DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Meditation CD

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This 50 minute CD will activate you, relax you, and work with your subconscious to clear out stagnant energy and blocks you may not be aware that exist for you.

Receive a healing session each time you listen. Integrate your upper and lower chakras, balance the Sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine within you, and be supported by heaven and earth.

You may experience tingling in your body, deep peace, and less pain.

Clients who have experienced DidgeriDeep Sound HealingTM have reported improved circulation, deep relaxation, clarity, and spontaneous healing.

$20 FREE S&H {U.S. orders only please. International friends- please purchase the digital version.}

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*Refunds are only available in the case of faulty product.


Digital Version $20


Very deep and stirring in the heart!  ~Loretta Love Huff www.emeraldharvest.com


Awesome sound healing, sweet Susie…relieved my headache and relaxed me before going to dentist. I will use it often.  ~Cindy Ceteras


Being on Susie’s table and experiencing her energy was a healing experience I could feel deep in my body. Her didgeridoo and her voice are remarkable instruments. I felt noticeably lighter and happier all week. I definitely recommend her wonderful work. ~Kyle Tevlin


I’ve experienced a wide range of healing modalities from NLP, Reiki, NET, EFT, IET, MariEL, Touch for health and many others, however, I don’t remember anything as powerful and tangible as the DidgeriDeep Sound Healing I experienced working with Susie. She is a deeply caring spiritual healer who shares her own unique gifts in her work. You owe it to yourself and those you care about to experience Susie’s DidgeriDeep Sound Healing for yourself. ~Jim Donovan, author


At the beginning of our session, I was very stressed and distraught, had cold feet, and couldn’t concentrate well. Immediately after the first sounds, I could feel a deep relaxation, an energy that stormed through my body. My feet became warm and wonderful images came to my eyes, pictures of high mountains with a far-reaching view into a deep valley, a glimpse of freedom, expanse and happiness. As if one would float! Also, still hours later, I felt a very strong, positive energy and certainty, that this energy would help me–both to make me strong, or better phrased, to recognize my strengths, and to overcome my difficulties. I could concentrate better, and align myself with the important goals. Everything fell into place as if through a miracle! Thank you, Susie. Your session was very valuable, very inspiring and helpful for me 🙂  ~Petra Ginter, Germany

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