Step One Exercise

Continue the 1st Inspired Action Step from the “Create your Miracle: Be Who you Didn’t Know you Could Be” mini book:

Discover who you are:

Reflect upon these questions and start writing answers in a journal dedicated your Create your Miracle process.

  1. What makes you feel good?
  2. What puts a smile on your face?
  3. Describe your best friend. Write his/her traits in your Create your Miracle journal. What is it about that person that you love? These same traits are a reflection of who you are, so know that your friends are a mirror of who you are.
  4. Where do you like to spend your time?
  5. Describe your ideal working environment.
  6. Describe your ideal living environment.
  7. Describe your ideal vacation.
  8. What kinds of things upset you? What takes you out of balance? What helps you achieve balance?
  9. What are your beliefs about God or a Higher Power? Do these beliefs feel the same or different than what your soul knows? Are these your beliefs or have you adopted them from someone else without your own exploration?
  10. Take a deep breath in through your core. When you slow your breath, what do you feel? Ask to tune into your Essence and take another deep slow breath. What do you feel now?
  11. Go into a body  of water and breath deeply (with your head above water!). What do you feel now? Sit by a large tree and breathe deeply and slowly. What do you feel now? Sit by a fire and breathe deeply and slowly. In these different environments, do you feel anything different in your body and/or your energy as you ask to tune into your Essence?
  12. Really pay attention and develop your awareness about yourself and the environments in which you live, work, and play


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