10444003_10102504677787602_6452338292547392918_nGet a Healing Massage from Max!


Do you have shoulder tension? Low back pain?

Hip pain? Deep knee pain?


Max can assist your healing with massage. He is experienced in providing a safe, nurturing environment for people going through emotional release and is also adept at providing life coaching. (See details below.)

 Contact Max today to schedule your session. 918-671-0511




Healing Massage: $90/hour

Will travel to you in West Sedona, Uptown, VOC, Cornville, & Page Springs!


Life Coaching with Max

Max will assist you in accessing the core of your emotional issues so that you can quickly transform your life. He offers a deep understanding of why you are holding these emotions and a simple process to move past what holds you back from experiencing more fulfillment  and personal growth in your life.


Healing Massage Plus Life Coaching

This is a 2-hour healing experience where you will relieve tension in your body and emotions.




Max demonstrates an unparalleled ability to hold space for emotional healing. I have never worked out my “issues” with someone who listens, organizes the information, and offers practical solutions in a simple, non-judgmental way. I have had many healing sessions to address my shadow aspects and I have NEVER felt any judgment from Max! I feel completely safe to be vulnerable so that I can work out my core issues and be done with them forever. I am experiencing a new depth of freedom in my life and I love it. Thank you, Max! ~Susie Beiler

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