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Video & Audio Appearances

YouTube Channel:

  • Channeled messages from Prime Creator
  • Spiritual Teachings
  • Interviews

Telesummit with Durva Ghandi [May 2017]

Telesummit with Cynthia Harrision [April 2017]

Telesummit with Moncef [May 2017]

Telesummit with Shivany [July 2017]

Podcast with Eleanor [June 2017]

Interview by Alistair Larmour: Ascension Growing Pains

Guest Presenter on KGRAradio with Starborn Connection- The Human-Centricities of Ascension:

Guest Presenter on Enlightened Conversations (Michelle Lightworker)

Evolving Beyond Spiritual Tools:

Interview on Awakening Cosmic Reality Show:

Interview by Nobodis Tribe:

Twisted Sage Sound Healing Demo:

40 Under 40 Honoree:

Collective Energy Circle Call- For What Purpose Do You Use your Body?:

Collective Energy Circle Call- Being Gentle with Ourselves:

Collective Energy Circle Call- Freedom to Thrive-Activate your DNA to Let Life In:

Collective Energy Circle Call- Create your Miracle, Embody your Miracle:

Collective Energy Circle Call- I am Enough, Allowing Self-Love:


Susie Beiler is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner with Spectrum Health Consulting LLC. Susie is a channel for the Divine. She assists her clients to discover and live their soul mission so that they can enjoy a deeply fulfilling life. She quickly accesses her clients core issues and offers practical steps for transformation. Susie facilitates the release of emotional pain and teaches self-healing so that her clients can create their lives from a place of True Freedom. She is a Master of the Healing Arts utilizing the modalities that best fit her client’s needs, such as DidgeriDeep Sound Healing™, Holistic Nutrition, Spiritual Guidance & Lifestyle Coaching, and Energy Healing. After healing herself from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (adrenal burnout), she reprogrammed and rewired herself to live her own soul mission as a channel for the Divine. Susie is the founder and lead facilitator in The Creation Temple™, an online venue for supporting Lightworkers in their ascension process. She lives in Sedona, AZ and enjoys nature, authenticity, and high vibrational food. and

Mission Statement

It is Susie’s soul mission to create Heaven on Earth. She is the visionary and lead facilitator for The Creation Temple™, which empowers fellow creators of Heaven on Earth. The Creation Temple™ is a sacred online space for deeply committed souls to receive grounded guidance and coaching. In our community we take practical steps forward towards our ascension while honoring and developing our spiritual gifts and the holistic body. As we profoundly nourish our beings, we navigate our rebirthing into our Higher Selves with ease, grace, and wisdom. Focused on similar timelines, we amplify our creations to manifest Heaven on Earth. We are sovereign and in love we travel together.

Vision Statement

Working with Source, Aleyawah (Gaia’s purest and truest self or her I Am Presence), and her own I Am Presence, Susie brings form and substance to her Light Creations of the 5th dimensional reality. This allows something of form to penetrate the 3-D matrix of planet earth. In this way, her creations emerge into Heaven on Earth. Knowing that everything already exists, Susie attracts like-hearted souls to combine their energies to manifest easy and graceful creations in an amplified field.


Title and Talking Points

My preference is to connect with you via video Skype to intuit you and your audience and what topics are best for them. If your busy schedule does not allow for this, you may choose from the list below. Inspiration and new information pours through me daily, so I will do my best to keep this updated.

Topic Option 1 (novice to advanced audience)

The Human-Centricities of Ascension

Many think of ascension in terms of a rising or elevating. This is only partly true. We came to this planet to develop mastery of the human experience and merge the “higher frequencies” into our earthly reality. Many Lightworkers struggle and are in some level of pain because they prefer the higher realms and have neglected their humanity to some degree. It’s time to solidify our foundation before we attempt to move into higher vibrational realities.

  • Discover how valuable you are as a human being
  • Develop an expanded understanding of your human bodies and beyond
  • Understand the importance of being Aligned to all of your bodies
  • Integrate your soul aspects as a pre-requisite for ascension


Topic Option 2 (novice to intermediate audience)

Your True Nature

You are more than you think, feel, and sense. Your heart can give you a glimpse into the grandeur of your soul, and even that connection is limited by any remaining belief systems you may carry. This is an invitation to free yourself from any limitations to remember who you really are!

  • Discover your inherent value and worth
  • Expand the “horizons of your mind” and understand who you are
  • Activate your DNA and awaken the remembering of your multi-faceted soul aspects


Topic Option 3 (novice to intermediate audience)

Release & Surrender

True surrender is a practice. A disciplined approach to build awareness about where you “hold on” is key. Let’s scan our bodies and discover a deepened awareness of any constriction or expansion. In the moment of awareness, arises a choice to hold on or to release.

  • Discover what it takes to truly let go
  • Build your muscles of Surrender
  • Learn how to balance yourself after releasing

Topic Option 4 (advanced audience)

Activate your Powers of Transmutation

Being a powerful transmuter is a daily practice. It comes into play when you are triggered or feel an emotional charge about an experience. You will learn the steps required to be a transmuter, which will bring more nourishing experiences into your field as you clear out density within your Being.

  • Learn how to BE the tools that you use
  • Activate the Violet Flame in your DNA
  • Develop your muscles of Alchemy
  • Discover the benefits of this service

Free Gift for your Audience

Option 1

14 Day Prayer Journey with the Violet Flame (7 unique prayers OPT-IN)

Rebirth into your Acsension!

Let go of what no longer serves so that you can re-create your life and being.

This 14 Day Prayer Journey with the Violet Flame is a High Frequency Spiritual tool to catalyze your rebirthing experience.

Option 2

7 Ascension Templates (OPT-IN)

Set your foundation for your spiritual journey with self-care, Transcending Polarity™, releasing & transmuting, and more!

Option 3

Create Your Miracle: Be Who You Didn’t Know you Could Be

Manifesting is more than “what you think and feel, you create”. Discover ALL the pieces you need to open your flow. (Minibook download with 10 steps to creating miracles in your everyday life)

Special Offers

Option 1  $97

2 Ceremonies (audio recordings)

Release Ceremony $133 Value

This Ceremony is for you if you have been wanting to LET GO of

  • A relationship
  • Judgment
  • Stagnation (physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual)
  • Material possessions
  • An outdated lifestyle
  • Other people’s projections
  • Someone else running your life
  • Beliefs about your worth
  • Belief systems that no longer serve your Highest Good
  • Patterns and programs that do not serve your Highest Good
  • Imprints and Implants

Creation Ceremony $133 Value

This Ceremony is for you if you have been wanting to create you life from a place of alignment with your true heart’s desires. It is helpful to work with the release ceremony first to clear and transmute your field and Being.

***These audio recordings are especially useful for Empaths

*Bonus- Centering Meditation “Be with Your Own Energy” $133 Value

This meditation is for you if you are

  • Easily Overwhelmed with emotions and feeling
  • An Empath
  • Desiring more energetic stability in these times of change
  • Sensitive to people and environments
  • Desiring more stamina, vitality, and resilience
  • Wanting clarity, centeredness, and integration
  • Working with easier flow and manifesting
  • Wishing for deeper rejuvenating sleep

Option 2  $67

Journey to the Heart of the Violet Planet- an initiation to activate your powers of transmutation Valued at $133

Take a journey into the Sacred Fire of the Violet Flame and beyond. The meditative Activation will assist you in releasing anything that no longer serves your Highest Alignments. You will also have the opportunity to integrate the powerful transmuting energies of the Violet Flame so that you can finally be free of core issues. Engaging with this journey may bring opportunities to your everyday life for transmutation. After your journey, pay attention to what comes to the surface for you and what comes into your experience. It will be synchronous and a chance to practice transmuting.

*Bonus- Centering Meditation “Be with Your Own Energy” Valued at $133

This meditation is for you if you are

  • Easily Overwhelmed with emotions and feeling
  • An Empath
  • Desiring more energetic stability in these times of change
  • Sensitive to people and environments
  • Desiring more stamina, vitality, and resilience
  • Wanting clarity, centeredness, and integration
  • Working with easier flow and manifesting
  • Wishing for deeper rejuvenating sleep


Option 3 $299/month

Creation Temple™ Master Creator Membership

This is for you if you desire

  • Ongoing weekly online support from Susie and your soul family for your ascension journey
  • The latest tools, activations, and techniques
  • Holistic Nutrition assistance via an online course
  • Support as an Empath (online course)
  • Manifesting support (online course and weekly gatherings)
  • Healing music and meditations
  • Deep transformation and rebirthing into your best self

*Please note: This option is a bit different. No discount is offered unless someone is approved at the scholarship level. As the tele-summit host, you become an affiliate for The Creation Temple™. If someone signs up with your link, you receive a monthly thank you gift of $50 as long as the member is subscribed. {There are scholarship options for subscription. You will receive $50/month for each $299 level earned. This means that if 3 of your people are approved for $100/month scholarships- totaling $300, you receive $50.}


Amy Gilland (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching session

I am so full of gratitude for my channeling session with Susie. It was so enlightening to have such a pure message of clarity for my path and my day to day living. It was as if the “knowing” that already existed in my being was awakened and remembered. The coaching session afterward was most helpful as well, as Susie was able to ask me questions to inspire me to be able to apply this knowledge in my day to day life.

Klara Anna Whitmann (Brazil) Channeling session

I had this big question about my past about the origin off all this crazy things that had happened to me for many years. I got a straight answer about my past lives of all the conditioning I went through and how it affected me up to now.
What I could do about it and what might be my future. All this I received with all this love and comprehension that I equally was looking for for a long time. I m so grateful to Prime Creator and Susie. The will live in my heart for ever. Thank you so much and don’t forget to look after me once in a while I still need a lot off help. Bless you and the whole planet.
Christine (U.S.) 14 Day Prayer Journey
Working with the prayers has helped me find a clarity that I have been struggling to re-connect with for a long time. After working with the prayers and spending time meditating on them, I have also found my courage again. Thursday morning I saw a notice that a local yoga center was holding an open house for their teacher training course. I had this compelling desire to attend the meeting (usually I get anxious at the last minute and find some reason to stay home). But I went! And the other women were fantastic to meet and I decided to enroll in the course. This is something I have always wanted to do but was afraid to take the steps to make it happen. I am really excited. I feel so clearly that I am walking my true path.
Donna Brenner (U.S.) Channeling & Spiritual Coaching Session
The benefits I received in my session from Susie is renewed trust in myself, knowing that I have all that I need and to trust the parts of myself that I deny. Susie has an amazing gift she shares with all of us! She has evolved herself and truly understands the struggle of human beings need to evolve, and offers practical and spiritual solutions to ones life’s purpose and growth. I am blessed and honored to work with an amazing lightworker.
Many blessings of love and gratitude. Donna B.


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