Welcome To Beyond Tantra

We are so excited to have you in our workshop. Daniel and I are committed to provided a safe sacred space for your evolution. Please review the agreement below.

Due to the intimate content of this workshop, we invite you to respect the sharing of each participant. By signing this agreement, you agree to hold confidential all content shared by participants.
You are welcome to share what you learned from the facilitators, however anything shared by attendees is sacred and confidential.
As facilitators, we desire that each attendee feel safe to be vulnerable to explore their growth and areas of pain. We promise to hold sacred space for each of you and model vulnerability.
We are excited to bring you into greater freedom and fun in your life!

*Please bring your lunch. Lunch is part of the workshop and you will not have time to go somewhere to get lunch.

Feel free to share our invitation video with your friends. The participants of this workshop will be an ongoing support system! Invite those you want on this journey with you.

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