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Multiverse Ascension: Channeling Prime Creator

Come hear what Prime Creator has to say about this immense event and receive answers to your questions.

Ask your most pressing questions that are stirring in your heart.

What will be your new reality?

How can you prepare?

DATE: Thursday, July 23rd, 2015

LOCATION: West Sedona -Sedona Zen Den, 50 Skyview Road, Sedona AZ 86336

REGISTRATION: This a $33 event. A down-payment of $11 gets you in the door. If after the event, you receive the expected value, you are invited to give more. (Cash, check, or credit card accepted at the time of the event after your initial purchase.)

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DidgeriDeep Sound Healing Circle at International I.A.M.


Exclusive healing circle for those who want to experience deep healing and rejuvenation in a safe, nurturing environment. The frequencies that will come through for you this evening promise to stir your soul and penetrate your being with Ease and Grace.

New! Updated frequencies, codes, and activations from Sedona & Beyond!

During the circle, I will be offering my unique healing process, DidgeriDeep Sound Healing using the didgeridoo, my voice, and intuition to change the frequency of your cells, which will aid in restoring balance in the body. My process also facilitates the balancing of feminine and masculine energy within the body. It is helpful for those experiencing chronic pain whether it be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual. This healing modality is also beneficial for those suffering with disease or illness. If you want to be uplifted, awaken your inner peace, restore your health, and receive clarity to manifest your soul desires, this healing circle is for you. In the Circle, I attune your cells to the frequency that will enable you to take the next step forward in your life. I then use my didgeridoo to break up stagnant energy held in the cells of the body, while feeling like you are being held in a safe womb-like space. I follow this with an infusion into the cells of a higher frequency so that you have less pain, more energy, more clarity, and feel more relaxed. This cycle may occur several times during the evening, taking you deeper and deeper, allowing for more profound regeneration and revitalization. *Individual attention will be given according to Spirit’s guidance.

WHEN: Thursday, May 14th

3190 W. State Route 89A Suite 150A Sedona AZ 86336

TIME: 6-8pm

REGISTER: OR 928-451-6368

REFUND POLICY FOR EVENTS Refunds are only given in case of true emergency. In some cases, an event credit will be given instead of a refund (only for cases of true emergency).



From Randall Dennis  ~Very enlightening. My visions were amazing! I saw Jesus on the cross. I felt a beam of light when Susie touched my head.

From Sue Dennis  ~I was opened up and felt a big healing… very comforting and opening. I was able to release and feel trust. Susie is very strong in her presence, very confident and caring.

From Kathy Kingsley  ~It was perfect! heart felt, relaxing. Susie is very connected and spot on.

From Jami Scoville  ~I have had a rough day and my stomach was upset, but after the session, I had more energy and I felt much better. It was so relaxing.

From John Louros  ~Profound, Expanding From Jane Louros  ~Deep, touched close to issues. Very profound, provided grounding.

“I met you at the top of cathedral rock on sunday and had the most amazing experience when you offered your healing! Wow that was amazing and one of – if not the most – spiritual points in my life! I came to Sedona to find some spirituality – either on the land or within me and it was the most wonderful gift meeting you Sunday – it was exactly what I asked for and it happened out of chance – it felt like it was meant to be – words cannot describe! It was so so amazing meeting you and thank you again for the beautiful experience!” -Lindsey Bray

“Relaxing, aligning” -Mary Gardner

“I could feel pain in my shoulders and it was releasing” -Laura Brambilla

“Depth of experience, connection with loving Spirit” -Gabrielle Andrew

“It felt like coming home. It really felt good to reconnect and release.” -L.F.

“Very caring atmosphere” -I.F. “Susie is very experienced and Divinely guided” -Cynthia Tierra

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Journey to the Heart of the Violet Planet

Journey to the Heart of the Violet Planet

Are you a Sensitive Being, Facilitator of Healing, Empath, Earth Steward, Community Leader, or Lightworker? If you fit into one or more of these categories, this workshop will make your life so much easier! Often we are picking up and carrying energies that drain our life force. Using the Violet Flame consistently releases these discordant energies from our Being and frees us to live out our mission.

The Violet Flame is a sacred tool we can use to help us release and transmute all that does not serve us. In this alchemical experience, you will be guided to the Heart of the Violet Planet to receive activations and an initiation so that you can more powerfully release your emotional pain, transmute lower vibrating energies, clean & maintain your aura, assist Gaia’s ascension, heal your body, and so much more!

When: Thursday, April 30th Time: 11am-12noon Where: West Sedona- Directions given upon registration

Register: Call Susie 267-307-4224 $20 at the door

*Susie was initiated by Omri Tas into the Violet Planet in 2014 and since that time has rapidly transformed many aspects of her life. Read more about Susie here.

REFUND POLICY FOR EVENTS Refunds are only given in case of true emergency. In some cases, an event credit will be given instead of a refund (only for cases of true emergency).

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