Channeling Welcome to your Session

Welcome to your session!

Please download and fill out the release form prior to your session. (You do not need to print it out.) Email it to [email protected]

Channeling Session Release Form

***Please note: Any request to reschedule your session must be submitted 48 hours in advance of your session. If you can not make your session as scheduled, it will be forfeited without refund. No shows will not be refunded.

Please prepare your questions for Prime Creator before your session. Good questions to ask are those that bring your clarity about your soul mission and life path. Questions that don’t usually get answered are those that ask when something will happen or questions that come from fear or ego.

I look forward to connecting!

Warmly, Susie 🙂

*If you’ve selected a 1 Question “session”, email [email protected] a video of you asking your question to Prime Creator. It’s ok to provide a bit of context, but be mindful of asking only ONE question. A two-part question is actually TWO questions, and it dilutes the energy. If you have more than one question, purchase the 1/2 hour or full hour session. After you submit your video, you’ll receive an audio answer within 48 hours, not counting weekends.

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