Nutrition Counseling

Transform your Life & Business one food choice at a time.

The goals of your personalized wellness program are to reconnect with your body, mind, emotions, and soul so you make the best decisions about your health and are therefore Productive, Vital, and Successful as an Entrepreneur!

We will experiment to find the right foods for your body and the other areas of your life that feed you on the deepest levels.

You will receive tools that propel you towards a lifetime of balance and give you meaningful, lasting results. If you have tried diets that didn’t work, struggled with willpower and denied yourself, or you just need a refreshing approach to access your health, I can help!

Nutrition Program Options


  1. Basic Wellness: 3 Months of Weekly sessions
  2. Optimum Wellness: 6 Months of Weekly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly sessions
  3. Optimum Wellness Plus: 12 Months of Weekly, Bi-monthly, or Monthly sessions

“[I learned] that good health is a path, a continuous journey.” ~Chris Abraham

Our work together includes education about real food and encouragement to experiment with food and your body. I will guide you on your path as you gain clarity with your food and what brings peace into your life.

  • Instead of deprivation, you will add in new foods at a pace that is comfortable and sustainable for you.
  • You will make different choices in your daily life that will lead to refreshing new results!
  • Clarity is your ally as we discern the best starting place and build upon the solid foundation that you create for yourself.

Step 1: Schedule your 1-hour assessment. We will review your medical and food history, discuss your concerns, and create goals to achieve what you always imagined for your life. We will analyze your activities of daily living (career, physical activity, spiritual practice, relationships, and more) and how your health concerns impact you ability to live a productive, healthy, and happy life. We will talk about your priorities in life and set goals for self nourishment according to the changes you would like to make for yourself. You will walk away with some initial suggestions to get you started right away. Call me at (267) 307-4224 TODAY!

Step 2: Create your goals. If we are a fit to work together, I will give you a goal sheet to fill out. In your first session we will review your goals, and I will help you as you need it.

Step 3: Let’s get started! You can attend your sessions in person, on the phone, or via skype.


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