Empowering Creators of Heaven on Earth

The Creation Temple™ is a sacred online space for deeply committed souls to receive grounded guidance and coaching. In our community we take practical steps forward towards our ascension while honoring and developing our spiritual gifts and the holistic body. As we profoundly nourish our beings, we navigate our rebirthing into our Higher Selves with ease, grace, and wisdom. Focused on similar timelines, we amplify our creations to manifest Heaven on Earth. We are sovereign and in love we travel together.



Those who join the Creation Temple™ receive

  • Deep support for their ascension journey and creation process
  • Soul family and spiritual community connection
  • Personal interaction, guidance, & coaching with Susie
  • A safe non-judgmental space for expression and the development of emotional stability
  • Practical, grounded suggestions for everyday living on the spiritual journey.
  • Deep healing & renewal join-the-creation-temple-button

 Temple doors are opening November 11, 2016!

If you’ve been longing for personalized mentoring in a supportive group environment, you’ll love our online gatherings! We meet 4 times a month via google hangout on air on YouTube. During these support sessions, you will be introduced to some members of your soul family. We will dive deep into what it takes to create Heaven on Earth in your own life!

  • Receive guidance to Transcend Polarity™ so that you can contribute to the matrix rather than feeling controlled or limited by it.
  • Empower yourself to reclaim your Sovereignty so that you can create your life from a place of alignment.
  • Share your vision of Heaven on Earth.
  • Receive new Ascension codes and Light codes.
  • Expand your emotional range so that you can harness your emotional power for your creations.
  • Bring your questions to Prime Creator (some sessions may include channeled messages).
  • Look honestly at your shadow so that your journey can be filled with more grace as you release and transmute what no longer serves you.
  • Release old patterns and programs so that you can live a life of True Freedom.
  • Connect live with Susie and receive the energetic signatures of Sedona and beyond.

The monthly registration fee is $199. If you would like to fill out an application for a scholarship, please click here: scholarship-application-creation-temple

The cart will be open November 11. Please join my newsletter community to stay in the loop!

Meeting Dates in November

Mondays, the 14th and 28th at 10am MST

Saturday, the 19th at 10am MST

***Replays are available for those who cannot make it live!



Vision Statement

Working with Aleyawah (Gaia’s purest and truest self or her I Am Presence), 14469501_10154652646213010_539935004356185216_nwe bring form and substance to our Light Creations of the 5th dimensional reality. This allows something of form to penetrate the 3-D matrix of planet earth. In this way, our creations emerge into Heaven on Earth. Knowing that everything already exists, we combine our energies to manifest easy and graceful creations in an amplified field.

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