Are you ready to FEEL BETTER?

If you would like to restore your Peace

If you want to reclaim your Energy

If you want to quiet your busy mind and get “Clarity”

If you would like less pain and a body that feels amazing- ready to jump out of bed in the morning, excited to be alive…

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Individual Session

Buy sessions as you need them. This is also the place to purchase a gift certificate for a loved one.


Couples Session

Include your significant other, daughter, friend, etc… This session is for 2 people with the purpose of bringing the two of you closer together or working through an issue together.


Group Session

For 3-5 people. Receive specialized group healing in an amplified energy field. These circles can be done in your location or on Sedona’s Red Rocks. Additional people are welcome to join for $50 person up to 12 people.


DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Sessions may include 1:1 personalized lifestyle coaching, sound healing (singing, toning, and/or the sounds of the didgeridoo), the application of essential oils, hands-on body work (or distance healing for those unable to come to the office), nutrition education, and spiritual guidance.
They will help you feel energized and rejuvenated so that you can achieve more. You will leave the session feeling peaceful and clear, ready and equipped for whatever blessings or challenges life may bring.

How DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Sessions work:

The main modality utilized in these sessions is Sound. Science is showing us amazing things about the power of sound. Consider the example of breaking wine glasses with a high frequency or that astronauts are “fed” the Schumann Resonance when they are in space to maintain their health. There is a tremendous amount of power in the vibration of sound. Why not use it for healing? (Read the latest research discoveries here.)
In these Sessions I attune your cells to the frequency that will enable you to take the next step forward in your life. I then use my didgeridoo to break up stagnant energy held in the cells of the body. I follow this with an infusion into the cells of a higher frequency so that you have less pain, more energy, more clarity, and feel more relaxed. This cycle may occur several times within one session, taking you deeper and deeper, allowing for more profound regeneration and revitalization. You will also receive a chakra alignment. The energies of heaven and earth will be bridged in your being. The right and left hemispheres of your brain are integrated, and the Divine feminine and Sacred masculine are unified in your being.
If you are able to receive a session in person, I may also use essential oils to add to your healing. You will always leave with at least one practical suggestion to enable you to integrate the session for ongoing results.
Each session is unique as you will have changed from one session to the next. You will feel transformed within one session. However, we have many layers of pain, so the more you want to heal and be pain free, the more sessions you will want to experience.
If you have a chronic illness such as an autoimmune disease, fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, lyme, cancer, etc… you will definitely want to ask about a Deep Mentorship Program. You didn’t lose your health overnight. It will take some time to restore it.

How DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Sessions were born: I developed these sessions because I wanted to find a way to give you my best work all in one place. In the past several years, I have added sound healing using my voice to client sessions. I always wanted to play the didgeridoo to allow my soul to be expressed through sound. I found a didj teacher and I started using this unique instrument in the healing sessions as well. What I love about these sessions is that they are unique for each person that comes into a session. I never know what will happen in the session because they are deeply personalized to my client. I’m always touched by each person that receives a session. They leave the session a new person, as do I.

Brian Lapp
”Susie is a competent facilitator and has a natural understanding of energy and how to guide responsibly.”

Kent Sayler
“As a certified Passion Test facilitator, I was very clear on what I wanted in my life, yet I seemed to be stuck in neutral with regards to actually manifesting those passions.  That all changed literally overnight after my session with Susie, in that I started seeing great improvements in my weight/health even as I was entering into a wonderful new relationship!  Susie’s process really works!”

Elizabeth Pfeiffer
“Sometimes there are just those moments when you need another healer to look at the pieces you can’t uncover for yourself. I have had this piece for a while now and have tried, chiropractic work, acupuncture, working on it with energy etc… but it never shifted as much as it did today when you used the “didgeridoo” I could actually feel the blocked energy dissolving in my fields and I feel so much lighter.”

Charlie Goedken
“I had gone into the session with Susie feeling some stagnation in my forward progress. Her words during the activation touched my core and opened a fresh line to the depth of Joy within me. Since the session, I have gained clarity in new steps forward for me. Thank you, Susie.”

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