving forward on your journeys and you can ask that the wisdom of your soul be brought forth to your intellectual understanding and be brought forth through the gateways of your heart.

Question 37: Is there any additional information in assisting this experience of the deep knowings of the soul?

Answer 37: The first thing, dear ones, is to understand that your soul does have that deep knowing and can access the wisdom of the universe. You must understand that your soul is the gateway to understanding all and to access the knowing of this all, it is a practice of cultivation. For those who have not yet integrated this step, who have not yet done this work, so to speak, to cultivate the knowing of their soul, it will be a practice. There are occasions where there is a sudden awakening to this knowledge. However, this is relatively rare and most need to put forth that discipline and the intentions to commune with the soul and cultivate that remembering of the knowledge that lies within the soul.

Question 38: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 38: Dear ones, as you approach September, please understand that the energies will greatly intensify. Already you have felt much amplification of the love and the light that is now flooding your planet. This is done, much love and light is given, so that the transition will be easier in September and so that you have more opportunity to integrate higher levels of love and light and thus awaken to more of your soul knowledge. You may feel discomfort in your physical being. You may feel increased levels of emotion. You may begin to sense, see, hear, smell, feel more than even you are currently now experiencing, feeling, sensing. This is part of huge amounts of love and light coming onto your planet. Please know, dear ones, that this is temporary. That after the shift things will begin to settle and even out. So, do your best to receive the energies, to integrate higher levels of love and light. You may seek relief for your physical beings by being in nature, being with natural waters, receiving massages or energy work, whatever you feel drawn to, dear ones. But please know that this is temporary in nature and you will very quickly find relief and even deeper levels of clarity, peace and joy, after the events of September. As always, dear ones, I wish for you to know how deeply I love you, how I care and cherish each soul, each being. As I said earlier, I am with you always I am constantly communicating with you. If you struggle to hear my voice, to feel my presence, simply ask for discernment so that you may know it is me that you feel, that you hear, that you see, and I may come to you through other beings, people, animals, trees, et cetera. Open the eyes of your heart so that you may see me wherever I am, for truly I am around you, within you, beside you, above you, below you. Always I am with you, dear ones. Thank you for receiving me in the ways that you do.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 11
Uploaded on 09/06/2015

Question 1: Can you explain to our listeners what the significance of the event horizon is this month that we are anticipating?

Answer 1: Dear ones, this is the event that you have been waiting for for eons of time. It is very significant in your soul’s journey and your soul’s evolution. For eons of time you have prepared yourself for this time and space. For eons of time you have been doing your inner work, you have been on your soul’s journey because at this time, when the event unfolds at the end of the month, you will achieve your soul’s destiny, so to speak. This is the event that will shift all life everywhere and as we have conveyed in previous conversations, you know that this is a multiverse event. We now have many universes lined up to support the unfolding events of September. This is the time that your souls have longed for. This is the shifting of everything that you have waited for. This is where you now get to enter your heaven.

Question 2: Can you explain what Prime Creator is as opposed to God or mother father source?

Answer 2: Is it all the same or is there any kind of separation and delineation in those names. Yes, dear one. The easiest way to explain this as I have said before that Prime Creator is the purest highest energies of love and light and so, in your understandings you have given many names: God, Prime Creator, Source, Mother Father God. In some ways, dear ones, this is all the same and what occurs is that you as individuals, according to your perceptions and understandings, have given different names that feel good to you and this is completely a beautiful thing that you have done for yourselves, to give yourself the experience of, for example, calling me Father God or Mother God, for each being resonates differently to the different names but the essence is the same for I am the purest highest energies of love and light. And that is it, dear ones.

Question 3: Can you explain the different qualities or again, the delineation between one’s soul, higher self, and oversoul?

Answer 3: Dear ones, again some of these names you have assigned to your understandings, such as higher self and soul and I am presence, and in some ways these are the same as they represent the higher aspects of yourself – that soul knowing and wisdom. The oversoul is more of a collective energy of soul energy. In some ways, dear ones, the oversoul is an even higher aspect of your soul that overseas your soul’s path. And so you have your soul which is part of your being now and although your soul is and your soul knows all and is all, the oversoul is a collection of soul energy that oversees the soul’s path.

Question 4: Would Sananda be an example of an oversoul for who we knew as Jesus that walked the earth?

Answer 4: No, dear one, this is a different understanding.

Question 5: Is the new DNA Earth the same as fifth dimensional earth?

Answer 5: No, dear one. Previous to your knowledge of this timeline and the unfolding of the events in September, you assigned the fifth dimensional Earth, as your understanding of your current planet ascending into the fifth dimension. The new DNA Earth is what will take the place, if you will, of your current planet who will become a star in September with that wave of love and light. So, the fifth dimensional Earth is no longer part of any of these timelines. We now refer to the new DNA earth as the place where many souls will go who are not ready to complete their journey at the time of the unfolding of events. Many souls will go to the new DNA earth to continue their earthly journey, so to speak.

Question 6: Will there be a combination of three-dimensional energies and, say, a higher fifth dimensional energy on new DNA earth?

Answer 6: Dear ones, your concepts of third dimension and fifth dimension will shift after the event of September and so what I will say is that there will not be the third dimensional energies on the new DNA earth in the sense that because the new DNA earth will be of a higher vibration and frequency. Your current experience of third dimensionality will not be able to be sustained on the new DNA earth. So, the new DNA earth will not necessarily have a fifth dimensional consciousness, it is its own entity in a brand new universe.

Question 7: Will there be some of us go into a fifth dimensional ascended earth as well?

Answer 7: No dear ones, there will be those going to the fifth dimension but it will not be planet Earth.

Question 8: Are you the only Prime Creator or are there other Prime Creators of other universes?

Answer 8: Yes, dear ones. So, in understanding that Prime Creator is the highest energies of love and light, I could say yes, I am the only prime creator and in the understanding that there are many universes with leadership from Prime Creator, you could say I am not the only Prime Creator. It is a concept that is limiting by the understandings of your language.

Question 9: Is Prime Creator like a post or job title and we’ve heard that like the different Kumaras may take on the role of father God, like Sanat Kumara might have been father God of the Milky Way galaxy and now he may be a God of a new universe. Is that true and is a way of understanding this?

Answer 9: Again, these are concepts that in your limited mental consciousness and current understanding you have attempted to assign meanings and understandings to the limited information that you are able to receive and I wish to clarify that when I say limited I am not calling you limited, I’m just understanding your experience in these moments as limited because in truth you are unlimited beings, dear ones. There is a hierarchy, as we have conversed about this before, and so what you are understanding is this hierarchy. You use the example of the Kumaras and the leadership roles they have taken. So, yes there is some truth to what you have asked because they have stepped up to other levels of leadership, if you will. Again, remembering that all is one and there is no greater or lesser but for understanding we use these words. There are many leaders throughout the many universes and each soul is always evolving and so for the example of Sanat Kumara, his soul also continues to evolve as he continues to take on new roles.

Question 10: Do you have parents? Were you birthed into creation?

Answer 10: Dear one, I have always been and I always shall be. The experience that you have of being parented was not my experience.

Question 11: Did you wake up this full consciousness?

Answer 11: I have always been awake, dear one. I have always been the highest vibration of love and light, dear one. There is no other way to say this.

Question 12: Now does the soul exist in all dimensions at once?

Answer 12: Yes, in some ways the soul is in existence in every dimension. However, there are according to your soul path there are certain dimensions that you have more awareness of as you progress on your soul journey and this is a beautiful example of what will happen with the shift at the end of this month. Currently your soul has a deep, fast awareness of this third dimension on planet Earth. At the shift your souls will then shift your awareness into your respective dimensions and so while a part of your soul will still be on the new DNA earth, your awareness will specifically be in the dimension and into which each of you are transitioning.

Question 13: If we as multidimensional beings exist in all dimensions as you’ve kind of said here, as this stream of consciousness our 3-D self moves into the new DNA earth, will there still be a 3-D stream of consciousness continuing to have a 3-D life experience?

Answer 13: No, dear ones, for your souls have been complete with this experience. Now some souls going on to the new DNA earth will have, for a period of time, what appears to be a third dimensional experience because of the mental consciousness that they carry. However, in truth they are transitioning into a different consciousness with the new DNA earth and so every, any experience that they have that resembles a third dimensional experience or feels like heaviness is from their mental consciousness.

Question 14: And if this 3-D Earth is becoming a star, will there be those souls who want to remain in 3-D experience and will they be placed in a duplicate 3-D earth hologram?

Answer 14: No, dear one, for the 3-D experience is now complete within each soul. What will occur as a possibility it is those souls who wish to continue working with density will go into dimensions of heaviness and density but it will be unlike their current third dimensional experience.

Question 15: So they’re not just gonna have a normal 3-D life with the veil of illusion of being seemingly in another earth?

Answer 15: This time is rapidly coming to completion, dear one.

Question 16: And for those who are ascending to new DNA earth, will they wake up and still be in their same home but with new colors, energies, etc., and will it look the same outside with their neighbors and are they going to see things differently?

Answer 16: Each soul, depending on where they are at in their awakening process, will have a different experience and so some souls will transition to the new DNA earth having a very similar experience to their current reality and some souls will indeed see new colors, feel new sensations, have new understandings, for as we have conversed before, there will be a higher frequency on this new DNA earth that will hold the container for the awakening of those who transition there and so some will wake up very quickly and some will take more time according to what they choose to hold onto and what they choose to release, how they choose to awaken in their process.

Question 17: Now people go to higher dimensions than new DNA earth, will they just disappear and if they disappear won’t their families maybe call the police or want to find out where they are and there all of a sudden will be missing persons reports all over the world?

Answer 17: This is a possibility, dear one. Yes, this is why I have such a gratitude for this channel as she has agreed to put this information on video for the entire world to access. So, that this information may the accessed after the event and those who choose to receive the information shall have a deeper understanding of what has occurred. Dear ones, some will disappear, dematerialize, as we have used word, and for those who have no understanding of what has occurred, yes, they may feel fear and their mental consciousness may want to continue to stay wired to fear. However, there are miracles unfolding in this unfolding of these events and so very quickly those souls that are staying the new DNA earth will begin to understand what has occurred and in some cases those who have dematerialized will be able to come in and out of material form to explain to their loved ones what has occurred. This is not the case for all but for some this will be allowed and this will be part of their soul path.

Question 18: So there may be people who have, um, go through some upset if maybe their partner or beloved ascend to another dimension and they seemingly get left behind on the DNA earth. Could this be one of the things that does occur?

Answer 18: Yes, dear one. Each soul has their own path and they have their own emotions to work out as they traverse their journey. So, yes this is a possibility.

Question 19: If our awareness of self exists in all dimensions can we exist outside of Prime Creator’s conscious awareness?

Answer 19: No, dear one, for I know all, I see all, I am all.

Question 20: In essence, we really can’t really expand beyond the existing All That Is?

Answer 20: No, dear one, but you can add to it, in a sense. So, with your embodiment of love and light and as you dematerialize for those who are doing so, you will be in your light body accessing even more love and light. As you evolve and expand you are contributing to the all.

Question 21: So we heard that we are going to first have the revalued currencies, the global currency reset if you will, and prosperity to help humanity release the survival energies and lack consciousness, then new governance, then mentors and galactic disclosure, and then crystal light chambers to heal our bodies and raise our vibration, and then we can return to full consciousness. So, is this still the divine plan and if so, how does this new ascension timeline in September affect that other timeline?

Answer 21: And so, dear ones, many messages have come through many channels bringing you this information and because many channels have been bringing in this information there are many timelines associated with each piece of information and so some indeed will experience it this way and some whose soul’s path is different will experience things in a different timeline or a different order, as you would understand it.

Question 22: Is there a need to use pendulums or muscle testing or any dowsing or instrument to get answers at this time?

Answer 22: Dear ones, there is no need for this. However, if it is of assistance to you, you may continue to engage with these technologies. Dear ones, you already know all that you need to know. All the answers already encoded into your soul and accessible through your hearts. However, for some, I do understand that these technologies provide great assistance and so they may still be used if you choose to do so.

Question 23: Is there anything else you want to share with any other listening audience out there for the mass collective?

Answer 23: Yes, dear one. Dear ones, I come for you today, I come to you, I come with you, I come for you, asking you to awaken your hearts. And, dear ones, you need not know or understand what this means. I simply ask that you receive energies of this invitation. I asked of you to awaken your hearts, to open the gateways of your soul, so that you may feel, sense, know who I am, so you may feel, sense, know, who you are. For, beloveds, we are the same. Dear ones, I call you forth, each soul I call you forth, for now is the time. Now is the time for you to embrace the fullness of your love and light. In dealing with timelines and linear time, there is precious little time for you to ready yourself for this transition and if you are hearing this message after the transition you know that you have made it through safely and all is well. If you are hearing this message before the transition, there is still much that you may choose to do or not, it is up to you, dear ones. For those of you who love to take action, I invite you to take time each day to spend with me. However it feels good for you, whether it be in nature or with good company, whether it be using sound and toning. You know what you love. Engage with those energies because this assists you in raising your frequencies and the more your frequencies are aligned with your soul path, the more graceful your transition will be. Please understand, dear ones, that your souls are going into your heavens and I speak to the light workers at this point, for indeed some have chosen to go to lower densities. And so, there is nothing to fear if you choose not to do anything during this month. There is never anything to fear dear ones. However, some of you will feel better in these last days if you choose to engage with the energies that you love and that bring you joy and that is more of the purpose of anything. Dear ones, you have a few days in this experience. Make the most of it. Spend time with the ones that you love. I love you dearly, each and every soul. I hold you in the palm of my hand. I love you. Forever and always I have loved you. Thank you for your service.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 12
Uploaded on 09/08/2015

Question 1: Where is the great central sun located amongst the view of the stars from Earth?

Answer 1: Dear ones, the great central sun cannot be viewed from earth, as it is more of an etheric and being and so, as you look into the sky that is not something that you will see with your physical, third dimensional vision, rather, it is something that can be seen with higher dimensional vision as you evolve.

Question 2: Where in the universe is the wave and love and light from which is arriving into Earth’s atmosphere for the event?

Answer 2: As we have conversed before, dear ones, this way of light is a contribution from many universes and so it is not from within this universe alone, rather, it is sourced from many universes as well as other light beings and other planets in other universes within your multiverse.

Question 3: Similar to the great central soul, is there a great central heart?

Answer 3: In a manner of speaking, dear ones, yes there is a great central heart. We have spoken several times about who I am as Prime Creator – this beautiful energy of love and light, the highest vibration of love and light. The great central heart, as part of this, as one of the gateways to your understanding of myself is through your heart. The great central heart is a collection of your understandings of Prime Creator. Much like an oversoul is the collection of souls, with a collection of the energy of souls, the great central heart is the collection of all of the heart understandings of Prime Creator. The great central heart contains all the wisdom and knowledge an understanding of who and what Prime Creator is.

Question 4: What role do beings such as Pleiadians and other benevolent galactics play in the upcoming event?

Answer 4: Yes, dear ones, these beings have been preparing for quite some time as have your own souls and so much like yourselves, as you embody love and light in your respective dimension, these beings are also doing the same – embodying love and light and more specifically, sending it directly to your planet for the beings on your planet are the ones who need it most in order for this transition to occur, in order for more souls to be ready for this transition. These beings I hold in my heart with much gratitude as they have been sending waves of love and light to each of your hearts, to each of your souls, to all beings on your planet to prepare you for this great transition. Thank you.

Question 5: Have higher dimensional beings that come to Earth to assist been affected by the hologram?

Answer 5: Yes and no, dear ones. As they enter your hologram, they choose to go into some degree of limitation. However, what is different from yourselves is as they leave the hologram, and they can do this voluntarily, they are then restored into their full unlimited selves.

Question 6: Where is the Earth’s kundalini energy strongest on the planet?

Answer 6: Dear ones, the kundalini energy of the earth is a different experience than your experience of kundalini energy and as balance is needed it moves from place to place so many of those who have investigated have discovered ‘yes, it is in this place and it is in that place’, and these are probably all true because it moves and shifts as balance is required on your planet. When I say this is probably true, what I mean is that all the possibilities of where they have named are true and yet some are not in the truth and so maybe they have specified a place that is not true but for the most part, those who have investigated have named certain spots on their planet and this is in fact accurate as the energy does move from place to place.

Question 7: What is the connection between the event in September and the Earth’s kundalini energy?

Answer 7: There is not such a strong connection, dear ones. The event in September is more about a tremendous wave of love and light flooding the your atmosphere and your planet providing a transition for all. The kundalini energy of the earth has functioned to maintain the flow of energy within your planet. This was especially relevant when the trajectory for your planet was to ascend into the fifth dimension as that kundalini energy was needed for its ascension process. However, now that your earth is becoming a star, the kundalini energy now simply serves to maintain the flow of its energies.

Question 8: Are the humans’ kundalini energies being by this wave of love and light as we approach the event?

Answer 8: In some ways the wave of love and light works with the kundalini energies and some indeed may experience what you term kundalini rising with pressure in the head or palpitations in the heart. However, what you are now experiencing with these symptoms is much more than kundalini energy, dear ones. As we have spoken before, much love and light is now flooding your planet, flooding your beings, washing over you, washing through you, and so as you experience certain feelings or sensations or symptoms in your body such as heart palpitations or headaches or stiffness in your joints, this is much more than kundalini energy. You are working to integrate these energies of love and light that are now your beings.

Question 9: What will happen to humans that have not awakened yet?

Answer 9: Yes, dear ones. Some will go into lower densities and lower dimensions as they have much to work out with the awakening of their souls and for those who are not currently awake but who are more ready, shall we say, as they transition to the new DNA earth they will have plenty of opportunity to see and understand in new ways and thus accelerate their awakening because of the new technologies on the DNA earth, because of the higher frequencies and vibration. Those that are not currently awake shall quickly have the opportunity to do so after the events of September.

Question 10: Will Gaia become a star immediately as this event occurs?

Answer 10: Yes, dear ones, this will be very quick, very profound.

Question 11: You have mentioned many miracles would be occurring. Is there more specific information you can share about these miracles?

Answer 11: Yes, dear ones, because of the energies of love and light that will be on the new DNA earth, this container of love shall be much stronger than is currently experienced on your planet and if you can imagine the miracles that you experience through love, all this and more shall be occurring. So, for example, with families, families that have been misunderstanding each other. that have been fighting or feuding shall suddenly see the futility of holding grudges or being angry with each other because there will be such a tremendous amount of love flooding their hearts. They cannot possibly sustain anger and judgment towards each other. There will be a greater understanding of life, of the illusion that they have been living in. This is a miracle, as you can you imagine dear ones, because in your current reality many are suffering from illusion, from doubts, from fears, and these lower vibrating energies will simply not be able to be sustained in this beautiful container of love for it is not only that a wave of love is flooding your planet at the time of the event, this wave will continue to work with the beings on the new DNA earth and thus as more and more love is integrated into each being more and more miracles unfold. The issues with contaminated waters and water supply to those in need, issues of contaminated food supply, much will be we redistributed to create balance. You see, dear ones, many light workers are waiting and have been waiting for this time for their safety, if you will, to step up and take leadership roles and so while at this time you do not see many light workers in high leadership positions, this will all shift after the event and many light workers will be stepping up and taking high leadership roles, creating new forms of government, creating new systems of operating, so that food may reach those who have need, so that water may be freely and equally distributed to all. Yes, this may take a bit of time for these new structures and systems to be put into place. However, remember that this continuing wave of love and light shall be working with all of the beings on the new DNA earth and thus the transition shall flow with much more ease and grace than your current experience. Dear ones, I invite you, regarding these miracles, to use your imaginations, to dream and vision what you would like to see for in truth those of you who are migrating to the new DNA earth shall be creating these miracles through your hearts, through the dreams and visions of your souls and so you do play a very large role in creating these miracles. It is your time, dear ones. You have been waiting for this.

Question 12: What is the name of the soul of the new DNA Earth since this is not Gaia? Does the hierarchy have a name that they refer to it as?

Answer 12: It is a name that this channel does not know. However, in its essence it means love.

Question 13: What is the dimension or dimensional level that the new DNA earth exists, that many are transitioning to?

Answer 13: Yes, dear ones. This is a very new and unique Earth and so it is in its own dimension, outside of what we have spoken of before. It will be comparable to a fifth dimensional experience or your understanding a fifth dimensional experience as there will be much love contained within and on and around the new DNA earth.

Question 14: Is the new DNA earth to be a short-term, transitional earth-like experience before souls ascend to even higher levels?

Answer 14: For some souls, yes. They will complete their missions on the new DNA earth, showing others the way and will quickly enter into their ascension. For others however, they are choosing to be there for quite a bit of time to experience fun, joy in a human body, in a physical plane. For some souls have longed for this experience but have not been able to achieve it on your current planet and so they are excited to spend quite a bit of time on the new DNA earth feeling good in a physical body, feeling joy and play in a physical body.

Question 15: After the event, are people going to understand what they are doing here and the purpose of the suffering that some go through?

Answer 15: Yes, dear one. As I have mentioned there will be much love and light flooding your beings on the new DNA earth and so you will begin to understand more, much more deeply in a much more expanded way why you have suffered, what your sole mission is and many more understandings shall come to you.

Question 16: Is the event going to make sense immediately or will people need time to integrate the energy and what has occurred?

Answer 16: It will be different for each soul, dear one. Some will immediately understand and some souls will take a bit of time to awaken. So each soul so have a different experience depending on the choice to awaken quickly or over a bit of time.

Question 17: What role will art, philosophy, etc., play on the new DNA earth? Will these still serve humanity?

Answer 17: Yes, dear one. Any form of self-expression that comes through the heart or from your souls will be very appreciated, very useful and very instrumental in creating a stronger love and life vibration on the new DNA earth. Your philosophy shall shift as some of the energy now is mostly cerebral and so in order to continue and move forward in its own evolution, as it has its own soul, it must shift into more of a heart centered understanding and so there will be less cerebral pontification and more heart centered understandings shared back and forth.

Question 18: Does are and philosophy have a role in higher dimensions? Do higher dimensional beings engage in these?

Answer 18: In some ways, dear ones. Much less philosophy as higher dimensional beings operate mostly through the heart and their light body understandings. You may notice as you look into your skies that you see many shapes and forms of clouds. This is a form of art provided for you by higher dimensional beings. You may notice your streams, your rivers, the trees and these high vibrating beings provide you with much beauty and so as they ascend they also continue to provide your world, to provide your experience with art and beauty.

Question 19: Will the illuminati be held accountable for their negative energies and actions they have set forth and their dark agendas and convolutions?

Answer 19: Absolutely, dear ones. You may not see this on the new DNA earth but rest assured their souls are being held accountable. Remember, what you put forth is what you received back unto yourself and so regardless of the dimension in which you experienced this, all souls do experience this.

Question 20: Will racism, sexism, and homophobia exist on the new DNA earth?

Answer 20: Remember we have spoken about such concepts of lower vibrating energies not being able to sustain themselves in this strong container of love and light and so these energies may be perpetuated through the mental consciousness of those who wish to hold onto these energies. However, they will not be able to be sustained for any length of time. Eventually these shall dissipate and no longer be part of your experience.

Question 21: For those dematerializing, will loved ones on the new DNA earth be able to call upon their energy to commune with them?

Answer 21: Yes, dear ones, this is a great possibility. Remembering that also is how their path and so, even if a loved one that remains in physical form calls upon the soul that has dematerialized or rather the the being that has dematerialized, this being may have other assignments, may have other dimensions to be in at the time and so if there is a call put out, the soul will either be able to go and commune with the one that has called upon them or they may need to finish an assignment, so to speak, before they can go directly to the one that is called upon them. This is a very beautiful thing however, for those remaining in physical form to call upon their departed ones for it will bring them much comfort and understanding and so it is encouraged with the understanding that the answer may or may not be immediate.

Question 22: Will animal pets transition to the same dimensions as their humans?

Answer 22: As with human souls, this will be different in each case depending on the soul path of the pet. However, I wish to assure you, dear ones, that all beings will be abundantly provided for and so if you transition into a different dimension than your pet, please, there is no worries for life is fully supported in this transition.

Question 23: Will some children dematerialize?

Answer 23: Yes, dear ones. Some children are ready.

Question 24: WIll some parents of children dematerialize or their siblings?

Answer 24: Yes, dear ones. Some parents will dematerialize as their children do not.

Question 25: Will children mentally understand what is occurring during the event?

Answer 25: Some will. Remember that children have greater access to their soul wisdom and so even if they do not fully mentally grasp what has occurred their souls will begin communication with them and children will be receiving that communication with greater ease than the adults on your planet currently do. Remember, all life is fully supported in this transition and so there may be worries about leaving behind your children or leaving behind your parents or your siblings or your friends or your loved ones. Dear ones, I wish to remind you that each soul is on his or her path, each being is on his or her path. You are only responsible for your own soul’s path. Surrender to your path and allow others to be on theirs. I understand your emotional bodies are going through quite a bit of angst at this time and I wish to assure you that all life this fully supported in this transition. This has been planned for eons of time. All variables have been accounted for. With this knowledge, dear ones, please allow life and love and myself to take care of each soul and please allow yourself to be responsible only for you.

Question 26: For those transitioning to the new DNA earth, will their past have less effect on their mental consciousness? Will this assist them being more present?

Answer 26: Yes, dear ones. Beautiful question for as this great container of love and light on the new DNA earth permeates your beings, the pain of your past, any suffering, anything that is no longer relevant for your experience on the new DNA earth will rapidly dissipate.

Question 27: What percent of souls in human form on Earth have decided the dimension in which they are transitioning?

Answer 27: Most have now decided, dear ones. It is not knowledge that is available to the mental consciousness as most are not aware that this is occurring on a conscious level, at least mentally. It is about 85% at this time, dear one.

Question 28: What percent of the whole of humans are dematerializing during this event?

Answer 28: It is this about 15% at this time, dear ones.

Question 29: Many are concerned about leaving their loved ones behind when they are dematerializing to different dimensions. Are there any additional words you could share to ease their hearts?

Answer 29: Yes, dear ones. This transition is fully supported of life on every level. Remember the miracles that shall unfold. Many of you are concerned – how will your children be provided for? How will your elderly parent be taking care of? What will happen to my pets? Indeed this channel has received many inquiries about this very subject and I see how heavy it weighs upon your hearts, how it constricts your emotional fields. Please, dear ones, understand and know deep within your hearts that this event is fully supported by love and when love is the force that creates and sustains, only beauty and miracles can unfold. Each child shall be cared for, each animal shall be provided for, each being shall be taken care of. It is not possible at this time for your mental consciousness to understand how this might be and this is because nothing like this has ever occurred in your experiences, dear one. And so, this is a great opportunity to step into deep faith and trust. This is a great opportunity for you, for you to allow yourself to be on your soul path, fully claiming your essence. Allow yourself to go into the dimension that is meant for your soul and fully trust that each being that chooses to remain in physical form shall be cared for.

Question 30: Is this universe, time, and space being concluded as all transition in September?

Answer 30: Yes, dear ones. This is a completion of all that has been experienced in this universe.

Question 31: Are there any final words Prime Creator would like to share through this channel in this format?

Answer 31: Dear ones, this channel experiences great emotion for she feels the energies that I wish to convey to you. Many times I have shared with you how deeply I love you. Many times I have shared with you how I am always with you. I am watching over each one of your souls, each one of your lives. There are no words to express the depth of my love for you. Dear ones, feel into your hearts as I wish to bring transmission of sound through this channel at this time.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 13
Uploaded on 10/02/2015

Question 1: We have felt a continuing amplification of energy. When is the sudden, profound energy arriving that is to transition each being?

Answer 1: Dear ones, you are already in transition, indeed. It is however, not sudden as I have previously conveyed to you. The timeline has shifted such that this will be now a more gradual transition. Yes, the waves of love and light continue to pour upon your planet and you are now given the chance to integrate these energies in a more gradual way.

Question 2: How long will this sequence of integration and energy continue until there is a tangible shift in experience?

Answer 2: This will be different for each one depending upon the speed of integration. For some it will be a matter of weeks, for some it will be years. The opportunities for transition are still available. However, the big wave that you were expecting based upon my previous messages has been broken down into smaller waves, if you will. The purpose of this, dear ones, is to give more souls a chance to awaken in your current paradigm. What is different now, since the equinox and since the full moon and all the celestial alignments, is that your current Earth or Gaia, as you call her, has been raised to a new frequency to support your awakening. Much like the new DNA earth. The new DNA earth is still in existence, however none have transitioned there yet as your current Gaia is experiencing her upgrades. She has chosen a different timeline for becoming a star. I understand, dear ones, that this may all be very confusing and I invite you to trust that all is in divine order and to allow yourself to be in each moment and to be open to this experience as you release expectations of the other timeline.

Question 3: Much intention and energy was set forth for the other timeline to remain. What has caused this to shift as the energy set forth was very expansive?

Answer 3: Yes, dear ones. In fact this timeline was in effect up until the 28th of your September at which time there was a shift in the energies. What was observed by the hierarchy at this time was an awakening of many souls and this was not expected and so in light of this awakening, we decided to allow these souls to remain in this current paradigm to master their awakening and so this was a decision that supports soul growth. For as souls evolve, even in the density, their muscles are strengthened, if you will, this being given the opportunity to accelerate their soul expansion.

Question 4: Is there any intentions to assist in integrating this energy and having a quicker process of this transition?

Answer 4: Dear ones, simply holding the intention and the commitment to integrate the energies will assist and accelerate your process.

Question 5: Does this wave of energy that is coming in smaller waves have its own consciousness?

Answer 5: In some ways, dear ones. Remember the discussion we had about souls and how new souls are formed with the new collection of consciousness coming together. Although this light is coming in from many sources and many light beings, as it comes into one wave it does have its own consciousness to some degree and so you can work with this consciousness asking to merge with it, asking to understand how to integrate it.

Question 6: Have any humans dematerialized at this current time?

Answer 6: Not at this time, dear one.

Question 7: Is there anything light workers should be doing at this time, right now?

Answer 7: Dear ones, now is a time for the light workers to rest as they have done much to assist the receiving of these ways of love and light. Now is the time for you to recharge your batteries, so to speak. Indeed, for some of you, as you have experienced these waves of love and light come in, you have been in your bed, mostly unable to function in the everyday world. This period of time shall soon pass, dear ones, but allow yourselves time to rest and to renew. I would like to convey information to those who have felt complete, to those who were expecting their transition. Dear ones, you who were expecting to transition, were already Masters. This is why you were allowed to transition and to dematerialize and so now is the time for you to use your mastery, to be in each moment, to release any disappointment or any expectation that you had and yes, you may feel any feelings that you have about this and I invite you to deeply feel your emotions. For you in particular, those who are going to dematerialize, you will still have this opportunity. However, in some ways there will be more work for you involved as you will now be gaining new skills and using new tools to raise your vibration to such a state where you do not need the great wave of love and light to whisk you away, so to speak. In this way, dear ones, you shall become true Masters, true Ascended Masters. In some ways, the wave of love and light that was going to assist you in your dematerialization limited your soul growth, inhibited you from truly becoming Masters. Now you are being given the opportunity to put into practice all that you know and all that you are remembering about yourselves as Masters. And so now, rather than there being a great collective of dematerialized beings it will be at your own pace and what you desire. I invite you to take this time to rest, to rejuvenate, and in time, for those of you choosing to stay here a while longer, you shall be given renewed inspiration to assist you in joy for your journey. I realize many of you are still wondering why this sudden shift, why this change in plans. I understand this channel in particular is very concerned at an ego level of being in integrity and perhaps she is not so happy with all these messages being changed for she fears it reflects poorly upon her. I wish to assure you, dear ones, that all is in divine order and all is for the highest good and while all the timelines were set in place for this great wave of love and light that I had described to you, all timelines were moving forward and holding steady. The mass awakening that was observed by the hierarchy caused us to pause and to reconsider what would be of the highest good. This is always our agenda, if we have an agenda, so to speak. It is always our agenda to move forward in the highest good. What is highest and best for most and so this is why the plans were changed – so that we could offer this opportunity for more Masters to emerge.

Question 8: You mentioned tools that would assist in this transition at an individual level that would not rely on this great wave. Can you give examples of these tools?

Answer 8: Yes, dear ones. Most of these you already use – breath work, eating high vibrational food, observing your thoughts and shifting so that you are in the highest vibrational thought fields, the art of allowing, releasing your resistance, letting go, these practices that have assisted you in becoming Masters. There is always more of this, is that not, dear ones? And so now is the time to continue engaging in your practices. It is very likely that a tool you have previously used will no longer feel aligned for you and so it is perfectly okay to release this and to allow something new and more aligned to come in. I wish to remind you that you are already Masters in many ways and so to invite you to remember your mastery. Remember how much you already know, not just in this physical realm but deep within your beings, your soul knowledge, the wisdom that flows through your hearts. Now is the time to connect with this. And I invite you, dear ones, to be at peace for truly all is in divine order and many of you are already feeling deep levels of peace and for those of you who are, I invite you to focus on this as your emanations of peaceful light will assist those who are anxious, who are confused, who are not at rest in their beings. For those of you who are not at peace, ask yourselves what is preventing you from letting go, from allowing. See yourselves as worthy being at peace. Know yourselves as beings worthy and deserving of deep abiding peace.

Question 9: As these tools are used in practice in maintaining higher vibrations, is the actual incident of transition at a very conscious level or is it simply incidental at a high maintained vibration?

Answer 9: Beautiful question, dear one. It will now be at a more conscious level. And so, those of you who were in the past timeline given the gift of dematerialization, you know what is possible and so now you are able to use these tools and raise your frequencies very purposefully for you to create your own transition in your own timeline. I invite you to receive this message, dear one. For, dear ones, you are Masters. And those of you who know ascension and specifically dematerialization is possible, you might now choose to put forth all your energies into this creation or you may choose to spend more time on this planet sharing your gifts and your wisdom.

Question 10: Is there any clarity Prime Creator would like to share in particular around this event and energy?

Answer 10: I would like to share more with you about how such decisions are made. When myself and the hierarchy observes, we observe what is occurring in the hearts of each being. We observe what is occurring at the soul level in each being. We take into consideration what would allow your souls the highest growth and then it is a discussion of sorts – a meeting of the energies, talking with Gaia, talking with all the other universes that were participating. And in this meeting of energies we come to an agreement, so to speak, about what would be of the highest service. Dear ones, I realize it may not be easy to understand from your perspective how such a big decision could be made on your behalf but I invite you to trust that indeed this decision was on your behalf for the highest good and growth of your souls. Keeping in mind that everything is fluid and therefore another decision could be made at some future point that would shift your experience yet once again.

Question 11: How does this current timeline… how is this affected with the polarity and hologram that is been in existence for quite some time, how this affected by this new timeline?

Answer 11: Because of the amplification of the energies of love and light that began at the equinox and that continued to pour forth on to your planet and into your beings, the hologram will slowly dissolve as will polarity. It will not be a sudden of a shift as what was expected with the big wave of love and light. However, it is a shift and you will see over a period of time that more and more beings are resonating to the vibration of love. You will still continue to witness polarity but as more souls awaken, this polarity will not have strength to sustain itself and it will eventually dissolve. And in this way, dear ones, your intentions at this time are very powerful, for as you intend to transcend polarity, to transcend the hologram, to transcend the density, you are very powerful in creating a new paradigm, in creating a new earth for yourselves, in creating a new experience. And so I invite you to use your intentions wisely and with conviction for you hold great power at this time. This time is different from two weeks ago for you now have more power. If you are coming from love, if you are working for the highest good, your power now outweighs those who were attempting control and suppression of the light. And so, your thoughts, your actions, your emotion now carries more weight, now carries more influence. And so I invite you to be very judicious in your use of your power, to be mindful and conscious of how you will use your power, how you will weave the light. Thank you, dear ones, for receiving this power, for using it for the highest good.

Question 12: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like share with those watching this video?

Answer 12: Dear ones, indeed while the great shift has not occurred, you are still in a new paradigm of opportunity. It will be easier for you to create what you truly desire from your hearts. It will be easier to navigate this planet for many of you have experienced deep suffering, many of you have been blocked and halted in sharing your gifts. This time is now complete, dear ones. The slate has been cleared, so to speak, and you are now being given the opportunity to share your gifts without fear of repercussion, without fear of being blocked or stymied. Now is the time for you to rise up in your power, true power that comes from being in love and light. Now is the time for renewed inspiration. Yes, allow yourselves to rest and when you feel ready, take on your new purpose with vigor, with conviction and you will and you are deeply supported. You will be and you are deeply loved. You will have and you have all the resources that you need to fulfill your new missions, for, yes, new missions shall be given. Whether it is to complete your ascension or whether it is to remain on this earth for a bit longer, you will be given new inspirations, new creativity shall poor for through you. Embrace, accept, allow. And I thank you for your service. For truly the light is now taking over and each of you have played a great part in the expansion of this light. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 14
Uploaded on 10/15/2015

Question 1: Are you really Prime Creator speaking through Susie?

Answer 1: Dear ones, many would like to make their interpretations based upon their perceptions and this is okay and yes, it is I, Prime Creator. Some of you say I am a lower vibrational being trying to trick or deceive. Some of you say this is an aspect of Susie’s higher self and what will happen is that each being will interpret based on their understanding and their perception and so I do affirm that yes, it is I, Prime Creator, speaking through this channel.

Question 2: Is there anything to assist people wishing to understand and feel that, how they can do so?

Answer 2: Yes, dear ones. The most important thing is to continue to do your inner work to raise your vibrations and frequencies for the higher your frequency and vibration the easier it is to discern and to feel and know the truth. Those operating in lower frequencies will have a different perception of who I am. Those operating in higher frequencies will be able to feel the truth more easily and so it is always the same for each one, continue your inner work, continue to do what it takes to raise your vibrations and frequencies.

Question 3: Can you tell us anything about the twin soul grid?

Answer 3: This is a concept that many have understood. In order to describe what happens with attraction to another soul, the male aspect and the feminine aspect, to clarify the sacred masculine in the divine feminine, has been represented by this concept of twin flames or twin souls. Many have spoken and even written about this concept, that the original spark of the feminine and masculine split apart and then manifested or incarnated into different beings and when these beings came together there was this twin flame relationship. What is important to understand now in this new paradigm and this has been evolving for quite some time now, is that you are your own twin flame, meaning that you are now the merge of your sacred masculine and divine feminine. And so as you awaken to these balanced aspects of yourself you will come into an understanding that you are your own twin soul or twin flame, for many beings now are into that space where they are able to come into full balance and merge their divine feminine and sacred masculine aspects and yes, you may continue to have experiences of drawing into your awareness an into your experience the complement. If you are female you will attract the masculine and vice versa. You may continue to have these experiences where you experience another soul and feel as if it is that divine compliment to your own soul. However, this is only possible when you merge your own aspects and come into balance in your masculine and feminine.

Question 4: Can you give any information about the hieroglyphic-like artifacting in some of the photographs taken of the blood moon?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one. In a direct conversation with the photographer, we spoke about how these images are now allowed to come forth and come through. For those who are resonant with the dimension from which they came these images serve to awaken the remembering of who they are. These images are from ninth and 10th dimensional frequencies. Your star brothers and sisters, as this channel likes to call them, were able to pierce the veil on the night of the blood moon and now have a pathway to communicate through these images. And so, if you are able to view these images, if you see them and if they resonate with you it means that you are one that is part of this family for these images represent new technologies that will be emerging on your planet. Many have already been working on these technologies but many more will remember their gifts and these codes to assist bringing these technologies onto the planet and so if you look at these images and they resonate with you, you are one that has much to offer in this regard.

Question 5: Some future technologies have been written about quite recently that it is now safe to start producing them. Can you give more information about this?

Answer 5: Yes, dear ones. Many of you have longed to experience what you know as possible regarding teleportation and telekinesis, dematerializing and re-materializing, working outside of the realms of gravity, outside of the laws that have been limiting for you. These technologies will now be surfacing in this new paradigm, for since the blood moon you have shifted into a new paradigm. It was not the big wave of love and light that would cause that dramatic shift that was originally planned. Nevertheless, now you are experiencing new supportive energies. The beings that served the dark have lost their grip and it can no longer place these limitations upon you for the light continues to grow brighter and stronger, and love continues to be the power that is now taking over. And so these technologies that will allow you free, clean water, clean food, clean air, will now be able to come into your physical reality for many of them have already been planned out and worked on but were not allowed to be made public as they would have been shut down. The time is very different now, dear ones. The time that you have longed for, the time of freedom, the time of joy, the time to experience your heaven on earth, it is now here with more of these energies arriving each day. And so you will begin to see more and more of these technologies in your everyday existence. A beautiful example that this channel is aware of is from The Keshe Foundation, where the plasma technologies will assist in growing food and providing free energies and much, much more. This is but one example of the many technologies that will be coming to the surface and you will be experiencing in your everyday life. You have long awaited this time, dear ones. It is now here for your enjoyment and exploration.

Question 6: Does consciously dematerializing and ascending to a different dimension allow for conscious re-materialization and return later as an individual chooses?

Answer 6: Yes, dear ones. This conversation is a bit different than the one we had before as you are now each on your individual timelines. There is a different desire to be a part of this planet as the energies here are new and fresh and more supportive. And so now as you reach your ascension, specifically the dematerialization part of your ascension, you will then have the option to move in and out between the physical form. Some of you will choose to experience this for quite a bit of time and some souls are quite eager to continue to move into higher and higher dimensions and this part is individual and based on each soul but now all will have the opportunity to come in and out of physical form. You must understand, dear ones, in order to reach this point that much inner work is required, much focus and discipline is required, for this is not a gift given, so to speak. Rather, this is something that you earn on a soul level and with your inner work that you are doing in this paradigm. And so, if you see one who has accomplished these feats, it is because in this lifetime and other lifetimes they have been focused on this path. And it is not for one to judge another. Rather, it is to be celebrated for as one accomplishes these levels of ascension they are paving the path for others, they are building the bridge for others. And so I invite you, dear ones, to stay away from comparing yourself to another were or from judging yourself because these kinds of vibrations lower your frequencies. It is important to celebrate each one wherever they are on their journey.

Question 7: Will there be more interaction with our galactic brothers and sisters?

Answer 7: Yes, dear ones. As this one being who photographed this, these images that resemble hieroglyphs, you are already receiving much communication and this communication will become more and more obvious to you. Indeed some of you are capturing images of spaceships. Some of you are capturing images of orbs and other light beings, and this will happen more and more and some of you will begin to be able to see your star brothers and sisters with your physical eyes not just your third eyes. Your star brothers and sisters are very much in participation of what is now unfolding on your planet and rest assured that only those that are serving the highest and best good will be allowed this participation. As of now there are still some that are not in service of the highest and best that are attempting communication and attempting to manipulate energies. However, this will not last long as the frequencies of each being and the frequencies of your planet will not support this kind of behavior.

Question 8: Will total free will be restored in this timeline?

Answer 8: Yes, dear ones. You are beginning to experience a lightening, a feeling of being able to breathe deeper, feelings of more freedom and feeling lighter. These are all signs that you are getting back to that state of having total free will without the limitations of polarity and the hologram. Yes, dear ones, this will take some time as there is still much cleanup and repair to do with Gaia as the frequencies are continuing to elevate, for they will continue to raise in vibration on this planet but for now there is still much work to do before your total free will is experienced. However, you are beginning to experience bits and pieces of this.

Question 9: How will politics be affected in this timeline by the increase in frequency?

Answer 9: Dear ones, it is much like what I described in other conversations when we were talking about the big wave of love and light that was to come in. Although in this timeline it will take a bit more time but what you will experience is that those dark forces, those lower vibrational beings will not be able to sustain themselves in this paradigm and so you will see more positivity. You will see less politics and more cooperation. Again, this will take some time and when I say some time, specifically I’m speaking about periods of time, 10 years, 20 years, depending on how all unfolds and how each soul chooses to awaken and support the higher frequencies. And so please be patient as this timeline could be shorter. However, it is not always the best to give certain amounts of time as expectations are then built and if it is not fulfilled that much disappointment is felt and this is not the purpose here. The purpose is to understand that things are indeed shifting and there is hope even in the political arena.

Question 10: Is there update information about the monetary reform?

Answer 10: Yes, dear ones. Much is now rapidly moving forward as the lower vibrational beings are no longer able to assert their control. It is now much more safe for light workers to receive their divine inheritance. It is now much more safe for countries to revalue their currencies so that their people can experience freedom and abundance. And so you will see in the next few months a great push and a great release of funds to the light workers and you will see much relief in what you would call Third World countries as the balance begins to unfold.

Question 11: What additional significant changes will humanity experience in the next few months?

Answer 11: Dear ones, in the next few months it will be more awareness. It won’t be as much physical experience as will come later but first must be the awareness and so more and more souls will begin to awaken and begin to become more aware of being in each moment. They will begin to become more aware of nature. They will begin to feel more love and lightness in their lives. They will begin to heal or release relationships depending on what their soul path is. They will begin to feel more peace and after this period of awareness, then you will begin to experience what we conversed about earlier with the technologies being in your physical experience. You will begin to have more of the physical experiences that you have been dreaming up. You will begin to see cleaner food. You will begin to have access to cleaner water but first must come this awareness as many more souls are awakening each day. This must occur before you begin to experience things in your physical reality in a larger scale. Yes, some of you are already experiencing in your physical reality. This is because you are at the proper vibration but some of you must wait a bit of time as you develop your awarenesses and develop your mastery of your inner being, developing your mastery of your thought forms and your emotional bodies. And so there is much work to be done before many experience in the physical reality what we have all longed for for such a long amount of time.

Question 12: Why are some feeling the energies of the waves of love and light and others are not?

Answer 12: Dear ones, at this time indeed all are feeling the energies. Some are just not aware that they are feeling these energies. And so, each being is being affected by these waves of love and light that are coming to your planet. They have just not opened their awareness yet at this time. Those that are feeling the frequencies, it is because they are deep feelers or it is because they have chosen to awaken to this feeling at this time.

Question 13: Are the waves of love and light affecting how physics operate or are navigated on Gaia?

Answer 13: Dear ones, we are just at the beginning, scratching the surface, so to speak, of this experience but you will see in the coming years and decades that the laws under which you have been operating no longer have the same effect, no longer have the same power, if you will. And so, yes, the laws of physics you will see and experience that they will be changing. Again, this will take a bit of time but there are technologies already coming to the surface that are disproving laws that you have been experiencing up until now.

Question 14: Max had a dream that the hierarchy took 130 years outside of time to make the decision to change the timeline. Is there clarity to this dream?

Answer 14: Yes, dear ones. What Max experienced in this dream was an understanding of how this decision was made to change the timeline of the wave of love and light coming to your planet. For while it may have seem to you like a sudden shift or a short amount of time, in reality much time and consideration was taken before the timeline was changed, for this kind of decision has a great impact. It is not a decision that we took lightly. It was not a decision that was made in an instant. It was a decision that was very carefully considered. All the options were weighed. All variables were considered for we are always in service to the highest good. ‘We’ meaning myself in the hierarchy. We are always in service to the highest benefit for each soul and so while hundred 130 years is an arbitrary number, it represents the fact that much time and consideration was taken before the timelines were changed. I would like to also share with you, we have spoken about this decision being changed, that myself and the hierarchy and light beings were the ones who changed the timeline. However, there is an element that we did not share previously and that is that each being and each soul was consulted as well. So, it was not that we made this decision for you, your soul was consulted in this matter as well and the majority of souls agreed that it would be for their highest and best good to change the timeline to give them an opportunity to develop more mastery on the earth plane. I hope that this brings more clarity and understanding to have such decisions are made. It was not taken lightly, dear ones. There was much consideration that went into the changing of the timeline.

Question 15: Is Gaia becoming a fifth dimensional earth as the frequency raises or is she still becoming a star?

Answer 15: Dear ones, the current timeline that we are in, Gaia is still becoming a star. However, she has postponed that timeline to support your soul growth so that your souls could continue to experience the earth plane and so now that timeline is very far away for her if you are thinking in terms of linear time. Yes, in many ways the frequency of Gaia is already in the fifth dimension. We are simply waiting for more souls to awaken and to be in fifth dimensional consciousness. Please understand that there are also beings in higher consciousness that are staying in human form on Gaia and so we have beings who are operating or at least in touch with sixth, seventh, and eighth dimensional frequencies and we have beings who have soul aspects and touch with and in contact with ninth, 10th, 11th, and 12th dimensional frequencies and beyond. Remembering that your soul has aspects in many dimensions and so while your awareness is mostly in this physical dimension, many of you are also integrating frequencies of your soul aspects that are aware of other dimensions and this is now much smoother, much more easy for you to do as the energies are now much more supportive and you will find that you will be shifting your awareness from this physical experience to other dimensions connected with your soul aspects for many of you are serving as bridges, many of you are serving to bring heaven to earth and so you will begin to experience more of your soul aspects that are in higher dimensional frequencies. It is an exciting time indeed, dear ones.

Question 16: Will all beings on this planet transfer to the new DNA earth or other dimensions before Gaia becomes a star?

Answer 16: This now has yet to be determined as so much has changed and shifted. Yes, the new DNA earth is still in existence and has agreed to be a waiting or to be in waiting, so to speak, to see if she is needed. However, depending upon how souls awaken and the timelines in which they choose this, the new DNA earth may or may not be needed as heaven is now being created on Gaia and as those ascend as the frequencies are raised, they may then go into different dimensions instead of needing a new DNA earth. This is all part of free will and the ongoing experiment, so to speak. What will each being create? What will the collective co-create? This is yet unknown as you are each part of this creation and so we will see what unfolds, dear ones.

Question 17: Will the energies of Gaia eventually support teleportation, telekinesis, etc., without the use of external tools?

Answer 17: Dear ones, as these new technologies that we spoke of come into your physical experience and as you gain mastery, you will eventually be able to do this without the use of external assistance and so whether you are on Gaia or in another dimension, what is important for you to understand is that eventually you will be able to do these things you dreamed of without assistance of these technologies that we have spoken of. Some will experience this on Gaia and some will experience this other places.

Question 18: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 18: Yes, dear ones. I invite you in this moment to tune in with your hearts and with your souls and to now feel the energies that are coming to you through this video for I wish to offer you much hope about your future and about your present moments. Much is shifting quite rapidly and I am grateful to the light workers for their service for each of you has been holding the energies for quite some time in very significant ways and now your hard work is paying off, dear ones. I wish for you to know that now is the time. You have been longing for this time for so long. For many many lifetimes you have been creating what is now occurring and so breathe in the hope, breathe in the hope through your breath, through your hearts, breathe it in through your third eye, through your crown chakra. Breathe in hope through your solar plexus, through your root chakra. Breathe in the knowing that now is your time. Breathe this in through your entire being. You get to choose how much you would now like to receive and if you feel overwhelmed by these energies of love and light, please ask for assistance to integrate these energies for your teams of light beings are standing by waiting for you to request their assistance. Thank you beloveds for your service. I love each and everyone of you. I am always with you. Thank you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 15
Uploaded on 10/24/2015

Question 1: There have been videos of cities over the sky over China. Is there clarity as to what is occurring?

Answer 1: Dear ones, these cities are homes to your galactic brothers and sisters. They have taken residence in etheric form. In observation of what is going on on your planet, they have actually been there for quite some time. However, now that the veil is much thinner you will be seeing more and more such phenomena.

Question 2: Many have stated that we do not create our own thoughts, rather we receive and then perceive through our beliefs that we hold. Is there truth or clarity to this?

Answer 2: Yes, dear ones. Let me explain a little bit about how thoughtform works, this will give you mastery as you develop and practice with your thoughtforms. Thoughtforms are like sparks of creation and they can come from outside of you, from your environment, from another person, from another being. At times they come from within you and what happens is when they are given energy it is like they are being fed and then they can grow and become a creation. So, for example, if you have a thought ‘I would like to take a trip to Italy’ and this thought brings you joy and you feel a resonance with this thought, you begin to grow this thought and perhaps to begin to then think about what you might do in Italy, how you might get there, where you will get the funds to travel there, etc. If this thought has no residence for you, you will quickly release it and let it go and no creation shall become of it. And so, you have much power with these thoughtforms. If a thought comes into your experience, say it is a lower vibrational thought, and you do not wish to experience what this thoughtform is bringing you, you can practice noticing the vibration of the thought and then releasing it if you feel it does not serve you. If, however, a thoughtform comes into your experience that brings you much joy, you feel elevated and your vibration increases, you may wish to give this thought energy. You may wish to feed it, thus creating something positive in your experience. And so, this is what the Masters do, dear ones. They observe and choose which thoughtforms to feed and choose which thoughtforms to release and transmute from their experience.

Question 3: There are many that have trouble tracking their thoughts as they are scattered or very distracted. Is there methods to assist them with stilling the mind and being able to observe the thoughts more clearly?

Answer 3: Yes, dear one. First, it is very important to be with your breath, to breathe consciously and slowing down your breath and as you get into deep breathing you will begin to notice the thoughts that are racing around in your mind and as you practice this deep breathing it will be easier to observe your thoughtforms. It will be easier to notice, what kinds of thoughts elevate me? What kinds of thoughts weigh me down? This is a very easy technique to begin to slow the mind to gain more awareness.

Question 4: What are the origins of the Vossahedron geometry?

Answer 4: This geometry, dear one, has origins from your dear Gaia as there is much sacred geometry here and it also has influences from the Andromeda galaxy, as well as influence from the Pleiades. It also has influences from the Atlantean’s stemming from the Anunnaki. However, these are some of the positive influences that were given by the gift of sacred geometry.

Question 5: Bashar is predicting a large event during the fall of 2016. Is there clarity as to what will occur?

Answer 5: Yes, dear ones, many have been asking about this. What is occurring in his reality is an upgrade for this being, an awakening, so to speak. And so, on his timeline he may very well be experiencing a profound shift in his experience. Those who resonate with him will also be experiencing awakening and profound shift in their experience. Those who do not resonate may experience the benefit of many beings awakening but will not have so much of a large shift as they have already experienced a very deep shift.

Question 6: During this awakening, is then when Bashar would become a fifth density being?

Answer 6: We would use the word ‘dimension’ to describe that he will be vibrating more in this frequency, dear one.

Question 7: Does timeline shifting mean a different past, present, and future in experience?

Answer 7: Yes, dear one. When you consciously shift your timelines, you will then especially notice that your past has shifted as well. For example, you may have had deep trauma as a child. As you go through your healing work, healing your inner child and doing your inner work, you propel yourself into a higher frequency and then have the ability to change timelines and as you do so you may notice that what he used to cause a trigger or emotional charge around this trauma no longer has any effect on you. In this way you experience your past in a different light.

Question 8: The Mandela Effect is a tangible evidence of the changing of the past of widely know events. Are these noticeable changes to assist the awakening of beings?

Answer 8: Yes, dear one. You will notice that many people will become curious about this and in their curiosity there will be a vibration of truth that resonates within them and if they choose to follow this vibration of truth, they will then seek understanding until they awaken to a new truth that they had not understood before and so things such as this are becoming more and more normal in your experience as more and more souls awaken to the truth.

Question 9: Is there more information on how one consciously shifts timelines?

Answer 9: It begins with your inner work on your soul journey. It begins with that deliberate conscious ‘I am going to heal this part of myself; I’m going to find my wholeness in this part of my being’, and as you go through your healing process you begin to understand that through your healing you raise your frequencies and through the raising of your frequencies you are able to jump to a different timeline, a timeline that has a higher frequency, a timeline that brings you more ease and grace, more joy and play, and as you begin to develop this awareness you can then gain mastery and consciously decide when you would like to shift timelines, how you would like to change your reality by raising your frequencies.

Question 10: Is the degree to which one can shift timelines in magnitude of difference limited by this process or is it simply by beliefs?

Answer 10: In some ways it is like a muscle, the more you practice this with awareness the easier it becomes, the greater your quantum leaps can be. And so, yes, you must work with beliefs. What is a very critical here to understand is that in order to shift timelines you must find your wholeness within your being in your physical experience. You must consciously be disciplined with your inner work so that you can gain your mastery, for having the knowledge of this ability is not enough, dear ones. Using this ability requires much discipline, patience, and self-love. You must find ways to become whole, to heal your inner child, to heal all levels and layers of your being, for dear ones, that are many aspects to you, many soul aspects that are in different realms and realities, your spiritual layer, your mental layer, your emotional body, your physical being, there is much more to you that you do not see and you must begin to gain mastery in all of these realities, layers, and levels so that your timeline jumping can be conscious and effective. It is very helpful to call in all of your soul aspects and let them know that in your physical being, the soul that is… the part of your soul that is aware of this physical reality will now take charge over those other aspects and in this way you can gain mastery in your physical experience.

Question 11: Is the soul interested in feelings and emotions from the human perspective?

Answer 11: The soul’s priority is to evolve and expand, to move forward on its journey, and so it is not so much interested in ego experiences. It is not so much attached to what emotions you may be feeling in your human experience. It is not that it does not notice or does not feel but it is laser focused, so to speak, on its growth and development and so this is why at times you may have experiences that push you forward despite how you feel about them. You may experience something that you do not like and at times this is because your soul is pushing you forward into more growth. It will never push you beyond what you can handle. It will never break you or destroy you but it will always lead you and give you the greatest opportunities for growth despite how you might feel about them.

Question 12: Is this pursuit of growth reflected in how corporations have operated in that they pursue growth with such intensity. Is that reflecting that aspect of the soul?

Answer 12: In some ways, dear one. However, it is misdirected with the ego most of the time.

Question 13: How do we create what we desire in our physical experience from the soul level?

Answer 13: Yes, dear one. First comes an understanding that all is generated from the soul and so your soul has desire to grow, to expand, and this then filters down into your spiritual body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your physical body. Your soul may have a certain purpose or mission that it is working on and even though your intellectual mind may not understand what it is, there is a filtration, so to speak, that starts with your soul. And so, as you begin to access your heart and what your heart desires, the heart is like a gateway for the soul, it is like a channel for which the soul can speak, through which the soul can speak, and in this way you can manifest your desires by bringing into alignment what we spoke of before, all of your soul aspects, your physical being, your emotional body. Feel what it feels like to experience what it is that you desire, bringing into alignment also your mental body and your spiritual body. When all of these are aligned, your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and all soul aspects, this is when you can truly manifest your soul’s desires. Yes, it is also possible to manifest ego desires but if you have done this you know that this is a somewhat shallow experience and the fun from this only lasts for a brief amount of time. However, when you receive the desires of your soul it is truly fulfilling, you feel true joy. It is lasting. Even if you have very little in your physical experience, even if you have few resources, if you are receiving the desires of your soul, dear ones, you are at peace and truly fulfilled.

Question 14: Is the soul aware of the basic human desires such as being accepted and cared for?

Answer 14: Yes, the soul has some awareness of this. However, it is like a peripheral awareness because as I mentioned the soul is only focused on growth and expansion and so it may be aware of the human desires but it will not keep its focus there.

Question 15: If someone is truly happy, is this a sign that they are in alignment?

Answer 15: In some ways yes, dear ones. As I mentioned, when you bring all aspects of your being, all levels and layers of who you are into alignment you begin to feel that fulfillment and that joy and so feeling that sustained happiness can be a sign that you are aligned and ready to receive what you truly desire from the soul level.

Question 16: Are there any methods to assist in becoming aware of soul’s desires?

Answer 16: Go back to the breathing, dear ones. There is much you can do such as simplifying your life, releasing material possessions that no longer serve, spending time in nature, being easy with your breath, for it is in simplicity that you gain awareness of what it is you truly desire. Most of you are too distracted with things and stuff and obligations and things that you put upon yourself that are not real, that are simply part of the illusion and so when you begin to release obligations, material possessions, and you simplify your life it is much easier to hear the voice of your soul.

Question 17: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 17: In a previous conversation, dear ones, we spoke about the power that you are gaining at this time. I would like to reiterate that now is a time of magic and miracles. Now is the time where you are beginning to see glimpses of your heaven here on earth and so I wish for you to remember, at this time, how powerful you are. As you understand manifestation and creation, you will begin to feel this power and it is very important, dear ones, to stay out of the ego with this power for it will be a temptation to allow the ego to run with this power. This is an old program that is implanted in many of you, dear ones, and so I invite you to make the commitment to use your powers for the highest good for it is only when the collective uses their powers in this way that the big shifts occur. Yes, each of you is contributing to the shift in your own way but you will see in the coming months and the coming years how much power is available to you and how important it will be to use this power for the highest good. I also wish for you to remember, to remember who you truly are in your wholeness, in your healed and fulfilled state for as a soul you came into this experience with a great mission. Each one of you is contributing to the collective in a very deep and profound way. You will not realize how deep your contribution is until you reach your ascension or until you cross onto the other side. However, believe me when I say what you are doing, who you are being in these times is very important. I ask you to bring more of your focus into your spiritual disciplines, into your spiritual life. I ask you to bring more focus into your playtime. Raise your joy quotient. How much can you play in one day? And even while I ask you to bring more attention to your spiritual disciplines, it is important to understand there must be balance. There must be play. There must be ways for you to enjoy your life. Those of you without physical resources at this time, you can still find ways to play and be enjoy. This is very important in these times, dear ones. It is very important to find the lightness in your heart. It is very important where you put your focus at these times. Some of you are going through tremendous and deep healing processes at this time. Yes, this is very important work for you to do right now. Thank you and while you do this work it is also important to maintain some balance. Cry then play then cry again if you need to but it cannot be all one thing all of the time. Do you understand, dear ones? Now is the time for you to experience more balance. At this time, dear ones, you are receiving much assistance from the heavenly realms, from the angels, the archangels, the Elohim, from your galactic brothers and sisters. There are many, many light beings watching over you, assisting you. Many are standing by waiting to help you. If there is something you would like assistance with, dear ones, please ask these light beings. Each of you has guides. Each of you has angels and archangels around you. These are very powerful light beings, dear ones, and they long to serve but they need you to ask them first for their assistance. So, whether you are experiencing times of struggle, whether you are experiencing heartache, whether you are experiencing great forward momentum and blooming and blossoming, whatever your experience is, you can always use more assistance and so ask these sweet beings that are here to serve you. For in asking for help, you are in service to the highest good. In asking for help you are exercising humility and all Masters are deeply humble and ready to receive whatever assistance is available to them. You would like to become a Master, yes? Then, dear one, you must ask for assistance. You would like to move forward and grow and receive your heaven on Earth, yes? Then, dear ones, you must ask for assistance. Of course I am here with you as well and I am always ready and willing to help whenever you ask. In this case the receiving does not come without the asking and so the asking must occur in order for the assistance to come. Now some of you may ask for assistance and you may not feel anything or notice anything and this is because at this time one of your learning opportunities is trust. Some of you will ask and you will immediately feel a warmth or a presence or a wave of love washing through you. Each will have a different experience when they ask. Either way, I ask you to trust. Trust that you are moving forward on your path. Trust that you are receiving great amounts of health. These are very sweet times, dear ones. They can be sweeter when you receive assistance. I also wish to share with you a message of hope, dear ones. As we spoke in another conversation, these are very exciting times. Many technologies are now being unveiled to the public. Free energy will soon be an every day word. Everyone in every language will know what it means. The binds that kept you entrenched in the illusion are now loosening and loosening quickly, dear ones. Much truth is about to be revealed into your consciousness, truth about your money systems, truth about your star brothers and sisters, truth about your origins, who you are, where you came from, why you are here on this planet at this time. In the coming years, dear ones, much truth will be revealed and many souls will awaken, serving the collective, raising it in higher consciousness and frequency. And so in your creations, dear one, I invite you to remember this message. Remember that anything is possible now. There are no limits except what you hold in your being. You are truly capable of anything. Remember this and make this the foundation of all of your creations and manifestations and in this way you serve very deeply. You lead the way for others to receive their soul desires. And those of you who are already doing this, I thank you. You are the champions. You are the pioneers that are leading the way into new paradigms of heaven on earth. Always I am with you, dear ones. I am beating through your hearts. I am saturating your energy field with my love. Take a deep breath this moment and feel the truth of this, for my love is with you, as much as you would like to receive. My love is with you. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 16
Uploaded on 11/05/2015

Question 1: We have observed long laser straight marks cutting through many rocks in Sedona. Is there clarity as to what has occurred here?

Answer 1: Dear ones, I will do my best through this channel as this information is somewhat complex. These lines were put there by your galactic brothers and sisters. You could say that there were wars and these lines were used to mark territory. They were used as communication. There is symbology and codes within these lines and you can see that they have been there for quite some time as there are now quartz crystals growing in many of them. You have been told that Sedona was under water at some period of time and in truth it has been underwater and above water and underwater and above water for many cycles. There is much more to this, dear ones, however it is far beyond this channels comprehension and so there is not much that I can convey through her at this time. I would invite you if you live in Sedona and you want more information about this to go to some of the spots observe the lines and to sit in meditation with them and if you are a sensitive being you will receive some of the information about this you.

Question 2: What can you tell us about Swissindo?

Answer 2: Dear ones, there are many pockets of prosperity that are being held for such a time when they are revealed and the light workers are assisted as the new world is created. This is one of these pockets. Some of you have also heard of the Dragon family in China and their stores or stashes of gold. Simply understand, dear ones, that while some may seem… may see doom and gloom for the planet, while some may see the planet entering a cycle of destruction, there are those light beings who know that this planet and its inhabitants are headed for glory and so while much may seem that it is being destroyed, you talk about global warming and climate change, you see the banking system taking advantage of people, please understand that you are only seeing these things in the moment without the greater perspective of what is about to happen. We have conversed about these exciting times and what will be unfolding and so I invite you to hold the light, to hold the knowing and understanding that much will be transforming for the greatest good of all, that you will be experiencing your heaven on earth despite what you might see in your limited vision at this time. Dear ones, there was things are about to change very rapidly. Swissindo is playing their role in assisting the new paradigm of this planet.

Question 3: Some have spoke of upcoming changes of world leaders this month. Is there any information you could share about this?

Answer 3: As I have said, dear ones, much will be transforming in a very short amount of time and what you will see is a change in leadership. We spoke in another conversation about the light workers and how many are ready to step up and take the place in government positions and other world leadership positions and so you will begin to see this fairly rapidly, dear ones. Yes, the timeline is set for this month. However, whenever we speak about timelines I invite you to keep your mind and heart open and not become attached for as you realize and have already seen, timelines can shift very rapidly in your experience. Yes, dear ones, the time is upon you where much shall shift for the benefit of the light. Much has been put in place already. The new world leaders are already groomed and ready to step up into new positions of power for the light.

Question 4: Can you give us a protocol for healing ourselves?

Answer 4: Yes, dear ones. I thank you for asking this question for there is much power in what I am about to share with you. Dear ones, it starts with your desire, intention, and commitment. You must desire to find your wholeness and to heal yourselves not from the perspective of getting rid of a disease or being tired of dealing with a pain in your body. It must be from that soul desire of becoming whole, that which serves your ascension, that which serves the highest good. It must come from the desire to develop mastery in your physical being, in your thoughtform. Do you see the difference, dear ones? It is not to gain relief; it is to do the hard work and develop your mastery. This is a very important distinction, dear ones, and when you are in the place where you are truly and fully desiring your mastery and to find your wholeness, to remember your wholeness once again, this is when we can begin. I say ‘we’ meaning myself and you, dear one. There is an understanding that you must have. We have spoken about soul aspects and how you have many soul aspects and each has an awareness in different realms and different realities. In order to remember your wholeness in this realm, in this human incarnation that your soul has chosen, you must call forth all of your soul aspects so that they can come into alignment with the soul aspect that has chosen to experience this human body. You must call forth these soul aspects and let them know that the aspect in charge of your human incarnation is the aspect in charge of them also and in this way you concentrate your power in your physical experience as a human being. When you have done this, dear ones, then you are ready to deal with each layer of your human incarnation. You have your spiritual body, your mental body, your emotional body, your physical body, your inner child, and some talk about other bodies but for the purposes of this conversation we shall keep its succinct. Let us speak about the spiritual body, dear ones. In some ways it is very closely linked to the soul but you could say that it has its own separate body. What you are dealing with here is mostly energy, dear ones, and so to claim healing for yourself you must become a master of your energy, providing protection for yourself when you are in lower vibrating environments, getting enough sleep so that your energetic stores can be rejuvenated, eating proper food that is in energetic alignment with your spiritual body. Let us speak about the mental body. In the last conversation we spoke about thoughtforms. In order to claim your healing, dear ones, you must become a Master of how you use your thoughts. Which thoughts will you allowed to grow and become the creation in your experience and which thoughts will you release and transmute? You may notice, dear ones, that there are those around you who have traumatic experiences and you, yourself may be much more free and clear of these experiences if you do not bring into your creation with thoughtforms, experiences such as these. Often times this channel will notice those around her bringing into their creation challenging experiences. While she lives a beautiful life because she has cleansed her thoughts, so to speak, and in many ways has gain mastery over which thoughts she allows into her experience. She is not perfect, dear ones, but she has done much work with this and you too can experience the lives that you desire, the health, the wholeness that you desire by mastering which thoughts you allow into your experience to become creations. Many of you wish to have more prosperity, wish to have greater health, more energy. It is simple, dear ones. Bring more of these thoughtforms into your experience and feed them and grow them. Yes, there is more to the equation but this is the mental body’s job as part of this equation to claim your health. There is the emotional body, dear ones. This is a challenging one for those of you who are particularly sensitive for it can become a very confusing, which emotion is yours and which emotion you are carrying for the collective? And so, there is again this mastery that you must gain in order to find your wholeness and your health. This channel speaks about expanding the emotional range. What this means is you are okay with feeling deep grief and sadness. You are equally okay with experiencing great levels of true joy and happiness for they are two sides of the same coin, dear ones. You cannot only experience joy but there comes a time, deep within your mastery, where even if you are experiencing deep grief, joy is very close by because you know that in feeling the deep grief you are gaining mastery and trust in your emotional body. Many times in the past, dear ones, I have invited you to feel what it is you feel. Now is not the time to suppress emotions; now is the time to open up your emotional body to its feeling for when you become okay with any emotion, this when your emotional body is balanced and you are able to use this part of the equation to claim your health. And now we shall speak about the physical body. Dear ones, something only shows up in the physical body if you are out of balance with your soul aspects or in your spiritual, mental, emotional layer, or if your inner child is not fully healed and nurtured and loved. And so, it does not matter what the disease or what diagnosis you might have, it is always the same, to bring into alignment all of your soul aspects, to balance your emotional body, to deal with your mental and spiritual layers as we have spoken. It is very important, dear ones, to care for your physical body for while you may understand that it is a temporary vessel for your soul, in this now moment it is your sacred temple where your soul is housed and so in order to experience healing and wholeness you must deeply love and nurture and care for this precious physical layer of your being. Eating foods that are in vibrational alignment with your physical body, resetting your physical body by going into nature, drinking lots of pure water to release and cleanse your body from toxins. It is very important for you to develop a trusting relationship with your body. Many of you who are experiencing health challenges have lost trust and faith that your body will take care of you. This is not your physical body’s role, dear ones. Its role is to communicate with you, to let you know where you might grow and gain mastery and so you must flip this around and learn to trust yourself and learn to trust that the messages your bodies are giving you are giving you the proper information you need for your mastery. Begin to exercise gratitude for your physical body. In this moment, dear ones, feel the beating of your heart. It is a miracle how your heart continues to beat for you despite the abuse you have shown your body. It is a miracle how the blood continues to flow through your veins and arteries, providing nourishment and life to each cell, despite the food that you have fed it, despite the thoughts that you have against your bodies. It is time to learn how to nourish and love your bodies. Lastly we shall speak about the inner child. The vast majority of you, dear ones, have experienced some kind of trauma, misunderstanding, separation as a baby or a small child. This left imprints of trauma, anxiety, fear within your being. Most of you have not been taught that you can care for your inner child in order to find your healing and wholeness and what this means is that you tune in to your inner child, this small, vulnerable, fragile being that has been hurt in your incarnation and you ask it how you can support, how you can love, how you can nourish him or her. I will use this channel as an example again. What she has done in her healing is she carries her inner child on her chest and if something is not feeling right or if there is a motion that she does not understand, she looks down and asks her inner child ‘what is it that you need, little one? How can I nourish and support you?’, and because she has practiced listening she always gets an answer and can then nurture that little being that needs love and support. Dear ones, this is a practice as is all of these things that I am sharing with you. Remember that your goal here is to develop mastery and so practice and commitment and discipline are required. When you can truly heal your inner child, meaning you are attentive to that little being and providing it with nourishment, when you align your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies and all soul aspects, this, dear one, is when you can find your healing and wholeness. There is much much more that I could say about this but in order to give you a starting point and to keep this conversation succinct, this is all I will say at this time. It is very doable, dear ones, and you have the support of the hierarchy. Remember to ask for the support on your journeys. Thank you, dear ones.

Question 5: Is cancer a physical manifestation of negative thoughtform or is there more to understand about this?

Answer 5: Yes, dear one. It is exactly what we have just spoken about. Whether it is cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, regardless of the name you call it or the diagnosis, it is more than just the thoughtforms involved, it is also what we have spoken about with each layer of your being.

Question 6: Have negative energies attached to money caused pervasive illness around the world? Will this be transmuted as the energy of money is transmuted?

Answer 6: This has played a part, dear ones, however this is not the complete picture and yes, as the energy of money is transmuted it will greatly assist in raising the vibration, providing support for the health and wholeness of all.

Question 7: Are there particular energies or chakras affected by the current negative energies associated with money to assist in being aware of energies to work through?

Answer 7: Yes, dear ones. Because in these times money is essential for your survival, it does affect the balance of your chakras if you are not allowing the flow in your life. The way to find balance in this is to strengthen your trust muscle, so to speak. As you trust that you will be taking care of, as you release your fears and anxieties and transmute them, turning them into the highest forms of love and light, you can begin to find more balance within your chakras and within your being and within your life. Yes, there are the practical things that you must be doing at this time in order to receive money, in order to be in that flow. It is not only trust; this is balanced with practicality, taking inspired action, engaging in the right job or income generating experience that is in alignment for you. In most cases it does not materialize out of thin air but for most of you what is required is increasing your levels of trust. Remember to carefully choose which thought forms become creations in your being and this can make a very big difference in your experience. If a being is not happy within him or herself and is looking externally to find happiness, this never works, dear ones. The only way you can experience true joy is to be content and at peace within yourself. No external experience will give you abiding joy. Whether we are speaking about the attachment to money or attachment to some other external experience or material possession, none of this brings abiding happiness that can only be found within your core, dear ones.

Question 8: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 8: Dear ones, we have spoken briefly about the exciting unfolding events that are rapidly coming into your existence. Even if you do not see how this might be possible to experience heaven on this earth, I invite you to use your imagination. What is it that you have always longed for from that soul place? What are your true hearts’ desires? For as you engage in these energies you become part of the creation of heaven on earth and the more you nurture these thoughtforms and energies, the more you contribute to the creation of heaven on earth. There are many beings, dear ones, that have been holding the light for this planet for some time and now you as humans are being invited to step up and take part in this creation. Yes, there is still much illusion that surrounds you and you have a choice, you can believe the illusion or you can believe in the light and what is about to occur, and the more of you that choose to hold the space for heaven on earth to occur in your lifetimes the faster the shall come about. What we are working to create, dear ones, is what you have longed for for such a long time. You have incarnated into this lifetime to experience what the light is creating, to experience this heaven on your earth and each one of you, dear ones, has a very important role to play in this. So, while your family might think that you are crazy, while your friends may not understand your perspective, if you are one that holds the knowing of the truth of what is about to unfold I invite you, please, hold the light for these events to occur quickly, with ease and grace and the highest good for all. Simply holding the knowing is service, dear ones. Whether or not you choose to share your knowing with others is completely up to you and there is no judgment either way. However, please know that when you do share sparks of creation emanate from your being and some will choose to remember their knowing in listening to what you have to say and some will not, dear ones, and they may ridicule and that is okay for they’re making their choice. Your role is to stay in the knowing of who you are and what you know is possible and what you know you are creating. Dear ones, this is not a time to be vague. This is not a time to be wishy-washy, as you might say. This is a time to stand firm in your knowing, to stand firm in the power that you have in holding the light, for the stronger you can stand in your knowing the more power emanates from your being and the more you are assisting this bringing of heaven to earth. Indeed it is already here and many of you are catching glimpses but in order for it to fully materialize you must commit to experiencing more heaven in your daily experience. I call to you, dear ones, to remember yourselves as Masters, to allow the awakening of mastery within your being for this is why you are here. It is not to simply have an experience on this planet. You, you who are watching this, you who are tuning in, you are here to remember and to exercise your mastery for you agreed to come into this experience as a human to assist in bringing heaven to earth and I thank you, dear ones. I hold you in the highest esteem. You are beautiful souls who agreed to assist at this time and you have suffered much ridicule and some of you have suffered with health challenges and with lack of prosperity. Keep the faith, dear ones, for this is about to change and continue to do your inner work as I have outlined earlier in this conversation. You have much support, dear ones. Call upon it. And I thank you for your service. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 17
Uploaded on 11/17/2015

Question 1: ((Implied Question) Is there clarity to the acts of terrorism we observe, etc.?)

Answer 1: Dear ones, as you observe much is occurring in the world that does not seem to you like you are in a new paradigm.  Much does not appear to be getting better.  I would like to share a broader perspective of what is occurring at this time so that you can have a deeper understanding of these world events that you are inquiring about.  First, let us discuss polarity.  When we were in the timeline of the big shift in September, we spoke about how polarity would increase until the great wave of love and light came to the planet and while we are no longer on the timeline, there is something similar occurring it is just much slower and process and so the polarity that you now see on your planet will continue to increase until enough souls are awake to shift the planet in its entirety.  This is why I convey to you over and over again how important it is for you to be aware of what you are emanating from your being and to embody as much love and light as possible for you, dear ones, you, the light workers, are doing much to shift away from polarity.  Yes, there will be a time, there will be a time when you do not need the experience of polarity on this planet and you shall be in your heaven as I have promised but until that time you will see polarity increase.  Rest assured myself and the hierarchy are doing all that we can to keep this to a minimum and also understand, dear ones, that we must allow free will.  Yes, there are times when we intervene and there are times when we must allow events to play out.  In these times, dear ones, I invite you to focus on your own self-healing, to resolve any conflicts you have within your own being, to take responsibility for any acts of terrorism you might be committing to your own self.  We spoke about nurturing yourself and loving yourself.  It is so important in these times, dear ones, to bring as much love into your experience as possible.  It is so important to share much love as possible.  Dear ones, please, please be tender with yourselves.  Remember that if you hate what is going on, that is what is occurring in the world deeply bothers you, there is something you must look at within yourselves.  Yes, it is possible to be at peace in these times and while you might not agree with what is happening and the decisions that others are making and how many are dying and suffering, while you might not agree with this and you would make a different choice, it is still possible to be in deep peace and this is what I am asking of you.  I am asking of you to find the peace within yourselves.  For some of you this peace is located within your hearts.  For some it is located within your bellies.  For a few of you it is located within the sixth chakra region.  Dear ones, if you see turmoil around you and you allow it to take you out of your center of peace, then there is much work for you to do around your mastery.  Remember, you came here to develop your mastery in this physical existence.  In these times you will be given the opportunity to develop your mastery more and more.  You may not like the way things look externally but please trust, dear ones, that there is a grander picture.  There is a larger perspective.  It is very important to remember that all is held within the light.  It may not feel this way.  It may not look this way.  I am asking you to trust.  Trust that all is held within the light.  Trust that your purpose and mission on this planet is important now more than ever, for in order to receive your heaven on earth you must find that peace within yourselves.  You must develop the mastery that you came here to develop.  Today you have a choice.  You can engage with the negativity.  You can engage with the fear-based media or you can go back into your heart and emanate love.  You can radiate love to all the beings who are suffering.  You can radiate love to yourself, to your family, to your friends.  You will begin to see the polarity increase and you will have many opportunities to continue to choose love.  The more that you choose love, dear ones, the higher you will elevate yourselves and there will be a parting of ways, so to speak, for those who choose the negativity and the lower density energies will not be able to be in the same paradigm as those who choose the higher vibrating energies.  It will be like two worlds are existing on the same planet for a period of time until all is shifted into the light.  So, you, dear one, you get to choose which paradigm in which you shall reside.  Dear ones, there is much being done in the light realm that most do not see.  Many, many light beings are going to the aid of those in suffering.  Many light beings are nurturing the wounded and the hurt.  I am not only referring to physical wounds and hurts but spiritual and emotional as well.  Each of you has access to the support.  Please ask that you be nurtured by the light beings at this time for even though you may not see into the light realm, there are a few who do, yes.  If you are not one of them, they are still assisting you, dear one.  So please ask for support from the light realm.  Ask to be nurtured.  Ask to find new ways to love yourself.  Make it a mission to love yourself more deeply, to be more gentle with yourself.  You have heard it said it is only to the extent that you love yourself that you can share love with others, so I invite you to find deeper and deeper expressions of self-love so that you may radiate into the world this beautiful vibration.  I need each and every one of you, dear ones, all of those who have contracted to bring in the light – this is the time for you to awaken.  This is a time for you to set down your excuses, all of the reasons why you cannot embody the light or fulfill your mission.  There is not time for that now, dear ones.  It is time for each of you to be fully awake in the light, to know and understand who you are in the light, so that you may share the love that is in your hearts with all beings and together we will create heaven on earth.  In order for this to happen, dear ones, please refrain from engaging in these negative energies and put your focus 100% on love.  Many things will be occurring on your planet in very rapid succession.  Please trust that these events are leading to your heaven on earth.  It may not always seem like this is what is occurring but the old paradigm must be brought into the light in order for it to disintegrate and that is what you see happening now.  These worldwide terrorist events are being brought into the light in a way that has never occurred before on your planet.  As you observe what is occurring, remember that all this held within the light.  You could call it growing pains.  As you emerge into your heaven it might seem and feel a bit messy to you.  You can make it easier by engaging in the self-love, loving yourself, loving others.  The more of you that do this, the easier this process will be for all.  Thank you for your service.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 18
Uploaded on 11/24/2015

Question 1:  Does Prime Creator ever create new energy?

Answer 1: The answer to this, dear ones, would depend upon your understanding of energy. Yes, new combinations of energy are constantly in creation but if you get to the core of the matter, no new energy is created for all energy always is. It is similar to the conversation we had about souls and how new soul combinations are created and therefore new souls are birthed. So it is similar with energy – new combinations and experiences are constantly being created but no new energy is being brought into your experience.

Question 2:  Can you give us any further guidance on how to overcome fears?

Answer 2: Dear ones, in previous conversations we have talked about breathing, breathing through your bellies to allow the physical body to relax. Indeed, many of you are living your lives in constant fear, waiting for something bad to happen and so it comes back to trust, dear ones. Trust that you are being supported. Trust that you live in a loving, benevolent universe. Trust that you have light beings, guides, and myself at your disposal to assist you. Yes, it is important to breathe, to bring the physical body to a state of calm, and it is equally important to develop your trust in life, to develop your trust in yourself. This is a journey, dear ones. Also very powerful is your intention. Your intention to release fear from your being. This channel has used the violet flame of magic and transportation to assist her in releasing fear from her being. It is a very powerful tool, dear ones. Ask for support to neutralize and dissolve your fear, for yes this is the time where I have asked you to drop your fears and of course I would not ask something of you and then leave you in the dark. You have much assistance at your disposal, dear ones. Ask for this assistance. Ask for the help so that you can release fear from your being. There may always be new fears trying to make their way into your experience and so it is how you hold yourself and how you trust. If you hold yourself in that high vibration of trusting those fears will try to make their way in and then you say, ‘No, thank you. I am living in trust.’ This is mastery, dear ones. Releasing fear from your being is the mastery that many of you are working on. I thank you for doing this service for it not only serves yourself, it serves the collective. As you transmute your own fear, you provide the templates for the collective to transmit their fears. Thank you, dear ones.

Question 3:  Is there any advice for people who have experienced trauma and are needing to work through that belief to get to that place to trust that the universe can be benevolent?

Answer 3: Dear ones, it is very important for those of you who have experienced much trauma to gather support around you, to find a mentor, find a coach, find a friend who has traveled this path and who knows how to assist you. You are not alone in this experience. It is a beautiful thing to ask for assistance. Yes, use the sacred fires of the unified heart flames. Use the violet flame to work on yourself and transmute the trauma and find a being who can assist you. For some of you the trauma goes very deep. It is deeply embedded into your systems therefore it is extremely helpful to find assistance from those who have gone before you on this path.

Question 4:  Can you provide any insight on how to awaken oneself?

Answer 4: Dear ones, simply the intention to awaken yourself shows that in some ways you are already awake. Thank you. Beyond this, it is important to spend time with those who are on this path, not only to receive support but to share ideas and in each other’s fields you are amplifying the energy of love and light. This amplified energy assists you in awakening yourself. We have spoken about nature and the beautiful wisdom that is inherent in nature. As much as it is possible, dear ones, take time to spend in the wisdom of nature for nature is awake and she can give you energetic signatures for your own awakening. She can give you activations for your DNA so that you may raise your frequencies and remember more of who you are. Also important in this conversation, dear ones, is the food that you eat. Much of the food is contaminated with programs and implants and imprints to dull your senses, to take you away from the remembering of who you are. Bioengineered food, genetically modified food, these foods contain many implants that are not helpful for your awakening or your evolution. Do your best to stay away from these and incorporate fresh food. If you can grow your own this is ideal but there are many resources to obtaining healthy food that will nourish your system and support your physical being, your spiritual being, your emotional and mental beings.

Question 5:  Over the past few years there have been strange sounds heard in the sky and recorded on video. Is there insight as to the nature and purpose of these sounds?

Answer 5: These sounds are coming to you from your galactic brothers and sisters and other light beings that are providing frequencies for your growth and awakening. These sounds have been coming to your planet for a long, long time but only recently were they able to pierce the veil so that you could hear them with your physical ears for these are frequencies that are providing the opportunity for you to elevate, for you to increase your frequency, for you to awaken. For those that have heard these sounds, it is, it has become clear to them that there is life outside of what they see in this paradigm. It has awakened their curiosity and in this way it is serving the awakening of many.

Question 6:  Is there more information to the crescendo of energy Susie has been sensing recently?

Answer 6: Dear ones, we have spoken frequently about the shifting times that you are now in and I have promised many times your heaven on earth, how things would be shifting. Remember that I shared that it would not always appear that this would be so because of external events that you have in your experience. However some of you, like this channel, are feeling that internal pressure, that crescendo of things that are about to change and shift. Yes, there is a significant shift in progress. I ask you to be patient, dear ones, for all is being orchestrated. When I say orchestrated I do not mean by myself and the hierarchy. It is being orchestrated by each soul. Each soul that is on this planet as part of the planning and orchestration and so the timing is dependent upon each soul and what you would sometimes call critical mass and so myself and the hierarchy would only intervene if there was a state of emergency such as you are experiencing in the months previous to September when many souls awakened. Yes, we are here guiding, we are here assisting, but the shift is up to you, dear ones. And so you might wonder what you can do to assist this shift in occurring. Number one his trust in your knowing. Those of you who know that this is occurring despite external appearances, trust in this knowing for your holding space for the shift to occur as you trust in your knowing. Two – spend time in prayer and meditation. Prayer for your soul, prayer for the souls of others, prayers of gratitude of that this shift is occurring. Spend time in the quiet focusing on raising your own frequencies and vibrations so that you can usher in this shift. Get together in groups to call forth, to summon this shift. Get together in groups to pray and to meditate in gratitude. Dear one, this is a very special time and yes, those of you who are feeling the internal pressure, know that something massive is occurring. I invite you to stay in the sweetness of this knowing, not attached to any timeline or unfolding of certain events. Simply be in your state of allowing. Yes, pray and summon forth this shift and also allow. Allow whatever events to occur in the timing that they do. Allow this shift to unfold it its divinity and its beauty. I understand many of you are impatient, many of you are tired of doing this work. I thank you for your service, dear ones, and I ask you, if you would please, to continue to hold the light. I have said you shall receive your reward, you shall receive your heaven on earth. This is more of an ego understanding of why you would hold the light. In truth you are holding the light because this is what your soul desires and this is what you are made to do. It is the creation that you have created for yourself. It is what your soul wants. Each of you is holding the light in different ways. Each one of you is extremely important in this time and I thank you. I would like to offer transmission of sound through this channel. I invite you to breathe deeply into your hearts.


Thank you, dear ones, for receiving my love. Thank you, dear ones, for all you do. I could offer encouragement to feed the ego mind, to give you hope for this future of your heaven on earth but today, dear ones, what will serve you the most is to invite you to be in your state of allowing, to flow with life, to allow all events to occur in the manner which serves the highest and best good. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 19
Uploaded on 11/25/2015

Question 1: ((Implied Question) What gratitude would Prime Creator like to share in light of Thanksgiving?)

Answer 1: Dear ones, first I would like to express my gratitude for this channel and her willingness to bring forth this message.  In each video that she has offered, I make it a point to express my gratitude for the service that you, the light workers, are doing on this planet.  In this transmission I would like to express again how grateful I am for the service that each of you provide in your everyday lives.  Many of you, for a long, long time, many, many years not just in this lifetime but other lifetimes as well have offered your lives in service to this greater mission for you have been knowing that there would come a time on this planet that your soul in a physical body would have the opportunity to experience your heaven on earth, and so for eons of time you have given your lives in service to this greater mission so that all could have this experience of heaven on earth, and so, my dear ones, I would like for you to be able to feel the gratitude that I have for each of you.  I thank you.  I think you from the depths of my being for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.  I understand that your service is not always easy.  I understand that your service does not always feel good in your experience and yet you continue because in the depths of your being you desire to fulfill your soul mission to assist in creating heaven on your planet.  Dear ones, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do not only for yourselves but for all life everywhere.  It is quite important that you understand as you are in service to love, you are indeed serving all life everywhere.  The efforts that you bring forward ripple out into the ethers.  Your light is seen not only within this universe but in many other universes as well, dear ones.  Please understand your light is very powerful.  It is one thing to be an expression of light when you are not in a physical body; it is another thing entirely, dear ones, to bring your light into such a small container, into limiting paradigms that you have experienced.  To shine your light without fear is no small thing, dear ones, so I honor those of you who have chosen to do this.  And some of you, dear ones, in the midst of fear have stepped forward anyway.  Yes, indeed your cells remember other lifetimes where you are persecuted for shining your light and so it has been quite challenging for many of you to step up to this high level once again without fear of your life being taken.  Rest assured, dear ones, this time around is very different for now is the time that you have been creating for eons of time.  I thank you, dear ones.  Tune in now to the beating of your heart and in the pulse of your heart feel my love for you that courses through your body in these moments.  Breathe in deeply through your belly and feel the love.  Feel the love that I have for you as it penetrates your being, for I am you and you are me, and the level of love that I have for you is the level of love I ask you to have for yourself.  Thank you, dear ones.  My precious light workers who gives so much every day, your time is rapidly approaching.  Yes, it has always been your time but you understand what I mean when I say your time as quickly upon you now.  Thank you, dear ones.  I cherish you.  I love you.  I hold you in the highest regard as I walk with you.  Every day, every moment, I walk with you.  Thank you, dear ones.  I love you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 20
Uploaded on 12/13/2015

Question 1: If Prime Creator looks into a mirror, what does Prime Creator see?

Answer 1: Dear ones, this question is asked from a very human level for concepts such as these have no meaning for the energies of love and light and so if you would like me to translate it to a human understanding, what I would see is a pure light.

Question 2: Does Prime Creator have an agenda?

Answer 2: There is no agenda in terms of what humans typically understand as agenda. If I were to have an agenda it would be simply to expand into more love and light, to guide and protect each of your souls as you expand into more love and light.

Question 3: Is the current collective awakening occurring in humans on Earth on a soul level or is this on a conscious, human level?

Answer 3: It is both, dear ones. On a soul level, truly at the core, each soul is already awake. However, as we have discussed before, there is always opportunity for expansion and growth of the soul. This is why you are on your soul journey. On the human level, yes, there is much to be done and much to unfold in this regard. This mass awakening that is in progress at this time is very much at the human level as well as the galactic level, the universal level, for what happens on Earth is somewhat of a mirror for what is happening in other locations and so as humans awaken they are serving the collective and the expansion of all life in every location.

Question 4: In relation to this shift, how close are we to critical mass as far as the proportion of people who are awakened at this time?

Answer 4: Dear ones, at this time we are about at 75% of what is needed for critical mass. This is actually a very promising number for as each day passes the timelines for more awakening grow shorter as awakenings are occurring quite rapidly now. In the spectrum of what you have experienced with awakening in the past it will not take much time to reach critical mass. Keeping in mind it has taken eons of time, thousands, millions of years for you to achieve what you are now experiencing and so while 25% may seem like a long way to go, it is in fact a very beautiful number because it will occur much more quickly than the first 75%.

Question 5: Will the love and light energy embodied here as we shift to heaven on earth dissolve the harmful use of technologies such as chemtrails, HARP, artificial intelligence, and other harmful technologies?

Answer 5: Remember what we have discussed before, dear ones, that any technology, any being, anything of a vibration that does not match your heaven on earth will not be sustained here and so these technologies must transform and reach a different frequency for serving the highest good or they simply will no longer function. This is the simplest way to put this. There are more intricacies involved in this explanation, however, what is most important to know is that anything, whether it is a technology, a being, any vibration that does not serve the highest good, it will not be able to sustain itself for as a collective you are raising the frequencies so that you can experience your heaven on earth.

Question 6: It has been shared that each individual is on their own timeline which can shift in each moment and they can experience world events differently, so why is it that service to the collective from the human level is subject to the conditions of the current timeline?

Answer 6: There are many complexities to this understanding, dear ones. However, what would be helpful for you to understand is that there is one main timeline that the collective is working on. Because you are working as a collective to create your heaven on earth, because you are working as a collective to shift your experience on this planet, in order for the shift to work there must be harmony, a synchronicity. There must be a collaboration of timelines so while you are each on your own personal timeline for your ascension, for the collective awakening you must have some things in common in order to achieve what you wish you experience on this planet as a collective and a community. Dear ones, you, the light workers, you who’s souls have been working so diligently, I do understand that for some of you it is quite trying and your patience is growing thin for you have been at this for so long. Many of you have expressed your frustration your desire for a deep shift. Many of you have expressed you are tired of doing this work and that you wish for a big shift so that you can experience what it is that you desire. In many ways, dear ones, you are not experiencing the fullness of what you know is possible because you are holding the space for the collective to awaken. You are holding the space for this tipping point this was referred to earlier. I know this is not an easy task, dear ones, for you continue to work through much density. You continue to operate, at times, where there is illusion. Even though you understand as you are working in illusion, others do not and so in some ways you must still interact with it. I invite you, dear ones, you who are feeling weary, to command assistance from the light realm to regenerate your beings, to command inspirations to come to you. Ask to be taken in your sleep time to places of rejuvenation not only for your physical bodies, dear ones, but at a soul level. Yes, I am watching and protecting and I am observing that many of you truly are weary at a soul level and so you can also take retreats and respites when needed to recalibrate your energies for truly in your core you desire to do this service. This is why you came to this experience on planet Earth and in order to continue this service you must also rejuvenate yourselves and so ask for help, ask for assistance from the light realm, ask for assistance from your human brothers and sisters as well. Many of you feel alone. In truth you are not alone. There are many of you doing this work together. Do what you can to connect with each other.

Question 7: Is there any additional updated information about current timeline?

Answer 7: Dear ones, I will share with you what has been happening in the realms that you do not see so that you can have an understanding of all of these moving pieces that this grand creation requires. In the light realms we have been offering ourselves each moment, availing ourselves to assist you. This is not something that most of you will see and so it is important to ask for this assistance because we are here waiting to serve. When I say ‘we’, I mean the legions of angels, archangels, your galactic family, planetary light beings, universal light beings, the Elohim, the Seraphim, and many many more. Slowly, as the awakening on planet Earth continues, we are able to come closer and closer to you in a more physical experience. You can speed up this physical experience by asking for our help. You can speed up this physical experience by commanding our presence on your planet and what is being created is a network of light around your planet. This is something that is a fairly new. It is not something we were able to do it millions of years ago, for in your freedom of choice too many had chosen darkness. Now that more are choosing the light we are able to create this network of light around your planet. This network of light provides for you fresh air, not in the physical sense of oxygen but fresh air for your rejuvenation. This energy of regenerating, of awakening, is available to you through this network of light. The beautiful thing, dear ones, is all you need to do is ask to be plugged into this network so that you can receive these beautiful energies of love and light that are available for you. Ask on behalf of your friends and family members. Now, this only works if they are willing to receive, even if it is only at the soul level. The receiving will be limited depending on how much they are willing to receive and awaken but you can still ask and in this way serve the collective energies. For the more that are plugged into this network, the more quickly you will see the shift occur. Now, as I have spoken before, you would see things in your experience that do not seem reflective of your heaven and earth. This will continue to occur until the tipping point and so it is important to stay focused on what it is that you are creating. Do not allow yourselves to become distracted by lower vibrating energies by the media which would want to instill fear, for this is a form of control and you, my dear light workers, are much beyond this. You do not need to be controlled by fear. You know better, dear ones, and so please choose, choose to focus on the light, choose to stay plugged in to this light network. Yes, there is more that is occurring. As events play out and unfold on planet Earth the light work, the light realm continues to be quite busy working with your DNA, working with your physical bodies, your emotional bodies, your mental bodies to the extent that you ask and allow for this help to come in. Each time there is an event on your planet that seems to resonate with the frequencies of darkness many more are awakening and in this awakening the light realm moves closer and closer to planet Earth. This network of light grow stronger. New connections are made within this network. What is harmful about social media is that fear can be spread quite quickly. What is beneficial about social media is that the light, kindness, love and compassion can be spread quite quickly and so as you experience these events on your planet, if you would like to be in service respond to these events with love. Many of you are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, Twitter and others. Begin posting uplifting images, uplifting words, not only in response to events but simply in your daily habits. If you are not using social media, you are still sending out your love through your vibrations. Dear ones, I ask you to do everything that you can to emanate love from your beings and this does include making sure you take care of yourself, making sure you find ways to nourish and nurture yourself so that you can continue to be in service in the way that you would choose. It may also be helpful for you to know, dear ones, that each being that associates with the darkness has light beings assigned to him or her. That soul is working, on a soul level, with the light beings. This kind of activity has been increasing in the past months, as even the souls engaged with the darkness are beginning to long and yearn for the light and so even if it is a tiny longing, light beings are allowed to get closer to this soul and to work at a very deep level to integrate more light into that soul. And so there are many things like this occurring under the radar, dear ones, that you may never see from your human eyes and yet are very important in creating this collective shift for your heaven on earth. I understand that many of you would like to have a specific timeframe. When will the shift occur? Prime Creator, tell us, give us some hope. And yet, dear ones, this timeline is not up to me. Remember we have spoken about each soul is creating this together and so it is up to you. It is up to each soul in the collective. If you are one who feels like you have been doing so much to hold the light and energy for this shift and you feel like it is too much for you, there is no judgment, dear one, if you need to take a retreat or a vacation from your service. Take time to nurture yourself so that you can come back renewed and restored. Sometimes you feel like you are doing this alone but in truth there are millions and millions of light beings, some in human form, many not, that are assisting this shift and yes, your role is deeply and vastly important but if you step away for a week not everything will fall apart, dear one, for this network of light is holding the energy as well and so do not feel like you need to do it on your own. This is an old pattern that it is time for you to release. Light workers work together. Whether you know another light worker or not, you are working together in the etheric realms and on the soul levels and so you are never alone, dear one. In this moment I invite you to take a deep breath and breathe in the energies of rejuvenation and regeneration that are here for you now. Ask to be plugged in to this network of light that is surrounding your planet. I thank you, dear ones, for your service.

Question 8: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video?

Answer 8: Dear ones, I can still hear your questions about when, when, when will the shift occur. Part of your mastery, dear ones, is to live in each moment, to not concern yourself with timelines but to work with what you have in your current experience, to use the gifts talents and skills that you have now. Yes, many of you know what is possible, that there is much more available to you as this collective experiences a shift. However, there is much available to you now as well and it is important in developing your mastery to learn how to live in the flow of each moment. Yes, anticipate the future, anticipate and be excited about what is coming for these frequencies of excitement are creating your future reality and be in gratitude for what is occurring now. Be in gratitude for your current experience. I could say this shift will occur in three months or three years but, dear ones, you are more intelligent than this. You understand that timelines are constantly shifting and so I respect your intelligence, dear one, and I ask you to develop your mastery in this now moment, for, as masters, you can create your reality with much more proficiency. Yes, it is practice. Yes, it is discipline and it is what is required as you travel your journey, for this is why you are here, to master this experience, to transmute this experience into your heaven in the here and now, not when all of the planet are awakened but in this moment, dear ones. Do you understand? Practice your mastery in this moment and as you do so, you will experience a personal heaven on earth. It will not be the same as the collective for there will be much more of a sense of community with the collective awakening but do not hold yourself back from your personal heaven on earth just because your neighbor does not understand what that term means. You are capable of these things, dear ones. Remember your mastery. Many of you have expressed that the transmission of sound that came through this channel and the last video was helpful for you and so I offer this again.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 21
Uploaded on 12/23/2015

Question 1: ((Implied Question) Is there anything Prime Creator would like to share during this holiday time?)

Answer 1: Dear ones, first I would like to thank each of you for the work you are doing to hold the light. I know this is not always an easy assignment for you and so I wish for you to know how grateful I am to each of you for all you are doing to hold the light and to expand it out so that it impacts life, so that it impacts your ascension and the ascension of all souls. Thank you, dear ones. We have been talking through this channel for quite some time now about the coming heaven on earth that you will be experiencing. Many in these moments, including this channel, are experiencing quite interesting polarity. Dear ones, what is now occurring is a massive shift into your heaven and anything that resides within your being that is of lesser vibration that cannot go with you into heaven is now being shaken loose, it is now being stirred up, brought to the surface for your awareness. As always, dear ones, you have a choice. You can put this under the rug or you can acknowledge and face what it is that you are feeling and release and transmute and integrate and become the masters that you are so that you can enter your heaven. This will not be a sudden shift as we were discussing about the shift in September. This is a more gradual shift and so in order to develop your true mastery you are now facing all that is within you that cannot go with you into your heaven and so, dear ones, do not be afraid. Do not be afraid to look upon your shadows, to look upon the darkest parts of your being, for when you shine the light upon the deepest darkest parts of yourself you will find your freedom. Yes, it is not always easy to feel. It is not always easy to see what lurks in the shadows but dear ones, what awaits you on the other side of this journey is your true freedom and so if you are currently experiencing density coming into your awareness, density that you thought you had healed and cleared a long time ago, do not despair, dear ones, for you are bringing more light into the darkness. Very recently you have experienced on your planet what you call solstice and so for those of you who are moving into longer days and more light, you can use this time as a metaphor for what is occurring in a more expanded state. Indeed more and more light is flooding your planet, more and more light is flooding your hearts. Many of you are experiencing heart palpitations and sensations in and around your heart. All is well, dear ones. You are simply expanding and assimilating and integrating more light into your hearts. This is a beautiful time indeed, dear ones. Always take the larger perspective when you can, do not allow yourselves to get lost in your shadow as it comes into your awareness. Rather, understand that as you look into the darkness within your being that you are bringing the light and as you bring the light to your own self, you are bringing the light to all and this is how you, as part of the collective, ushers in heaven. This is how you create experiencing your heaven on this planet by shining the light on the darkness. Dear ones, I wish to speak with you also about December 25, where you will be experiencing your full moon at 11:11 universal time. Dear ones, if you are awake at this time, awake as and not in your sleep state, I invite you to focus on your heart energies and with all of your emotion, get clear about what you desire to experience in your world for this is a grand time of manifestation. This is a grand time to usher in your heaven, your experience of heaven on earth. If this is during your sleep time then I invite you to write down what it is that you desire and to leave it out in the open so that the energies of the full moon can connect with your desires. In this way it will not matter if you are awake or asleep, you are still in creation. Dear ones, now is the time to create what it is that you desire. It is not time to be shy about your wishes. It is time to take a stand for what your heart and soul is telling you. Listen closely, dear ones. Your soul has much to share with you about what it desires, for when you are receiving at the level of your souls desires all is in alignment and your manifestations are easy and flowing. Yes, if you wish to share some ego desires this is fine as well. Simply know if it is an ego desire, the fulfillment may be shorter lasting than the fulfillment that comes from a soul desire and there is nothing wrong in this, dear ones. Simply have this understanding. Dear ones, by stating what you desire, by writing it down, by sending it out through your heart in meditation, however it is that you wish to create, by stating your hearts desires you have great potential at this time as a collective to usher in your heaven on earth and so I will say it again, dear ones, this is not a time to be shy or hold back or limit yourself for what you truly desire, for your mind may tell you but this is not possible, this is not reasonable, this is not practical. Ah, dear ones, if it is a soul desire it does not matter of the practicality. Soul desires do not need to be reasonable or achievable. That is not what this is about, dear ones. Soul desires are expansive, freeing, enlightening, awakening, and so do not limit yourselves and what you ask for at this time. Allow yourselves to be in your full power through your hearts, to receive, to receive deeply and with expansiveness. How would you like to see your world? How would you like to interact with other beings? Ask for all of it now, dear ones, and remember when you ask, to ask for the assistance of the light beings that are around you. Since our last conversation, dear ones, the light grid enfolding planet Earth is growing stronger and brighter. Have you plugged in? It is not too late, dear ones, ask to be plugged in to this light network that is surrounding your dear planet and in the true power of the light, command, claim and receive what it is that you desire from your soul. Your heart will translate these messages from your soul into your understanding and so listen, listen to your hearts. Listen deeply to all that is in your being and in this time allow the light to shine upon your shadows so that you may free yourself and move into your heaven. I thank you, dear ones, for your service, for embodying greater and greater amounts of light, for holding onto your knowing of what is possible and what is coming. Yes, all are in different timelines, however, the more of you that receive your heaven, the quicker the collective can experience this also and so now is the time for you to claim your heaven. Be bold in your asking. Be bold and unabashed in your receiving. Do not be ashamed or feel guilty to have, to experience wealth and abundance. Share, share what you have. Share what you receive from your heart so that all may experience the frequency of the love that you give. Thank you, dear ones. I love you.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 22
Uploaded on 01/08/2016

Question 1: What is the best way to handle intense emotional experiences such as anger and impatience?

Answer 1: Dear ones, this is an intense time that we are now going through and so you may find that many emotional experiences that you have not had before suddenly come into your field. What is happening for many light workers at this time is that deep, dark, hidden density that previous to now you were not equipped to handle is coming into your experience so that you can transmute and move on. This channel speaks about expanding the emotional range and so part of what you can do at this time is to do your best to accept all emotional experiences. We have spoken about mastery many times, dear ones, and this is simply another step in that journey of mastery, to learn how to use the power of your emotion in acceptance and to learn how to use the power of your emotion as fuel to serve the light. When you experience an emotion such as anger, yes, it can be very intense and so there are a few things you can do. First, acknowledge the emotion. Allow it to be experienced by your being and then ask what is this about on a deeper level. What is it that I can understand from this? Why is this being experienced by my being at this time? Ask these questions, understanding that not always do you need an answer to move through it but for some it is quite helpful to have answers for these things and when you have gained the understanding of why you are experiencing these emotions then you can use them very powerfully. Should they come up again you can say ‘ah, yes I know this and this is what I will do, this is how I will harness the power of this emotion to move forward’. Because you are still experiencing polarity it is important to gain mastery over these intense emotions. As you allow yourself to experience the lower vibrating emotions you also allow yourself to enhance your experience of the higher vibrating emotions, thus expanding your emotional range, being able to handle more and more power for emotions are all about power, dear ones, and when you can come into loving acceptance of yourself and the emotion you are experiencing then you can harness your true power. Each emotion teaches something different and so if you choose to explore this mastery you can begin to get familiar with what each emotion can teach you, with what each emotion has to offer you. It is different for different beings, dear ones, and so it is a journey for you to go inward. Yes, there are teachers that may be able to help you that have paved the way and it may be helpful for you to enlist the help of a mentor or teacher in this regard. It is also a very important in dealing with all emotions to understand that your emotional body is indeed a part of you and so to examine are there any woundings in your emotional body where you can find your wholeness, where you could heal. Of course as a light worker you have had many past lifetimes of wounding of the emotional body because of persecution and even death for standing for the light. Many of you still have many holes and tears in your emotional body and so it is important to address this, dear ones.

Question 2: Is Sri Sathya Sai Baba returning in human form on Earth as predicted by the swamis?

Answer 2: Yes, dear ones. At this current time, the timeline for his appearance is for this year of 2016. He along with many other ascended masters, Jesus or Yeshua, Krishna, the Buddha, and a few others will be taking human form to assist the collective in the transition or the transitions, rather, that will be experienced on planet Earth. This is an auspicious time, dear ones.

Question 3: Is there any limitations these ascended masters will experience in physical form or will they retain their abilities?

Answer 3: They will retain most of their abilities, dear ones. There is ultimately a limitation whenever coming into physical form. However, they will be teaching and demonstrating for you how to evolve past these limitations of your physical form so that you can do those things that you know are possible for you such as teleportation, telekinesis, etc. These masters will be showing you and giving you templates for those who choose to evolve to this level.

Question 4: This channel hears about many exciting things that were predicted to have happened already this year. While she understands changing timelines, it seems to her that if galactic disclosure and the global currency reset were to occur now, it would serve to assist humanity in their awakening. Could you give us some insight as to what we might be waiting for?

Answer 4: In a previous conversation, dear ones, we discussed a network of light that is being constructed around your planet at this time. The best way to describe this is that what you do not see that is now occurring is that many connections are being plugged in, for we do not wish to unveil the transition before the time is ripe. As an example, should galactic disclosure occur in this now moment, there would be some circuitry that would be blown, so to speak, some connections that would be destroyed for some of these connections are not yet strong enough to handle such an influx of light. Rest assured, dear ones, this is rapidly changing. All is occurring at a very great pace now. However, there are a few points of connection that need to be strengthened for in order for this transition to be smooth and solid, this network of light needs to be strong and secure. We can leave no room for error, dear ones, for this is a great undertaking indeed. And so, what you do not see is the plugging in of many connections to strengthen this light network around your planet and to each being. As more and more plug into the network this network is strengthened, for part of the strength of this network comes from each soul on your planet. Remember also we spoke of critical mass. While we do not need a hundred percent of the souls to be plugged into this network, for the greatest success we need about 95%. Not all souls will realize that they are plugged in or will have any awareness of what is going on but their higher aspects know and so some souls at this time are continuing to play in darkness and polarity and so you may ask, “How is it that we as light workers could assist the shift? What is it that we can do to speed things up?” For, yes, dear ones, I know many of you are losing patience. One of the things you can do, dear one, is to plug in every morning and every night. Every morning when you wake up, renew your connection to the light network. Every night before you go to sleep, renew your connection to the night network. Also, strengthen the love that is within your hearts and send it out to all hearts in all beings, for what this does when you send out your love, specifically to connect with other hearts, is that those who are not awake are given such a dose of love and light that they begin to awaken, even if in imperceptible ways at first. They begin to awaken, dear ones, and the more awake each being becomes, the stronger the light network grows. So, yes, you may see a few changes in your government, in your financial systems and in other areas of your physical experience. We will only allow what the the light network will be able to support. And so there are two possible scenarios that we are working with at this time. There may be a sudden shift where everything happens at once or there may be an unfolding of events, things unfolding and occurring one by one according to what the light network can handle. As always, decisions such as these are handled in the consideration of each soul. I do not make unilateral decisions for things such of this nature. However, each soul is consulted to see what could bring the best possible outcome. For those of you who are feeling impatient it is critical at this time to focus on gratitude, to focus on building the love energy within your hearts. You will be of the best assistance to yourself and to the collective in this way. Yes, if you need to have a tantrum and express your emotion find a safe way to release this pent-up energy and then come back into focus with gratitude, expanding the love within your hearts. There is one more thing that you can do, dear ones. You can ask to have the experience of the shift in your dreamtime, for what this does is it sets the template in your emotional body, in your spiritual body, in your mental body, and, yes, even in your physical bodies. I will use this channel as an example. She recently had a dream of her star brothers and sisters landing on planet Earth and what she felt in her body in the dream was relief and high levels of joy and this reset her emotional field and this also strengthened her connection to the light network and so each of you can do the same. You may or may not remember the dream but the result is the same with or without a remembering. Whatever it is that you wish to experience in your heaven on earth, ask to experience it first in the dreamtime so that you can put yourself in a position of alignment with your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies. This will serve to speed up, if you will, your experience of heaven on earth. At this time, dear ones, I would like to offer up this channel to give you a transmission of sound, specifically to break up some of the density within your being. As you hear this information many emotions may rise up for you. Many of you are feeling frustration and so this transmission will be specifically to soothe your being and to assist a graceful easy release of any density you are willing to let go of at this time. Toning Prime Creator: Dear ones, breathe deeply into your being. Allow these energies to integrate into your hearts.

Question 5: Max recently shared a dream with this channel about the energetic origins of human. Is there clarity to this experience?

Answer 5: Yes, dear one. Because of your relationship with magic and wizardry, you are being downloaded information about where you came from, about where humans came from. You will share this information with others at some point, dear one. For now, record it in some way so that you can put the pieces together as the information comes to you. You are not alone in this experience. Others are receiving information in their dream times. Dear ones, if you wish to be of service with this information, I invite you to record it in some way. Write it down, make a video, record an audio so that you can remember precisely the details, for there are details that you will be connecting as you receive more information, so that you can then share with others when the time is right. For now, each of you who are playing this role, I invite you to stay open and receptive to this information. As I invited you to ask what you would like to experience in your dreamtime, you can also asked to receive information that is needed for the collective enlightenment in your dreamtime. I thank you for any and all of your service.

Question 6: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share those watching this video at this time?

Answer 6: Dear ones, I invite you to pay attention to the cycles of your universe, alignments within your galaxy, full moons, new moons, weather patterns for there are alignments of energy that occur at specific times. You can make the use of the energies that come with these alignments in your manifesting, for your dreamtime, for your creations and thus enhance the power of love that you wish to share with yourself and others. Yes, you can hire an astrologer or you can simply look on your Internet as much information is readily available. Begin to familiarize yourself more with your universe. Yes, I understand I am always telling you to look within. In this case, dear ones, I invite you to look without, to expand your understanding of what different alignments mean, of the numerology and the astrology various alignments. Dear ones, I thank you. Feel my heart in this moment. I thank you for your service, for your patience, for holding and embodying the knowing on this coming shift within your hearts and your beings. As you hold the knowing of the energetic changes and shifts that are occurring, you bring more into your physical experience. I thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 23
Uploaded on 01/19/2016

Question 1: What is the name of this universe?

Answer 1: Dear ones, there are many names for this universe depending on whom you ask. The information I am giving this channel she is not quite able to decipher. Ask this question again at another time please.

Question 2: Can you explain the difference between the fourth and fifth dimensions?

Answer 2: There are several differences, dear ones. First, in the fifth dimension nothing is hidden. Everything is transparent. In the fourth dimension some things may still be hidden. Second, the fifth dimension is centered in the heart, whereas the fourth dimension is centered more within the intellect. In the fourth dimension the heart is beginning to be accessed more than the third dimension but there is still much intellect and ego involved, whereas the fifth dimension does not engage the ego in the same way. In the fifth dimension the ego is engaged in a way that allows. The ego is an assistant rather than the one that is dominant. The ego serves the heart and the higher frequencies rather than being allowed to take over as in the third dimension and sometimes in the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension has more density. The frequencies in the fifth dimension are much higher than the fourth dimension. This is true as you go up each dimension, dear ones. The frequencies become lighter and higher as you move into higher dimensions. It is explained this way for your understanding, however, the truth is much more encompassing but because of the way your minds work in a linear fashion it is explained in this way for your understanding. In the fifth dimension there are many beings of light, some of whom you see some of whom you do not. In the fourth dimension there are still beings that are working out their polarity, beings of heavier density and heavier vibration. The fifth dimension moves away from polarity and the fourth dimension continues to engage with polarity. Fifth dimensional energies have a clarity of pristine energy, whereas the fourth dimension energies still have some muddledness. Sometimes in the fourth dimension the matrix, the hologram is still engaged with in this dimension, whereas in the fifth dimension you move out of the matrix. You evolve past the hologram. There is much less limitation in the fifth dimension, whereas the fourth dimensional energies continue to engage with some limitation, not as much as the third dimension. It is a steppingstone between the third and fifth dimensions.

Question 3: Does incarnating into a human body accelerate soul expansion in a significant way?

Answer 3: Ah yes, dear ones, I have been awaiting this question, for this question reflects your deeper understanding of why you have come to this planet Earth. By taking form in the human body on Gaia, by coming into such great density as we have discussed in previous conversations, you take an evolutionary leap in your soul’s growth. As many of you are aware, there are billions of souls who wish to incarnate into human form on your planet Gaia. You, dear ones, have been chosen and you have agreed to come in service to the light and part of this service is coming into the density, coming into the hologram, the limitation, the darkness that you have experienced and in remembering who you are as love and light, you bring great streams of love and light energy to this planet, thus expanding your soul and accelerating its growth. It is a very auspicious to be in human form remembering who you are is love and light and so for those of you who have chosen this path I thank you for your service. The light realm congratulates you, observes, guides and protects in admiration and awe of your courage and stamina. Thank you, dear ones.

Question 4: Is this same quality reflected by beings incarnated in forms other than humans or is part of the darkness dealing with the ego experienced in human form?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one. Part of this darkness is dealing with ego as you have been relating to the ego although some of you have evolved past this. It certainly makes it more challenging or more of an opportunity for growth in dealing with the human ego as some of the lightforms and etheric light bodies and such are not dealing with the ego in the way that you are in human form and so this is an added challenge or added growth opportunity for your soul.

Question 5: In order to ascend is it necessary to release all creations, positive or negative?

Answer 5: Another beautiful question, dear ones. Yes, you are evolving now. You see beyond ordinary matters and ask the questions that really matter. I thank you. Allow me to explain a bit about how this works. In this lifetime, in parallel lifetimes, in previous lifetimes and future lifetimes, you have been and are constantly creating with your thoughts, with your emotions, with your intentions, and when your goal becomes ascension, then this is the creation that you put most of your energy towards. Yes, I understand because you are still operating within the limited matrix where you must earn money and support yourself etc., that you must put some of your focus on these things. However, the more focus you can bring to your ascension, the more you understand that you must clear away and release and surrender all creations that do not point to your ascension, that do not support your ascension and so looking at the larger perspective you may see that in earning money for yourself to take care of your physicals being, your spiritual being, your mental and emotional beings, this is supporting your ascension, do you see? And with your intentions to experience your ascension, you are creating your ascension and so to understand this, dear ones, if you have not released and transmuted other creations, no matter if they are of a positive or negative nature, some of your energy is still working towards these creations and so to become clear and focused on creating your ascension it is quite important indeed to release all other creations. This is a process that would be wise to be revisited at least once a month as you are evolving very rapidly now and what you are creating a month ago may no longer be relevant for this now moment and so to address what are you creating in this now moment? Does it fully support your ascension? If not, do you wish to create something else and what were you creating a month ago? Is it still relevant for your ascension? If not, release and transmute and allow yourself to create in this now moment. This is a very powerful process, dear ones. I thank you for asking this question, for bringing light to this understanding. For when you can focus fully and completely on raising your vibrations, on your ascension, your path will be accelerated and magnified and the light that you embody and share with others is expanded and magnified, thus assisting your own path as well as the collective. Again, I thank you, dear ones.

Question 6: Is the process of releasing and transmuting creations accelerated as one increases their frequency?

Answer 6: Yes, dear one, for you become clearer and able to see what it is that you need to release and transmute and your transmutation abilities are amplified with higher vibrations and frequencies.

Question 7: Is there anything we can work on to learn to learn how to dematerialize and ascend before Ascended Masters arrive to teach us these things?

Answer 7: There are the standard things you have been working on, dear ones. Acceptance, allowing, gratitude, all of these things are assisting in raising your vibration. For those of you who are choosing dematerialization as part of your ascension experience, these energies of gratitude and allowing and acceptance are very important in this process. Also very important in this process is mastering the physical body to the best of your ability. Those of you dealing with illness, sickness, what your souls are working on at this time is mastery of the physical body, learning how to listen to the messages of the body, learning how to release and transmute, learning how to be an acceptance while you create change in the physical body. When you get to the point where you can release illness and transmute, you have reached a certain level of your physical mastery. As you practice transmuting other energies in your environment you are also practicing with the energies that will eventually lead you to understand dematerialization. For example, blessing your food, raising the frequencies of the food that you eat, blessing your environment, raising the frequencies of your own home and the environments in which you travel. I will give you an exercise, dear ones. The next time you go into the grocery store to purchase your food, go in with the intention to transform your environment. If you meet someone in the store look them in the eyes, send them love from your heart and give them a smile and watch how they transform. When you pay for your food do this with the cashier and watch how they transform. Go in with the intention to leave an energy trail of love behind you, to pave the way of your path in the store, to pave the way with love so that you are walking in love, so that you are being love, so that you leave love wherever you travel. There are many other scenarios and applications for this, dear ones. Go with what calls to your heart and how you feel led. I wanted to start with this as an example.

Question 8: Will everyone experience galactic disclosure or will this only be experienced on certain timelines?

Answer 8: Dear ones, eventually everyone will experience this. Some have already experienced this. What we are working with now is preparing each soul and because some souls are more ready, when the big event occurs the initial push for galactic disclosure, the initial unfolding, many will experience meeting their star brothers and sisters. However, those that are not ready at a soul level will not experience this immediately. Yes, there will be announcements on TV. The souls who see this and are not ready, it will be as if they do not see it at all. In a way, it will not register fully and completely. They will feel like they have had a dream of some sort. It will be a bit disorienting for them and so it will provide them with the initial energies that are required in order to be ready to meet their star brothers and sisters but they will not see them right away as others will. In a sense, it is all one timeline as there will be this initial unfolding of this event and in another way, each soul is on its own timeline for the receiving of these energies, for the acknowledgment of this as their truth.

Question 9: When critical mass is reached, will everyone on Earth be able to create their heaven on earth if they desire or will some be able to come and go into different dimensions?

Answer 9: Yes, dear ones. It will be heaven on earth for some to come and go as they please. Yes, as this unfolds those souls that desire will be able to create their heaven on earth and those souls that desire will be traveling to other dimensions, some returning to earth and having what you might call a home base on Gaia and some traveling through other dimensions, stopping infrequently to visit this planet Earth. It will be a time of much rejoicing, fun and play. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting this time. I thank you for your patience and I invite you to continue working with your frequencies so that you can experience your heaven on earth on your own timeline, as you are ready, whether other souls are ready or not.

Question 10: Is there a potential gap between critical mass and the unfolding of galactic disclosure, monetary reform, and new government as world events?

Answer 10: Dear ones, there is this potential for what you would call a gap. When critical mass is reached it is possible that souls will decide that they wish to continue working on their mastery before the unfolding of these global universal events and so while many of you are quite eager to get on with it, as this channel would say, as always it is up to the souls, the hierarchy, and the decisions that we make together. It is not clear-cut or black-and-white, dear ones, for the ultimate goal in all of this is your ascension, the expansion and evolution of your souls, and so you are always deciding at a soul level what would bring the most evolution, what would bring the most expansion for the soul.

Question 11: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 11: There is something that this channel is working on for herself that I would like to share as there are many souls who are ready for this step. At this time she is integrating her soul aspect. This soul aspect that is in heaven. As she integrates it into her experience in the human form, she will then be experiencing heaven on earth. There are many of you who are ready for this step. If you have been working on integrating other soul aspects you may ask your higher self, your I AM presence, am I ready to integrate my heavenly soul aspect and if you get a yes, you can then intend to go through this process. Because she is a sensitive being this is not necessarily an easy process to experience, however, she has called it forth. Because many of you are sensitive beings it may be an interesting experience for the physical body, for the emotional body and so before you ask and intend for this to happen, please have the understanding that it will be a time to be quite gentle with your being, to allow deep nourishment of your being and to come into full acceptance that things are as they are and to be grateful for who you are and all that you have. These are good ideas whether or not you are integrating this aspect, dear ones. However, for those of you who are ready for the step it is even more important for you to attend to these ideas. Much information is coming through many channels at this time for what lay ahead in 2016. Yes, while we are working on many grand unfolding’s, I invite you, dear ones, not to become attached to any timeline. We have discussed this several times and so you are well versed in the understanding of timelines and how they can shift and change and at this time, timelines are rapidly shifting and changing and so while much is being projected and forecasted for your year of 2016, I invite you to go about your lives with your focus on ascension as we discussed earlier and to go about your lives in gratitude, acceptance, and allowing. Yes, work with your magic, work with your creations and your manifestations. Bring your heaven on to Earth and allow to be what is to be, at the proper time, at the proper season. Thank you, dear ones, for your service, for your patience, for your co-creation of heaven on earth. Each of you are valuable. Each of you is important in this process. I thank you for all that you are doing to serve. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 24
Uploaded on 01/31/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, is plan nine the last plan from outer-space?

Answer 1: I will be very direct with you, dear ones. There are a few flaws in this question. In looking at the grand perspective there is no such thing as outer-space. In numbering a plan, this does not work in our understanding. There are infinite possibilities, infinite combination, combinations of plans. There is no way to answer this question to gain the desired answer for it is asked from a limited perspective when we are unlimited beings. Yes, dear ones, we are unlimited. Remember this, dear ones. I am glad you asked this question for gives the opportunity for you to remember that you are unlimited and infinite. Is the plan nine the last plan? No, dear ones. There are infinite possibilities, infinite combinations of how life and events might unfold.

Question 2: Can you provide any insight about possible natural disasters in the United States? Is there energy behind this at this time?

Answer 2: Yes, dear ones, there is some energy behind this at this time. However, as we have discussed before, myself and the hierarchy and all the light beings are working quite diligently with your souls so that as many of these as possible can be avoided. Right now there is energy around Texas, energy in Florida, and so if you wish to serve, in your state of allowing send love and light to these geographical locations. This the can shift in an instant, dear one, and so if you do not hear news about this, this is good. This means this energy has shifted. It does not mean it will not shift somewhere else. As we spoke about in the previous question, there are infinite possibilities. I am simply sharing what is occurring in this moment. With your love emanating from your hearts, you serve to raise the frequency of all geographical locations and so if you wish to serve, continue to raise your own frequency. I thank you, dear ones.

Question 3: Can you give us any details about the US presidential election in November 2016?

Answer 3: Yes, dear ones, this is quite an interesting time indeed and we shall see how all unfolds. What is occurring now is a sort of puppet show, you might say. I do not mean this in a derogatory sense. What this means is that what you see in your media is all for show and should the timeline shift and it does come to fruition where one is selected in the typical processes of your past timelines, this is a possibility. However, from a higher perspective, what we are working on is an emerging new government system, not only for the US but for the globe. Your dear Gaia is rapidly shifting along with your government systems that are much outdated, steeped in illusion and ready to be re-birthed. Using this analogy, the new baby is ready to come out of the womb but the environment is not quite ready to support the new baby and so we are working with all souls to cultivate an environment that will support new government. It is our sincerest wish and desire that this can happen for you before the elections in November. Yes, as prime creator I have no agenda – it is only to love, to be love and light. However, I do work with light beings and your souls and so when I say it is our sincerest wish and desire, this is what I am referring to, dear ones, and so I invite you to hold the light for new government to be born before November 2016 if this is something that your soul desires, dear ones.

Question 4: Is there momentum behind the idea of debt-forgiveness or restructuring of the student loan system in the US within the next several years?

Answer 4: Ah yes, dear ones. While you are not seeing this yet in your external reality, much has been done behind the scenes in order for this to occur. All of this is in alignment with new government, galactic disclosure, monetary reform, and all of these other events that you are eagerly anticipating. So while you do not see these things in your physical reality at this time, on a large scale what many of you are experiencing are various pains in your bodies, lightheadedness, heart palpitations. All of these things for many signify energetic shifts, upgrades in your DNA and in your systems, so that you will be ready to receive these unfolding events.

Question 5: Can you give us any detail on possible upcoming global economic disruption in the US, China, and Greece?

Answer 5: Dear ones, this is where it is very important to keep your focus on love and this is how you can serve. Yes, again, there are infinite possibilities. Many could experience this as tragedy. However, as many of you know you can jump timelines so that you can experience the unfolding events as your heaven on earth. Keeping your perspective on love will help you to understand the unfolding events. You may see things that look very dark and low vibrational. However, from a higher perspective when you understand what needs to happen in the dismantling of the old paradigm it will be easier to maintain your focus on love, to understand that things must fall apart before they can be put back together. Yes, of course we are working to allow this transition to be quite smooth. However, if you hold fear within your being we cannot disrupt this experience for you unless you ask for assistance, of course, but if you choose fear you may have difficult experiences in the times to come. If you can however maintain the higher perspective, you will see there is no reason to fear, that this is simply a transition that must occur. Keep your eyes focused on love, dear ones, so that you can assist in creating a smooth transition for all, even though the choose fear. I thank you, dear ones.

Question 6: Can you give us a specific example of what heaven on earth will look like for the collective in the future?

Answer 6: Dear ones, take some time to imagine what this would be for you. Many of you are eagerly awaiting the time where you experience free energy, not only for yourself but for all on Gaia. Many are eagerly awaiting the time where you freely interact with love, with your star brothers and sisters, where lies and illusion finally dissolve, where you are released from your hologram and you can eat freely the highest vibrational food for it is abundant in your experience, where the system of exchange does not rely on limitation or one having more or less than, where each freely shares of his or her gifts, and if there’s something you’d like to exchange with another you offer your gift and they offer their’s, there is an equal flow of energy between you and a friend amongst you and a group. In this heaven on earth Gaia is at peace. The troublesome spots created by humans such as oil spills and landfills, these are dissolved with your new technologies. Gaia is whole and healed and you interact with her in a way that you have not interacted with her before. You breathe together. You have an intimate understanding of each other, a harmonious relationship. Trust is restored you no longer fear natural disasters because they no longer need to occur. She no longer fears human destruction because this no longer resides in your beings. As you feel the energy of this, dear ones, I invite you to take a deep breath. Hold this energy in your heart. Allow peace to be restored within your being. Thank you, dear ones.

Question 7: What percent of critical mass of awakened souls are we currently at?

Answer 7: Dear ones, we are currently at 87%.

Question 8: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share those watching this video at this time?

Answer 8: Dear ones I would like to offer an explanation of what is occurring for some of you at this time. What we previously have referred to as ascension symptoms – heart palpitations, pressure in the head, lightheadedness, and many other things that you are experiencing in your body’s, very rapidly now many of you are accepting and allowing these changes within your beings. Your DNA is being upgraded at this time. Your inner vision is being opened. If you are feeling pressure in your head, you are releasing and receiving simultaneously. Many are now receiving frequencies from their star brothers and sisters in preparation for their arrival in a tangible way. Yes, they are already with you and among you but you are preparing yourselves to see them with your physical eyes and to interact with them in a new way. If you are feeling pressure at your third eye, your inner vision is being expanded, your inner knowing, your seeing is being elevated and amplified. That is one reason why this channel is wearing this halo around her head. It is enhancing her inner vision and her perception. She was guided to do this by her Arcturian friends. Dear ones, you do not need a halo around your head for this to occur, this is simply what she was guided to. If you feel palpitations within your heart, your heart energy is expanding. If this is uncomfortable for you, dear ones, simply place a hand upon your heart and with gratitude and love, nourish your heart and say thank you, thank you for allowing this expansion, I hear you, I receive you, thank you. If you are feeling extreme fatigue or even periods of exhaustion, take time to rest, dear ones, for the physical body requires time to integrate the new frequencies that you are receiving. You can also ask that you integrate with efficiency and in this way you will have an easier experience of these energies coming in. Yes, many more of you are having many other symptoms. Take time to rest. Drink pure water. Eat the highest vibrational foods. Spend time in nature. These things will allow a more efficient integration of the new energies. Dear ones, do your best to allow and except. What you are experiencing now is preparing you for your heaven on earth. It is preparing you for the events that are to come. For, yes, we are closer and closer to the time where you will see events unfold that you have only dreamed about, that you have known were going to happen. They are finally coming to fruition. I say they are coming to fruition very soon, dear ones. Now this channel and her beloved had a conversation about my use of the words very soon, for my perception of time and yours are quite different, dear ones, and so take it into your heart to mean what it means to you, not being attached to any timeline but having the knowing in your heart of what is to unfold. Sometimes I do not give details, dear ones, because I want you to dream, I want you to get back in touch with your heart’s knowing, with your soul’s knowing, so that you can experience your truth at the soul level as expressed through your heart, for the details I would give would resonate with some and not with others and because I do not wish to influence your creation, I invite you to imagine in your hearts what your heaven on earth would look like. Yes, we had a previous conversation where I shared examples of heaven on earth because many of you watching this video will resonate with those examples. If you do not, then I invite you to tune into your hearts and discover what your heaven on earth looks like and how it would be expressed from your being. In truth, heaven on earth is when you are living and expressing from your soul and so it will be different for each person as each soul is unique and on its own journey. I would also like to share with you, dear ones, something that your science will later show to you but to give you a peek behind the curtain, so to speak. One thing that is occurring at this time is a rearranging of planets, new alignments, alignments that have never occurred before in your rotations. These are not planets that you know. They are not planets that you have seen. They are beyond your galaxy. Yes, in your universe but not yet identified your astronomers. This rearranging and aligning is supportive of Gaia and your heaven on earth. These planets or light beings have agreed to offer their support at this time and as they align, they are sending their love to the light network around Gaia that we have spoken of in previous conversations and this alignment strengthens the light network around Gaia. Dear ones, I invite you to send them your gratitude, to ask them for even more support for this allows them to strengthen the support that they would like to offer. It is taking a lot of work and effort on their part to create this alignment and so you can offer them your gratitude. Send them your love. As your love travels out from your heart through your galaxy and beyond to these planets, these frequencies of love amplify the light that comes from Gaia as you are one with her and this allows more love to be expressed on your planet. It is a very special what these planets have agreed to do in service to you and to Gaia. It is not an ego thing, dear ones, however you can understand how special each of your souls is when you gain the perspective of how much these planets and other light beings wish to assist you. Breathe this into your hearts, dear one. Feel the love that is around you and within you. I thank you, dear ones, for your service. I thank you for all that you do, for all that you are, thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 25
Uploaded on 02/05/2016

Question 1: In episode 2, Prime Creator mentioned that beings who did choose polarity evolved into a different dimension. Can you give us information about this dimension?

Answer 1: Dear ones, many of these beings chose to stay with Gaia. However, they are in a dimension that most of you cannot yet see. Some call it inner Earth or the hollow Earth, so in some ways you would say it is underground. However, what they experience is a much more advanced version of Gaia, meaning that they are experiencing sunlight, green lush vegetation, pure clean food, pristine waters. How Gaia used to be and what you are working towards in re-creating your heaven on earth. It is a dimension of higher frequency, yes, much like the fifth dimension.

Question 2: For those experiencing ringing in the ears, could you give us information about what is occurring?

Answer 2: Yes, dear ones. For many of you these are ascension symptoms. The ringing in the ears represents information that is coming in to you, into your being. Most often it is from your star families, your galactic star brothers and sisters. They are bringing you higher frequencies for your integration. They are bringing you higher frequencies so that you are more prepared to meet them. For a few of you, it is not in preparation to meet your star brothers and sisters, rather it is the higher frequencies for you to ascend, these frequencies to assist your ascension process. For a few of you these are what you might call medical symptoms and it would be wise to seek a practitioner that could help you with the symptoms on a physical level. Yes, most of you the symptoms are not so much physical but spiritual and energetic and so this is your opportunity, dear ones, to practice discernment. If you are unsure you could always visit a practitioner to get more information before you come to a conclusion about what this is for you. Most of you already know, dear ones, of course, you already know what this is for you.

Question 3: Will the bodies of humans change after the collective shift?

Answer 3: Yes, dear ones. You are already in process now, as most of you have realized and experienced. What will be different after the collective shift is an acceleration and greater capacity to integrate these changes with more efficiency. As we have discussed before, new technologies will be available to you, technologies for healing, technologies for working with the physical body, for teleporting and dematerialization and such, and so you will have a different experience of developing mastery over the physical body and the rules, so to speak, that have assisted you in the old paradigm will be quite different, for example, rules about what to eat, how much to exercise, how much to sleep, went to sleep, etc. You will find a much greater freedom. Yes, the food will be pure and cleaner, so it will be easier to find foods that delight your being. It will be easier to heal on the physical level. It will be more efficient. You will find a new strength and stamina in your physical beings. Essentially, if you have imagined or dreamed of what is possible for your physical body, after the collective shift this is one that path will begin to unfold for you in a much more tangible way.

Question 4: How can we best prepare now for these changes in our bodies?

Answer 4: Yes, dear ones. As we have discussed before, it is important to stay hydrated, to eat the foods needed by your body and to have these foods be as pure and clean as possible. It is very important to develop a relationship with your physical being, to find out what it enjoys, what kind of movement, what kind of food, what kind of sensations, for the more you can bring the joy energy into your physical being, the higher frequency you will be able to maintain as you prepare for these changes. This is the essence, dear ones, maintaining a high frequency.

Question 5: From a higher perspective, is there such a thing as rich or wrong?

Answer 5: In a previous conversation, dear ones, I briefly mentioned how all is contained within the light and so from this understanding there is not a right or wrong, there are only signposts for your growth, meaning that something that you choose that does not expand your soul growth, you might call it wrong however, it is simply showing you that this is not something for you to do to expand your soul growth. True, not everyone is at this level of awareness but this is how it works from a higher perspective and so you might choose something that does expand your soul growth and you feel joyful, you feel at ease you, feel energized and expanded and then you know yes, this is something that expands my soul growth. You might call this right and in truth that is simply showing you what is working for you on your soul path.

Question 6: What is God? Is God a supreme being? Is God a supreme mind? Is God a supreme heart? Is God a supreme soul? Is God a supreme void? Is God a point of origin? Is a God a star of being? Is God infinity itself? Is God the collective of all existence, creation, and souls? Is God a unified energy field? Is God the love and light of the quality of love that permeates all existence? Is God external to all of these ideas and/or foundations? What is God?

Answer 6: Dear ones, while many have many definitions for God, it is quite simple as I have shared what is Prime Creator, the highest energies of love and light, as is God the highest energies of love and light. Yes, God is an expanded state, an expanded experience, an expanded way of being. God is the ultimate expansion. God is the ultimate amplified energies of the highest forms of love and light. I am God. God is me. We are one and the same. I would like to at this time bring a transmission of sound through this channel. Toning

Question 7: In what way can engaging with the energy of the question “What is God?” assist an individual at different points along the soul’s journey?

Answer 7: Yes, dear one, I will share with you that in asking this question this channel felt a tremendous energy of expansion and so while each of you may feel something different in asking the question, using your intention ask this question and be receptive to what you might feel, what energies might come forth for you as you ask the questions. In asking the question, you are seeking an answer and so with your intention to open all channels of receptivity for the highest good when you ask then you are able to receive these energies more deeply. Asking these questions will be especially helpful as you come across a growth opportunity in your journey. if you are in suffering or pain, if you are confused or unsure where to turn, what to do next, how to find assistance, this is a perfect time to ask these questions. I thank you, dear one, for bringing them for bringing them forth.

Question 8: Does the capacity to perceive God change as one increases their frequency?

Answer 8: Yes, this is true and keep in mind that everyone receives information and energy in different ways and so while you might think ‘ah, my third eye will be opened or I will be able to feel more intuit more or even begin to channel’, each one has different channels of receptivity, different attunements and so please do not compare yourself to others. However, yes, in increasing your frequency you are more connected with source energy, with God.

Question 9: How is it that a soul experiencing a human body can connect to the soul itself as a distinct energy?

Answer 9: This is a process of clarifying your being, dear one. We have spoken before of releasing imprints and implants, programs and patterns, because you are steeped in density at sometimes, because your old paradigm energy remains in your awareness at this time. It can be a challenge to connect in a purified way, directly with your soul’s expanded energy and so it is essentially what you all have been doing – doing what you can to raise your frequency, doing what you can to purify your being, doing whatever you can on your ascension journey to reach deeper understandings. Many of you are connecting with your soul essence and pure energy but you do not necessarily realize it because of the density, the old paradigm energy, and sometimes because you are comparing yourself to another and you do not receive information in the same way as another. For example, this one receives much information through channeling, in her dreams, simply by being still listening to her heart. She has cultivated this over much time. Others receive information through their dreams, through other people, through their animals, through nature, through their guides and other meditative experiences. Each of you is receiving information from your soul. However, it is not always recognized by you and so you can ask that these messages become quite clear for you but when you receive a message that your intellect and your heart will recognize it as a message directly from your soul.

Question 10: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 10: Dear ones, I know many of you are wondering ‘are we at critical mass yet’. Dear ones, we are not yet at critical mass. We are at about 88%. You notice that there are big jumps in percentages and then smaller jumps. At this time, dear one, yes, many more are awakening and also many are still locked into fear and distrust, and then there are those who are awakened at the soul level but it has not yet translated into their day by day understanding or an awakened state within there being and experience. What you can do as humans is to ask your fellow humans to awaken, not directly, dear ones, as in going up to a friend and saying ‘would you please wake up’, but in your meditations, in your prayers, in your dreams, in your intentions and your heart centered feelings. Ask your brothers and sisters to awaken to the truth of the love and the light that they are. Yes, myself and the hierarchy can continue to provide the energies of love and light to flood your planet and the light network around your planet with this love and light but as human beings you have special capacity to influence the energy fields of other for the highest good. This is not a manipulation. You are asking without attachment. There is a fine line, dear ones. I trust you understand. And so in this way you can assist this process. I do ask and invite you to continue to have patience. We are moving along quite quickly even though it may not seem like that from your perspective. If you could see from my perspective, you would see each day that there are greater and greater amounts of love and light infused within your planet, surrounding your planet, infused within your beings and surrounding each being. Please have patience, dear ones. This process is going quite well. Again, I understand it may not seem like this from your perspective, for some of you still engage in what you see on the TV. You engage with your emotions and your intellect and your energetic beings. You see reports of war and injustice and you wonder ‘How could this be part of heaven on earth? How could this be leading to a shift where we experience our heaven on earth? This is not making sense.’ However, dear ones, as we have discussed before, old systems must fall away, old systems must destroy themselves in a sense before a shift can be felt in a more tangible way by all on your planet. Many and many of these systems are self-destructing. This is not something that we can force but you as humans can make your choices and contribute to the shift or contribute to the old paradigm. Each thought, each emotion, each intention, each action is contributing either to your heaven on earth or to the old paradigm that you wish to leave. And so I invite you to practice to make your choices with awareness. Of course not to judge yourself if you choose something that you later see was not for the benefit of the highest good but to accept and love yourself completely. There is one other topic that I would like to discuss with you, Dear ones. This is the topic of money and the energies surrounding money. Very early in our conversations I offered to you to bless your money, bless the currency that flows to you and from you, bless the energies of your currency. Currency is in some ways a better word to use. Looking at the English language, current as a stream, a flow, and this is how your money has always meant to be – simply an energy of flow. Whether it is flowing out from you or in towards you. That flow must be continued, it must be circulated. Hoarding or giving it too much disrupt this flow. There is a balance of what you give and what you receive and so if you find yourself stagnant in this flow, bless this flow, give gratitude for this flow and depending on if you are giving or keeping too much, you can charge this flow again by giving or setting some aside to restore balance in the flow. I cannot stress enough the importance of offering a blessing to this flow. It is a way of saying ‘I accept what is occurring now even though I know that there is a better way, even though I am working towards that better way.’ You are accepting what is occurring in this moment. An acceptance and gratitude are keys for finding your peace for your ascension journey. I thank you, dear ones, for hearing my words, for receiving the energy through this channel. I thank you, dear ones, for all that you do, for all that you are. I will continue to bring you peace and love and these energies of love and light to your beings. Will you take the time to be still and receive them? Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 26
Uploaded on 02/24/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, Why do we need new energy on this planet to claim what has always been ours?

Answer 1: Yes, dear one. This new energy is serving to bring in higher frequencies, to assist the collective in releasing them from the hologram, from the illusion. There have been a few that have released themselves without the assistance of these energies. However, for most of the collective, since they are so deep in the illusion, these higher frequency energies are assisting to free them, to raise their vibration so that they may see and know more clearly.

Question 2: Is there clarity to the idea of the moon being artificially constructed by the Anunnaki?

Answer 2:  First, dear ones, the moon is real. It is more than a projection. It is made out of actual substance. And at the time of its creation, the Anunnaki contributed, you could say, with their codes and information to create a holographic experience on Gaia and in the moon. And so there is some truth to the understanding of the moon being artificial as it is part of the hologram, the information inserted by the Anunnaki contributes to your hologram, and in this way there is an artificial nature. However, the moon itself is constructed of very real substance, dear ones.

Question 3: Do you have anything you would like to share with people who have fears about ET’s coming to this planet?

Answer 3: As with all information that is received through channels or through the knowing of someone’s heart, or through the intellect, it is always possible for convolution because you are bringing information through your filters. Sometimes these filters are fear, because the information sometimes comes through fear it is then projected as fear.  As an example, this channel asked this question because of what was told to her about a book that was written, how ET’s would come appearing gentle and nice, and would then turn on planet Earth and its people, to take over.  Because this is not this channel’s experience of ET’s, because she is filtering through love, her relationship with her star brothers and sisters is quite different. Thus she asked this question. And so it must be understood that any fear based information such as this is coming from beings who are filtering through their fear; even if they are not in touch with that fear and they think that they are simply presenting information. If one is not tuned into the frequency of love, they will bring in this lower vibrating information. And so it is up to you to choose. At what frequency do you wish to resonate? Your resonance will determine your experience of what occurs with galactic disclosure and the unfolding of events during this upcoming shift. And so I gently ask you, dear ones, at what frequency do you wish to resonate? I invite you to do your best to resonate with the frequencies of love. For the more of you that choose this, the easier our upcoming transitions will be for all.

Question 4: What was the significance of the upcoming alignment of the February 22nd full moon?

Answer 4:  This full moon brought a pattern of deeper alignments: alignments to an upcoming shift, aligning you to higher frequencies for those that wish to receive. Even if you were not aware of these alignments, you can still benefit from the energies of these alignments. You can simply ask, Please align me to my highest good. Please align me to the frequencies of my highest good. In aligning yourself to the highest good, dear ones, you are aligning yourself to the highest and best that is unfolding in your future. The energies of this full moon also have served to bring to light anything that was of lower vibration within you, as many of you experienced, coming face to face with your shadow. All of this is part again of bringing you into alignment with the highest and best. There is much more, and you could find out from astronumerology or an astrologer, or others who channel the energy of the moon alignments. However, this is the essence of what this full moon was about.

Question 5: What is the significance of the energy alignment of the solar eclipse that is to occur on March 8th over the Pacific Ocean?

Answer 5: This eclipse is another chance, dear ones, for you to address any shadows within your being. For as we get closer and closer to experiencing a dramatic shift in your experience, in your awareness, the more you can address your shadow the easier these shifts will be for you. Also in alignment, with this solar eclipse, is a large influx of gamma wave that is scheduled on this current timeline to come to Gaia. And so you can prepare your beings by asking your bodies to prepare for this great amount of light energy. You can ask your bodies to receive this light energy that is coming to assist you in raising your vibration.

Question 6: Are there any current energy alignments to be aware of for the spring equinox?

Answer 6: This is another time in your experience on the planet where large amounts of gamma wave is scheduled to come to Gaia and into your awareness. All of these alignments are similar in the fact that they are offering you higher frequencies. Each alignment builds on the previous, and whatever frequency level you were able to receive, the next alignment offers you a larger dose, so to speak. This is individual as well as collective, for the amount that is allowed, so to speak, to come on to your planet, is determined by what was assimilated in the previous alignment. And so, the more each individual is able to assimilate, and the more the collective is able to assimilate, the more will be offered at the next alignment. Yes, in between these alignments smaller waves continue to come in. It is simply that these light energies are amplified because of larger alignments of your galaxy, such as the solar eclipse and the equinox, and full moons, and things of this nature. Also offered at the spring equinox are energies of new beginnings. While it is not considered spring on all parts of your planet, the US in particular is set to receive many energies of new beginnings. Because of its structures and systems, things must shift in order for the entire planet to experience a rebirth.

This is the shift that is coming, dear ones. A rebirth. A rebirth of your personal energies, a rebirth of the collective energy, a rebirth of government and monetary systems. Since we are using the metaphor of birth, as you can imagine, there are some labour pains that are associated with birth. To the degree that the collective can stay in a loving vibration is the degree that these birthing pains will be dissolved. For it does not have to be painful, dear ones. This birth could be full of ease and grace. And this does depend on how much love the collective can embody. Yes, dear ones, you as light workers are doing a tremendous service as you focus your frequencies on love. It is serving the collective. Have no doubt about this, dear ones. And whatever you can do to share this love in your day to day with those who are not at the same vibration as you, the better it will be for all.

Question 7: What percent of critical mass of awakened souls are we currently at now?

Answer 7: Dear ones, we are currently at 93%.

Question 8: What is the current timeline for what will occur when the critical mass is reached?

Answer 8: Keeping in mind, dear ones, that timelines are shifting very rapidly these days. What is currently scheduled when critical mass is achieved is a beautiful outflow of loving energy from the heavens onto your planet. So that those who are not yet in that loving vibration will experience an easiness, a beauty, a grace, that they will be able to receive in order to go through the transition. What is scheduled for the transition is a falling apart of the old paradigm: monetary structures, governmental structures, corporate structures. Structures that are not in service to the highest good must fall away and be transmuted so that your heaven on earth can be experienced. Simultaneous to these structures dissolving is also a release of a great amount of prosperity for the light workers, and those who choose to use this prosperity for the highest good. And so, while some may experience chaos and confusion, others may experience great ease and grace, prosperity and joy. After the prosperity is released, you will see an unfolding of new government, a rebuilding of structures that do serve the highest good.

And so in some ways, the dissolving and falling away will also be simultaneous to the rebuilding. For dear ones, already is in place the new. Already is in place what is to unfold for your heaven on earth. And so we are working to make this transition as seamless as possible. Yes, there will be those who are stuck on fear based thinking, but for those who wish to receive the light, that beautiful soft wave of energy that will be arriving before anything major transitions, this will be available to ease the transition. So that when the falling away occurs, it will be seen for what it is, with ease and grace and love. Again, dear ones, keeping in mind that all is being monitored very diligently and very closely, and that if anything needs to be shifted in the timeline, it will be done upon the consent of all souls. And so the details I have provided through this channel, that is where we stand at this moment. This is subject to change if something else is needed for the highest and best good, dear ones. As of now, all of this is scheduled to occur within the next three months. And so, I invite you not to develop attachment to this information, but to continue to focus on your own frequencies, on continuing to raise your vibration, to not make any drastic or rash decisions based upon this information, but to continue to live your lives fulfilling your responsibilities, fulfilling your heart’s desires, doing your best to do both of these at the same time, dear ones.

Question 9: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 9: I invite you dear ones, to attune yourselves to the frequencies of love. And for those of you who wish to be in service to the collective, to ask yourselves to radiate and emanate the highest frequencies of love and light. Many of you have enjoyed the transmissions I bring through this channel in the form of sound, and so I invite you to receive again.

(Voice sound toning.)

Dear ones, I invite you to remember the peace, the peace that lay within your hearts. I invite you to remember who you are as peace, love and light. This will assist you in the coming transitions on your planet, and in your experience. I love you, dear ones. Thank you for your service.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 27
Uploaded on 03/09/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, Is marijuana a positive or negative tool for spiritual growth?

Answer 1: Dear one, this depends upon where you are on your spiritual journey, how you use the substance, how you disengage after using the substance. Many people use this and other substances as a shortcut to access higher frequencies or frequencies that simply help them to feel good. If used in this way it is a detriment in the long run, dear ones. If used with a knowing of how to engage with the substance, and how to clear or clean your field after using the substance, it can be beneficial with short bits of usage. Dear ones, I would add a caution, in using this or any substances, each substance has its own energy, its own imprint, its own programs. Fully understand that when you engage in any substance, just as you would be engaging in a relationship with another being, you are susceptible if not aware of how to use. You are susceptible to taking on these energetic signatures, these imprints. the programs of the substance. Keep in mind that each substance has its own frequency, its own vibration. And when you engage with a substance, you attach yourself to that frequency, to that vibration. Each substance has an origin. When you engage with a substance you engage with the origin of that substance. And in some cases, especially with marijuana, you are feeding the origin with your energy once you make the connection if you do not disconnect in the proper manner.  As always, dear ones, it is to tune into your own wisdom, your own bodies, to honestly check in about what is right for you and what is not.

Question 2: Which substance is of the highest frequency in its origin?

Answer 2: The first answer I wanted to give you, dear ones, is that the highest frequency substance is love. But this channel said, People are not going to consider love a substance. And so I shall give a second answer, which is: pure water. Yes, water can be contaminated, but in its purest form this would be the substance of highest purity, of highest vibration.

Question 3: A viewer asks, Can you put a number in hertz(hz) on the frequency required to dematerialize and ascend?

Answer 3: Dear ones, there is more dependent upon dematerialization and acsension than the number in hz. And so, it will vary from person to person. I will give you a range. The minimum frequency required in hz is 333, all the way up to 1000hz.

Question 4: What is the frequency in hz that humans are currently experiencing here on Gaia as the frequency of Gaia?

Answer 4: Gaia is currently about 260hz, and by the end of this month, dear ones, according to our current timeline, she shall be closer to 288(hz).

Question 5: A viewer asks, Which miracles did Jesus actually perform recorded in biblical time?

Answer 5:  Dear ones, most of what you read in the Bible are very close depictions of what Jesus performed. There are some details that have been changed through human interpretation, but most of what you have read is quite close to truth. I would like to add, dear ones, that Jesus came to set a template for what is possible for all. As you read about these miracles performed by Jesus, and you feel that spark within your own being, that knowing within your heart, there shall be a time, dear ones, where you will be doing all of these things and more. And they will not even be considered miracles, they will be considered common everyday experiences. Some of you in human incarnation will see this in your lifetime, in this incarnation, dear ones. That is the timeline we are currently working with, and it is going quite well.

Question 6: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 6: Dear ones, many of you are now wondering, What percent of critical mass are we now at? It is so close to 95%, dear ones. It is more than 94%. I congratulate you, dear ones, for holding the light, for allowing and surrendering, for cultivating peace within your beings. It is because of you, the light workers who have worked so diligently for so long that we are very quickly arriving at critical mass. Critical mass is the percentage needed in order for a shift to occur on this planet; a grand shift to be specific.

As I have conveyed before, it is 95% of souls that need to be awakened. Yes, there are other definitions of critical mass. However, in order for this grand shift to be sustainable we need a very strong number to carry forth after the shift. And no, not all beings with awakened souls understand consciously or intellectually that they are awakened. This is something that occurs at a soul level with enough of their human aspect engaged that it is considered that they are awakened souls. And so, as we near critical mass dear ones, I invite you, as this channel conveyed in the beginning of this video, to breathe. Some of you are feeling large amounts of excitement.  Some of you are feeling large amounts of pain. Some of you are feeling large amounts of emotion. Yes, now as everything speeds up, as polarity increases, the feeling may be quite intense. And so, it is very important, now more than any other time that I have conveyed, to be gentle to yourselves. Nourish your physical beings. This does not mean dull your senses with frequencies that take the edge off, so to speak. This means mastering your sensitivities, mastering what you are now feeling. And by mastering I mean allowing, allowing yourself to feel, allowing yourself to be, allowing yourself to move through this experience, allowing the experience to occur without any resistance from your ego.

Yes, you may not understand everything. You may have questions about much that is unfolding. That is ok. Find peace in the misunderstanding. Find a place of calm within your being. Remember who you are as love and light, why you are here on the planet at this time, the light that you are here to embody and share, the love that you are at your core. Great times of change are upon humanity now, dear ones. Remember that I am with you. Remember that your guides and the light realm are here to assist you in any way that you need or desire. Ask for their assistance. Ask for what it is that you need. At this time of mastery they are not here to dull your senses, but they can assist in soothing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Many of you are experiencing the feelings of being ungrounded. Please understand, dear ones, as the frequencies are rapidly raised on this planet, and more and more gamma waves come to your planet, and into your beings, you may feel sensations in your body that you have not experienced before. You may feel ungrounded, and not quite sure which way is up and which way is down. Trust, dear ones. Your bodies are adjusting to these new frequencies. Some of you will begin to feel things that you have not before. Yes, some of you are quite sensitive and have been feeling for a long time. For some of you this feeling will now open up, and it may be confusing as you may have been fairly stable and steady before.

Call upon those who understand what it is to feel, for they have great assistance to offer you. You know, dear ones, that this channel engages with your comments from these videos. Reach out and ask for support. There are many who watch these videos who have techniques to offer you. You are truly a community, dear ones. Yes there are the naysayers. Even they are attracted to these frequencies. They just do not understand. This does not take away from the community that has been established through this channel and through you, the viewers, dear one. And so, interact with each other. Ask questions. Offer techniques and tools. It is time to come together, dear ones. It is time to support each other in greater and greater ways.  For those attracted to the frequencies of these videos are the forerunners, the pioneers. And you especially are not meant to travel this journey alone. You are meant to travel together. Share. Share your love with each other.  I thank you dear ones, for your service. And from the heart of creation, I offer you my love. It will be coming to you in many ways, dear ones. Open your arms, open your hearts, open your beings and receive. You have been giving for eons of time. Let us now claim the balance. Open you beings and receive, dear ones. Receive. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 28
Uploaded on 03/16/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, Can you give us any information about obtaining pure water?

Answer 1: Yes dear ones. This is something that is being worked on behind the scenes, so to speak. Some of the technologies that are not fully developed in your tangible experience yet. In the meantime before these technologies are revealed to the mass public, it is very important to bless your water. Yes, blessing food is important; as well as is blessing your water. You can use the violet flame to transmute any impurities, or any methods that you enjoy and feel aligned to you to transmute impurities from your water. Yes, if you are living in an area where the water is muddy and there is no purity, still bless your water. If you have access and can gain access to filters, this channel has heard of something called the LifeStraw. This would be something to check into.  Beyond these tangible tools is the blessing of the water, asking it to structure itself, asking it to release impurities, and that these impurities be transmuted. And there will be a time, dear ones, where all have access easily to fresh, clean, pure water.

Question 2: Is reverse osmosis water considered pure water?

Answer 2:  Yes, dear one, while it is pure, all the impurities are removed, it is not alive, it would not be considered fresh.  It is however, a good option for those who need to purify water.

Question 3: A viewer asks: Is a Soul’s individuality retained when it returns to Source?

Answer 3: Yes dear ones, in the context of Oneness, where you wonder how much of individuality remains, when a Soul returns to Source it does enter that state of Oneness. However, in the etheric records, all data you could say, is recorded of a Soul.  And so when that Soul chooses to incarnate into a form or to travel a bit away from Source, as you could say, as this is not a true representation of what happens. We say this for your understanding.  The data contained within the etheric records is joined with the Soul. With the Soul as ever continuing of its journey as we have discussed, so encoded on the Soul is the knowledge of all that has occurred on the journey. And when it joins back with Source, all of this knowledge is dispersed into the Oneness for other Souls to receive, if they choose. And so there is individuality and Oneness simultaneously, dear ones. It is a difficult understanding to convey. And it is the same in this your human incarnation, in your individuality you remain within the Oneness, even though your experience may be very different from another, you are still connected to the Oneness of all that is. You still are the Oneness of all that is.

Question 4: Is there an intention working with the etheric records that can assist an individual connecting with the growth they have already experienced?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one. Beautiful question. Keeping in mind that the nervous system wiring of humans is not always ready to receive the fullness of that information. And so you could ask to be connected with that information in whatever ways are aligned for you in this moment. In this way you maintain the integrity of your nervous system while receiving upgraded information about your Soul.

Question 5: A viewer asks: Will the incoming gamma wave energy during the spring equinox (N. hemisphere) be stronger than anything felt so far?

Answer 5: Dear ones, this depends upon the individual, and how the energies resonate and align to the individual. For example, with the solar eclipse and the new moon, some felt these energies very powerfully, while others did not feel them in the same way. This does not mean the energies were not powerful, they were simply aligned differently to various individuals. It will be the same with the equinox, and the full moon following the equinox. Some will feel more energy, more intensity, than with the new moon and the solar eclipse. Some will feel more balanced. Some will feel more energised. Some will need to lie down as often as possible. Yes, as each wave of energy comes in and is assimilated, more and more of that energy can come to the planet for your integration. Yes, there will be more energy coming in at the equinox than what came through with the solar eclipse, but it will feel more or less powerful, more or less intense, depending upon your personal alignment.

Question 6: A viewer asks: Will the shift be sudden, or will it happen slowly wihin each individual?

Answer 6:  As you may have noticed, dear ones, it has been occurring slowly over time. Yes, what is currently planned is that there is a shift of more magnitude that will be experienced by the collective, and you have been working up to this and you could say it has been occurring slowly over time. But there will be more markers. There will be times of greater shift and times of smaller more easy to assimilate shifts. For some, the shift will feel more palpable. And for others, the energy will not be as intense.  And so it is important not to create in your minds what you will think it will be, but to allow your experience as it unfolds. Because this channel has spoken, and I have conveyed through her about a great shift. Some of you have taken this information, placed it into your minds instead of your hearts, and from the human perspective, created stories about what this might be like. Always, dear ones, I invite you to take this information conveyed through this channel into your hearts, rather than into your intellect. Because your heart has an expanded knowing of the frquencies of the information you are receiving, your hearts will understand what I am saying to you in ways that your head cannot. And so I invite you to be open and flexible in the ways you might want to understand what a great shift means. You could subscribe many meanings to the great shift, or the shift, or a big shift, or any of the words that have been used to describe how your planet is changing. Open your hearts, dear ones, and receive the information through your heart. Yes, of course, you want to understand what is going to occur. You want to understand what is occurring now. But the intellect is so limited in so many ways, whereas the heart knows all.

Question 7: A viewer asks: Does the shift have anything to do with resolving carbon DNA and activating crystalline DNA?

Answer 7:  Absolutely, dear ones. For those of you who felt the solar eclipse energies intensely, and the energies back in September intensely, even those who did not feel intensely but who received the energies, you were using these gamma waves to recalibrate your DNA to transmute, to disssolve, to reconfigure your DNA into crystalline DNA.  All of these waves of energy are part of the shift that we speak of, dear ones.

Question 8: Early last week information came forth about monetary reform and new government. From our perception, this did not come to fruition. Is there clarity to what has occurred?

Answer 8: There are several things to keep in mind here, dear ones. First, much information that comes to you is convoluted in some way. Much information that comes to you is not completely accurate. It is extremely difficult to deliver messages through channels, because of the limitations of human mind, because of the filters that channels have in their own beings, because of the manipulations of your media system that would like you to think one way, and then experience something different, thus evoking emotions in you that take you out of the light. All of these things were at play in the supposed announcements that were made last week. Much of this information did come through channeled sources. It is no fault of the channels, dear ones.  They are simply giving the information that they receive. However in these times of convolution, in these times of rapidly changing timelines, when this kind of information comes forward, and you feel hope and you feel excitement, this is taking you out of your mastery, of being in the moment. It is giving you something external to latch onto, to temporarily alleviate any other misery you might be experiencing.  Yes, I understand this may be difficult to hear, however it is important, it is important to get clear within your own beings how you can access your own inner joy and your own inner Peace. As this channel spoke with you in the beginning of this video, now is the time to stay focussed on your mastery. I understand even that somewhat that comes through these messages and these videos can bring you a false hope if you are not following your own knowing in your heart, if you are relying on these messages alone without cultivating your own inner mastery.

In truth this channel does not like when I give timelines and projections for what might happen and when. And in some ways she is right, because now is the time to focus on you and your inner work, that inner development of self and Soul and heart and being. And so we come back around to the question: What has occurred? What has occurred is the opportunity for you to go deeper within your knowing. When triggers such as these enter your experience where you feel hope and then disappointment, where you feel excitement and then let down, this is telling you something about yourself. The opportunities that you have to expand your mastery in your inner development, the opportunity to go inward, instead of relying on external information. Yes, it may seem contradictory that I offer this information through these videos, and then say, Go inward, and do not rely on external information. In truth, what comes through these videos are transmissions of energy for you to receive and integrate into your being. It is less about the information, and more about the energy. And so I invite you dear ones, as more information will be coming forth through other channels with predictions and timelines, I invite you to take in that information if you choose, and to do it with non-attachment, and to notice yourself, and how you react, and how you respond, what you feel in your being when you read certain things, and then what you feel if it does not unfold in the way that it was predicted. All of this information are clues for you to understand yourself deeper.  Yes, there is also a lot of truth that comes through this information. Sometimes truth even comes through your own media circuits. It is for your heart to discern what is true, and then to live in the moment without attachment. For often, as you have experienced, things feel true in your being, the resonance with your heart is strong, and you know you are reading truth, or you feel the truth resonating throughout your being as you listen or read to these messages. And so, while at the time these messages may contain much truth, things are shifting very rapidly, and remember, that not one being is in charge each being is in charge of how things unfold. And so, if at one time something is said that in the next week this will occur and then it does not, it is because at the Soul level, each Soul is being consulted as to whether or not this is appropriate for Soul mastery and Soul growth. This process of consulting each Soul has been in place for eons of time, and it will continue to be relevant as long as mastery is the theme, for why you are on planet Earth.

You could have chosen at a Soul level to go into other experiences without as much density. You could have chosen to not come into form at all, and to experience more bliss. However, if you are here on this planet, for most of you it is because you came here to develop your mastery. And so as challenging as this can be for some, this is your Purpose, dear ones. And so again, we come back around to the question: What has occurred? What is occurring is the continued opportunity for all Souls to develop their mastery. And in part, because of the information that did go out from many channelled sources at the beginning of last week, there was a ripple of awakening to another level. And so will Souls who were awakened, but not fully understanding, were given a chance because of that beautiful ripple of energy that went out, to awaken to a new level, and some of these Souls chose to develop mastery instead of experiencing a great shift in the form of monetary reform and new government. Yes, dear ones, that is still happening, and as always, there is much behind the scenes that is not yet revealed to public eye. But to ask When?, How soon?, these questions take you out of your centre, they take you out of your mastery. And so, I offer to you very directly: You can ask these questions, however, what is more important is to return to your centre, and ask yourself: When will I fully focus on my own inner mastery? When will I choose to step fully into who I am as love and light? If you feel to ask when questions, these are the kind of questions to ask yourself, dear ones.

Question 9: Is releasing energetic reaching one of the main themes of mastery as a human here on Earth?

Answer 9:  Yes, dear ones, the Masters are fully not attached. So what you term as energetic reaching is a form of attachment to something or someone.  Fully releasing attachment is a large portion of your mastery here on this planet.

Question 10: A viewer asks: What percent of critical mass are we at, and what are the current plans for when we reach critical mass?

Answer 10: Dear ones, we are holding steady between 94% and 95%.  However, what has shifted is that the level of awakening of each Soul has increased, and so the energies on this planet have been raised and elevated. What is currently being planned for when critical mass is reached is a beautiful soft yet powerful rippling of love energies across this planet. This has already begun in some ways. However, with critical mass the network will be strong enough to allow these energies to flow more uninhibited. Most will feel more Peace, most will feel a sense of relief. And yes, we are still planning to allow monetary reform to unfold, to allow a new government system on this planet to be created. Currently the way this is unfolding is a very slow gradual nature, one to allow all Souls to achieve their desired mastery. And to, to allow more comfort and ease in your nervous systems and in your brain chemistry. For sudden blasts of light, while exciting to some, can be very jolting to others. Can you imagine, dear ones, when your star brothers and sisters appear among you, how some will be quite at ease and at peace because they have prepared themselves for this, others will be excited, and others will be quite fearful, for there is much misinformation about how extraterrestrials are planning to take over your planet and dominate and subdue you. And so things of this nature must be handled very delicately. The proper structure, the proper network of light must be firmly and fully in place before such things can be allowed to occur.

Question 11: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 11: Dear ones, for most of you it is through your heart where our communication takes place in the purest way. And so I invite you to commune with your heart, to cultivate a relationship, a knowing of what your heart desires. To cultivate an understanding of how your heart speaks to you so that you can truly live from your heart instead of from intellectual ideas. Breathe, dear ones. Breathe through your hearts. Breathe through your knowing of who you are as light and love, this knowing that is contained within your heart. I thank you dear ones, for your service. I thank you dear ones, for receiving the energies of my words through this channel. I hold you in the highest esteem, and in the highest support of love and light. Thank you, dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 29
Uploaded on 03/27/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, What will happen to debt after financial reform?

Answer 1: Dear ones, many of you will be pleasantly surprised at what occurs with monetary reform. Yes, we are working to eliminate debt for everyone, to even out the playing field, you might say. This will part of the energy that is on your planet, an energy of freedom. And so those of you who have debt, those countries who are in debt will be released from that.  It may not be immediate dear ones, so please be patient. However, this is what we are all working towards.

Question 2: A viewer asks, Is there a connection between the Annunaki race and the Christian religion?

Answer 2: Dear ones, one of the connections is using illusion. The Annunaki have influence over the Christian religion in exerting a certain amount of illusion into that paradigm and understanding. There is a certain energetic thread that is similar with the Annunaki race and the Christian religion; specifically, the Annunaki who wish to enslave.  As the Christian religion got convoluted, it also began to enslave its followers, enslave in illusion, enslave by demanding moneys, enslave by imposing certain belief systems on its followers. In this way they are very similar. Also, the way Annunaki uses structure in the hologram, so do many religions, not just the Christian religion. Various structures have been set up to create illusion, to create distraction from Truth, similar to being in a hall of mirrors, much deflection takes place within the structure; you might even call it a matrix, so that the Truth is hidden.  And the Truth, dear ones is quite simple. The Truth is that, you are light and love, and in that light and love you are powerful. The ideas of saving and being saved take you away from the Truth of who you are. For some, they even take away certain responsibility to be on the Soul path, to take responsibility for your own path. If you place your salvation in another being you are not fully taking responsibility for your own Soul.

Question 3: A viewer asks, Do we as individuals have any kind of permanent nonphysical form that is always me or do we change all the time in all parts of our being?

Answer 3: Yes, dear one, you are always changing in all aspects of your being. Even at the Soul level, you change as you progress on your Soul journey. And yet, the thing that remains the same throughout all incarnations, throughout each step of your Soul journey, is the Truth of who you are as love and light.

Question 4: A viewer asks, How can we avoid taking on the energetic signatures and frequencies of a substance we work with?

Answer 4: Yes, dear one keep in mind there are some substances that you might wish to assimilate their frequencies such as a food that is in alignment with your being, and some substances such as an opiate, a psychedelic, marijuana, or things of this nature, that you do not wish to become part of your being. In these cases, dear ones, it is important before even engaging with the substance, that you set a very clear boundary with the energetics of the substance: asking that only the highest frequencies that serve you from that substance be allowed into your being, and all the rest is transmuted into love and light. So that when you are using the substance, you are engaging with only the highest frequencies of that substance.  Dear ones, you are worthy of setting boundaries such as this. And if you are in the place of already flowing in the knowing that you are love and light, then you do not need, there is no benefit in engaging in these substances. Also dear ones, fully understand your intention why you are using the substance. For when you have this level of understanding and awareness, then perhaps you can say, Is there another way for me to achieve this goal? Is there another way that does not involve the use of any substance to achieve my desired outcome?

Question 5: After using a substance, how can we make sure we disconnect correctly to avoid feeding the origin of the substance ?

Answer 5: Beautiful question, dear one.  Yes, after you have engaged in the use of a substance, then you command a complete disconnection from the origin. It is in your intention; it is in your knowing you are worthy of such an experience. It is a claiming of your own energies to be complete within themselves. If you find it helpful, you can call in Archangel Michael, and with his sword of blue flame to cut off any connection that you have between you and the substance. Always with gratitude, dear ones thanking for how the substance may have served you, being in gratitude for the experience. And again, claiming only what is of the highest vibration is of use to you, and you choose only to engage in the highest vibrations, and you now release the substance and its energy from your being, from your field. And that you are only feeding your own heart, and you are only feeding the energies of love, and the frequencies of love and light. It is helpful to do this each time you engage with the substance, until you are at a place where you are feeling that you are indeed love and light. And that as I mentioned, there is no benefit to you to use a substance at all.

Question 6: A viewer asks, Why is it that many downloads and upgrades that people receive are not consciously understood?

Answer 6: Dear ones, it works in this way: in some ways as a protection for your brains and nervous systems. For if you were to intellectually understand every level of what was occurring in your being during those times of upgrade and downloads, there might be a slight explosion in your head, I could say, for there is a very deep and vast understanding of what is occurring in these times. And if you were to have an understanding on all levels and layers of this experience. The human brain is not yet at the place for most beings where it could handle that level of awareness. For with that level of awareness an energy would run through your brain and nervous system; you could not have this awareness without the energy running through you. Yes, the energy is already coming into your being as you experience the upgrade. But that energetic movement through your intellect would in some cases destroy much within your being. It is not time yet, dear ones, for this full understanding. Some do have glimpses, some do have awarenesses, yes, but to have the full awareness it would be as if the entire multiverse would reveal itself in an instant within your brain. And this would be quite much to handle, dear ones.

Question 7: Is there a way to be consciously aware of the small portion of this information, of these downloads to share with and assist others ?

Answer 7: Yes, dear ones, this is already being done with many light workers. And should you wish to have a deeper understanding, of course you can ask for this. And if after you ask you do not receive more understanding, then please know, dear ones, that this is for your protection and your highest good. For it may be, depending on the being, that you need to focus on other things for your Soul path and for your Soul mission to be fulfilled. To have these understandings, to focus on other things for your Soul path, and for your Soul mission to be fulfilled; to have these understandings might distract you from what is for your highest good in your current focus, dear ones.

Question 8: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time ?

Answer 8: Dear ones, in these times of immense fluctuation and change, extreme polarity, I once again invite you to choose; choose where you will put your focus. If you are experiencing emotional charge from political discussions or watching something on TV, you are distracting yourself from the Truth of who you are as love and light. I am not saying, dear ones to numb yourself or to not have an understanding of what is going on.  I am extending an invitation for your to choose where you put your focus and energy. At this time, this is what makes the biggest difference. This is how you can serve to the highest degree. When you choose to focus on love, when you choose to focus on the frequencies of light, this is how you can serve, dear ones. Anything less than this is distracting. Anything less than this takes you from your centre.  If you wish to master your energies, then you must decide where you will put your focus and your energies.  It is this simple, dear ones. What seems complicated is when you engage in the convolution and the illusion. What feels simple is when you come back to your heart, and the knowing of who you are as love and light. Yes dear ones, of course in the times when you are releasing and transforming it feels like you may not be focussed on love and light. However you are only releasing and transforming because of your choice to do so, because of your desire to be more love and light. And so in these moments dear ones, know that Grace is covering you. And do not worry about what kind of energies are emanating from you, because when you are in the truth of your journey, intending to release and transform, then all is transmuted into love and light.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 30
Uploaded on 04/05/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, Can Prime Creator share information about Inner Earth civilizations?

Answer 1: Dear ones, there are many inner earth civilizations. Some you have heard about; others will be revealed in the coming years. Most of these are quite benevolent, and actually went into inner earth until such time as their energies were supported, to resurface on Gaia. It was a way of continuing their society, their culture in protection and in peace without the illusion and hologram of the surface of your planet. They have much to contribute to you, dear ones. For those of you who feel a connection or would like to develop a connection, simply state your intentions and ask for their energies, their assistance, ask for connection with them. And in most cases they will gladly oblige. As long as they read your heart and know that you are of purity and wish to use the connection for the highest good.

Question 2: A viewer asks, What is the purpose of earth’s planetary council?

Answer 2: Yes dear ones, there is a planetary council for Gaia, for your planet earth, to assist all beings on Gaia in their ascension process, in the process of returning to the heart. They work with the ascended masters, the angels and the archangels and any other light beings in the heirarchy. They are working with your bodies on all layers and levels to assist you as you transition from your carbon DNA to crystalline DNA, as you transition out of the old paradigm into the new paradigm. The planetary council are guides for you. They cannot do anything against your will, but they do provide information in the form of energy codes and signatures. They also work very closely with the trees, the plants, the herbs, the animals, any life on Gaia. They are working in close connection, to assist them as well as yourselves, those in human form. I thank them for their service.

Question 3: Who is on this council?

Answer 3:  Some of your galactic star brothers and sisters are on this council, those who care deeply about what happens on planet earth. They have held high positions of leadership in their own galaxies and universes, and have agreed to come to planet earth to be on the council. There are also many of you on this council, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You attend the meetings, you provide your input. And those of you who pray from your hearts are on the council or are sending messages to the council. There are also beings, what you would call animals, one representing each specie on this council. So you can see, dear ones, you are well represented: humans, animals, plants, even your galactic brothers and sisters. It is a very well rounded council indeed.

Question 4: A viewer asks, What is the truth about the zodiac signs?

Answer 4: The zodiac signs were developed to give an understanding to each being who came into the planet the time of their arrival, the date of their arrival, to give an understanding to you in human form about your origin, about your life path, even about your soul path. It is more effective when used in conjunction with other systems such as numerology, in some cases the tarot, and other systems that this channel is not aware of. Yes, it has been misused and maniplulated by some to enslave. But in its purity it is meant to be of assistance for the human intellect to gain an understanding about themselves. So of course, when engaging with this system you can ask that only the purest, the highest frequency information comes through for you. And to find a practitioner who is of high vibration so that the information is pure.

Question 5: A viewer asks, Is there a spiritual difference between natural birth and c-section?

Answer 5: On a spiritual level, dear ones, there is no difference. However, it can affect the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body as it does change the flow of lifeforce.

Question 6: A viewer asks, Why is sage so good in cleansing and raising vibration, and how does this work?

Answer 6: This is a plant used in ancient times. It has a very long history on your planet, dear ones. Because of the energy signatures of this history and of the plant itself it is like a momentum has been built up within the plant itself. And so when used with intention it is more effective than some other plants that you could use for the same purpose.

Question 7: A viewer asks, When releasing an addictive substance, is it better to release it all at once or to release it gradually over time?

Answer 7: Yes, dear ones, this is different depending on each being. Some beings are equipped to release things all at once in large amounts. Some beings do much better in their physical being the templates that they hold to release slowly over time. And so it is important to either know yourself very well, or to work with a practitioner who can give you guidance to know what will be most effective for you.

Question 8: A viewer asks, Can Prime Creator give advice to those experiencing mental changes as their frequencies increase?

Answer 8: Yes, dear ones. The best thing to do is to simply let go. To understand that as your frequency increases you will experience changes in your brain. You will experience changes in the way that you think. This is very purposeful. For those of you who have engaged in lower vibrating thoughts will eventually find you cannot sustain these thoughts without self-destruction in some form. And so it is to your benefit to no longer engage with these kind of thoughts, this kind of thinking that weighs you down, that de-routes your nervous system. It is important that in these times dear ones, to stay focussed on what it is you wish to create in your life, in your experience. As this channel mentioned, it would be of great benefit to eat pure food, to drink pure water. This will assist your mental flow. This will assist you in allowing yourself to release any thoughts of lower vibration. Surround yourself with the highest frequencies possible to uplift your mental states.

Question 9: A viewer asks, Can Prime Creator give advice to those experiencing emotional changes as their frequencies increase?

Answer 9: Yes, dear ones. This channel speaks of self-love and self-honouring. This attitude towards yourself will soothe your emotional body as it goes through changes. Much like the mental layer, many carry vibrations of lower density in the emotional body. It would be of great benefit at this time to release and transmute those lower density vibrations. And so, very similar to the mental layer, eat pure food, drink pure water, and develop an attitude towards yourself of gentleness, of compassion. Appreciate yourself. Honour yourself, and know that you are worthy and deserving of ease and grace.

Question 10: A viewer asks, Can Prime Creator give advice to those experiencing physical changes as their frequencies increase?

Answer 10: Yes, dear ones. For many of you, this is where you will feel things in the most amplified way. Especially for those of you who are not sensitive emotionally, the physical body may experience great changes. Because as you are raising your frequency things are being rearranged in your being at a molecular level: new DNA awakening; crystalline DNA instead of carbon DNA; the way your cells replicate; the way you regenerate your body. All of these things and much more, dear ones, are now happening to many of your bodies. And so to be gentle, and to honour your body’s needs. If your body wishes to move, find a way of movement that you enjoy. If your body wishes to rest, allow yourself to lie down or to sit and relax. Many of you will experience an opposite meaning; what you experienced before in your physical body will suddenly feel different. Those of you who previously had great health but you did not address lower density vibrations within your being, may suddenly find yourself sick, or you may suddenly find that things are coming to the surface for healing, release and transmutation. Those of you who were previously sick may find that your body is spontaneously healing, if you allow this, and disengage from the pattern of being sick. It does take your cooperation and co-creation, dear ones.

Now that you have this awareness, you can focus some of your attention on this, if you choose. The example of this channel, and the achey feelings she had in her body; previous to this time, she did not need to detox, but there were things within her being of lower density that needed to be released, and the most efficient way for her body was through a detoxification process. And so it is different for each one of you, dear ones. However, simply understand that what is happening is a deep change in your physical beings that will lead to being much more comfortable and joyous in your physical bodies. And so, to be patient with the process, to be gentle and loving with yourselves, again, pure water, pure food. Keep it simple, dear ones. If you need the assistance of a practitioner, by all means reach out for help. For some of you it is also appropriate to receive help from the technologies of your star brothers and sisters. If you ask, and it does not happen, do not despair, dear ones, the time is coming. It is very important dear ones, as you physical body changes and shifts, to first be allowing of these changes and shifts. And second, to cultivate a deep relationship with your body, so that you can have a clearer intuitive understanding of what is happening in your situation.

For as I said, it will be different for each one. And so it is important to understand: ‘What is the body doing? What is the body communicating to me? To reach out to the body, so to speak as a friend and ask, ask for a communication that is clear for your intellect to understand so that you can honour and respect what the body needs, and what the body wishes. You are not leaving your bodies just yet, dear ones. And so it is important to honour the physical body, to recognise it as an important vessel and vehicle for your soul and your spirit, and to treat it with the greatest esteem. To treat it with love and honour and respect. Those of you who used substances in the past and are no longer feeling a resonance with this; it is also important that you honour this and disengage from any habit that you had. Yes, for some it can be immediate, for some it will take time. Either way, honour what the body is asking of you.

Question 11: A viewer asks, Can Prime Creator give advice to those experiencing social changes as their frequencies increase?

Answer 11: Oh, Yes. Much as in the case of the physical body, as you feel different, as you integrate higher frequencies, you may be finding yourself wishing to spend time with different people, or to not spend time with people at all. Again this is a learning, of letting go, of allowing, of letting things be. And to not judge yourself; for if you in the past have enjoyed certain company, and you no longer feel a resonance with those beings, it is ok to move on, to open yourself to spending time with new beings, or simply to spending time by yourself, or with nature, or with animals. There is no right or wrong way to navigate this, as long as you are being true to your own hearts. That is the most important thing, dear ones.

Question 12: A viewer asks, In hertz(hz), what is the frequency of love?

Answer 12: Dear ones, if we are speaking of pure unconditional unadulterated love, without ego or agenda, which is of course, what love is, it cannot be measured in hz dear ones. Love is. There is no measurement that could accurately capture what love is.

Question 13: A viewer asks, In hertz(hz), at what frequency does Prime Creator vibrate?

Answer 13:  Dear ones, while I have appreciation for this question, like love, there is no measurement that can capture, that can give you an understanding of my frequency. For as we have discussed before, I am the highest frequencies of love and light, and while scientists try to assign numbers to gain an understanding of how light works, in truth it is so far out of the realm of what is able to be measured.

Question 14: A viewer asks, In hertz(hz), at what frequency do light workers on earth vibrate?

Answer 14: This of course, dear ones, varies from person to person. There are some light workers, please understand, that are working with the light and do not know it.  They are not what you would call consciously awake. However, who they are and how they live their lives is in accordance to the light, and they are sharing light in their everyday lives. Some of these beings may vibrate around 300hz. And then you have light workers who are very consciously aware of what they are doing and how they are working with the light. They have purified, they have cleansed, they have been focussed and disciplined on the path. And some of these are vibrating at very high frequencies.  Some of these beings, dear ones, are close to reaching 1000hz. There are not as many of these, of course.  However, each of you are working constantly to raise your frequencies and vibrations. You too, shall reach high levels of frequency with your focus and discipline.

Question 15: A viewer asks, In hz, at what frequency is Gaia currently vibrating?

Answer 15: She is vibrating between 288hz and 295hz at this time, dear ones.  It is not steady yet, as she is doing her work to integrate the frequencies that came through for you in March. Like you, she will climb steadily onward and upward in frequency.

Question 16: Is the ambient energy which Max felt in his dreams arriving at the same time for everyone?

Answer 16: Yes, dear ones. For clarity, you know you have already been receiving that ambient energy of heaven as Max described. And there will be more and more that comes to your planet. All will experience this at the same time. For it will be like a great flood that does come to your planet earth; a flood not as in any devastation, or any harm, but it will saturate every being, anything that has life.  It will completely penetrate all experience on your planet. All will be part of this experience. All will experience this simultaneously.  And you can understand how some will interpret different than your understanding of love and light. Even looking back on March as an example. For those who understood what was occuring, they flowed with the energy in acceptance. They used it to the best of their abilities. For those who did not understand, and may have suffered from sickness, or great disruption in their life, it may have been viewed as a nuisance, or something unwanted. This will be even more amplified for a time when the full saturation occurs. For those who are ready to receive it will feel relief and bliss. And those who carry much density will have much to deal with in their own experience, or they may simply pass on to another dimension. For it will affect the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual bodies. Nothing will be unaffected by this energy.  And you are already experiencing this in your everyday lives, dear ones.

Question 17: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 17: Dear ones, we are moving along now at a beautiful pace. From the perspective of the hierarchy, all is in order. From the perspective of humanity, many see through the eyes of fear. And so you interpret what is occuring as disasters, or things are crazy, or things have gotten out of control. What needed to be done in other realms to prepare Gaia for ascension, for this great flood of love and light, these things are now all in order, dear ones. And so now is up to the timing and desire of each soul in collaboration of when and how things unfold. Many predictions are given through many channels, dear ones. It is ok to listen to this information. However, as we have discussed before, I invite you not to become attached to timelines. For things can happen before or after what has been predicted. And so, as always, it is of your benefit to stay in the moment, to continue doing your inner work. To raise your frequency, to become pure.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 39
Uploaded on 07/27/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, how can we achieve abiding peace and joy?

Answer 1: Yes, dear ones. We could spend an entire day speaking of this topic, yes? At the core of this understanding is: to know who you are, to honor respect and love yourself, to release anything that does not serve you, to allow the past to be the past, to allow the future to be the future, and to allow yourself to be in this present moment.

For, what causes worry? what causes you to move away from peace and joy? For many of you, it is your thoughts about the future or the past. For many of you, it is the patterns and programs that are running within your beings, in some ways taking over your true essence. And so, when you release what does not serve you, there in lies your peace and your joy, because then you become, because then you remember who you truly are as love and light.

And, this remembering of who you are, unfolds the remembering of peace and joy. This is not to say, you do not look at your shadow, or do your inner work, this is all part of remembering who you are.

Question 2: A viewer asks, is every thing made of light?

Answer 2: Let us take a broad perspective in our understanding dear ones. Yes, initially a spark of light is needed for creation. However, what you create, what has been created, can also have the energies of convolution. So yes, in one way everything is made of light, at its core, at its essence, but what can be added to that creation, is the shadow, is convolution, and misunderstanding. So, the end result is not totally light.

Now, moving outside of your matrix perspective, outside of your Galaxy, outside of your universe, asking the same question is everything made of light. Outside of your universe, there are other places and time spaces, where light is not the initial spark for the creative substance that catalyzes creation.

Your scientists have not found a name for this creation substance, as it is outside the scope of understanding, and even awareness in most cases. I will do my best to explain to this channel, what is contained within the initial spark of creation. Sometimes within your universe, sometimes this initial spark of creation is a form of sound, or a geometric structure that sends the pulse of creation into existence to create something of form, or to create something not of form, as not all universes contain form.

Yes, some of you understand light to be contained within geometry and sound. However, in reference to this question, the light substance is not needed for creation when we speak of other universes and time spaces. There is much more to explore here dear ones. However, at this time, it is a bit beyond this channels ability to interpret the energy that is being provided at this time.

Question 3: As Prime Creator is the highest vibrations of light, and Prime Creator is all that is, is that also another interpretation of this all being light?

Answer 3: Yes dear ones, this is an interpretation. For your understanding, it is the best way to describe my being, my existence. If we were to explore a bit deeper, there is a much more expanded way, a much more expanded understanding, of my energies.

Question 4: In general, what would be an expansion on this understanding?

Answer 4: I have conveyed myself as the highest vibrations of love and light, because in your human understanding this is the ultimate, this is the most expanded version of anything that you have experienced in a human form and human existence. Beyond this, there is sound, there is geometric shape, there is movement. I am the highest version of all of these. Sometimes in form, sometimes formless.

Question 5: A viewer asks, is the solid nature of substances an illusion?

Answer 5: It is not an illusion to your human experiences dear ones. If you were in a different perspective, in a different realm, outside of body, outside of substance, from this perspective it very much appears to be illusion. So yes, in one sense it is illusion and in another sense it is quite real indeed. If you pinch your skin you feel a twinge of pain. Do you call this illusion? No, you call this pain. It is quite real to you. And so, it depends upon your perspective, what realm, what body, or form you are in or not.

Question 6: A viewer asks, what was beyond the veil between worlds?

Answer 6: Yes dear ones, there is everything and there is nothing. And, this is the conundrum of your scientists understanding. For in one way of perceiving they see nothing, in another way of perceiving there is everything, there is infinity, unlimited possibilities to be explored and understood.

Question 7: A viewer asks, from the perspective of co-creation, what beings and energies are assisting us in the Ascension process?

Keeping in mind dear ones, that as I answer this question, there is always the shadow and the light from each category I could say. And so you have: Devas, elementals, angels, Archangels, ascended masters, you have spirit, and in some cases spirits, or what you would perceive as ghosts) Essentially every being that is working with Gaia. Wether, they are animals in form or out of form, every being is working with you and Gaia to co-create ascension. And, within each realm of understanding, there are these beings that are working towards ascension, and these beings that would dwell in the shadow as you understand.

This is why some perceive angels and archangels, as beings that are not assistive to your personal ascension, or the ascension of Gaia. And, this is why some perceive that being such as Archangels, ascended masters, and the like, are very much assisting and co-creating planetary ascension.

This is why discernment, and feeling, and knowing through the heart is so important in these times, to navigate convolution, to navigate misunderstandings. This is why it is so important to develop clarity, about which energies resonate for you and which do not.

Question 8: A viewer asks, Does Prime Creator give us our soul purposes and missions, or are these chosen freely?

Answer 8: You could call this a co-creative process, dear ones. Yes, you are always a choice. I, nor anyone else, has the power to choose for you. This would take away from your soul development, from your soul expansion. There are times where there are calls put forth to ask for souls who are willing to volunteer for such and such a mission.

These souls are always volunteer. They are never forced into anything. And, at a soul level all is understood.

Question 9: A viewer asks, when we receive downloads and upgrades, what is the best way to work with these energies?

Answer 9: As gently and clearly as possible dear ones. Meaning, to be gentle with the physical body, as the energies coming in now are quite intense for some. Even those well acclimated would still do well to be gentle with the physical body.

And, to be clear about your intentions. How do you intend to use these energies? How do you wish to embody and integrate these energies? How do you intend to use the power that you gain from embodying and integrating these energies?

This kind of clarity assists in your creations. Remembering that light can be convoluted if you do not choose to use it for the highest good. And so, you are always responsible for how you use these energies.

We have spoken before of being gentle with the physical body hydrating, eating eating pure food. These topics are still quite relevant in these times dear ones. Do your best to drink pure water, and to eat pure food as this will assist the body in acclimating to the frequencies arriving at your planet.

I will also quickly mention spending time in nature, as nature holds many of these energies. Before you are ready to integrate them, nature is one of the first beings to embody and integrate the energies. Sometimes acting as a bit of a buffer to make it easier for you to acclimate. And so, as you spend time in nature, it is easier for the physical body to embody more of these love and light energies, then if you were to spend all of your time inside of a building separated from fresh air, sunshine, trees, plants, animals.

Question 10: A viewer asks, Prime Creator has said “I am you and you are me”, does this mean we have infinite power, know everything, and can achieve anything?

Answer 10: On one level yes, although for some of you your souls are not quite in the stage of development where you would understand the infinite possibilities as I do. And, dear ones, do not be hard on yourselves for this is part of your spiritual evolution and expansion. This is part of your ascension process.

This is why you have come into density, to learn how to navigate such shadow, to learn how to navigate the matrix, and bringing your light to infuse into the matrix. And so, while it may not seem like anything is possible in the realm in which you live. It is because you are learning how to navigate this realm with greater and greater light.

Question 11: A viewer asks, as humans transform into crystalline bodies, will we still be carbon-based or transition to another material?

Answer 11: You will be a combination for quite some time dear ones. And yes, eventually, you will create the human body to be something of a new material all together. It will still be organic in nature. Meaning, not artificial intelligence, or something made in a factory.

It will be something that organically evolves as you combine light with the physical body. This substance does not yet have a name. It has not yet been fully identified. There are some scientists who are working on this discovery and understanding. It is not yet widely known dear ones?

Question 12: Do these transformations also occur in light beings?

Answer 12: No dear ones, these transformations are specific to the human body and the human ascension. Light Beings have their own process quite different from the human body.

Question 13: A viewer asks, what does the soul experience besides the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies?

Answer 13: This depends upon the soul, dear ones. Depending upon the level of soul growth and expansion, as you would understand it. Some Souls experience vast knowledge, wisdom, understanding, seeing, and knowing. And, some Souls experience this, but any more limited way. For, as you understand, yes, a soul knows all, but there are gradations to this you could say.

For, as the sole expands it develops a deeper more extensive knowing of all that it knows. I know this sounds like we are going round in circles. It is the best way to explain this.

Question 14: What alignments are necessary for the ambient energies of heaven to be in full saturation all over Earth?

Answer 14: As we have briefly mentioned before dear ones, the alignments are already in place. It is less about alignment, and more about to what degree and extent can the energies be embodied. So, we have the alignments of humans to Gaia, nature to humans, and to Gaia. We have the alignments of the grid, the energy grid and physical grid on Gaia, in which the love and light energies can flow in.

What is relevant now, is to what degree in extent can these energies be integrated and embodied. As we’ve mentioned before, yes, these energies are now penetrating the matrix. And so, where we are working now is a deeper penetration of these energies, a deeper acceptance an embodiment of these energies within the shadow, within the hologram.

I will go back to this conversation of increasing polarity. Because, it is important to understand that the deeper the light penetrates into the matrix, the greater the potential to see tragedy and things of the shadow nature, things that elicits fear in many. That is why it is so important to understand what is occurring in these times dear ones. For, you see on the surface many tragedies, horrific occurrences around the world, in the political systems, and much much more.

While it is a challenge to witness this from your human perspective. Please understand, that this is an illumination of the matrix. These tragedies are indicative of the shadow bring being brought to light. And, going back to the original question, this is where you can access your inner peace and joy, in the full understanding that indeed the light is penetrating and illuminating the matrix and hologram of planet earth.

Question 15:  Would full saturation then be when all have embodied a certain degree of light?

Answer 15: Those who choose to dear ones, yes. There will be those who do not choose to embody the light in their fullest capacity. They will no longer be able to exist in this realm.

Question 16: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video, at this time?

Answer 16: To give you a perspective dear ones, we are still at the beginning stages of saturation. We are not close to full saturation. Keeping in mind these light energies have only recently begun to penetrate the matrix, there is much to be flushed out before full saturation can occur.

There is much to be made visible within the light. There is much to be exposed. And so, I do invite you to have patience with this process. And, to do your best, to be one who does embody vast amounts of love and light. And, to allow it to flow through you and into the matrix. So, that this process can go as smoothly as possible.

The more of you that are willing to do this, the smoother this process can go.

This does not mean you need to quit your jobs, or remove yourself from culture and society. This means to bring the light into these situations, to the best of your abilities. Some have said the energies will be easier, and they predict certain days, or weeks, or months where the energies will be lighter, or easier.

Keep in mind dear ones, while this may be true for them, each is quite different in their experience. And so, if you do not have this experience, it is not because there’s something wrong with you. Perhaps you serve a different role and purpose. Perhaps you are wired differently than the person predicting. Allow yourselves to have the experience that you have, and to create the experiences that you wish to have.

I thank you dear ones, for your willingness, for your willingness to be love and light within the matrix and hologram of planet Earth. Thank you to the lightworkers, to the bridge workers, who are flowing these energies through very powerfully.

You are held in high esteem. You are loved and supported always. I thank you dear ones. I offer my Love.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 40
Uploaded on 08/14/2016

Question 1: ((Implied Question) is there anything Prime Creator has to share with us about the upcoming months?)

Answer 1: Dear ones, yes, much has been spoken about your coming months on planet Earth: What you can expect, what will be experienced.

Keep in mind there is a select group that is channeling this type of information. And so, not all will have the experience of which they speak. For some on your planet are in very different timelines. And so, while some of you are already experiencing what you call galactic disclosure, others are still quite unaware.

Yes, much work has been done with your governments to make an actual announcement to the people of planet Earth. You would like to know can you expect this announcement before the end of 2016.

That is a very strong timeline and a very strong possibility dear ones.

However, there is still much to orchestrate. There are still many alignments to come into place. When you look at the greater picture, this is not just about planet Earth. This sort of disclosure, involves your entire galaxy, indeed your entire universe. And so, it is the type of event that takes careful orchestration and navigation, especially within the galactic system. For, it is not just about planet earth, it is not just about the beings on planet Earth. This relationship is a galactic relationship that involves many races, many beings.

And so, from your human perspective, you wish for certain things to happen, you wish for certain galactic experiences, however you are seeing only from a human perspective, in most cases.

There is much to take into consideration dear ones. Because, earth is such a central place, within the universe. What happens on earth affects the templates of the entire universe and beyond. And so, it is important to not be earth centric, as you might say. But, to consider how it will affect the life of other beings within your galaxy, within your universe. And, if you wish to express, but Prime Creator we are suffering here, then I do invite you dear ones to step into your power.

We have discussed before, about remembering who you are as light and love. I understand from your perspective, that this is not always an easy thing. Bless your dear ones. For, you are navigating much density and convolution. And, I thank you for your courage and your commitment.

Please understand dear ones, this is what it will take, in order to create a shift, in order to create heaven on earth. You as light workers and bridge workers must step into your power. You must remember your light codes. You must remember the source from which you have come. And, you ask “How do we do this Prime Creator?” and I say it is largely about becoming clear. And, purposely and intentionally working to release all patterns, programs, imprints, and implants that do not serve the light that you are.

We have talked about being hydrated, eating pure food, spending time in nature, receiving the energy signatures of nature, taking time to nourish yourself. These things dear ones are how you remember who you are. For, you make a purposeful time commitment to step out of the matrix, and to nourish yourself, and to nurture your light.

Because of your human incarnation, your human perspectives, you can look at your light in this way, treat it as a small child that needs to be fed, that needs to be nourished and nurtured, that needs to be held. The more attention you give it, the more it will grow. And, the more you will remember your light codes and who you are as love and light.

It is quite simple dear ones. Many of you have programs and patterns running of complexity. And so, you reject what I share with you, because it is too simple. Feel this now dear ones, the simplicity is the light, complexity is often light distorted.

And so, you wish to know what will occur in the coming months. I will say this again and again until you understand dear ones, it is up to you, and what you create. You as individuals. And, you speaking in the collective. This is why it is so important to connect your timelines as this channel has spoken.

To embody your clear vision and join up with others who share your vision. I know you feel this in your hearts when I speak this way dear ones. Embody your crystal clear vision, make it part of every fiber of your being, make it part of your heart flow, indeed this is your heart flow.

You wish for galactic disclosure, share what you know with others. You wish for new government, claim your sovereignty, claim your power of who you are in the love and light. Remove yourself from systems that do not serve, or if you choose, penetrate those systems with your light.

You wish for a currency reset, or to do away with money altogether, reprogram your relationship with money inside of you. Do understand dear ones, that all of these things we speak about begin within each of you.

I am not speaking against the channel information that has come through. I simply wish to bring to your awareness, that if you are looking to channels for their information, it is a way of externalizing your own wisdom. Yes, even with this channel. I do not mean to say that you should stop seeking channeled information. Simply understand what you are doing.

That is why it is so important to feel the resonance, or not, with the information that comes through each channel. For if you listen with your head, your interpretation will be different, than when you listen with your heart. And so, as I share, I invite you to listen with your hearts, to receive the energy transmissions that come through in these videos.

I will share with you dear ones in the form of an update, that yes, the energies will continue to increase in intensity. The waves of love and light that are coming to your planet have not stopped nor slowed down. They are continually received by you, by the matrix, by Gaia. And, in the most beautiful ways, they are being being received in great amounts.

Indeed these waves of love and light have gone deeper into the matrix. This is why you see more intensity in your lives, in the lives of your friends, in the U.S. election process, in the tragedies that occur around the globe. Remember, we have spoken about polarity, and how it will increase until full saturation. You are witnessing this dear ones.

And, as always, I invite you to stay focused on your creations of light. For this is what will bring more ease and grace to the transition process that is occurring now on planet Earth.

This is where you as light workers have much power. For, as others are still convoluted with density and engaging in drama, you dear ones can hold the codes of peace. You can hold and embody the codes of joy. You can embody the codes of non-attachment, and allowing, and acceptance. And, this is what will allow the transition to occur with ease.

You are quite powerful, in this regard, dear ones, do not underestimate your power, please I ask of you dear ones. And, should you find yourself engaging with drama of any type, should you find yourself emotionally charged, yes, do you’re inner work and then drop it. Meaning, release and come back to center. Yes, this is a practice.

Let us speak of another matter dear ones. I understand that many of you are feeling a bit beat-up. You are feeling a bit tired. Yes, exhausted, ok, dear ones, I hear you.

This is why it is so important to take time to nourish yourselves. There is much going on, and those of you who are functioning as bridge workers especially, are feeling more exhaustion. Because, you are functioning in many realms and reality simultaneous to functioning in this human incarnation. And, i wish to thank you for your service. I do acknowledge all that you are doing on this planet Earth. I thank you dear ones.

What is happening behind the scenes for those of you who are bridge workers and those of you who are lightworkers, for some of you, it is conscious, for some of you, it is not. Many of you are embodying the warrior archetype. There are aspects of you that are fighting the dark. Now, when you are in your full power dear ones, there is no need to fight, you simply be the light. I’m not saying this is easy, for this pattern is deeply ingrained in many of you. And, some of you quite enjoy being the warrior. And so, if you wish to continue fighting this is your choice.

However, I do wish to show to you, that there is another way: to simply be the light. And, when you be the light, the emanation from your being is so strong and intense, that those who are functioning within the dark, will either be drawn and softened by your light, or they will simply leave.

But, to fight with the dark, dear ones, only perpetuates the pattern of battle. And, those who are battling, cannot move far into ascension for battling is not a template for ascension.

It is not a code for ascension. It is an old paradigm. Yes, many of you have had to battle in order to get to this point. Dear ones, you are now at this point. There is no longer need for battle. You have made it. Do you see? Because, you are here, on planet Earth, at this time. Yes, you have arrived. There is no need for battle.

Yes, healthy boundaries can be useful in some circumstances. Protecting yourself with the light can be useful in some circumstances. And, this is not the same as picking up your sword to fight. Do you feel the energy of this dear ones? Do you feel and understand how laying down your sword can shift everything in your life? You now have energy to focus on your creations of light. You now have energy to be present in your human form.

If you wish to lay down your sword, simply set this intention. Ask for assistance to transmute the pattern of battling within your being. The light realm is here to assist you, if you wish to receive dear ones. I am here to assist you, as you wish to receive dear ones.

And so, we come back to the beginning. You wish for something dramatic to unfold on your planet in the next couple of months. If this is your desire, then something dramatic my shift within each of you. For, you are the ones creating this shift. Yes, you have much assistance, but you are the ones, you are the ones dear ones.

Remember why you came to this planet, not to be part of the shift. Reorient your perception and understanding dear ones, you came to create the shift. I speak with you very directly and powerful dear ones. Because, I feel the longing of your hearts, I feel the longing and desires you have for change, for heaven on earth, for a better experience for all.

It is because I feel these things of you dear ones that I confront you in such a way, to be a direct and share with you what must occur within each of you, before the collective can experience heaven on earth, as you know is possible.

And so, I invite you to take responsibility for your creations, each moment, every day, in your lives. Each moment counts dear ones, each decision, each emotion, each thought. I do not say this for you to elicit judgment upon yourselves. I share this so that you have an understanding of how this works. Yes, you are not perfect and so please be gentle with yourselves, and understand how powerful what you emanate from your being truly is. And this, is what is within your choice dear ones, you can choose to emanate drama and pain, or you can choose to emanate light.

If you are in pain, if you are working through it, if you are confronting your demons, so to speak, this is not what you are emanating unless you allow yourself to get stuck and wallow in it. Do you understand the difference dear ones? If you are confronting and willing to do your inner work then what you are emanating is light. For, even while you feel the deepest pain, you are accessing light.

Otherwise, you would not feel the pain. Do you see? For the light is shining upon you and shining deeply into you, and that is why you feel the pain. Otherwise, it would stay locked up as it was for you in the past. But, when you make the commitment to free yourself of all density, you may feel the density or the pain as it is being released and transmuted from your being.

This is not the same as making the choice to engage with it over and over. I hope I have been clear in this regard dear ones. For, many of you are releasing huge amounts of pain and suffering that you have been embodying for eons of time. And so, you wonder “how can I be of any use to light?”.

Dear ones, by releasing this from your being, this is how you are in service to the light. I thank you dear ones.

And so, I will say one last time, yes, many predictions are being made about what and when. And, I invite you dear ones, as you would say, to take this with a grain of salt. Do not become attached too timelines, to what others have predicted. What is the most powerful, the way for you to be in highest service to the light, is to stay focused on peace, is to do your inner work and release all density from your beings.

What is most helpful, is to join up with others who share your vision of heaven on earth. Create together dear ones. Create together.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 41
Uploaded on 09/17/2016

Question 1: ((Implied Question) Is there any updates Prime Creator can share about what is happening right now with the energies of September? Is there’s anything that Prime Creator wants us to know moving forward?)

Answer 1: Yes dear ones, the energies of September, in your year 2016, are quite magnificent indeed.

Some of you are not feeling these energies as intensely as you thought you might, because you have quite calibrated yourselves to these energies. And, you are now much more efficient and integrating these energies as they come in. Some of you are experiencing intense and overwhelming amounts of energies, because there are new parts of you waking up to this experience of integrating these energies.

If you are feeling things in your body, such as: release of pain, dizziness, nausea, spinning sensations, floating sensations. For many of you, it is because you are receiving these energies and integrating them into your physical beings, into your emotional bodies, your spiritual bodies, your mental bodies.

Whatever fears now that may come up for you, I invite you to release them. As we have spoken many times before, polarity increases until full saturation, when from your perception polarity is no longer needed.

Some of you are already there. Some of you are close to being there. Some of you are just beginning in this understanding. And so, if you see around you, the tragedy, the political confusion, the conspiracy theories, if you see those around you becoming sick and leaving the physical body through death, as you witness these things dear ones, I invite you to not engage with your emotional energies.

For, the emotional energies are quite powerful. And, if you choose to engage your emotional energies with these things they further the pattern of these creations.

Emotional reactions to politics for example, only serve to feed this system. You have opinions. You have judgments about what should or should not happen.

This occurs when you see from a limited perspective through your human understanding. For truly, when you can embrace the larger perspective, when you can see beyond your human understanding, and see through the eyes of love, and see through the eyes of your heart, you can understand what I have expressed before, that all is contained within the light.

Each role played by each being is in service to light even though at times it may seem like the shadow or darkness. Yes, even the shadow is in service to the light. When you can fully understand these dynamics, there is no need for emotional reaction. There is simply bearing witness to what is occurring and maintaining your focus on your own creations of light or your co-creations of light.

Dear ones, do you see, do you see the power that you have. This one understands and it is why she chose to go to Canada in the midst of many things unfolding in her own personal life. For, the call was so strong to bring together the beings who are in charge of creating Heaven on Earth.

This is the kind of focus I ask of each of you dear ones. It does not matter if you have a job. It does not matter if you have children to attend to. It does not matter if you’re single or have a significant other.

Dear ones, the focus that is required of you at this time, is something you are each capable of. I would not ask it otherwise. I often use words like invite and encourage; in these times dear ones I am asking, I am asking each of you “will you focus fully and completely on your light creations?”. Because, this is what is causing the shift dear ones.

You think galactic disclosure will cause a shift. You think a reevaluation of global currencies will cause a shift. I say to you dear ones, this is not what causes the shift. These things are by-products of you as Light Beings in human bodies maintaining your focus on the light. To be in your power, to put into motion the shift that you all desire.

Yes, we are speaking of heaven on earth. We are speaking of great changes within the matrix.

I will convey again and again until it is understood, by enough, by enough light beings who wish to lead these changes on planet Earth. You call yourselves awakened, you call yourselves enlightened, and yet you are still distracted by what is occurring on planet Earth.

I do not convey these things with any judgment dear ones. I simply speak powerfully to you, to ask you to be at cause. You call yourselves change agents, be the changes that you wish to see in your world. Yes, it takes courage. Yes, it takes commitment. Yes, it takes focus to see through the many layers of convolution in your matrix.

If you are truly in your sovereignty then you know you are untouchable, you know you are safe, you know you are powerful.

What will it take for you to remember these things about yourself?

Just because you have come into much density into human form, does not take away from your sovereignty, your safety, your power. For, as Light Beings in a less dense form, perhaps etheric form, or no form at all, you know at your soul level that you are untouchable, that you are safe.

When you come into human form, you have forgotten. The reason you have experienced struggle, is because you have identified with the programs and patterns of the matrix.

Again, this is why it is so important to release all programs, patterns, imprints, implants that do not serve your highest alignments. Continue to release these dear ones.

Many of you that are very advanced still have programs and patterns running. Call this into your conscious awareness. So, that you can release with intention, and knowing, and confidence that you are indeed releasing and transmuting what no longer serves you.

As you do these things about which we have spoken so far today, then you are much more clear, and much more equipped to integrate these energies that are coming to you, in this month of September, in your year 2016.

For, there is great potential, for dramatic change within your matrix, should each of you choose to integrate vast amounts of this energy. It is possible, in this timeline, to see changes within the political system, especially in the US.

For many countries are already beginning to be more visible in how things are shifting and changing.

In this timeline, it is possible for your star brothers and sisters to become more visible to more and more of you. Should you choose to integrate more amounts of love and light; there will be a peak amount of energy in the alignment of your equinox for several days before and several days after.

You can expect a solid week of amplified energy coming to the planet. Now, when I speak in this way, it does not mean that the energy wanes after this alignment. It means that your abilities to integrate the energies coming in are greatly enhanced at this time.

Which is why some of you may feel fatigued or even symptoms of illness. Because the light is flushing out any density that you are ready to release. Let it go dear ones for it no longer serves you to hold onto density within your beings. Release it fully and completely to the best of your abilities.

Indeed, after the alignments of the equinox, we will not be complete. More energies of love and light will be coming in. But, the goal is to strengthen the grid, the light grid that is within the matrix. To expand the channels within the grid, to form new connections within the grid, so that, more light can flow with more ease into the matrix and within the matrix.

To the extent to which we can penetrate the matrix with this light, is the extent to which you will see change in your physical reality and experience as humans on planet earth.

And so, I extend my deepest gratitude, to each bridge worker, to each light worker who is readily receiving and integrating this light. Remembering dear ones that not every light worker knows that he or she is a lightworker. Some are functioning in a very unconscious way. They are still critical to this experience of integrating light into the matrix. And so, I think each and every one who is playing this role.

In past conversations, we have spoken of critical mass. Yes dear ones, we have achieved critical mass. In the sense of the souls needed to receive this light and open up the matrix portals to allow the light to flow through the matrix. This has been achieved as we have spoken before.

We now wish to achieve critical mass for conscious awakening, for conscious understanding of what is occurring on your planet. So, that more and more beings will consciously awaken in an understanding of the role that they play, as light workers, as beings who are receiving and integrating the light.

As you begin to observe more and more disassembling of your matrix, as some things begin to crumble and fall apart, I ask you to release any fears around this.

This is a necessary step before rebuilding. Now, as powerful creators you can create ease and grace for all on this planet. And, the way that you can do this, is to release all fears. And, to allow the love and light energies to empower you in your role as light workers and bridge workers.

I invite your dear ones, to take exceptional care of yourselves, to nourish your beings. For, we are still in the marathon stage. It may feel to you like this is a sprint to the end of September. However, I would offer you this advisory the journey is not over at the end of September.

There will yet to be much more work. There will be much needed to be achieved, even as critical mass is reached, even as systems fall apart. You are needed to rebuild. You are needed to create new. You do not what need to wait until things fall apart. You can create the new in this now.

I would also like to offer an update on timelines. We have spoken before about how important it is to bring together your timelines for creating Heaven on Earth.

What was achieved in the retreat led by this channel, was a shift that now enables you to create on your own timeline as you choose. For, some of you, you will still wish to come together, to create together, and this is beautiful, and will strengthen, and cause amplifications in the energies.

For, some of you, who have worked so long and so diligently, in this realm and many many others. You have worked together with many beings, to create a cohesive timeline for the shift.

You are now free to create what you wish on your own timeline. It does require that you trust your abilities as a masterful creator. It does require that you fully claim and own your sovereignty and empowerment as a creator. It does require that you release yourself from the matrix.

This does not mean that you cannot function within it. This means that you know no longer identify with it, or bind yourself to it.

Yes, it is easy to see yourself as bound and limited by the matrix, but when you remember your power, you can see yourself beyond the matrix. Free yourself dear ones. Be the powerful creators that you came to this planet to be. You are now free to create what you wish from your hearts desires.

And, if your desires are not in the alignment for the highest good, you may have more difficulty creating. You can still create. For you are still at choice and you can still exert your power. However, those that will have the easiest most fluid and flowing creations are those that surrender to their highest alignments. Those that create from their true hearts desires, rather than ego desires.

And, I will say if your ego desires are in alignment for you, these creations will also be easy and flowing. And so, while there is much still to be done dear ones, I do invite you to be sure to take time for yourselves: to nourish, to strengthen, to rejuvenate. So that, you can go on to the next step in this journey; what I have previously called, a marathon.

So, while I invite you to receive and integrate as much love and light into your beings as possible, I also offer the advisory for you to pace yourselves.

I thank you dear ones, for all that you offer as light beings to the human experience on planet earth. It is because of you that things are changing. It is because of you that things are shifting.

Share this message with others. Show to others your true selves. So that it may serve to awaken their true selves within them. Share the message of light. Share the message of love. Whether you use my words, or your own energies and words it does not matter. But, share this message of love dear ones.

Do not hold back. Remember that you are safe, and remember your safety as you share.

For many, many, many more beings need to remember who they are as love and light. There is a great ripple effect. And, it starts with you dear ones.

I thank you for your service.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 42
Uploaded on 09/28/2016

Question 1: ((Implied Question) Is there anything that Prime Creator can share with us about what’s been happening this past year under the surface?)

Answer 1: Dear ones, literally much has been going on underneath the surface.

Let us begin with hollow earth and your soul family that resides there. They are in great anticipation of merging with you. They have been holding the space for you, to awaken, to deepen your understanding of what it is to be with soul family. Through nature and through their energies, they have been sharing their light codes with you.

They wish for you to know, they are so ready to join with you. Many of you are already in touch with these beings, already communicating, already commuting. And, they wish to be seen by your physical eyes. This is of course different than seeing them through your third eye. They wish for you to have a more tangible experience of them. They wish to show you their realms, what they have been preparing for you.

And, you may ask what is the timeline of all of this? It is up to you dear ones, your readiness, your willingness to see, your willingness to receive, your willingness to get quiet in your mind to open your heart to these beings.

Beyond this, much has also taken place in the hierarchical realms. There are countless countless light beings that have been offering you their energies their support their love. Because they are not in physicality, there is only so much they have been able to do. Nonetheless they are with you, they are cheering for you, they are encouraging you, they are giving you codes of stamina and endurance, they wish for you to stay steadfast on your path, so that they too may join with you in this experience of Heaven as Earth.

These light beings are comprised of ascended masters, angels, Archangels, some of your star brothers and sisters, and many many more like beings that you have not named, are working with you on many levels to prepare you for the unfolding of what is to come upon your planet.

Because yes, for some, it may seem scary. The unknown maybe a cause of anxiety. However, for those who are open, receptive through the heart, what is about to occur and unfold is truly what you have been waiting for and what you have been creating.

These Light Beings in collaboration with you have been nurturing the light grids upon and around planet earth. For, their are networks of grids around your planet, and there are networks of light grids now within your planet and on the surface of planet Earth.

These light being serve to maintain certain light quotients at certain geographic locations. And, you as Lightworkers also do the same. And so, in collaboration, the energies are amplified, the light grows stronger each day.

Now, what you have been experiencing with these waves of light coming to Planet Earth and indeed penetrating your matrix. In your physical bodies, you have been experiencing many changes, sometimes painful, as the light shines upon your shadow.

Even those who did not know that they still had much shadow to work with, even these beings have been affected by the light. And so, your physical bodies are preparing, to change, to transform, to heal, and to move into higher dimensions in the physical body. For some of you, ascension is indeed dematerializing and traveling into other realms, and for some of you it simply means that your physical body adapts to the higher-dimensional frequencies as you move into higher dimensions upon planet earth.

And so, your bodies have been in preparation for either scenario depending on what is meant for you. Dear ones the light is more powerful than you realize. Because you are still witnessing polarity around you, because you are still witnessing the drama of what occurs on your planet, you may not fully understand how powerfully the light is changing things upon your planet and within the matrix.

Keeping in mind, that the more light each of you embody, the deeper the light can penetrate into the matrix, thus affecting change therein. And so, what you may not have realized is that the codes of light, the codes of love, are indeed becoming more and more integrated into the matrix.

In some ways, there are currently in a holding pattern. Because these codes are holding space for what is about to occur. And as it is not yet seen in your physical reality, you may not believe it to be true. These codes of love and light are creating a foundation. While it may seem odd to compare them to cement blocks, they are literally creating such a solid foundation for what is coming next.

This foundation is becoming more and more firm, more strong, more solid. And, while these words may not seem to be reflective of love and light energies as they are quite flowing, it is the only way to convey how strong this foundation is becoming.

Each wave that has come to your planet has shined upon the shadow. It has brought more and more darkness to the surface to be seen. And indeed, this will continue until all is exposed.

We are on a very strong timeline for the next several months for more and more to be exposed in your physical reality, so that all the world may see. As always, timelines shift and change, but the timeline for the light is becoming more solid, as more and more of you embody more and more light and love.

I have said it before and I will say it again, this shift is up to you dear ones. It is not up to the Light Beings. It is not up to your star brothers and sisters. It is not up to the heavens. It is up to you, the Lightworkers, who have taken human form on this planet to create the shift. You are the creators dear ones.

That is why it is so important to understand the power that you have. That is why it is so important to own your power, your sovereignty. And to understand, that in this past year, many of you have transformed quite dramatically as you release more and more density. And, for those of you who are not feeling quite well in the physical body, for those of you who are experiencing much emotion more than you feel that you can handle, please understand you are experiencing a flushing of your systems, a cleansing.

All is now bring being brought to the surface, so that you can choose to release and transmute. If you resist this process, please understand that your experience will become more dramatic, more uncomfortable. And so, I invite you, to release your resistance, to accept what is occurring, and to release all density to the best of your ability.

In this past year, what has also occurred is a greater gathering of your star brothers and sisters. Yes, there are those in your galactic realm in your universe that do not wish for the shift to occur, and there are those that are greatly supporting you in your spiritual journeys, so that you can create the shift upon planet earth.

There are many who are deeply supportive of your process and the process of Gaia. Some of them have been able to come to Planet Earth to assist you quite intimately and some have not yet been granted access by you.

It is not your government that needs to grant the access. It is you. And so, to your comfort level, whatever you wish to experience and receive from them, that is up to you. Please understand that many have been gathering in support of your process. They have been coming from within your galaxy, from within your universe, and yes there are a few that have traveled quite far from within your multiverse, to assist you, to bear witness to what is unfolding.

Many are able to assist you with your new bodies, assisting the transformation of your physical body. And so indeed, while you can always ask me for assistance, you can also ask these star brothers and sisters of yours. Many have much knowledge about the human body, as they have been studying it for quite some time. Many have been humans in other incarnations. And so, they have an innate understanding of what it is to be human in a physical body. And, in this regard, they wish to assist you.

Because they have come out of human bodies and gone into other bodies, they understand the transition that must take place. They understand how the human body can shift, and transform, and renew, and rebirth itself. And so, they have many energetic signatures and codes for you in this regard. Feel free to ask them for assistance. They are most glad to assist you.

Allow me to speak a bit on the topic of global government. What you see now in your physical reality, is not anything close to what will be unfolding for you. For as countries have been going to war against each other. In truth, it is orchestrated at a very high level. When I say high, I do not mean high level light beings. I mean of those who have been in great power to orchestrate such things. And so, in some ways, it is already a global government with a few elite beings in control of what has been occurring.

What has been occurring behind the scenes in this regard is a slow dissolving and dismantling of these systems. And so, as you see global leaders struggling to maintain their platforms, struggling to appeal to their people, you will see there is no longer a resonance between these leaders and what the people know is possible. For in many ways, these are false leaders. And, as more and more awaken, more and more see the truth, that these are what you could call puppets. Yes, they do have souls. And, as all is contained within the light, they are playing their parts.

And so, to hate these beings, to despise them, or judge them, does not serve you dear ones. For, in truth, they are serving you. They are showing now, in a very obvious way, what does not work. And so, what is needed from each of you is to bring forth your truth of what does work upon planet earth.

And so, these beings are beginning to lose their grip of power. What you have not seen, is that under the surface, they are basically falling apart: The physical body, the emotional body, the spiritual body. In a way, many of these bodies are disintegrating, rendering these beings less able to function as leaders. You will begin to see this more and more in the coming months, as more is brought to the light.

Those beings that are of the light, consciously of the light, you will see their physical bodies strong, capable their leadership skills sharp. And, those who are working with the dark, you will observe their physical bodies lose their health, lose their vitality. Unless of course, they decide to work with the light

However, many are quite set in their soul contracts, and do not wish to change things up at this time. And so, I bring these things forth to your attention, not to bring you hope dear ones, but to bring you an understanding of how you can empower yourselves. For hope is for those who are not fully empowered, who are looking to the external for salvation, for empowerment.

Those who are truly empowered are not in need of hope. For, they already know who they are, what they serve. I bring you this information to give you an understanding of who you are. I will now bring some codes of light through the voice of this channel, and as you listen I invite you to allow a deeper greater awakening within your own being.


Remember who you are dear ones. Remember the power that you are, the light that you are, remember the love that you are. Once again, I do invite you, stay focused on your creations of light. Do not allow yourselves to become distracted by what you see unfolding around you.

Within your heart space, hold the knowing of what you are creating as heaven on earth, hold the knowing of the light codes that you bring to this experience and reality. The amount of light that has come to your planet in this past month of September 2016, is truly unparalleled. It is more than what has come to your planet in this past year.

Again, do not think that all is complete. This is just the beginning dear ones. The amount of light that is forthcoming shall exceed even what has been experienced in this month.

There are many more alignments in the coming months. Do your best to take good care of your physical bodies, your emotional, and mental bodies. For, your spiritual bodies are receiving much, and in order to progress, all of your bodies must be in alignment, all of your bodies must be progressing and transforming. Of course you have the power to do this dear ones.

It is what you came to this planet to do. It is why you are here at this time. And, I thank you dear ones.

Channeling Prime Creator Part 43
Uploaded on 10/14/2016

Question 1: A viewer asks, what are the current spiritually powerful geographic places on earth?

Answer 1: It is wherever you are my dear one. Yes, you might call this a cheeky answer. But, what is now occurring is that wherever you are as a Lightworker, this is a geographically powerful spot. Because you are embodying so much light energy, because you are connecting this energy with Gaia, anywhere you are is a powerful spot.

This is beautiful news as this means that wherever you might travel these energies go with you. And so, if you are one who feels called to light up the earth grid, as you travel these energies go with you. Activating the land upon which you travel. Activating the people with whom you interact, even at an energetic level, with no direct interaction.

You do not believe this about yourself dear ones?

It is not required that you believe, for it is happening with or without your belief. And, I thank you. For, being willing to embody the energies, to share them with Gaia, to share them with each other.

Question 2: A viewer asks, is there a responsibility to protect Gaia, and if so, to whom does that responsibility belong?

Answer 2: Perhaps there would be a better way to describe this. Understand that Gaia knows how to protect herself. What is being asked of you, is to work in harmony with her. This is, the calling of all upon this planet. If you wish to perceive it as a responsibility this is ok. And, what is more important to understand, is that the desire of Gaia is to have the cooperation and harmony of all beings upon her.

For, sometimes with the understanding of responsibility comes obligation and lower vibrating energies.

What is of higher vibration, is when there is a true desire, a passion, a love to assist Gaia in her journey in her process.

Question 3: A viewer asks, is the Sun a light being, or matter, or is it both?

Answer 3: The Sun is as you are, a light-being, also composed of matter. Indeed, the Sun is a beautiful light being, containing great energies of power, compassion, and light. More than you can imagine dear ones.

Always shining for your assistance, even when covered by the clouds. The energies of the Sun are coming to your planet to assist. A guide in your Galaxy, the Sun brings: Beauty and Illumination, codes for navigating your journey, rejuvenation and restoration of the physical body. The Sun has the power to soothe your emotional body, to strengthen and balance your mental body, and to saturate your spiritual body with light. A great light being indeed. Thank you for this question.

Question 4: A viewer asks, can each person create a tangible multiverse?

Answer 4: Yes dear ones, and most of you are not ready yet, to fully see and experience the multiverse you are creating.

In a recent transmission, I shared how there is a new matrix that is being created for your new reality. And what is unique about this matrix, is that it harmonizes each of your creations. What is unique about this matrix is that one person can experience a reality in their multiverse, while another experiences a very different reality in there multiverse, but because of the harmonization abilities of the new matrix you can coexist on the same planet.

Because this new matrix is of much higher vibration, only those creations that are aligned to the highest good of all beings will thrive. Those creations that come from ego, that come from lower density, that come from greed, etc., will not be able to thrive in this new matrix.

Yes, it does have some fifth-dimensional energies, but it goes well beyond this dear ones. It is being created so that it is set up for infinite growth, exponential expansion. So, while this matrix that you currently understand would break, if there was so much growth attempted. Your new matrix is fluid and flexible it is being constructed for exponential expansion.

Thus, you can still be in the matrix but move beyond it. You will understand more of this as you experience: teleportation, dematerializing, and re-materializing. For, the new matrix will be able to support such experiences.

You might say it has a buffer built into it, so that you move out of the matrix, and as you come back into it, it will be gentle it will be easy on the body system. It is not set up by galactic technology, as some of you are familiar.

You are the ones creating this dear ones. You the Lightworkers, with your intentions, with your heart desires, with your soul knowledge that is unconscious in some ways to some of you. You are the ones constructing and creating this new matrix. And so, if you wish to teleport, if you wish to do magic, if you wish to do telekinesis, and these other things that you know are possible. All of this will be supported by your new matrix.

You will be able to move in and out of it with great ease. Many of you are already experiencing the beginnings of this new matrix, for some of you have been constructing it for quite some time. You will be the first to benefit dear ones, to experience increase health, increased ease, prosperity.

Those experiences you have longed for a known were possible upon this planet, the freedom that you have longed for, all of these codes are being constructed in the new matrix.

In some ways, it will be less of a matrix than your current matrix experience. I am using the word matrix to assist your understanding that there is a structure. It is not random. It is carefully constructed and planned out. It is carefully executed.

It is quite beautiful from this perspective, filled with light and love, benevolence and peace. Your cities of light, as some of you have understood, are now coming to fruition within this new matrix. I thank you for your diligence dear ones.

Question 5: What is the reason, that we are moving into a different matrix experience, instead of moving into an experience without a matrix?

Answer 5: Yes dear one, there needs to be some structure, because earth will still be quite material. It will still be a physical experience, while at times you will not experience the body in the way you experience it now, you will still have that opportunity to experience the body along with all the other things you desire.

And, this level of physicality requires structure it requires a grid network. While this new matrix will mostly be a light grid network, or a great composed of light, it still requires structure for it to function

Question 6: So, is matrixed energy always required for navigation in physicality and laws of physics?

Answer 6: The laws of physics as you know them, yes. However, you will be experiencing new laws that are new to this planet. Some of you have been in realms where you have experienced these different laws before, but they are new for this planetary experience.

As you expand, as you evolve, less and less of matrix technology will be needed or useful. In some ways, you could see this as a transition. Remembering that you are constructing this matrix for infinite and exponential expansion, which could mean that at some time is no longer needed at all. That is a very long ways away dear one.

Question 7: Would this completion of this experience with a matrix be when an individual goes into realms without form?

Answer 7: At this point it becomes more and more of a light matrix, less and less physicality, but there is still structure even when one is in light form. Remembering also that your souls truly do want to be part of this planetary journey and experience.

That is why you are creating the matrix so that you can move in and out so to speak.

Question 8: A viewer asks, Does Prime Creator feel emotion?

Answer 8: Not as a human being does dear ones. In your definition of love, you assign compassion, you assign an emotional feeling, I am simply the highest energies of love and light. I do not need emotion to assist my navigation. I do not need emotion to give me feedback about my experiences. I simply am love and light. Nothing else is required within this understanding.

Question 9: A viewer asks, Prime Creator, how do you define the ego?

Answer 9: The ego is that part of you that assists you in navigating your experience as a human being. For, not all beings have an ego. Humans in particular because of their level of evolution, need tools such as emotion and ego to assist their navigational experience. Now if the ego is not integrated within the human being, it can become like its own entity, directing the human, taking over in some cases.

Because of your free will and choice this was allowed to occur, however this was not the original way to use this tool. The original use was as a navigational tool to assist you in knowing how to move through this experience on planet earth.

Question 10: Is there any advice in ways to bring the ego into integration and alignment with the souls path?

Answer 10: Yes dear ones, you must be centered within your hearts. And, from this place, to command the integration of the ego into your heart, to place it in service to your heart, and to your soul’s mission. In this way, it can strengthen and empower your soul’s mission.

Question 11: A viewer asks, do you recommend that we love everyone and everything unconditionally?

Answer 11: Of course dear one, what else is there but love?

Question 12: A viewer asks, as the highest vibrational substance, what is love?

Answer 12: It is all that is dear ones. In some ways it is quite undefinable. For how can you define in energy that just is. It is like attempting to understand who I am as prime creator. It is not an intellectual understanding dear ones. The knowing of love is something that comes from within your hearts. For truly, only the heart can know what love is.

Question 13: A viewer asks, what is the difference between the soul and the I am presence?

Answer 13: The soul is, and the soul is, and the soul is. The I am presence has iterations. It is an aspect of the soul. That, in the grand perspective of things, is more fluid than the soul. It changes and adapts depending upon your incarnation.

It is something, that humans especially, would benefit by being aware of, and by cultivating relationship with, for, light beings, etheric beings, are much more integrated with their I AM presence in general.

Question 14: Is the I am presence the highest embodied form, besides the state of being of a soul?

Answer 14: Ideally, yes ideally, it is embodied, for many however it is not. And, this is part of your ascension journey, to embody your I am presence, to be in the awareness of your I am presence, rather than the awareness of the unintegrated ego.

Question 15: A viewer asks, what are the differences between spiritual bodies, etheric bodies, astral bodies, light bodies, and what is the purpose of these bodies?

Answer 15: A light body and etheric body are mostly the same thing dear ones. The astral body is used specifically for travel. It is an aspect of your being. And, many experienced this in their dream time. It does travel throughout the multiverse.

This is different from a light body or etheric body, as those bodies are not equipped for travel. When you are in light body or etheric body form, generally speaking, you are in one general location.

For example, as you are on planet earth you are not zipping around the multiverse in your physical body, and it is the same with the light body. There is generally one location within the multiverse where this body resides for a period of time.

The spiritual body is part of the human body. It is a layer or a level of the human body aspect. It is that part of you most attuned to energies, and what you would call spiritual realms.

The purpose of the spiritual body is to assist the human body, the human being, human aspect in the Ascension journey, in the soul journey of expansion while in human form.

The purpose of the astral body is to gather information for the human aspect, or for the lightbody aspect, as light bodies have astral bodies as well.

And, so for example, if a light body is in a certain location, and wishes to gather information, or communicate with another location, it will send out the astral body to complete this task.

Question 16: A viewer asks, What is the importance of conscience communication with one’s higher self, soul, and source?

Answer 16: The importance of this type of communication is for your soul growth, for your evolution as a human being, for your ascension path. For, as you integrate the wisdom into your human form, you are growing and expanding.

Question 17: A viewer asks, what is the difference between conscious creation, and divine timing, and destiny?

Answer 17: Well, this depends upon which level of conscious creation where you are functioning. For, true, and deep, and integrated conscious creation is aligned to what you would call destiny. It is aligned to what you would call divine timing. And so, there becomes no difference at all.

If you are at the beginning stages of your conscious creation, you may not factored in surrendering to divine timing, to what you would call destiny. For, destiny is your souls understanding of what you are creating. The relationship between your soul and destiny is very strong.

And so, when you are at an integrated level of conscious creation, all of these things flow together and there is no difference.

Question 18: Is there anything else Prime Creator would like to share with those watching this video at this time?

Answer 18: As we have discussed before dear ones, many changes are occurring at this time. You will see many more changes: the falling away of the old paradigm, the rising up of the new paradigm. Each of you are key creators in this process. And so, what is most helpful is to focus upon your creations of light.

More of you are beginning to do this with more confidence, with more trust, and I thank you dear ones.

The more you trust, the more you have access to this new matrix, where you can create anything that is your heart’s desire. And, when you create from your heart in alignment with your sole purpose, the power of your creations are amplified.

No, you do not yet understand your full power. You do not yet understand how capable you are of creating the shift. You are beginning to get glimpses however. Trust your creations. Trust your heart. Trust what you are setting forth.

Yes, the energies coming to your planet are continuing to intensify. Those of you who have released and transmuted much from your being are now beginning to quite enjoy these energies, to truly thrive and rejuvenate in them. Those of you who are still working with release and transmutation, I asked you to be gentle with yourselves, to stay committed on this journey.

For, the more you are willing to release, the more you’ll experience your heaven on earth. I thank you dear ones you are cherished in my heart.

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